Friday, July 22, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Quickie 7/22

After a very long feeds block, they came back on with little information so far. Here's what I got:
  • Rachel did not win a luxury.
  • Rachel and Brendon are wheeling and dealing with Dominic.
  • David Hasselhoff was the celebrity.
  • Brendon and Rachel are turning against Jeff and Jordan, but probably not ready to nominate them.
  • It sounds like either Adam or Kalia might be targeted this week.
  • Daniele and Dominic are playing everybody.
  • Daniele told Dominic that Shelly was one of the votes who went against the newbies the first week.
  • Dominic might be a Have Not as he mentioned "his" Have Not room.
  • The cameras all keep focusing on the same thing.
  • That really bugs me.
  • I've seen nothing other than Dom/Daniele and Brendon/Rachel/Dominic.
  • The rest could have been killed by an ax murderer for all I know.
  • Oh, wait. Porsche made a cameo looking for nail polish.
  • Dominic thinks Porsche has no game plan.
  • I think he's right.
  • Rachel thinks Brendon needs to apologize to production for snapping at them over something.
  • More later!
UPDATE: Apparently Kalia, Shelly, Jeff and Jordan screened the new Same Name series in the HoH room and the rest didn't.


Dr_Celine said...

David Hasselhoff was the celebrity? Oh brother! Why are they not seeing how big a threat Dominic is????

Matt said...

Worst. Luxury. EVER.

Laurie said...

David Hasselhoff was the celebrity? I know Dr Celine just said that but it was my exact thought when I read it so I had to share it again. Celebrity is really a loose term, isn't it?

I once sang in the Hollywood Bowl. I believe I might be a celebrity!! No, I don't want to go to the BB house. Please don't make me.

I want to put a "Like" under Matt's post.

~ S. said...

I agree with you all, that's a pretty crappy luxury lol. I don't want to watch that show, it looks so stupid.

Anonymous said...

ugh i knew when J/J did not get them out that they would end up being toast.
dani is playing a good game but i hate to see j/j go
wish she had conspired with j/j to get out b/r

Justene said...

The only part of the commercial which causes me to laugh is when Hasselhoff is in the shower that is so much shorter than he is. Things I would go without food for -- a good shower and valet parking.

I mention the latter because tonight my husband insisted we don;t use the valet at the restaurant and walk. I complained bitterly and realized that it is one of the few luxuries I appreciate. Clothes, jewelry - forget it. Valet parking, now there's a perk.

scott said...

Dani is playing the best game by far. Shes Safe and under the radar. And still building her social game. She is smart too. Keeping brenchel as long as she can will only help her. Neither one of them would beat anyone in a finals vote. I like jeff and Jordan but to her they are expendable.

Dr_Celine said...

Next the "celebrity" and I DO use that term loosely will be Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. Ugh. How about someone GOOD???!!!!

LOL Laurie!! And WAS the worst luxury ever!!!!!