Saturday, August 27, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Saturday Evening 8/27

She comes to life!

Tonight's report is going to be on the short and sweet(?) side. Just a while ago they finally started the PoV comp, delayed several hours due to the heat in California. I plan on posting a bulletin with the winner announcement late tonight, circumstances permitting.

Yes, I'm here in New Jersey with Irene bearing down. So far, where I live, it's been quite a bit of rain and not so much wind. That's supposed to change as the evening goes on and morning arrives. I'm under a hurricane warning, flood warning and tornado watch. I live in a safe area (all things concerned), but if I vanish it means I've lost power.

Enough of that, here's what happened today inside that Big Brother House of Fried Dumplings:
  • Remember, the new twist has the original duos playing together for veto.
  • Rachel and Jordan think the veto comp might be geared to them.
  • @@
  • I shouldn't roll my eyes. I think the producers want the returning hamsters to stay. After all, they wanted them back.
  • Nothing against Jordan. I enjoy her. But I would have preferred NO veterans, just fresh meat.
  • Porsche admitted to Rachel that she hid the duck.
  • Rachel, who already knew that, is over it.
  • Adam has totally deserted Rachel and Jordan.
  • Adam's hometown is deserted -- Hoboken has evacuated all ground floor residences and asked others to leave, all cars off the streets and all bars closed by 8 PM tonight.
  • Adam lives in a party town. He'd be shocked.
  • Jordan tried to convince Adam that Shelly isn't a good ally.
  • From observation, he's more into hanging with Kalia and Porsche, most likely because they've won something recently.
  • Adam told Jordan he trusts HER, but not Rachel.
  • Porsche thinks she's the world's best competitor now.
  • @@
  • Rachel was in the purple room (with the gypsy) for a long time reading the Bible.
  • Nothing happened.
  • After she left, Shelly went in there alone.
  • Eek!
  • Shelly noticed that the sign saying not to touch the fortuneteller had been removed.
  • So she touched.
  • And it came to life, head moving, eyes glowing, mouth moving.
  • But it said nothing.
  • Shelly stayed in there for a couple of hours trying to fool with it to get it to do more.
  • At one point Kalia came in and saw it.
  • It's their secret.
  • Shelly hopes it's some kind of clue.
  • And now they're doing the veto.
  • Power and Internet willing, I'll let you know!

Kalia and Shelly try to get her to talk


Witt said...

Stay safe, Jackie!
Thank you!

Witt :)
WV: chines: Hurricane Irene is making a big noise with my wind chines.

Becky said...

I think Witt said it all. Stay safe, Jackie. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

I have a lot of friends on the East Coast and have been on the computer a lot more than normal today. Thank goodness this is not one of my TV nights. I have had the Weather Channel on all day.

Joe in NY said...

@Becky...LOL The Weather Channel counts as TV!!! And such drama!

Stay dry, Jackie. Winds have already decreased significantly in the storm so hopefully the damage won't be significant in your area. Good luck!

Joe in NY said...

Y'know, Adam is an idiot. If he wanted to jump ship, he should have jumped on either the Dani vote or the Jeff vote. He's playing both sides as much as Shelly. Of course he probably feels safe knowing that even if he goes up, Shelly will be the target not him. But seriously, could you be any more obviously floating? I'm almost ready to say "anyone but Adam" for the win. I mean what has he done.

His "big move" so far was considering (apparently) voting Jeff out. Of course he couldn't bring himself to do it. He needed to see who won HOH before he jumped ship.

I so want J/R to win veto just to shake things up, but part of me wants them to lose just to see how dumb the hamsters are. You just know they'll go after Rachel even though she's won nothing since Brendon left the first time and even though she has no chance with a jury. Meanwhile, Jordan would probably easily win with the jury against most of the other hgs.

Much as I hate to say it, Jordan should be their target not Shelly. But these hgs are just so angry and bitter (for what reason?) that they can't get over their personal hatred.

Becky said...

Jackie, it was just mentioned that Plainsfield had a tornado. Do you have an inside room with no windows that you and Vincent can get to, like a closet or a bathroom.

Joe, by TV nights I meant with shows I follow.

Matt said...

This whole "GODDAMMIT I HATE FLOATERS SO MUCH" thing has been going on for 11-12 seasons because…why exactly?

If the house divides into two large groups at the beginning of the game, then floaters may be easy targets because one alliance doesn't want to attack the other one…unless they do, in which case the floaters are probably safer. If the house instead has multiple smaller alliances, most of which are secret, it's hard to tell the difference between floaters and aligned members anyway.

Once you get down to smaller dinner table sizes, the alliances provide safety…unless they don't. Players who make "big moves" by kicking out stronger members of their own alliances regularly get praise around here for making a "strong game move," unless it backfires like it did on Danielle. If you're a weaker player in an alliance, then when numbers get small you may find yourself nominated and out on some pretext like being "insufficiently loyal" or smelling bad or being messy.

Adam, who most people seem to think has no appreciable game skills other than loving BB, has made it to the final six by "floating" and letting the two alliances decimate each other. Two more evictions of Jordan + Rachel vs. Kalia + Shelley/Porsche, and Adam's in the final four with just one or two wins between him and a minimum of $50,000.

This is to be deplored because…why?

Joe in NY said...

@Matt Floaters need not be deplored but they also need not be respected.

