Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Friday Morning 8/26

A very sad Jordan

Now, we all need to remember that this is a game. Sure, it's an important and probably life-changing to some extent game for the hamsters themselves. But it's Big Brother. Betrayals and backstabbing are the norm. Winning competitions or being perceived as a strong competitor puts a target on your back. Yet, when there's an upheaval, there is drama. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pancakes (get it? you flip pancakes!):
  • I hate to see Jordan so sad. She's usually such a delight to watch on the feeds.
  • Not so much after the feeds started up after the show.
  • Cussing, crying and having a general hissy fit.
  • Oh my.
  • Later she cried some more because she felt she embarrassed her family by misbehaving.
  • Aw.
  • As we all could have predicted, Adam gravitated to the new power group, stranding Rachel and Jordan on their own little Pity Island.
  • Shelly was also in tears feeling bad about betraying Jordan.
  • But strategy-wise, that was the best move she could make for her own game.
  • Rachel, still in her silly furry boots during a California summer, ran around the house demanding her stuffed dog Mr. Crackers back.
  • Jordan and Rachel packed Jeff's bags.
  • And cried.
  • Rachel and Jordan are all but bereft. It's hard to tell if they're going to be able to get their acts together to win anything from this point forward.
  • The feeds were blocked for the HoH comp which sounds like it was similar to the practice set-up in the yard.
  • You know ... the one I mentioned that Porsche was surprisingly good at playing.
  • Yup, there's a new HoH.
  • And she's a car, a Porsche as a matter of fact.
  • Kalia's short reign garnered her a basket delivered to the storage room.
  • Porsche got the full HoH treatment, including a letter from her little brother.
  • The next target seems to be Rachel.
  • Well, duh.
  • The new gang of four -- Shelly, Adam, Porsche and Kalia -- plan on telling Jordan about Rachel's "deal" with Damiele in an effort to alienate Jordan and Rachel.
  • They all seem to really feel sorry for Jordan.
  • But they thought Jeff was too full of himself and controlling ... he had to go.
  • Although Jeff was my eye candy dude and I hate to see Jordan so sad, they're right.
  • It was a good game move.

A sad Shelly

Being accused of taking Mr. Crackers

The new HoH. Yes, really.

Not live feeds, but here is the rest of the Jeff/Julie interview:


RJM said...

Sad House..No,just in BB but here at my house! I sad too :(

TerryinPA said...

to think Porche the floater, the one they gave the gold key to is in power makes me....blech!

Witt said...

OMG....when things flip, they REALLY flip!!!!
Will Rachel be the target or will Jordan?

Re: Shelly... I don't have any sympathy. You make a big move like that, you don't cry about it. Only those with conscience cry. You made your bed...lie in it.

(I know that's harsh, and she needed to make a big game move blah blah blah, but I still think it was wrong. TOLD YOU I was not cut out for this game!!)

Witt :)

Joe in NY said...

Witt, I agree. Just own your move and go on with it.

As for people on the other feed saying I would be happy Porsche won HOH. Why would I want that?

Adam is now all powerful. how ironic?

Presumably Porsche will nominate Jordan and Rachel. (she could nominate Adam and Rachel but that would be a mistake if Jordan won POV since she would remove Rachel). That means that Adam is the only one that can save Jordan/Rachel!!!

If Adam has flipped to the other side, then he is frankly a super floater and really, IMHO, a worse person than Shelly. At least Shelly made a move and owned the move. Adam is just drifting.

Can't believe so many of you have given up. Remember HOH is not as important as POV at this point in the game. If Jordan/Rachel are up, for example, Adam can win POV and remove Jordan forcing Porsche to put up Shelly or Kalia as a replacement. In that case it is Adam/Jordan who decide who goes home not Porsche's crew as the only 3 people voting would be Adam and Jordan and either Shelly/Kalia.

The game is far from over - unless Jordan and Rachel have truly given up.

Joe in NY said...

Petals, I hope you are okay. {{{Petals}}}

Caroline said...

Yes to what Jackie said....

"•Shelly was also in tears feeling bad about betraying Jordan.
•But strategy-wise, that was the best move she could make for her own game."

It was her best game move. And also suddenly Porsche has come to play and she was an important POV and now HOH. And as annoying as she is, I gotta give props to Kalia for winning two HOHs. She was determined not to ruin her second HOH and she did make power move.

