Monday, August 01, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Monday Dawn 8/01

Preparing for the trashiest wedding ever

First, let's all say happy 30th birthday to MTV. It doesn't seem like it's been that long, but I miss the earlier years when I actually wanted my MTV. Okay, let's go on with what's been going on inside that Big Brother House of Bridezilla and Brendon:
  • All summer long and right after he won the veto, Brendon's been telling folks that if he and Rachel were on the block together and he won the veto, he'd save Rachel.
  • Now it's seeming like that's not quite what might happen.
  • If he saves himself, he's basically a stronger player. No, he'd never make it to the end game, but he'd put up a fight.
  • If Rachel stays, she'd likely only be able to team up with Porsche and there's a huge possibility she'd self-implode.
  • Personally, I'd rather see Rachel stay over Brendon. I think the drama would be better.
  • Daniele is in a dilemma.
  • She seems to honestly want to keep her deal with Jordan and Jeff, at least for the time being.
  • If it's between Rachel and Jordan (the safest pawn), Rachel would have Brendon and Porsche votes for sure.
  • Daniele, Jeff and Jordan aren't sure of Shelly's vote, but I think she'd want to keep Jordan.
  • If Daniele puts up Porsche with Rachel, the only good thing about that is that it would eliminate one vote to keep Rachel.
  • So, Sunday was a day of lazing about and trying to figure out exactly what Brendon will do with the veto -- save himself or Rachel.
  • It rained in the morning there, which surprised them.
  • It rained overnight here. I wasn't surprised.
  • Daniele had long talks with Jeff and Jordan, then Adam.
  • They're all on the same page.
  • They believe that if Jordan is up against Rachel, she has Jeff, Lawon, Adam and Kalia backing her up.
  • Porsche, meanwhile, thinks she's a great game player, a super strong woman in comps and that she's going to be backdoored.
  • In the end, despite all the talk and scheming, no one really knows what will happen until after the veto meeting today.
  • If they're thinking game, Brendon should save himself.
  • If he's thinking chivalry and all, he'll save her.
  • I think he might very well end up saving her.
  • In other news, when they were talking about Natalie's trash bag pants, they decided that Brendon and Rachel should have the trashiest wedding ever.
  • As is fitting, of course.
  • Jordan, Shelly, Porsche and even Kalia worked hard to fashion a trash bag and aluminum foil gown for Rachel.
  • They even made roses out of trash bags and foil.
  • Everything ended up looking really nice.
  • But it is trashy for trashy reality "stars."
  • One thing is certain ... after Thursday, one of them is gonzo. The wedding bells have between now and then to ring.

Jordan going over the votes if she goes up as a pawn

Daniele seems to really want Jeff and Jordan aboard ... for now

Jeff gets animated as he forgets Porsche is in the house.

Big Brother beanbag game


Laurie said...

Well, we can hope that one of them is gone on Thursday night but you know we have to "expect the unexpected"...

I watched the last 10 minutes of the show and saw the nominations go down. I was chuckling at the desperate looks and clinging that went on with Rachel and Brendon. They are way over the top!

Hope you have a good day, Jackie, and same to everyone else!

Holly said...

I remember well the very first day MTV aired!! I think I watched it constantly for at least the first month or so!

I agree that Rachel staying would be WAY more interesting! She and Daniele would really go at it because Dani "came between her and her man!!" @@

Can't wait to see which way Dani goes! Thanks Jackie!

Holly said...

OH!! And it was AWESOME when Rachel slipped....I actually laughed out loud! I know, I'm mean, but "THAT's gonna leave a mark!!" lol

Petals said...

Betcha a thousand bucks that Brendan & Rachel arrange to be married on the live show, that she wears whatever they are fashioning now, etc. It just seems so contrived now.

Witt said...

Off topic here...
How do I register my "blog" name, so that my name can be in blue too?

Witt :)

JOEY said...


Anonymous said...

All Jeff and Jordan need to do is tell Danielle that IF she puts Jordan up as a pawn, that voids their deal for next week. @@ Doh! It's a win/win for J & J - -Jordan has the votes to stay and they could then target Danielle next week. Genius.

Joe in NY said...

Anon 10:30 I agree with you about J/J drawing a line in the sand but that's only if J/J are still in with Brenchel. Nominating anyone but Jordan potentiall keeps both Brendon and Rachel in the house, especially if J/J stick with "the vets".

As a viewer, that's the most fun nomination - Anyone But Jordan. LOL

RBennie said...

