Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Brother 13 - July 31 HoH Reveal, Nominations Show Blog Party


The show is about to start here on the East Coast. As it airs, I'll update this entry with major events. But the real fun is in the comments and I hope you all join in! Tonight we get to see who the new HoH is and the nominations! (We'll just pretend we don't already know.)

A little more than nine minutes into it, Adam is off the wall and his snowball is an elf costume. Ten minutes after that, Lawon is off and his snowball is a Have Not for the week. Brendon down just shy of 36 minutes, snowball is another Have Not for the week. Jeff out at 51 minutes -- won the $10,000! Jordan out at 57 minutes, another Have Not. Porsche out at 1 hour 16 minutes. One hour 26 minutes and Shelly is out. At one hour. 37 minutes, Kalia is out.

Daniele is HoH!

She offered Jeff and Jordan a one week deal -- they're safe this week if they agree to not put her up the next (contingent on one of them being HoH).

Show interrupted for the Presidential address on the debt ceiling agreement ... a good thing, but bad timing for BB13 fans on the East Coast! Yay, it ended at 8:46 PM.

Adam has become one with his inner elf.

They got their sardines and seaweed.

Ah, good ... we didn't miss Brenchel going to Daniele! Heh, after just proposing a deal to Jeff and Jordan, she turns down Brenchel's deal offer saying she's not really making deals with anyone. I love it!

Nominations ceremony time. Key order -- Adam, Kalia, Shelly, Lawon, Jordan, Porsche, Jeff ... it's a Brenchel on the block time! She says they drew the first sword, best move for herself.

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning 7/31

"Let's hang all over each other every moment,
but don't call me Boookie!"

I don't think folks who only watch the aired show get the true picture of the hamsters, plus they're so far behind! Tonight's aired show finally reveals the new HoH winner and nominations. Heck, that's old news to us. Right? Hey! Haven't you been reading my reports?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Private Pow-wows:
  • Leading into the PoV comp, Brendon was insistent that he would take Rachel off the block so she could continue to play the game and (supposedly) he might be able to get back to his studies.
  • This is the last non-jury eviction.
  • Daniele, although she made an incredibly early dumb move, isn't really dumb about the game.
  • She knows that chances are good that either Brendon or Rachel would win the veto.
  • She knows that she would need to put up an alternate who would NOT go home.
  • So she's thinking Jordan.
  • Jordan against either Brendon or Rachel should be a safe pawn.
  • I hope.
  • The hamsters have been on indoor lockdown for the most part ever since Wednesday when BB started setting up for the HoH comp, then taking it down, then putting up the veto comp, then taking it down.
  • That's been driving them crazy,
  • Me, too.
  • When locked inside, we get more groups with non-game talk, more snack crunching and more Shelly running around cleaning like some sort of busy ant running back and forth.
  • I kept wanting the BB voice to tell her to knock it off.
  • It's very distracting to try to listen to a conversation with her thumping cabinets, banging pans, breaking into the talk to ask if something should be thrown out.
  • I never want her to come here!
  • Adam is a natural in the elf suit and is enjoying it as no other hamster ever could or would.
  • Kalia has totally latched onto Daniele. In a way, it's good as it gives Daniele someone to talk to now that Dominic is gone.
  • But, the problem with Kalia, other than incessantly snacking and wearing stupid-looking Daisy Duke denim short-shorts with the front pockets hanging out low ... is that she NEVER STOPS TALKING.
  • In a way, I suppose I should have a bond with Kalia as we both blogged for AOL and both are amongst the hoards laid off and canned, but I just can't do it. She drives me crazy.
  • I don't think Daniele trusts Kalia like she did Dominic.
  • I do think that Daniele indeed wants one of the Brenchel duo out and doesn't want Jeff or Jordan out.
  • At least not right now.
  • After the PoV, which seemed to be guessing numbers, time measurements, etc., for certain deeds, Jeff siad he forgot Porsche was even in the game and had it that he was only competing against Brendon.
  • Jeff lost it to Brendon by only a few seconds (from what they say). He also scraped up the side of his leg.
  • I'm sure Adam was out first.
  • For a BB superfan, he sure sucks at playing the game. Even his social game is lacking as he's an odd man out.
  • But he indeed embraces the elf within.
  • Lawon is still off the radar with most. Kalia (who has never championed her duo buddy) has been making comments to Daniele about how he's changed and is creeping her out lately.
  • Porsche is still sucking up to Rachel.
  • Porsche has it in her head that she will be the replacement nominee.
  • Jordan is having a rough time on slop -- it goes right through her. So she decided to mainly subsist on the Muscle Milk protein shakes.
  • Oh, great. They might not go through her, but her stomach keeps rumbling enough so that her mic picks up its distress growling!
  • Once again, the hamsters discussed the Casey Anthony case. Boy will they be surprised at the verdict when they get out!
  • Jordan is worried that she and Jeff "look mean" this season. Jeff said this season is different as they've had more pressure to stay together from the beginning with being returning veterans targets and the golden keys.
  • I don't think Jordan could look mean even if she donned a mean witch costume and killed Adam the elf.
  • As things stand, it's a definite that Brendon will use the veto.
  • While they've also discussed him remaining in the house, I think he's probably going to go with his first thought -- pull Rachel off the block.
  • Actually, I'd rather Rachel remain than Brendon. We've already seen Brendon on his own after Rachel left.
  • If Rachel remains alone, it might be interesting.