I feel sad for Jordan and I am thinking maybe BB should try not to have couples return for All Stars as when one of the couple leaves, it is personally heartbreaking for the one left behind and it can affect their game.
Rachel says she cannot win since Brendon left and she is sad and now Jordan is sad. I think it affects their game play too much to have established couples in the house.

Anonymous said...

I just gotta say what CRAP it was to say that Kalia didn't waste her "HOH" and how they did it how Dani wanted them to. Does Kalia realize that Rachel is who kept her in the house? That Dani and Porche talked crap all week? Seriously.... She knows about the deal, they're trying to drive a wedge between Rachel and Jordan with it, but she isn't smart enough to figure out that Rachel not holding up that deal means that she stayed in the house? And Shelly needs to lay off the crybaby crap. Don't stress over how your daughter is going to look at how you played this game and how you want to be truthful and loyal and stab people in the back who've had it from the start. I know I'm not in that house but people like that make me ill. She hates Rachel for being immature but she stole her stuffed animal. I babysit a 3 year old who doesn't pull that crap. And maybe Rachel is immature and Jordan has ridden the coat tails of her alliance but at least they're honest. April

Anonymous said...

At this point there is no point to tell Jordan about Rachel's deal or no deal with Dani except to be hurtful. It is almost like Shelly can' t let go of the power of playing with people's emotions
I recognize this is a game however I disagree with how Shelly played as she doesn't seem to want to own her choices stating she flipped because of Jeff running the house instead of stating she wants to win. Also she said she doesn't like people talking behind her back and yet that is all she has been doing. That is why I dislike her. Adam may flip sides buy he is not vicious about it and has been stand up aka telling Dani she doesn't have his vote. Shelly is a snake and for me just a Mean Girl who now can' t seem to stop and still wants to emotional maneuver people.
I hope Jordan and Rachel wake up today with a new perspective and start working on how Shelly has been running the house and can get Porsche to see how a snake will eventually bite her.

Anonymous said...

It's official...I'm rooting for Rachel and Jordan. I hope they figure out some way for both of them to stay...if only.

I also think we should all bombard CBS with e-mails and make them tell Shelly to give Rachel back her dog.

mimi said...

wish jordan would put her anger to use and win hoh next! don't want her to just give up.Would want her to put shelly & kalia up.

Joe in NY said...

anon - I agree with some of what you're saying.

I hate it on Survivor (or BB) when people say "I'm very honest and loyal in my real life BUT this is a game." That is situational ethics. All it means is that you will lie and betray if the stakes are sufficient: in your real life or your game life.

Regarding Kalia and the Dani/Rachel "deal", you are thinking in terms of individuals rather than teams. Yes, Rachel kept Kalia in the game but not because she loved Kalia. It was us vs. them and Rachel is one of them. Despite Dani's campaigning, Kalia considers herself part of Dani's team. I think this is further indication that Shelly may end up alpha dog in that group.

Frankly, if Rachel and Jordan aren't done playing, they should try to use Dani and Shelly's plot to drive a wedge in Kalia's crew. If Porsche could be convinced that Shelly/Dani were offering final 3 to Rachel it would undermine them a little.

That said, they are kind of locked into their camps for one more week. At 5, you only need 2 and HOH so you can realign. At 6 you kind of need your solid 3 to stay solid...even if you don't like or trust them all that much.

The two key players this week are (surprisingly) Kalia and Adam. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Adam's intentions towards his old alliance are key. Kalia becomes important because of her relationship with Jordan. Does she lobby to keep Jordan off the block? Can Jordan in any way manipulate her? That would be huge. If Kalia can get Rachel and Adam nominated rather than Rachel and Jordan, it opens up some interesting possibilities.

The key, of course, from 6 till the end is POV not HOH. All HOH does is keep the holder safe. POV will determine who goes home.

Lars said...

Joe in NY
I enjoy reading your comments,

Jackie thanks for your hard work, stay safe everyone!

chris said...

shelly is officially my least favorite bb player.
it was maggie
followed closely by mike boogie.
not counting the entire winter season of disgusting beings.

Anonymous said...

I am sooooooo glad it went the way it did other than Dani leaving. I was really rooting for her. Now get out Rachel and Jorden. Floaters can then play. LOL

lynn1 said...

