Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Wednesday Dawn 7/20

Fashion Plate Lawon

Another evening and overnight in that Big Brother House of Misfit Toys:
  • Porsche is almost invisible in the house -- her game is to hang out with Rachel, but not when Rachel and Brendon are fighting.
  • So we don't really see her all that often.
  • She told Rachel that Shelly told her she voted for her to stay and that she thinks the other person was Kalia.
  • Porsche said that Dominic and Adam said they would have voted for her to stay had they realized the numbers had changed.
  • Well, duh.
  • Jeff isn't feeling well. Later on he said he didn't work out because he has to keep going ... and going. You get it.
  • Rachel said that the season finale will be September 16. How she knows, I don't know. That's a Friday night and unlikely.
  • They lined up every condiment that they're allowed trying to think of a creative new way to cook slop.
  • Another night of "scary ghost stories" ahead.
  • Oh, yeah. I'm excited.
  • Brendon and Rachel claim they spend $2000 a month on food, more than they pay in rent.
  • That has to be fun when Rachel works at a slightly more than minimum wage job three days a week!
  • Dominic said Brendon eats eight to ten eggs for breakfast. That's ridiculous!
  • The boy needs to go on slop, I say!
  • Brendon put his superhero clothes on once again and made a plea to the feeds for the return of Franklin the toy turtle.
  • Tell ya what, Brendon ... we'll send a banner plane telling you where you can find Franklin if you and Rachel hit that panic bar and just leave.
  • You can even take Franklin with you.
  • The BEST part of the night was when Daniele, Jeff, Jordan, Lawon and Dominic spied on Rachel and Brendon fighting.
  • They mocked their fights much as we do!
  • At one point Lawon went down and danced for the spy cam.
  • Brendon claimed he was going over ghost stories he wants to tell.
  • Sure.
  • The body language and silences told their own story!
  • Cassi cried some more because she knows she's leaving.
  • Shelly worried some more just in case she's leaving.
  • Lawon, Dominic and Cassi stayed up just about all night.
  • They're still up as I get this posted.

Slop - it's what's for dinner!

Spying on the latest Brendon/Rachel tiff.

Laughing while they spy

Lawon goes down to tiff and dances without explanation


Laurie said...

Good morning Jackie! Hope you are feeling a bit better today. Keep your eye on the prize.

The hamsters are really boring this year, aren't they? Bless you for keeping us up to date on what's not happening in the house.

meb said...

I like Lawon... he doesn't do anything to make me dislike him. He's just quiet enough to not antagonize. But I still have Jordon in the pool. Yay!

lynn1 said...

I am going to be sorry to see Cassi go. I am not a big fan of hers but she provides some entertainment when she torments Rachel.
Maybe someone else will take up the slack and get Rachel to act out.
Hopefully it won't be just Brendon and Rachel bickering,sulking, making up and making out for the next few weeks.
I would rather stick pins in my eyes than to see that. @@
I would really like to know what kind of food those 2 freaks eat that costs them $2000 a month.

monty924 said...

•Tell ya what, Brendon ... we'll send a banner plane telling you where you can find Franklin if you and Rachel hit that panic bar and just leave.
•You can even take Franklin with you.

Haha, I LOVE it!!! To bad we don't have a 'like' or 'love' button on here that we can push. Great recap as always, Jackie!

Petals said...

??? pool is still locked