I'm ready for that Easter egg impersonation contest!

Elf at rest

A tired embrace

Kalia has moved into the HoH room

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - July 31, 2011

It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. If you're looking for BB13 news, check out the post before this and the next post I put up. I can't tell you offhand when it will go up, but it will surely be BB13!

I didn't take a lot of photos this week, nor are any really works of art. I had a bit of a weird week. I actually went to a barbecue at work on Wednesday. It was fun seeing everyone, but not being able to elevate my leg, getting up and down from low chairs without arms ... it took a toll on my knee. Sure enough, all swollen the next day.

It was still a bit swollen when I went to physical therapy on Friday.I had called my surgeon's office for a refill of pain medication, but he wasn't in. As it turned out, they apparently never gave him the message and I still don't have my medication. I'm eating ibuprofen like candy because I ended up pulling my not yet healed quad muscle. Sigh. It's a setback in the healing process for sure. I ended up really needing to use my crutch over the weekend. Tomorrow I have to call once again.

On a brighter note, I had another Peapod grocery delivery this week. Lots of fruit! I made blueberry muffins and all. Mmmm. I have no clue why I didn't use Peapod the first knee recovery. The only thing a bit awry with my order is that I ordered a head of cabbage to make a casserole I enjoy. Normally I just get a small head. They sent me a giant cabbage the size of a beachball! Okay, I exaggerate a bit. But it's way bigger than a bowling ball. I had to put it on the shelf because it didn't fit in my fruit/vegetable drawer in the refrigerator. I'll be eating a lot of cabbage this upcoming week!

Onto the photos -- clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window.


Now, that sounds fun! Alas, it's a BB13 evening. If I'm not mistaken, Westfield might be having its Tuesday evening jazz through town. I'll have to head in some early evening.

Flower in a pot

I hit the "automatic levels" on my photo editor and it turned the greenery mostly blue. I like that, so I kept it. The color of the flower itself didn't change.

Future 9/11 Memorial in Scotch Plains

This is in the little park where I while the time awaiting my PT appointments. Only one day have I seen anyone working on it. On Friday I saw two men there. I think it's going to be some time before it's finished.

Plainfield Train Station

Yep, I was actually at the station this week. A work friend picked me up for the barbecue, but I asked another friend to give me a ride to the station there. Once I got to Plainfield, I ended up taking a cab home.