Kalia, Porsche & Shelly need to evict Jordan Rachel and Adam ASAP. If they take any of those three to the final 2 they will lose the big money. The Jury will have more vets and I honestly believe they would vote for Rachel, Adam or Jordan before they would vote for Kalia, Porsche or Shelly. If there are none of the Vet alliance which would include Adam at the end then the jury would have to vote for one of Dani's crew.
Personally I think it would be hilarious if Rachel or Adam won.
I feel pretty confident that Rachel will be on the block this week.Don't know if she will be evicted or not. As Joe said POV is super important now.

RBennie said...

Okay, I felt bad for Jordan for a little bit, but it's time to stop crying and suck it up. Jeff is at the jury house. He's not dead.

What was Rachel crying about? Would she rather it have been herself evicted?

At the start of this game, unlike most of you, I didn't like Shelly. I found it weird, unnatural and a little creepy how devoted she was to J/J. Why would you come on BB to help other people win? I actually like her more now that she's playing for herself. Yes, it was a harsh and abrupt split between her and J/J, but it was the right thing to do, at the right time, for her game. I think she's so upset because she genuinely does love Jeff and Jordan.

I was more sorry to see Dani go than I was Jeff, and I absolutely loved her goodbye speech. One of the best ever. Something about Jeff really turned me off this season. He was way too full of himself. The jury house should be a lot of fun to see, LOL.

Kahlia and Porsche stepped it up when they needed to and are sitting pretty right now (for however long that lasts).

Adam is the person that disgusts me most in this game. Talk about the ultimate floater. He was begged and pleaded with to switch sides and wouldn't budge, but now that the other side has control he's all in. I guess it is a strategy of sorts. He's made it this far doing it, but I hope he doesn't float to the f2.

Okay I'm tired of typing. I'll stop now, LOL.

Margo said...

**Pool Update**

We say "Til We Meet Again" to 2 strong hamsters this week. : (

Some of the floaters seem to be stepping up now. It's about time.

Shelly - you can not be that upset about your vote. If you feel that strongly maybe you voted wrong! Either way the best you can do is 3rd place. I would have stuck with J/J cause they seem like a funner group to hang with.

Adam - Auntie Leigh, Ayana, ML
Jordan - Sydney, Meb, Brent McKee
Kalia - Nana in NW, Monty924, Laurie
Porsche - Ninboh, Donna in FL, Sharon S
Rachel - Jamie, Margo, ChaCha
Shelly - Sasha, Paris Hilton, Janice

Buh Bye
Keith - Zoetawny, PDX Granny, Becky
Cassi dla, Beadlebug, Buzzmaam
Dominic - Witt, Rbennie, JOEY
Brendon - SueGee, Sally, Chris
Lawon - Dr_Celine, Jackie, Caela

JURY Members
Brendon - SueGee, Sally, Chris AGAIN
Daniele - Terry in PA, EileenM, Jennasmom
Jeff - Petals, Donna in AL, Delee

Porsche - Ninboh, Donna in FL, Sharon S

meb said...

Guess when it counted, Porche came through. I'm really looking forward to the POV. Maybe Jordon can save herself one more week. I hope so.

Ninboh said...

My pool pick is HOH and Rachel is still my fav.

ORKMommy said...

Like Jackie said, this is a game. Being locked in that house with a bunch of strangers does bad things to your psyche. I think back to things I've done in my life, without being locked in a house with strangers, and I'm not proud of all of the decisions I've made BUT they weren't malicious nor did I ever intentionally hurt anyone. I did what I did to benefit myself. This game is no different. Can all of you Shelly haters say that you never sacrificed another person for something you wanted? Like someone said in a previous comment, firing a friend is never easy but sometimes it needs to be done! I really think Shelly does feel bad about what she did but she did it to further herself!! No, I'm not a huge fan of hers but I do respect the move.

As far as the comments about the floaters finally winning... We have to remember that when there are more people in the house the odds of winning are smaller. Not to mention that winning does put a target on your back. I don't think there's anything wrong with laying low and letting the other wolves eat each other before making a move. I'd probably do it the same way myself! We also have to remember that Porche came in 2nd place several times before the POV/HOH wins. She wasn't sitting back and not playing the games, there was just someone who did better than her each time.

