Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Tuesday Evening 7/19

Digging for gold?

I tell ya, Allison Grodner ... you seriously need to do something to shake up this snoozefest of a season! I called the prank yesterday an epic fail, but this season could very well doom future seasons. The returning duos? Fail. The casting? Fail. The network scheduling and downtime in the house? Fail. Brendon and Rachel? SUPER fail.

Anyway, here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Woeful Wombats:
  • Oh, late at night, they had a pillowfight! Wowsers.
  • They talked about all answering Julie Chen with weird voices during the live show.
  • They told (bad) scary stories.
  • Then a monster ATE all the hamsters!
  • Um. No. I just made that up.
  • Apparently Jeff wants to move to Los Angeles. Jordan is considering it, but thinks she'll be lonely because Jeff has plans to do work travel stuff.
  • Gee, she could hang out with Rachel!
  • Cassi is sure she's leaving this week and said she'd eat slop and take cold showers the rest of the season if only she could stay.
  • It doesn't work that way, girl.
  • Shelly, as usual, was up early doing laundry, cleaning and smoking.
  • Not necessarily all at the same time, mind you.
  • This is why they need to be off my computer, off my TV and out of my life -- Brendon and Rachel had yet another broken record argument about "Bookie" (Bukey, kind of like Pukey?) and her showing him too much affection in front of others.
  • I'm so sick of their twisted mentality needy people fights.
  • Once again, just a lot of small talk mixed in with "what if" game talk.
  • Fix this mess, Grodner!

A.K.A. PT (Pre-Teen)


A balding man and his shawl.

Hats in the house

Daniele and Porsche, the nonentity.


RJM in SC said...

Digging for gold! That was a good one Jackie. thanks for sharing. At least we have your commentary to keep us going this season.

jabifla-glenda said...

Spot On, Jackie. I'm so glad I can read this...tape the show...and fast forward thru all the BS. It's kind of fun to watch the comps (except for the stupid commentator stuff).

Petals said...

So sorry Jackie, that you have to sit through this paint-drying party.
The couples thing was a huge failure, yes. Do you think that is because they didnt have enough applicants to fill the house?

SueGee said...

Around work we always say "Pick a Winner!" EEeeeeewww

Every year I swear I'm not going to watch or pay attention to BB, and only one year I did stay away...

Time to start our rehab...I'm Sue and I'm addicted to BB

SueGee on the left Coast where it is cool!

Jackie said...

Petals -- They always have thousands of fools wanting to get on the show.

~~Silk said...

Jackie - yeah, but they're probably all too far off the sanity scale.

QuixoticElf said...

Jackie~ Totally enjoying the BB13 updates! Thank you again! Also, I'm sharing your blog on my facebook! You are amazing! Love ya! Hope you heal quickly!!!

And they really do need to do something about this season. At least make the golden key players do the have/have not comps...

I'm just a 'tripsi' LOL

Dr_Celine said...

LOL about the paint-drying party Petals...my thoughts exactly. At least the "Cappy" season there was some drama because you wanted people to GO HOME asap...this is just downright Boring with a capital "B." I hope they do something SOON to get the ball rolling...I love BB but this is ridiculous...and you know when your die-hard fans are bored that cancellation isn't too far behind....

Anonymous said...

If Cassie goes home this week, it's going to be even more boring. At least she is a thorn in Rachel's side & we have the promise of a little excitement down the line.


Ninboh said...

You know the problem is that they frontload all of the gameplay to the first couple of days of the BB week. By Saturday POV is already finished and even though the ceremony doesn't happen until Monday, it's often obvious what the final noms will be shortly after the POV comp is played. The houseguests have 3 to 4 days where it's a done deed who is leaving. Original nominations should happen Friday. The POV contest should be held on Sunday at the earliest and preferably on Monday. Then BB should have the POV meeting on Tuesday. At least that way, there would only be two days where the final noms face the chopping block. Production would still have the time to edit their footage into an episode. It would lead to more game "talk" and fights, not less, IMO.

Sally said...

Jackie, thanks for suffering though the feeds and finding the few tasty morsels for us. At least you can dose off when you want, and rest assured that you won't miss much.

I think you can add the Golden Key to your list of fails for the season. It's a stupid gimmick that doesn't add anything.

Justene said...

The Golden Key essentially takes a player out of the fray. I guess they thought someone would take more risks if they were safe, adding to the gameplay. It hasn't worked.

monty924 said...

Suffering another Rachel and Brendon night again. Brendon was super goofy earlier and I swear she hates to see him have any fun when she's "so miserable". These two need to just go away for GOOD!! Now in comes Porche to save the day. Crickets

meb said...

Jackie..thanks for hanging in there for us... you must be so bored having to watch this stuff.

Hope something good happened overnight and you have some juicy news for us today.

Wishful thinking of course.

Witt said...

Jackie, thank you for sitting through this mess! This is the first season I can remember where I actually think, "Oh... yeah, BB is on tonight" rather than "tomorrow's the day BB is on!!!" It's a big difference. The pair thing didn't work when it was the winter edition, why did they think it would be interesting again? And tip to Alison G -- WE AREN'T INTERESTED IN SEEING FORMER PLAYERS!!! (Well, I'm not, anyway.)

Hope you are staying cool Jackie in all this heat!

Witt :)