Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Through Saturday Evening 7/23

Are Porsche's duckies all in a row?
Probably not.

To recap things a bit -- Jordan, Jeff, Rachel and Brendon realize that Daniele is working with Dominic and Dominic's working everyone. Initially, when Rachel made the nominations, Adam was the target (provided the veto wasn't used). That seems to be changing despite all the pushing Daniele is doing to save Dominic. Then the veto comp (blocked to the feeds) went down. Brendon won it.

Here's what's been happening in that Big Brother house of Lame Ducks:
  • The Veto comp was a spelling the longest word scenario, a bit similar to last year but with soap suds and more letters.
  • Brendon spelled "understanding" once again.
  • Rachel went into the comp wearing her contacts and was in misery with the soap in her eyes.
  • I think the hamsters have a valid point that they should give them goggles.
  • Jeff thinks he redeemed himself from his technotronics nightmare of the past.
  • Rachel seems to have inhaled soap or something, too. She keeps coughing.
  • Most of the hamsters napped but Shelly cleaned.
  • Oh, sure ... I'd like her to come here and clean. But her constant cleaning and puttering around adjusting things would drive me up the wall.
  • A lot of her excess energy is probably due to the long lockdown. They were locked down all day yesterday and then, after the comp, locked down again for the clean up of the yard.
  • That translates to "no smoking."
  • They think there will be another twist after the Golden Keys end this week.
  • They're probably right.
  • I probably won't like it.
  • Jordan and Shelly had a long talk with Rachel (then with Brendon, too) about Daniele and Dominic.
  • The tide seems to be shifting to a Dominic vote for the veterans. With Shelly they have enough votes to make a tie with Rachel being the tie-breaker.
  • Will they make the smart move -- keep noms the same and get rid of Dominic instead of Adam? That would leave Daniele dangling and Dominic is more likely to win comps.
  • Daniele has gotten way too sloppy in her strategy. While working with Dominic was a good move, she's TOO close to him and everyone knows.
  • The other Danielle some seasons back knew better how to work a secret alliance!
  • Daniele told Rachel that maybe Lawon should go.
  • Grasping at straws there, girl.
  • BB gave them alcohol again -- one bottle of wine and six beers. Exciting, eh?
  • Daniele tried to work on Kalia, telling her that Shelly doesn't like her (Kalia).
  • She thinks they can work together.
  • More grasping, more straws.
  • Kalia is actually a tough one to figure out, but I'm not so sure she's buying what Daniele's selling.
  • Kalia told Daniele they need to lay low.
  • That's about it. The Veto meeting won't be until Monday, but right now it looks like the nominations should remain the same with Dominic as the target.
  • Anything could happen between now and then.

Ohhh ... something new to do!

Daniele and Dominic, perhaps not quite a dynamic duo.

OWWW! Brendon's knees are never going to heal in the house!
(So maybe he should go home!)

Established 1970 or long before ...


Anonymous said...

I am SO tired of Brachel winning competitions! It makes me wonder how much CBS has to do with this. UGH!!!


meb said...

Penny... I don't think any of it is fixed... when you watch the comps, you can see, Brenchel are simply good at it. It's aggravating, but since I'm a Vets fan (for the moment), it works for me because, thus far, they're keeping J&J safe. If they turn on them, THEN I'll change bandwagons.

Dave B. said...

It looks like Brendon has been crawling through the strawberry patch.

Anonymous said...

I can't help thinking that Evel Dick is coming back after all the golden keys are gone. I think they offered him additional money and he's been in sequester.

Laurie said...

Had to look up the origin of "grasping at straws". You know it's one of those sayings we all use and know what it means, but where did it come from?

Turns out there are several stories but most come down to a drowning man will grasp for a straw to save himself, something he knows will be futile.

Thus ends our lesson for the day.

Nana in the NW said...

My 11 yr. granddaughter has a knee that looks like Brandon's....she fell off her bike.
If the next comp. is endurance Branden better hope it doesn't include any liquid, that will sting!

Laurie--thank you for the lesson!

I would bet that Dom. ends up going home. He is strong competitor, B/R and J/J know he can't stay in the game. It would also blow Dani's gameplan out of the water.

Evil Dick can't come back as a competitor because he has not been sequestered like Keith and Cassi.

I finally got my name in blue...YAHOO!!`

RBennie said...

Oh no, first Cassi is out and now my Dominic is in trouble. He's the only newbie left that I like. The only one who is truly trying to play the game.