On a final note. Jeff's interview just reminded me of why I love my Chicago boys! I grew up in the Chicago area and I actually saw a lot of myself in his interview. Very emotional, very aggressive, very passionate BUT he also knew that he'd feel differently once he calmed down! He's also absolutely yummy on the eyes!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I find it annoying that everyone has villianized Shelly so much. I think these are just bitter Jeff fans looking for a scapegoat. But at the end of the day Jeff has no one but his arrogant self to blame for his demise.

Shelly made a SMART move. Yes she's been flipping the whole game, but A) JJ already knew that about her and still trusted her and B) this is not just a social let's be friends games, she was going nowhere with JJ and C) THEY KNEW IT and she knew they knew it. If anything JJ were playing Shelly as much as everyone says she played them. While Shelly isn't going to brag about it and completely own up to it, JJ got got and she was planning it all along. She'll try to justify it as a last minute thing to protect her ego and morals, but had she not done it they would have used her for the numbers and she would have been the first to go on their side.

Anonymous said...

Shelly got to them before they flipped on her. Jeff's tirade on her before the show probably didn't help either.

Anonymous said...

The good thing about this season is that everyone is in the gray area. there are not clear-cut heroes and villians so America can really pick and choose who they want to root for and debate about who's the lesser of 12 evils. I don't think this has really happened before.

RBennie said...

I wish we could have seen that blow up just before the live show.

lynn1 said...

I was a fan of Jeff. I am disappointed he got evicted but certainly not bitter. I don't think he was a bit more arrogant than Dani or any other strong player in past seasons.
His decisions while good for him at the time he made them also helped to get him evicted.
I don't like Shelly but not because she voted to evicted Jeff.
I really don't understand all this bashing of Jeff fans. He's gone so it really is a moot point isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm confused. Jeff isn't out because he targeted Dani, and he isn't out because Shelly is a d**k and tried to flip the vote.

Shelly's big move? The only outcome was breaking Jordan's heart when she found out her beloved Shelly has been lying to her while pretending to be Jordan's BFF for life in and out of the game no matter what my word is gold.

The vote did not go Shelly's way. Dani left. So Shelly not only lost that battle, she lost her allegedly beloved Jordan, & her online rep is overwhelmingly poo poo. So saying she made a big move and it really helped her game and its just a game confuses me.

1)We almost all agree she will not make F2 because she can't win a comp.

2)Jordan, nicest woman this side of the Rockies, wants her dead.

3)She is practically guaranteed to lose four jury votes.

4)Wow alot of people actively revile & despise her now.

The only reason Jeff is gone is because Jordan lost HOH to Kalia, and Jeff lost his shoe and the POV to Porsche. Those things probably would have happened anyway (sub Dani for Kalia winning HOH).

Jeff's Team is going down because they lost an HOH, the POV, and now another HOH. This has zip doodle to do with Shelly or Dani.

I think in the long run Shelly's big move will have accomplished nothing except hurting Jordan's feelings so deeply she will become as cynical and guarded as the rest of us.

Jordan knew it was unlikely she and Jeff would get to the end, they had a somewhat more light hearted and pragmatic view of the game than many HGs. Jordan also knew that Jeff would almost certainly go out the very next time her side lost an HOH. I really believe 97% of Jordan's upset was because of her being so hurt by Shelly right before the live show which was only then compounded by the unexpected DE and Jeff leaving.

So I say BOO on Shelly and her Big Move that accomplished nothing that wouldn't have happened anyway with the other side winning HOH-POV-HOH like they did except hurting the person in the game that least deserved it.

How do we like you now Shelly?...

Not even a little.


Anonymous said...

For a long time, Shelly 'was' my favorite to win. Even though she hasn't won anything, she's made the best moves to get herself further, even when those moves were hurtful. I get it. This is a game. But she's been grating on my nerves for quite a while.

My least favorite is Porsche. She reminds me of the leader of that clique of mean but "popular" girls [in school] who pick one weaker girl to gang up on and make their life a living hell.

Brendon and Jeff are egotistical? They can't hold a candle to Porsche's ego. She really does believe she's the prettiest, and the smartest, and the best of... whatever the subject.

Porsche's actions and the things that come out of her mouth, make it clear that she believes nobody else can possibly be as smart or witty. Porsche (and Dani) bring catty to a whole new level.