I didn't go up or down

I sat in the handicapped/bikes section all by myself. Although the seats are padded, they're not as comfortable as the regular seats in the train cars. But I didn't have to do stairs!

A pigeon checked me out

North Avenue, Plainfield

Coins in the fountain

Scotch Plains

Vincent thinks my shoes are his toys

Y'know, I do buy him cat toys!

How was your week?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Bulletin - PoV Comp Winner 7/30

Brendon won the Power of Veto.

He's been saying that if he wins, he'll save Rachel.

Shelly thinks that he could possibly save himself. Daniele, Rachel, Brendon, Adam, Jeff and Porsche played. Apparently Jeff lost by two seconds and is very upset with himself.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Bulletin - 7/29 Nominations

In her long talk with Brendon and Rachel, Daniele told them she wasn't making any deals.

The feeds were blocked while the nominations ceremony was on.

Keeping her deal with Jordan and Jeff that they were safe, Daniele put Brendon and Rachel on the block.


Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Friday Afternoon 7/29

Elf Adam

Well, the big endurance comp is long over with, although the aches and pains remain. Kalia did surprisingly well. However, being shorter with some more padding might have helped her some. If the situation warranted, I daresay that Daniele could STILL be up there! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Surly Elves:
  • As one could have predicted, all of a sudden Lawon and Kalia are besties with Daniele.
  • Rachel tried to deal with her much to the dismay of Brendon.
  • Daniele told Kalia that she was probably putting Brendon and Rachel on the block.
  • As the duos are over, only one can be saved if the veto is used and the other is surely to get evicted no matter whether it's Rachel or Brendon.
  • Jeff seems a lesser target and Jordan not targeted at all.
  • Of course this was late last night.
  • Right now, as I'm typing this up, the feeds just returned from a long blockage which I assume was the nominations.
  • I haven't a clue.
  • So I'll keep rambling until I hear.
  • Then I will post.
  • Hmmm ...
  • To recap the prizes (?) from last night's snowballs: Brendon, Jordan and Lawon are Have Nots. Adam is an elf for the week. Jeff won the $10,000.
  • Porsche, of all people, gave Rachel her latest lecture on how to behave like a normal human being ... er, less abrasively.
  • Rachel was right that she is probably less intimidating than Brendon would be had he decided to approach Daniele.
  • However, I don't think Daniele is too intimidated by much.
  • At least with her in the HoH room, her constant whispering should let up a bit.
  • I hate that she whispers so much.
  • BB should ban WHISPERING.
  • I'm still waiting for a clue here.
  • Everyone but Daniele, Jordan and Rachel are on cameras.
  • I wonder if Rachel is inside crying while Jordan comforts her?
  • Brendon is giving no clues.
  • Oh, c'mon hamsters! Spill the beans!
  • Wait ... there's Jordan and Rachel tanning, not talking. Only Daniele is missing.
  • She's probably napping.
  • Adam is loving his elf suit.
  • Feeds are blocked again.
  • I refuse to post this until I know the nominations!
  • As I'm STILL waiting, here's a Dominic interview from Reality Nation.
  • Feeds back ... they got the sardines and seaweed.
  • Lawon loves sardines. Let's get back to him on that at the end of the week.
  • Still no nominations clues. All of the hamsters are together.
  • We need people to split off and talk!
  • Hmm ... sounds like either Brendon/Rachel or Brendon/Jeff are on the block ... IF they're not still talking about what might come about.
  • It's possible as I watch now that noms might not be done yet.
  • Jordan is washing her hair with the back yard hose.
  • Shelly told Jordan her goal is to keep Jeff and Jordan together.
  • I think her goal should be her own game, but that's just me.
  • Daniele and Kalia talked about how they don't trust Shelly.
  • Shelly, not trusting Kalia with Daniele, went to the HoH room.
  • Shelly hopes "the plan" hasn't changed.
  • So it looks like nominations are yet to come.
  • If I get confirmation, I'll be posting in a few minutes and just update the nominations later.
  • Nope, nominations aren't in yet. Daniele wants to make a big move which will make the entire house a better place -- Brendon and Rachel.
  • Shelly is pushing for a mother child reunion ... I mean a Daniele/Jeff make-up.
  • Ohh ... Shelly mentioned that Adam is diabetic and the feeds got blocked.
  • I guess we're not supposed to know that.
  • Daniele, Jordan and Jeff just made a deal -- they're safe this week and Daniele is safe from them next week.
  • More later!