Consider a war: If you hide in a basement the whole time you may survive. If you are really skilled, maybe you can collaborate with the enemy and jump back and forth depending on who the occupying force is in your town. At the end of the war, half of your town may have died in the fighting and hundreds of the enemy were killed trying to take the town but YOU survived.

There are no war memorials dedicated to those that survived by hiding in the basement or collaborating with the enemy.

Floating is a strategy. We just tend to prefer the players who took a chance and played the game.

monty924 said...

Rachel won POV

Jackie, thinking of you and saying my prayers for you and everyone in the path of Irene.

Joe in NY said...

P.S. From a purely selfish standpoint, who the heck would watch a house with a dozen floaters in it? It's only fun to watch because of the players not the floaters.

Anonymous said...

Rachel won POV

Joe in NY said...

Great news, Monty, thanks!

I guess we get to see Adam float back now, don't we? LMAO

His future in the house could depend on Rachel. With Adam and Shelly on the block, the only votes are Jordan Rachel and Kalia. Kalia probably votes Adam out. Jordan votes Shelly out. Rachel gets to decide who goes.

Joe in NY said...

Can't wait until Thursday!!! LMAO

Should be a fun week.

monty924 said...

He already has in a subtle way, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Jackie stay safe!
As for the game I am with you and would have preferred all newbies,but with that being said I have to be team Jordan,since we are from the same hometown.@ Joe I agree with you about seeing how "smart" these hamsters think they are.The smart move is to take out Jordan because she easily wins the money in the end,just like on her season.They took her to the end then thinking she couldn't win a comp and we know how that turned out ...hahaha


Anonymous said...

wtg Rachel!but was it ever confirmed that she gets to pull them both off the block??..thanks for the update ya'll

Ed in Ohio said...

J&R = Power of Veto
Karma sometimes can be such a sweet lady!

Anybody but Shelly.


chris said...

Hooray r/j

Anonymous said...

I bet BB screwed up and the Fortune teller is supposed to talk, but doesn't

Anonymous said...

I bet BB screwed up and the Fortune teller is supposed to talk, but doesn't

Anonymous said...

Rachel won HOH...I believe the game is fixed.

I think the BB prods have the comps down to a science and tailor them for the contestants. Let's not forget that there are WRITERS for this show who have to come up with good storylines. With Rachel and Jordan gone, BB would have surely lost viewers.

Anonymous said...

And I don't think Adam is a true, hardcore Metal head. He reminds me of this guy I know.

I think he used his interest in metal to get himself onto his favorite show. Once he was in he shaved the beard, stop screaming and cut the act.


Matt said...

@Joe: that's an interesting analogy, but no team wins Big Brother. One person wins $500,000, and a runner-up wins $50,000. I don't see how you can say Adam is not "playing the game" just because his strategy is not one you enjoy (or would use yourself). He's the only one in the final six who's not won anything, IIRC (though Porsche came close until the past few days).

The voters for eviction this week will be Rachel, Jordan, and Kalia. Had Adam been aligned (permanently) with Rachel and Jordan, he'd be safe…but had Rachel/Jordan not won the veto, the voters would be Adam, Shelly, and Kalia. He wouldn't be able to save them by himself. Had he won the veto, he certainly couldn't use it thanks to this week's couples twist. Had there been singles this week, would Adam be a replacement nominee against Jordan instead of Shelley? (I don't actually know; I've only been able to watch the Thursday shows and read on here for the past few weeks.)

I mean, I'm just saying that as far as I can tell, the only way in which Adam being aligned with Jordan/Rachel this week would help him is the situation that we actually have. Other situations would not benefit from an alliance with them. Due to the couples twist, he wouldn't benefit this week from a Porsche/Kalia alliance either, because with Rachel winning veto he and Shelley have to go up as replacement nominees.

I get what you're saying about "pick a side," but again, a side doesn't win. It's not war between two or more armies, it's every man for himself. And Adam is succeeding at it -- so far.

ORKMommy said...

Joe, for once I need to counter your argument. Your war story may hold up if two 'teams' are at war but here we had 3 teams and a bunch of individuals. Sure, alliances were made but it really was teams & individuals. Yes, hiding out during war and surviving won't make you a hero but history is full of military strategists who have sat back and waited for their enemies to take each other out before moving in for the kill. There's no reason to sacrifice yourself for a big move when others are willing to do it!

RitaD said...

When Shelly walks out the door I'd love it if they played "Walk like a man" ha ha.

Caroline said...

From what I have been reading, the POV was geared for Rachel. As it involved wrapping one;s legs around something with the face of the original game partner on it. She is good with wrapping her legs around Brendon. LOL..sorry I could not resist.

cheryl said...

I must be one of the few who wants Posche or Kalia to win or anyone but Rachel. I wanted Rachel out of the house like the first week and ever since. I do not like Shelly but I think Rachel is far worse. In fact, I have disliked this season a lot because Rachel came back. She is one of my least favorite houseguests on all seasons.

Anonymous said...

This is different usually Jackie is taking care of me during hurricane season. Be safe.
Debbie in Ft. Lauderdale

Anonymous said...

The only thing I have to ssy is



Anonymous said...

OMG....Thank you for saying Shelly walks like a man. Oh my....she walks and talks like a man. She frankly gets on my last nerve.
I would love it if they played that song. :o)

Anonymous said...

I hope Jordan kisses the grinch's ass and then votes her out as quick as possible.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe the Kahlia is a writer or that she has any life experience to write about. Anyone see anything she has written?