Porsche is just as mean when it comes to doing things to others (especially Rachel). Even when those things serve no purpose other than to make someone's life additionally miserable.

Porsche was talking to Adam and making snide/catty cracks about Jordan crying after Jeff was gone. Gotta give Adam some props because he looked at her and said, "And how would you feel if your BF was evicted?" Stopped her cold in her tracks!

And don't even try and tell me her actions are just because of the game. I'm convinced that Porsche presents the exact same image in real life.


Anonymous said...

Joe's breakdown of where the power lies at five and six is astute. As he says, at this stage, much depends upon the numbers in alliances. That is why Shelly and Adam are ultimately floating to a larger alliance with people in it who can play. At this point, Jordan and Rachel must have HOH if they are to get anywhere. If, as you'd expect, both are nominated, and current alliances hold, POV will only save the one who wins it. (In their current desperate state, Jordan and Rachel seem helpless. They don't deserve it, but they need a break from BB, big time.)

I'd question Joe's comment about how a person behaves in a game as necessarily reflecting his or her behavior in real-life high-stakes situations. First of all, if one plays Big Brother to win, his or her behavior inside the game differs in the same way from real-life behavior, whether or not money is at stake.

What defines a game is that the framework of real-life is suspended in favor of an alternative environment. Outside of a game, for example there is no reward for shooting a ball through a hoop. Boxers beat up one another in the "fight game," but few of them ever do so in real life. Like boxing suspends the taboo of physical violence, Big Brother suspends rules that normally govern loyalty and integrity. A key skill of the Big Brother game is the ability to earn people's trust and, at a strategic moment, betray them. Eventually, as numbers dwindle, that's the only way that one can win. Such betrayal, however, isn't necessarily something that a good player would endorse or practice when real-life moral principles apply.

RBennie said...

Looks like Shelly can't win either way. She either looks like a patsy for crawling up J/J's butts and helping to hand them the win or she's a heartless biotch for trying to further her chances to win and hurting Jordan's feelings in the process.

Anonymous said...

"Looks like Shelly can't win either way. She either looks like a patsy for crawling up J/J's butts and helping to hand them the win or she's a heartless biotch for trying to further her chances to win and hurting Jordan's feelings in the process."

Well said.

MeanGirlsSuck said...

Porsche is the epitome of dumbhole. I read elsewhere that after winning HOH she did a little dance for the camera while chanting "Dani, Dani..." Add that to her "Dani wouldn't want me to use the POV" speech. Has she never watched this show??? Think back to BB11 (the year Jordan won) a certain little smartass named Natalie did things all for and/or in the name of her demi-God, Jessie. And how did Jessie reward Natalie? Anyone, anyone? He voted for Jordan to win the money. :-D D u m b h o l e !!!

Anonymous said...

Shelly will need to continue her successful tap dancing. If she can sidestep eviction, she'll stand a very good chance of winning. The jury normally votes on gameplay, not alliance, and she is probably the best player left.

MeanGirlsSuck said...

"The jury normally votes on gameplay, not alliance, and she is probably the best player left."


Maybe, maybe not. LOL Everytime you think that's how the jury will vote, they don't. And vice versa

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me who the real Shelly is? I don't mean her outside career, I mean her role as a BB hamster. Did she mean all the idol laden J & J talk? Or was it all bull just to snow them enough for a blindside? Did she intend to step out with a big move all along? Does she have a secret alliance? Is she playing just for herself and taking up with whomever can get her one step closer to the win? I ask because when you hear of her flipping and the impact that brought to the house and the viewers, it sounds like a calculated game play move that could help her win by getting rid of a strong player. But, the continual crying/whining/explaining/facial grimaces make it sound like she wasn't thinking past next eviction. What kind of player is she, can anyone tell me? Belle

Joe in NY said...

Anon: Thanks for your agreement! :) It is rare among the anons.

As for the situational ethics, I think your counterpoint is every so slightly flawed. You say that boxing suspends rules against physical violence and so the "game" is different than "life". That's true. It is also irrelevant to BB. BB does not require lying and backstabbing as part of the game. It happens, but unlike boxing which requires you punch your opponent BB does not require that you backstab your opponent.

Someone who is truly and completely honest would not lie on BB ever. Because a lie is a lie no matter what the stakes. They lie on BB to get ahead which isn't much different than exaggerating on your CV or in an interview.