Oh, boy! Let's see Daniele's HoH room!

So excited about Daniele's HoH room!

Waffle Kalia

Lawon rocks the HoH robe.

Daniele with grandmother photo

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Endurance HoH Updates

11:28 PM ET -- Kalia is down. DANIELE IS THE NEW HOH
The only "deal" is that Kalia is safe. Rachel lit into Kalia and told her she made her cry earlier and was mean to her. @@ Brendon/Rachel drama starting, I'm ready for a break!

Kalia -- STOP SINGING. They block the feeds each time! It's down to Kalia and Daniele and I'm waiting for deals to start.

11:18 PM ET - Shelly down. It's between Kalia and Daniele.

Dear Jeff

11:07 PM ET - Porsche down. It's down to Kalia, Daniele, and Shelly.

10:52 PM - While we're in a feeds block, a quick recap -- Adam, Lawon, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan down. Lawon and Brendon are Have Nots, Adam wears an elf suit, Jeff got the ten grand.

10:48 PM ET -- Jordan down.

10:42 PM ET -- Jeff goes down, just the girls left.
Snowballs: Brendon is a Have Not, Adam wears an elf suit.

10:34 PM ET - Jeff is a sole man. Girls all looking good except Kalia -- Jeff in better shape than she seems to be. Shelly is rockin' the comp and telling Jeff she will protect him. They talked about how Dominic could still be in the game until the snow started up again.

10:31 PM ET - In a feeds block. Grr.

10:25 PM ET - Brendon dropped out. So it's Adam, Lawon and Brendon out so far.

10:20 PM ET - Feeds blocked, Lawon is also down. Spineless jellyfish!

Shelly says she can stay up there all night.

10:14 PM ET -- Feeds return, Adam is the only one down. Haven't mentioned the prize (or not) he got.

As I get this post up, the feeds are still blocked. Once they return, I'll be zapping up updates and screen caps for all y'all. Because it's easier for me, the newest material will be at the top of the post, the older stuff towards the end. Everyone is welcome to join in with comments!

We won't talk about this comp just being a remake of a previous one. Nope, we won't fuss, will we?

It's sad that I know all the answers to the BB trivia they show with the blocked feeds. There should be a 12 Step program.

10:14 PM ET = Feeds return, Adam is down with Rachel.

Big Brother 13 July 28 Live Eviction/HoH Show Blog Party


The live eviction/HoH show is about to start here on the East Coast. As it airs, I'll update this entry with major events. But the real fun is in the comments and I hope you all join in!

Julie announced Double Trouble is done, then recaps began. Ah, good. They plan something on yesterday's brouhaha.

So far, it's all about the Backdoor Jeff plan and exposing Daniele as the "mastermind" of it. Kalia is approaching Brendon, the impetus of the kitchen brouhaha. That bottle cap snapping she did was incredibly annoying on the feeds. I wanted BB to tell her to knock it off. Kitchen brouhaha begins.

Live vote soon, pleas begin. Dominic gave his practiced "like you all but you're spineless jellyfish" speech.

The live vote:
Jeff -- Dominic
Jordan -- Dominic
Kalia -- Dominic
Daniele -- Adam
Commercial break.
Brendon -- Dominic
Shelly -- Dominic
Lawon -- Dominic
Porsche -- Dominic

As I predicted in the last post, only Daniele voted for Adam. Bye, Dominic, you were fun while you lasted.