If J/J go back on their deal with Dani, I would think she would then put Jeff up as the replacement. In my opinion, it is in J/J's best interest to get rid of one of B/R now while they have the chance. I don't think they want it to come down to a showdown between J/J and B/R, because I'd have to give the advantage to B/R. I think putting Jordon up as the pawn is the best move. Rachel will only get Brendon and Porsche's vote. I think Shelly would be a good replacement also. I think J/J would want to keep her over B or R.

RBennie said...

Oh, I almost forgot. Welcome back Joey!

Jackie said...

Witt - I'm not really sure how other than use a Google account.

Witt said...

Jackie, that's probably exactly how, and I don't have one (yet). Thank you!
Witt :)

chacha said...

Jordan is the only smart choice to go up.

Dani said last night that She wants one of them gone(R/B).

I am sure Rachel will be gone Thursday

Joe in NY said...

I think Dani is pulling another Nick...or maybe acting a Rachel. She moved to quickly and is now so hell bent on revenge for Dominic that she's not seeing the bigger picture. She was part of a strong, solid 5 and now she's part of...a weak fragmented 4?

The way Jeff's been acting, I would think even one Brenchel could put together an equally good alliance with the floaters making it a coin toss which alliance triumphs.

JOEY said...

I told JOEY that his comment about Rachel and the wedding and wedding dress was rude and insinitive and wrong to say. But he agrue that they say they are only there to win the money for the wedding and dress and it clear it not going to go that way so he feel they will not get a bb wedding or money for her dress which is why he said IT.
I told him, "ok" but not everyone get his humors or understand him, so I am sorry if he offened anyone with his comment and I promise to have a long talk about it with him and give him 20 lashes with a wet noodle. He no longer allow to post unless I read it first.
Sorry for anyone bother by it.
Thank you

Margo said...

Julie - No worries. I think I can speak for most all of us that we are not offended at what Joey posted. We are all glad he is back.

Margo aka The Lifeguard

Ninboh said...

@chacha, feeds are blocked right now , right? But I think Brendan will be saving Rachel with the veto. So Brendan will be the one to go home, I think. Unless they can get Adam and Porsche on board to backdoor Jordan.

chacha said...

Brendan saved Rachel. He will be going home. This now changes next week.
I would assume Rachel will be hell bent on getting Dani to Jury first if she wins HOH.

ORKMommy said...

I just don't understand why the veteran couple are so mad at Dani for teaming up with Dominic. Even though the game is down to singles now, B/R and J/J are still playing as teams of two and Dani is out in the cold because he dad left. I know Jeff didn't like being targeted by her but he's smart enough to know that it was a smart move for Dani. Maybe it's just me but I didn't think Jeff was such an emotional player. He strikes me more of a strategic one.

chris said...

jeff and jordan can't outright say to dani she would void the deal because then she would have no reason to push to keep jordan safe.
they can think it and go after her if she puts up jordan and jordan remains safe.
you know that rachel and or brendon will campaign like crazy to get the "pawn" out.
adam would be a safe pawn since dani can recruit the house to keep him safe, or how about lawon, and get jeff jordan, shelly and kahlia thats all she needs. anyone but jordan, i would hate to see that backfire.

RBennie said...

Oh Brendan is so chivalrous. I really want to hurl right now. Well it should be interesting to see the Rachel meltdown and I'm sure there will be one. If she wins HOH though, I swear I'm not watching that week!

chacha said...

i think on Thursday she will be such a wreck that she will screw up HOH. or is that me hoping that.

Witt said...

RBennie, I'll hold the bucket for you, if you hold it for me!

Witt :)
WV: gessi: I'm so glad gessi isn't playing this summer.

Becky said...

Julie in RE your 8/01/2011 12:56 PM post for Joey, there is no problem with expressing how you feel - whether good or bad about any of the players. The only thing that guest to this blog is respect to the other posters and don't get vulgar. Neither of these things happened, so Joey owes no one an apology for stating what he feels. And, Joey, it's good to see you back posting.

RBennie said...

LOL - Thanks Witt, your a real pal!

Petals said...

Petals + Joe in NY = Blogmance


But seriously - no one else thinks that Brendan will somehow arrange to marry her on the live show? I think it will be more than just him saying "bye".

Michelle C said...

That's just not ANY bean bag game....that's BIG BROTHER CORNHOLE!! Gotta come to Ohio to know what that is! Woohoo!!

Anonymous said...

Holly, I love your comment: She and Daniele would really go at it because Dani "came between her and her man!!"
Can't wait to see what happens!

Anonymous said...

What does this caption mean: "Jeff gets animated as he forgets Porsche is in the house." ????? Thanks!

monty924 said...

@Michelle C, I agree on the Cornhole but Big Brother sure screwed the boards up. Cornhole boards don't have a raised rim around the hole. Although it does make it harder to score a three. I wouldn't like it though.