If the name of the game was: tell the biggest lie then lying would not be dishonest. Since the point of the game is simply to survive till the end, there is nothing there that requires you to lie as a means to the end. It is a choice people make.

Joe in NY said...


You make a good point about Shelly's actions not being decisive in the last 48 hours of activities. This is partly true. She didn't save Dani, this is true. But she may have played a role in Jeff's ouster. The house was split. With Shelly on Kalia and Porsche's side, it is a different dynamic both last night and today. Without Shelly, Kalia would have needed to try and garner another alliance, she couldn't just hang with Porsche and count on Porsche to get her to the end. She might have preferred to take out Rachel or even Shelly and try to use her friendship with Jordan to get her in with Jeff. With Shelly on their side and HOH in hand, they can go after Jeff because there numbers are then even and there is no Big Jeff. Same with today's noms. If, as we expect, Porsche nominates Rachel and Jordan that is at least in part because Shelly is with them. Otherwise the nominees may well be Shelly and Rachel or some similar combination and Porsche/Kalia would have no say in who got booted since they have no votes.

Shelly's jump didn't save Dani but it did change other dynamics. More importantly, and this is why I give her credit for a big move, it gives HER a better chance to get to the end.

We'll see how it plays out.

Joe in NY said...

Anon 2:39 Personally, I think her "I just want to help you guys get to the end" was total crap. I also do think she likes Jordan personally and Jeff as well which is why she was upset at making the move. She's told a lot of lies but I think her actions do tell us what the truth is.

After all, it's easy to say that you wouldn't lie to your friends. But would you lie to your friends for half a mill? I think most of you would. I'm not asking you to kill them (although some of you might do that! LOL), just tell a few lies.

wv "porshoat" Porshoat is finally winning comps.

Anonymous said...

It's a game now. Glad porsche stepped up. She might win it all now. Pov then hoh. What has Jordan won? Go Porsche and Kalia

chris said...


Once again I totally agree.
I liked Jeff. I still think he made the correct move to get danielle, despite her pleadings to the contrary she was intending to get him out after brendon and before rachel.
I don't like shelly, not so much because of her "big move" but because she kept saying how she detest liars, how upset she was when j/j questioned her loyalty.
how j/j kept her over brendon, and how Jordan a truly nice person gave her the treasured phone call for which she said she would always be grateful and she stabbed jordan in the back. jordan was most hurt by that. I wish that adam would win pov, take jordan off the block, make deals openly with jordan and rachel that they take him to final 2, and get shelly the f out of the house. they would have the votes.
to think how that hoh was so close and today would be so different for all us j/j fans.

monty924 said...

Great interview with Jeff. Like most everyone, after sleeping, going to work and just getting 'over it', I'm not as mad, bitter, you call it, as I was last night after the show.

I think Jordan's having a harder time with the entire Shelly thing, but that also will probably be ironed out within the week. If they get a chance to talk, it might not be water under the bridge, but I'm sure it will be better. Jordan's a good judge of character (she does read people well) and she will realize that Shelly was making a move for herself and her family. I just don't happen to like that it came at Jordan's expense of all people. Call me a sap!

@Joe, I honestly thought you would think it was funny, maybe ironic would have been a better term, that Porche finally stepped and won not one but two comps last night. I thought it was. But I find things funny that some do not.

The only way possible for Rachel and Jordan to both survive, in my opinion, is to have Rachel and Adam on the block and Jordan win veto. Will it happen? I don't know, but Porche is talking about doing just that. She has Kalia in her ear pushing for it. Neither one of them think that Jordan can win the veto. We will see.

As of now, I only have Rachel and Jordan to root for. Of course my pool pick could slide in there for the win, but I'm not sure that would give me much pleasure in the bragging rights. :)

Sally said...

I think the thing that bothers me about Shelly's big move is that she made her alliance with J & J so personal. not only talking a lot about how much she liked them as people, but bringing in so many elements outside the house. She talked at length about their families and how much that phone call home meant and her eternal gratitude to Jordan, how she wanted to do something nice for Jordan and her family, even helping her find a better-paying job.

If Shelly had built their alliance around game deals and in-house factors, like most houseguests do, I could say kudos, well played. But as it is, I think she was needlessly mean in the way she established personal trust and then flipped with such gusto. It felt like she was hitting below the belt and I don't find that admirable and I don't bellieve she would have done that if she really liked Jordan.

monty924 said...