Game about to change says Julie ... Congrats, top ten, duos over. Huh? That's the big game change? We knew that was coming!

HoH starting - Big Brother slalom -- on a small platform with skis embedded on the side of a mountain. First five opens snowballs, something good or bad, one contains $10,000. Skis wiggle back and forth. They have handholds. The mountain gets steeper.

I'll be creating a separate endurance comp post which will be updated with screen caps and the happenings. If you want to know before Sunday, join us there!

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds pre-Live Show Update 7/28

Dominic practices his speech on Lawon

On the whole, a heck of a lot of nothing goes on before the live show on Thursday. They're in lockdown, they get lockdowned in the HoH room, they clean, they primp.

But there are a few things worth mentioning happening today in that Big Brother House of Fun:
  • Forget the newbie uprising plan. It ain't gonna happen.
  • Lawon told Porsche that Brendon and Rachel have been good to him.
  • He won't be voting to save Dominic.
  • Porsche said Dominic has so many more things going for him while Adam's one big dream has been to be on the show.
  • She won't be voting to save Dominic.
  • In my opinion, that's not a good reason to keep dead weight, but she's playing, not me.
  • Daniele told Kalia to vote with the rest of the house.
  • She wants to be Dominic's sole vote to stay.
  • PT (Pre-Teen) or not, Dominic is handling this much better than most.
  • Tonight's vote should be unanimous with the exception of Daniele.
  • Stop back later for the live show party post to be followed with a continuously updated endurance comp post.
  • That is, as long as it really is an endurance comp!

Rachel is the only one not planning athletic clothing

I'd say a bit too tight and skimpy for endurance

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Through Wednesday July 27

Kalia goes all kinds of bonkers!

Sure, it's been boring in the house and I've been laid up from knee surgery, stuck at home for the most part. So, I've been making BB13 like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window. It's my voyeur trip and distraction. Perhaps I'll witness a murder, you never know. And, the hamsters have been super boring. So, the one day I actually go out ... there's a brouhaha!

I had to catch up using Flashback on my live feeds, then the actual show started and I'm just now getting to catch up. Grrr! This is going to be long. You might want to grab a tasty beverage and settle in.

