Friday, July 15, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Friday Dawn 7/15/11

Jeff and Jordan play in bed.*

Lawon has a glittery kerchief!

* -- Get your mind out of the gutter! She's drawing an elephant on his back and he's trying to guess what animal it is! Y'know, if a "romantic" couple has to share that HoH bed, I'd prefer Jeff and Jordan. I hated watching the Brendon and Rachel Fight and Hump Show.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Blatant Betrayals:
  • Adam is going the damage control route. He told Porsche he likes her, but voted for her to go because Keith would be better for his own game.
  • BB gave them their live show feast.
  • Rachel created a ruckus after the HoH with the Newbies telling them "some of us like Porsche" as they were upset that two flipped.
  • Yep, Rachel make that divide in the house even wider.
  • Maybe you'll fall in, Rachel!
  • Shelly isn't even suspected of being a flip vote.
  • Dominic thinks it was Kalia and/or Adam.
  • Brendon told Rachel to try not to make enemies and to watch the PDA (public display of affection) as it will make them bigger targets.
  • Rachel thinks it's her place to defend Porsche because Cassi has been trashtalking her (Porsche) all week.
  • It isn't. But spare me the Brendon lectures PLEASE.
  • Dominic is mad that his great plan didn't work and two defected to the Veterans.
  • Shelly, who's coming across more and more as a sneaky gameplayer, told Jordan that she thinks Jordan and Jeff will make it further than Brendon and Rachel because Rachel plays the game too emotionally.
  • Jeff thinks there's no sense in putting up Cassi (an enemy!) and Shelly because Shelly is already on their side.
  • He thinks Dominic and Adam, since neither voted their way, should go up.
  • Yet Daniele thinks she can work Dominic.
  • Rachel and Brendon argued more. This time it was the botox argument once again. She wants it, he doesn't want her to have any plastic surgery or botox.
  • Well, he does like the boobs, mind you.
  • Dominic told Daniele he had told the Newbies not to get with the Veterans as they had the numbers and they didn't listen to him.
  • Daniele told him that he's going to be the number one target this week.
  • He's not surprised. He's SO upset with the flipping two!
  • One of which he still thinks is Adam, his duo-mate.
  • Daniele started campaigning with Jeff and Jordan to keep Dominic.
  • After the reveal and big butt-kissing HoH room visitors left, Jordan told Jeff, "I'm glad they washed these sheets!"
  • I think I'd want a whole new bed.
  • Dominic, Lawon and Cassi are all worried about being targets this week.
  • They probably should be.

Hangin' out in the HoH.

Golden Key and a Reese's peanut butter cup?

Indoors is outdoors, whatever.


Joe in NY said...

Morning. Should be a week of fireworks...and a pivotal week in establishing power moving forward. If Porsche is now with the vets, they are 6-6 with a newbie going home this week. Doesn't look good for the newbies.

chacha said...

it doesn't look good for the newbies.
i am curious how cassie will throw shelly under the bus if they are put up, although it seems that Dom/Adam will be put up.
I would like to see Dom go gamewise for the vets but also would like to see him stay to see what he would actually do. He realy isn't the smartest tool in the shed

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would EVER agree with Rachel, Brendan is driving ME crazy. I never thought I would feel bad for Rachel. Omg. He is a control freak. Sure blame it on the game brendon. Whatever u blame it on, shutup. As crazy as Rachel is she has better game than him. Omg I haver loved fast forward more than during after dark last night. I'm yelling shut up at my tv lol.

chacha said...

Brendan is a control freak. I remembe that the x that was on being interviewed last year said he was that and much worse.
Rachel just makes me cringe period.

Dr_Celine said...

I just love Jeff and of the highlights on last night's show was the reply of Jeff saying, "Let's knuckle up, like Rocky!" LOL LOL He cracks me up.

Dr_Celine said...

I finally had time to do a password recovery on my Blogger account. LOL