Jackie, not sure of your geographic area in New Jersey but wanted to say hope you are safe from the Hurricane.

Thinking about you just now watching the news.

Anonymous said...

maybe Porsche has begun to win things because the caliber of those playing in comps is much worse than it use to be. The strong players are gone!


lynn1 said...

Having dealt with a few hurricanes and their aftermath including Katrina, I wish all of you East Coast folks well. Stay safe and let us know how you are when you are able.
God Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

I do not see how people who aren't bloggers or die-hard BB fans can pay money for the livefeeds. Apparently they cut-off like every 2 secs.

Joe in NY said...

@Sally I think you feel that way because you (like many of us) see the house as real-life not as a game.

A bunch of strangers enter a house. They start playing a game. They like each other, they hate each other, but they are always playing a game.

It is not at all inconsistent for Shelly to actually like Jordan but still feel she needs to boot Jeff to win the game. She might even feel she has to boot Jordan to win the game. That doesn't mean she doesn't actually like Jordan.

If you remember it's a game, Shelly's actions aren't either inconsistent or particularly nefarious. Especially in a juried game, the person you'd most like to have coffee with is not likely to be the same person you'd most like to be sitting across from at the end.

It seems some people are upset that Shelly didn't want Jeff and Jordan to win. You can't have it both ways. Either Shelly needs to boot one or both of them, or Shelly needs to be content at #3. She can love Jordan to death but prefer $1/2 million to spoil her daughter with.

Joe in NY said...

Kalia working Porsche over on Jordan is exactly what I was hoping to see. That actually makes it possible for another wonderful week. The possibilities are endless. As I wrote earlier, Kalia and Adam are the wildcards here. And if Kalia is at all sympathetic to Jordan it means that it is not a solid 3-3 split. Adam could float over to Kalia's crew. Or Jordan. Or Kalia could float over to Jordan's crew...probably not until Rachel's gone. But I sense a lot further flux which is good for us viewers!

Witt said...

Thanks for those good wishes, lynn1. While here in central MD we will feel effects (50-60 mph winds and 5" rain), it won't be like the folks in Ocean City, MD (oceanside), who have mandatory evacuations going on and have hurricane warnings. I'm just hoping not to lose power; I've lost it three times in one year during storms (twice last summer AND once in winter) and am NOT looking forward to that again! The worst should be by us by Sunday a.m. Hugs to those in the are in my thoughts.

Witt :)

Anonymous said...

Joe – Maybe it's your understanding of BB that's ever so slightly flawed. The game is nothing if not a tangled web of lies and deceit.

As BB players have no obligation to lie, a boxer doesn't have to throw a punch. That's how Ali defeated Frazier with "Rope-a-Dope". But just as anyone who gets in a boxing ring would be naïve to believe he isn't going to get hit, anyone going into the BB house who believes s/he won't be lied to, or won't need to lie to play the game effectively, is equally naïve.

In fact, Dr. Will Kirby, easily the best BB player ever, actually told people that he would lie to them as part of the game. (He knew he was giving nothing away with that.) Such a highly skilled player may even try to convince someone else they're telling lies when they're not!

Some may find ways to deceive other than to lie, but is it any less dishonest to throw competitions or to backdoor someone?

I can't think of a single good game in which opponents engage where deception does not play some part. In that sense, BB is right up there with "To Tell the Truth"!

Lars said...

Can all of you Shelly haters say that you never sacrificed another person for something you wanted? Like someone said in a previous comment, firing a friend is never easy but sometimes it needs to be done!

Honestly no, I know a few people who have, eventually they end up alone.

Unless its a child or a loved one, to " sacrifice " for the sake of
" wanting " eventually could turn into greed, once you've turned to greed, you lose all self-respect, because you keep " wanting" more.
Then again some people no longer care about respect!
I know many Employers who simply refuse to hire people because many have an SOE attitude.

I think it's safe to say once a
" friend " burns you, your views change, unless you enjoy being manipulated.

It's much to easy to proclaim it's just a game, only when it suits you!

Lars said...