Here are today's events from inside that Big Brother House of Awkward Allies and a Brouhaha:
  • I just love the word "brouhaha" and don't get to use it enough. So I need to take advantage whenever I can.
  • In the beginning of the morning, Rachel was for keeping Dominic.
  • Brendon not so much.
  • She trusts Porsche, him not so much.
  • So there we have it, the first Brenchel drama of the day.
  • Brendon thinks that Rachel has PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) from being in the house last year and it's affecting her game this year.
  • @@
  • Rachel got her HoH camera and pleaded with people to act like they all like each other.
  • Actually, this season does have more friendships across battle lines than many previous seasons.
  • Or, at the very least, they act like they do.
  • Then Kalia made the move that made the um, excrement hit the fan.
  • She went to Brendon, basically lying, telling him she had no part in the backdoor Jeff plan.
  • Brendon got nasty. She got nasty. I smiled. Could a brouhaha be coming on?
  • Why, yes, yes one's on the way!
  • They both went in, telling others their issues.
  • Jordan kept pushing for everyone to air out their grievances at a house meeting.
  • Yay, house meeting always = a good smackdown brouhaha!
  • This one didn't disappoint for a couple of hours.
  • A shot rang out. The maid screamed! Er, no. But I felt I had to add that.
  • Kalia was screaming how there's no chance for a newbie, she might as well write them a check right now and go.
  • Hmm ... pay to leave? All one has to do is DOR!
  • Jeff was talkshouting how he can't trust either her or Dominic because neither came to him when there was talk of backdoor.
  • Dominic and Kalia both said they were sure it wasn't going to happen, that's why they didn't warn him.
  • Brendon and Rachel said they had seriously been considering it after the seeds were planted by ...
  • Daniele.
  • She comes in screaming.
  • No fisticuffs.
  • Dominic said everyone had deals with the veterans.
  • Lawon said he had no deals with anyone, was playing his own game and would take all of them down.
  • Hamsters all briefly smiled, then continued the brouhaha.
  • Adam was hidden and/or quiet through it all.
  • Shelly came out, giving a big talk about playing with integrity and how Dominic can leave proud of how he played the game.
  • Rachel twitched a lot.
  • In the end, they all awkwardly hugged and broke up into their little groups all over again.
  • The more things change, the more they remain the same.
  • But ...
  • Kalia went sobbing on Jordan's shoulder about she had no idea that there was any serious consideration to backdoor Jeff.
  • Thankfully she can't crunch food and cry at the same time!
  • Long ago Jordan and Kalia promised to never nominate/vote to evict each other.
  • That promise still seems good and was one of the only deals admitted to during the brouhaha.
  • Daniele, Dominic and Lawon went to the Have Not room with Daniele still pushing for the big brave move to go up against the veterans by keeping Dominic.
  • Shelly came in and they pushed the idea on her.
  • After all, if they can swing her and Porsche, Adam could go out the door Thursday and then one of them will win HoH and victory is theirs.
  • Or, at least Daniele's.
  • Daniele made a stupid move trying to do the backdoor Jeff thing so early, but if she can manipulate the newbies to rise up and fight the power now, it could save her game.
  • Well, as long as she can win every comp from this HoH to the end.
  • Meanwhile, Kalia was then crying to Jeff apologizing for everything and telling him that he and Jordan were the only ones nice to her since the beginning of the game.
  • While Kalia was throwing herself on the mercy of the veterans, it looks like Shelly's defecting to the newbies once again.
  • Hmmm ...
  • Dominic and Daniele tried to work Porsche.
  • Now, the girl's a ghost in the game, but apparently not easily swayed by Daniele's manipulation powers.
  • She refuses to go along with them.
  • Meanwhile, Shelly told the vets she is NOT voting to keep Dominic and how the downstairs crowd just gathers around Daniele as if she's some sort of queen bee.
  • So she is indeed playing Daniele and the newbies. I got worried there for a second. It wouldn't be good for her game to switch sides now.
  • Daniele tries to use her superpowers on Kalia to vote to keep Dominic.
  • Kalia didn't commit. I'd say her own personal game, despite the blow-up, would probably be better sticking with the veterans at this point.
  • It's not like she's going to win anyway. But she might stick around longer.
  • Daniele and Lawon think they can convince Shelly to convince Porsche to save Dominic. They're thrilled. They think it can really happen.
  • But it can't.
  • Shelly's cards will be exposed after tomorrow, but she's in with every power player except Daniele.
  • Once again, she's playing a shrewd strategical game. And, the thing is, they don't really realize it.
  • They're on a lockdown, so they're all stuck together for the night.
  • I'm expecting the first endurance comp of the season tomorrow.

Daniele withdraws, then screams!

Jordan tries to be nice to all, but doesn't quite do it.

Dominic has nothing to lose at this point.

Shelly tries to hide.

Peanut gallery plus a Jeff.

Surprisingly, no tears nor tantrum from Rachel Dearest.

Big Brother 13 - July 27 Power of Veto Show Blog Party


The show is about to start here on the East Coast. As it airs, I'll update this entry with major events. But the real fun is in the comments and I hope you all join in!

On another note: There actually was a big brouhaha in the house today and I wasn't home at the time. I'm catching up on it with Flashback on the live feeds and will be posting a full report later tonight.

Let the show begin ...

So far, lots of talk about backdooring Jeff (and Jordan by default), started by Daniele, but continued by Dominic. Brendon and Rachel are definitely seriously considering it as an option. They told Dominic, who has a deal with them, to throw the veto.

The third duo chosen for veto is Jeff and Jordan. Porsche is the host.

Uh-oh, the couples are onto Daniele!

