Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Bulletin - PoV Comp Winner 7/30

Brendon won the Power of Veto.

He's been saying that if he wins, he'll save Rachel.

Shelly thinks that he could possibly save himself. Daniele, Rachel, Brendon, Adam, Jeff and Porsche played. Apparently Jeff lost by two seconds and is very upset with himself.


TerryinCA said...

Rachel should be a dear and make him save himself....she would be miserable without him to hear her crying and pouting.

Delee said...
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Delee said...

Dang, I can not spell!Try again!

I could not agree more with Terry. Please save yourself, Brandon! How come it was not a shock that he won POV?

WV is sespit you know like cesspool! HAHA

lynn1 said...

I wished Rachel had the decency to insist that Brandon save himself but I know she doesn't.
I also wish that Jeff and Jordan would tell Dani that if she puts either of them up even as pawns that she will not be safe next week.
I am not a fan of Rachel or Brandon but I think it would be interesting if neither of them went home next week.
I would like to see Dani be forced to put up one of the newbies and have the house revolt to save either Brandon or Rachel.
It won't happen but it would be very entertaining.

tbc said...

Joey - Please don't stop posting. I hardly ever post anymore, but I come here daily. Please don't let an insensitive comment prevent you from enjoying your time here. I hope you are reading this!!


Anonymous said...

The engagement would be off if he doesn't save Rachel!

Caela said...

why oh why are these ppl violating the basic rules of Big Brother

1) if you are nominated, do not throw the veto competition
2)if you win the veto, use it on yourself

They seem to forget the object of the game!

Sally said...

Terry, Your "Rachel should be a dear...." comment really cracked me up.

I don't care whether it's Rachel or Brendon who stays on the block and goes home. I think they'd both be better players and more tolerable without the other one around.

Joey, if you're reading this, I hope you've seen all the supportive comments on the previous post. I'm sure the original comment about your use of all caps was just an uninformed remark, not meant to be mean or critical. Hope to see you posting here again soon!

Petals said...

I missed whatever transpired that led to Joe saying he wasnt gonna post anymore? Well, that is just unacceptable to me. Joe is my BFnNY, and my floatie is too cold & lonely without him. Plus, we have kids together!
WTH happened?
And on topic: @@ geesh. I am starting to think the comps are rigged, too. Boring that Brendan wins every week. But like last year, Brenchal was more tolerable when they were APART!
Thanks Jackie!

monty924 said...

Brendon is saying he will save himself. Good! He was a lot more tolerable after Rachel left last season. I don't believe she can scrounge up the votes against virtually anyone else in the house. But you never know. The pawn usually does go home. I'll be super mad if either Jeff or Jordan go home. Rachel is only good for drama, face it. We can still find plenty to talk about on here without her, LOL! GO HOME RACHEL!!!

Petals, its Joey who said he won't post anymore, not Joe. I hope he changes his mind.

Anonymous said...

The only way to make sure Rachel goes is to put Jordan up. Then Jeff and Shelly have to vote Rachel out

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:19
I'm not understanding how you feel that if Jordon goes up Jeff and Shelly will have to vote Rachel out, it might back fire and the newbies decide to vote Jordan out, because some of them dont like Jeff right now, that would be taking a big chance to put Jordan up, she should put Porche up as the pawn

Joe in NY said...

PERFECT! This will add to the drama all week. Still possible to save them both. As long as Jordan isn't the pawn.

If they can keep Jorffdan with them, they now have 3 of 4 needed votes to keep them. Wouldn't you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see the look on Dani's face if Brendon stayed. LMAO!

I was pro-Donato during there season, but Dani has really turned me off...

Joe in NY said...

JOEY - please keep posting. I was only kidding about the caps. They don't really bother me and I wasn't aware that there was a reason for them. You know how it is on boards, some people feel the need to just keep the caps on. I didn't realize you were vision impaired. My most humble of apologies.

Joe in NY said...

Anon 9:19

Frankly, I think Dani has to put Jordan up as a pawn. Too dangerous to throw up anyone else. It's a little dangerous to throw up Jordan but at least one of the couples would be broken up if she went home. It's kind of a win-win for Dani.

If Lawon goes up as pawn, he might very likely go home. Same for Portia and possibly Kalia. Only Shelley doesn't seem to have a target on her which is why she is the most dangerous.

Frankly, the power is still with Jorffdan and Brenchel if they stick together. They will all be playing for HOH next week, Dani will not. It should be pretty easy for them to get a 4th vote for Rachel or Brendon to stay against anyone but Jordan.

If Dani is smart (big if), she needs to put up Jordan...but that might weaken her already weak hand with J/J.

Interestingly, I think Dani comes out of this HOH even weaker than she went into it.

Joe in NY said...

I know it is fashionable to hate Brenchel...but they are fierce in comps. And they do provide something to watch. Nothing worse than watching a house full of strangers get along amicably for 10 weeks! LOL

Would you rather have 10 Adam and Porsches in the house?

Becky said...


Lars said...

It has NEVER Bothered me anytime I've read a post written in caps,

I had a friend who had a serious injury to his hand, I always assumed anytime caps are used there is a reasoning purpose.

Come Back!


Lars said...

I know it is fashionable to hate Brenchel...but they are fierce in comps.

Would you rather have 10 Adam and Porsches in the house?

Add Lawson he's a bigtime floater!

I enjoy reading your comments,

I agree 100 % in regards to Rachel/Brendan..

I wonder if Dani may feel she has to put Jordon on the block, regardless of having made a deal with J/J

Dr_Celine said...

Joe, this is what I have been saying...Rachel and Brendon keep things interesting, compared to a houseful of Lawons, Porsches, and Adams...I want the 2 couples to go all the way to the end and then I think it would be interesting to see the competitions.

Lynda said...

If Dani puts Jordan up, it's because she doesn't care which one of the couples gets broken up. If she wanted to make the strong move, it would be to definitely get either Rachel or Brendon out, depending on Brendon's use of POV, by putting the strongest newbie up. It's in all of the newbies' best interest to break up the couples, so I doubt they would turn on one of their own. But presented with the choice of Rachel or Jordan, they just might vote out Jordan to make Dani's life a living hell when both Brenchel stay in the game.

Miss Allan said...

Did Dani put Kalia up on the block??? I am so sick of her nonstop talking...

Donna in AL said...
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