Thursday, July 28, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds pre-Live Show Update 7/28

Dominic practices his speech on Lawon

On the whole, a heck of a lot of nothing goes on before the live show on Thursday. They're in lockdown, they get lockdowned in the HoH room, they clean, they primp.

But there are a few things worth mentioning happening today in that Big Brother House of Fun:
  • Forget the newbie uprising plan. It ain't gonna happen.
  • Lawon told Porsche that Brendon and Rachel have been good to him.
  • He won't be voting to save Dominic.
  • Porsche said Dominic has so many more things going for him while Adam's one big dream has been to be on the show.
  • She won't be voting to save Dominic.
  • In my opinion, that's not a good reason to keep dead weight, but she's playing, not me.
  • Daniele told Kalia to vote with the rest of the house.
  • She wants to be Dominic's sole vote to stay.
  • PT (Pre-Teen) or not, Dominic is handling this much better than most.
  • Tonight's vote should be unanimous with the exception of Daniele.
  • Stop back later for the live show party post to be followed with a continuously updated endurance comp post.
  • That is, as long as it really is an endurance comp!

Rachel is the only one not planning athletic clothing

I'd say a bit too tight and skimpy for endurance


Margo said...

well I'm gonna make some bacon for BLT's tonite. Since Adam talks about bacon and wears shirts with saying about bacon I was craving some. Do you think he is being paid by the pork council?


Petals said...

I'm bringing a key lime pie, got a great new recipe, so EASY!!!

Laurie said...

I have some fresh fruit waiting for everyone. Help yourself if I don't make it to the pary!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to watch east coast showing of BB?

Nana in the NW said...

anon.-- the live feeds used to be on I haven't tried it this year so I don't know if that is still accurate.......

Anonymous said...

works for me...thanks nana

Anonymous said...

works for me...thanks nana

RJM IN SC said...


Anonymous said...

wow...big surprise...not.. BB has never kept it's partners rule the whole season (siblings , x-factor, love connection...)

Anonymous said...

I didn't read Jackie's blog again this week so I have no idea what this bruhaha is about..can't wait...I'm trying to rush to read through it now before it starts!