But would you lie to your friends for half a mill? I think most of you would. I'm not asking you to kill them (although some of you might do that! LOL), just tell a few lies.
I will say, Back in 2008,
I was put on the spot, it was very very difficult, I couldn't sleep, I really thought I could lie, however I just couldn't, today I'm happy I didn't lie.

Joe in NY said...

anon 6:13 p.m. My understanding of BB is just fine.

What is the deception involved in Monopoly? Yahtzee?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not on the high horse on the morality here. I'm quite sure everyone on this board would lie if the stakes were high enough. I don't blame Shelly for jumping, lying, deceiving or whatever you want to call it.

My point is that I do not buy nor will I ever buy the argument that it ISN'T LYING. Same with Survivor. You can choose to deceive and lie but don't pretend you're not deceiving and lying. It's not a mandate in either game. It's quite common, but not mandated. It is, quite simply, not a requirement.

Your knowledge of boxing is also a bit flawed. Ali did not win by not punching. He also didn't beat Frazier in that fight. No boxer has ever won by not punching. In fact, Ali knocked out George Foreman in the 8th round after letting Foreman punch himself into exhaustion for 7 rounds.

Again, Dr. Will lied. Dr. Will chose to lie. Dr. Will never pretended he wasn't lying.

I don't care about the lies, I just care about the argument that the lies don't count as lies because it's a game.

I had a friend who loved Monopoly. In college, we would get a pizza and a bunch of us would play until 3 or 4 in the morning. Tim hated to lose and so he used to sneak in some money from his home monopoly game. LOL. He know has a game at home with almost no money and my set has double the money. I suppose you would argue that he wasn't cheating, he was only deceiving us in a game.

Jordan won the game 2 years ago and she's still hanging around this year. What are her lies? You don't have to lie to play the game. They choose to lie. A lie's a lie - check with your minister if you're still unsure.

Joe in NY said...

Lars, you must be rich! LOL. Would you lie for $2 million? LOL

I mean this is not a big important lie. I mean telling someone they have cancer when they don't would be a big lie. Telling someone their child is dead when they aren't is a big lie. I can see why some of us might shy away from those lies for $1/2 million.

Shelly's lie isn't that big. Ohhhh no, she said she would vote to evict Kalia but she voted for Dani? She changed sides in a game?

I stand by the fact that everyone on this board has a price for lying.

Try this Lars: One lie saves your daughters life. The truth and she dies. Are you STILL going to claim you wouldn't lie?

Anonymous said...

Shelly found the sweater she had given Jordan laying on her bed (Shelly's). She put it away and started sniffing/crying. Did Shelly really think her actions wouldn't come with a cost?

Trusting is unrealistic in a place like the BB House, but that's Jordan's nature, so the pain of betrayal goes beyond Jeff simply being evicted. It's the actions of someone she felt was a true 'friend' that has caused such sadness.

I'm going to continue checking Jackie's and Jokers, but I can't bring myself to watch After Dark anymore, listening to the constant and unnecessary bashing from Porsche, Shelly and Kalia. They are preaching to their own little choir. The behavior is disturbing and goes way beyond 'game.'


Anonymous said...

Joe – I stand corrected on the roped dope’s identity (it happened so long ago!), but note that, in speaking of games in general, I mentioned only those in which players engage one another. I can’t speak to Yahtzee, but if there is no deceit, it is only because players don’t directly engage.

I know that sophisticated Monopoly players wheel and deal on property and other transactions. To position themselves to win, they certainly lie to and deceive one another within the rules (unlike your crooked friend) as a matter of course. For serious players, it makes the game more interesting.

Even runners in a footrace send silent false signals to competitors about how much they have left “in the tank.”

Just as Ali could choose not to punch and Ferdinand could choose not to fight, BB contestants can choose not to lie. But all of that would go against standard strategy in the context of their games. Any clergy I’ve ever known would appreciate those circumstances in BB. And if they did tell me that “a BB lie is still a lie,” I’m sure that it would be with a wink.

To answer your question: Jordan’s lies, much like a runner's, are implicit in her under-the-radar innocence, and in charming Jeff and others (e.g. Shelly) into doing the dirty work. She is just smart enough to lay low and let her allies strategize. Now that her protection is gone, it looks like she's toast.

Lars said...

Right now I'd pay millions for a loved ones safety.
I wouldn't lie for money'

I had an opportunity back in 2008 I chose to reveal my injury, instead of lying about it..