Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Sunday Dawn 7/10/11

Jordan hasn't changed.

Brendon, on the other hand ...

My apologies for not getting up a report earlier. Blogger decided I should get error messages on image uploads.

But I'm here now and we need to talk. I'm still lukewarm on this season, probably because my own idea of good twists and Allison Grodner's radically differ. I don't really mind Brendon in the house, but Rachel creeps me out every time I see her. Jeff, Jordan and Daniele aren't really a problem. I suppose things could be worse -- it could have been Jessie and Natalie returning!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Wacky Warthogs:
  • The Veterans are still trying to pull people to their side while the Newbies are still a fractured lot not working together.
  • Since only Jeff, Jordan and Brendon can play for HoH next week (Rachel outgoing HoH, Daniele Golden Key), they do have to get more on their side.
  • Both Shelly and Kalia approached the Veterans separately saying they want to work with them.
  • Keith offered them a two week safety deal if he comes off the block.
  • Dominic tried to slick talk them and blew it.
  • Can any of them be trusted?
  • Nope.
  • But since they're not a cohesive group and some of the quieter players (Shelly, Kalia) are looking to hide behind larger targets and power players, they definitely might vote this vote with the desire of the Veterans.
  • The bickering between Lawon, Porsche and Keith continues. All three of them are making themselves major targets and proving they can't be trusted.
  • And then Kalia cried because she thinks her duo partner Lawon is putting a target on them and ruining her own chances at the game.
  • While Cassi and Shelly were discussing who they'd vote out between Porsche and Keith, both said they'd probably go with whomever Brendon and Rachel say.
  • Cassi would personally rather Keith go because "He's like a big black cloud moping around. He could kill me in my sleep!"
  • Whoa, some change from smiley happy Keith and his planned angels, eh?
  • At least there was some comic relief between all the angsty BB stuff -- Brendon came up with a superhero story "film."
  • He, dressed in his unitard from PoV and a mask, was Captain Wedgie peacefully fishing with his BFF Franklin the stuffed turtle (not Rachel, you notice). Along would come the evil Dr. Dominus who'd steal Franklin. Action scenes would ensue and Franklin and Captain Wedgie would prevail and live happily ever after.
  • Well, it made for some good screen caps, at least!
  • Let's see ... in other news, Rachel tried to coach Adam in cheerleading. @@
  • Daniele messed with the Fortune Teller and got it working.
  • Daniele said her relationship with Nick from BB8 didn't work out because he was so different outside the house.
  • Des that mean that Brendon and Rachel are still together because they're the same outside and inside the house?
  • Yikes!
  • Much of the rest of their up time was small talk.
  • One tasty morsel is that Dominic and Cassi would like to work with Daniele but don't know if she can be trusted yet.
  • From the chit-chat, it looks like the majority of the house will vote with the house.
  • It looks like Keith out and PoV not used.
  • But you can't always predict hamster behaviors.

Captain Wedgie, Dr. Dominus and Franklin

The evil Dr. Dominus

Captain Wedgie

I hate the chess game! Defenestrate it!


Delee said...

Glad you are the one watching the feeds. I am not sure how this Duo's will play out in the end, but it sure shakes up forming strong alliances, in my mind. Decisions have to be made who will be in the final 10, when voting. Danielle got an easy-pass!

I can only imagine Rachel as a cheerleader, that voice of hers would drown out the others. UGH!

See ya'll tonight!

Petals said...

Any idea what Porsche,Keith & Lawon did that put such big targets on their backs? I mean, I can see how irritating each can be personality-wise, but the same is SO TRUE for Brenchel, Adam, etc.
Making a lemon pudding pound cake with raspberry sauce for an afternoon dinner party. If any is left, I'll set it up poolside!

Becky said...

Petals: Any idea what Porsche,Keith & Lawon did that put such big targets on their backs?

I have wondered the same thing. I am looking forward to the show tonight. Hope we will all be able to get our comments printed this week.

~~Silk said...

"And then Kalia cried because she thinks her duo partner Lawon is putting a target on them and ruining her own chances at the game."

Actually, that's a GOOD thing. If he irritates enough people to get them put up, then he'd be voted off, and she'd have a free pass to ten. I'm surprised these people haven't thought of that. Sabotage your partner to get to ten.

Justene said...

I do not understand Kalia. Lawon is putting a target on his back. As his partner, you get the Golden Key when he goes. I can understand the whole pawn but if you are getting put up after PoV, there is little time for it to go wrong.

There was a scene where I understood why Brendon and Rachel are together. She was asking him why she's so emotional and someone like Dick isn't and Brendon gave her the sweetest explanations and reassurances. They adore each other.

Justene said...

I was typing while Silk posted or else I would have just agreed.

Laurie said...

I'm not sure the folks in the house quite get all the new rules. I'm not sure I do,either, but I do think the partner thing is misnamed. You really want your partner voted out so you get the free pass.

Petals, please make a double batch of that lemon raspberry dessert. My mouth is watering!

My wf is OUSHLE which is my opinion of more than one housemate this year.

Dr_Celine said...

Lawon may be thinking more clearly than Kalia. When a duo goes up, at first people want the irritating partner out...but the more they think stategy, the more they want out the quieter, smarter one who is more cunning. If Lawon and Kalia go up, I'd bet money in the end it would be Kalia goes home. People want people remaining in the end who they think they can beat. If Lawon irritates everyone, they'd want to keep him awhile. In some cases (Evel Dick) this idea has backfired and he won anyway...but the only reason was because the other option was Daniele who hid behind him and did nothing. I think Lawon is actually thinking that being obnoxious works and he may be the end I'll bet Kalia would go and he'd stay. MHO anyway...

PDX Granny said...

Dr Celine, I agree that wanting to get rid of the most strategic players first is the way to go. However,this early in the game, it's hard to tell who those are. Except for the returnee's.

Unless someone is out there scheming and planning full out, don't they usually go by personalities for the first eviction? Either they're so annoying they're not wanted around, or they're so quiet they haven't made any connections.

Does anyone have any idea why Keith and Porshe were nominated?

Brent McKee said...

Evicting the quite person and keeping the irritating person is classic strategy in just about every reality-competition where competitors vote out people. See Russell Hantz, and Philip SAM(?).

meb said...

It's getting close to show time. I'll be glad to see them again just so I can put names to faces again. I did finally tape BBAD, but I'll definitely just scan through it. Would never have the time to watch it all.

Again, have to thank Jackie for keeping us up to date with what's going on in the house.

Matt, I know Dick is gone, but I have to tell you I truly laughed out loud at your response to (I think it was) Monty a few posts back. Too funny. It was the last comment of that post if anyone wants to see what he said. :>)