Veto Comp -- giant woman with hairy legs in bubble bath. Playing as individuals. Pluck a hair, each has a letter, gather letters, spell longest word you can.

Jordan - little
Dom - standings
Rachel - mousturizing!
Adam - fractions
Jeff - expresses
Brendon - understanding

Brendon wins (Rachel's was spelled wrong)

There is another Have Not food vote on the website -
Black Licorice & Blue Cheese, Parsnips & Prunes, and Seaweed & Sardines!

Veto meeting -- Adam didn't even speak! Veto not used, won't go against Rachel's nominations. Another twist is promised Thursday. I haven't been too keen on the first twist this season!

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Monday Night 7/26

Maybe mind control will make them keep me.

Instead of "expect the unexpected" this season, I think we're going to have to expect the expected. The only big thing going on this season is Daniele going for a power move way too early and poorly thought out. It should have been expected she'd use DomiNIC(k), right?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Woulda Coulda Shoulda:
  • After last night's talk with Brendon, Lawon is totally on the "Get Rid of Dominic" train.
  • The votes are in, might as well cancel Thursday's show.
  • I'll be happy when Daniele goes because her whispering is driving me crazy.
  • Oh ... and on the driving me crazy line ... BB, stop giving these hamsters crunchy snacks in crinkly bags. Half of them chew with their mouths open -- CRUNCHITY CRUNCH CRUNCH and they keep rustling the bags CRINKLETY CRINK RUSTLE.
  • Knock it off. Only give them soft cookies, please.
  • Thank you.
  • Dominic thinks that Jeff and Brendon think the whole backdoor Jeff plan came from him.
  • Daniele told him that they know it's her, they're just not saying it and acting like they're all on board with her again.
  • She has their number; they have hers.
  • Daniele, Kalia and Dominic spent a ton of time trying to think of various ways to save Dominic.
  • Kalia thinks she can last forever in an endurance comp.
  • Yeah, right.
  • The only endurance comp she could win would be CRUNCHITY CRUNCHING snacks in a CRINKLETY CRINKLY RUSTLING bag.
  • Dominic went up to the HoH for a long talk with Brendon and Jeff, later joined in by Rachel.
  • He pleaded his case. He promised them the head of Daniele Donato.
  • Okay, I exaggerated a bit about the head.
  • At first he wouldn't even mention her name and just alluded to her, not him, as the one starting the backdoor Jeff movement.
  • It went on forever.
  • They pumped him for information.
  • He swore he'd be totally on their side from now on.
  • No good. His ship is sunk.
  • He can thank his own stupidity for falling in with Daniele on an incredibly stupidly timed game move.
  • It's a shame. They do all like him. I like the kid.
  • But it would be just as stupid if they left him in the house to possibly team up with Daniele once again.
  • If they could get Daniele out instead of him, they would.
  • But they can't.
  • It's guilt by association perhaps, but it's enough. He doesn't have to be ousted without a reasonable doubt of guilt, just a preponderance of the evidence.
  • Yeah, I've been watching too many daytime court shows.
  • He later went to Daniele, told her he didn't throw her under the bus and didn't talk about anything they didn't bring up or already know.
  • She looked incredibly sad.
  • As she should be.
  • She screwed up the kid's one chance to go far in Big Brother. And, not only that, he's one of the few on the newbie side who had any promise.
  • Good going, Daniele.
  • So now Dominic knows his game is doomed and that it might even be unanimous that he go.
  • Meanwhile, Adam, who I wanted to like because of the fellow NJ connection, is totally worthless to me as a feeds watcher. He does seem to be a nice guy, but he's boring and will just follow the power.
  • I can't see anything changing Dominic-wise between now and Thursday.
  • But maybe we'll have a good brouhaha in between.
  • One can only hope.

Just call him DomiNICK

At least Daniele still has Kalia.
Er, wait. Is that worth anything?

Don't even try telling me that, Dominic!