Monday, August 08, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Sunday Night 8/07

Eek! Stranger in the house!

I realize that I didn't update much today. However, little of real game interest happened until this evening. Sure, Adam had his birthday, but they hid that from us. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Shelly Blue Persuasion:
  • So much for the arrival of their grill. First off, it came on a Have/Have Not week, not the best choice.
  • Then they had to wait out the lockdown inside as BB cleaned the yard from the PoV comp.
  • So they finally got outside and ready to play with their new playtoy when music started wafting into the compound.
  • Yeah, I know it's a yard.
  • But compound always sounds so much more official.
  • It turns out that there was a wedding or something nearby the house. Can't have that noise!
  • So they ended up lockdowned again inside the house.
  • Yes, I know lockdowned isn't a word. But in the BB house it is!
  • They finally got to cook at about 2:45 AM their time.
  • Of course, that means that they sleep late and Sunday's usually kind of a nothing day anyway.
  • The big daytime event was Adam shaving.
  • Oh my. Now he looks like the principal on Room 222.
  • Yes, I dated myself with that reference. Live with it, please.
  • Okay ... remember Rachel gave Kalia a big long (and civil) talk about putting someone on the block who would pretty much guarantee her (Rachel's) safety this week.
  • Kalia (and Daniele) had been leaning towards putting Adam on the block with Rachel to clinch Rachel getting evicted.
  • Rachel didn't come out and mention names, but it's Porsche she wants as Jeff's replacement.
  • And, Kalia knows that. Porsche is the most likely to be voted out of the remaining hamsters.
  • So what happens tonight?
  • Shelly went to Kalia with just about the same talk albeit naming names.
  • She pointed out that Porsche can't be trusted by either side and, if she were to return in the twist, she isn't as big a threat.
  • Shelly, using her mind persuasion mojo, worked just about every angle.
  • Kalia sat there mesmerized, almost to the point of being in a daze.
  • The rough part would be convincing Daniele it was in their best interest and, if Porsche goes, there could be a truce ... for a week or so.
  • Kalia went over the "idea" with Jeff who was agreeable, but said he didn't really want to commit to any deals until he sees that Porsche is indeed on the block.
  • When she talked it over with Daniele, Daniele (of course) didn't like it.
  • But Kalia also wants to show she makes her own decisions and isn't merely Daniele's puppet.
  • Nah, but it could be Shelly pulling those strings.
  • Once again, I really am impressed by Shelly's gameplay. She went to Jeff to let her know she set it up.
  • If all works and Kalia is happy with the results, she knows it was Shelly's doing.
  • As a viewer, I'm a bit concerned.
  • The hamsters only know that the person evicted might come back.
  • They don't know that there is a possibility of one already evicted coming back.
  • Now, if the house sends Porsche packing this week, it's guaranteed that Cassi, Dominic or Brendon could beat her.
  • We might as well leave Keith out of things. I don't think America has him in mind at all.
  • Hmmm ...
  • We won't know until tomorrow (today) who Kalia will nominate to replace Jeff.

Jeff in his cool boy cap.

Rachel has never seen a bad feeds shot of herself.

Shelly worked her mojo on Kalia.


Jennasmom said...

Jackie, what are you doing up so late, girl?

But I'm glad you are! Gave me something to read before I give up for the night!

Sally said...

Thanks for the update, Jackie. I think it's going to be fun to watch Shelly work the house. The girl's got game. I hope she's sincere about sticking with her alliance with J & J.

chris said...

I for one would love for it to be porshe. she has done nothing in the game, at least shelly is playing it!
I would love for rachel to stay and then watch her win hoh and take out dani.
I have to say dani is so mean spirited, it just bothers me.
I am not sure who america voted back in, it is not easy to decide.There is seemingly no clear cut winner. I personally like dominic but because of danielle did not vote him back. I voted for cassi hoping she would help J/J and I voted for brendon for the same reason.
It was nice to see jordan with some spunk. despite what most think Jordan is no dummy. and the girl is just so sweet.

Anonymous said...

is it just me or does shelly even walk like a man?..hhmm...

Caroline said...

I was reading where Kalia might put up Lawon and save Rachel, thinking Lawon will return to the house. What is she thinking? She is afraid to make enemies and thinks she can work with Rachel. Is this true? As I was reading updates at another site talking about Lawon going up and maybe out instead of Rachel. As Kalia fears Rachel returning to the house.

She knew the twist before the nominations, if that bothered her, why did she bother putting up Rachel then ?

I just want Rachel gone so badly and I like Lawon. I do not want to see him leave as he is funny.

Cheryl said...

As long as Brenchel is not in the this game together, I am fine with whatever happens and whomever wins if it is not Rachel or Brendon. They are my least favorite houseguests in all of BB history..and for me , that is huge as I cannot stand Mike Boogie, Maggie and Ivette.

Miss Allan said...

1. Rachel needs to put some make up on...she looks horrible!
2. Porsche should be put up and evicted. She is dead weight and can not be trusted.
3. Shelly is good. I like that she did "mess" up Kalia's mind and now has Kalie and Dani "at each other.
4. I like Shelly. She seems to be a how she "snuck" up on Kalia in the hammock the other night.

chacha said...

Caroline- Accourding to kalia(and the entire house) the DR told them the exact working from the Chenbot.
I for one can't stand Brendan and Rachel in the house together but if he would come back in that would be EPIC.

I do believe though that Kalia would be safe for a week, whoever won HOH.

Lawan is just an idiot for offering himself up. I agree with what Adam was saying- you offer yourself up you go home. I don't think he would have a chance with anyone in the game.

Anonymous said...

if anyone is interested they held the veto competition. jeff won. this means jordon could go up on the block. :O( -jeannemarie

Anonymous said...

I really think Jeff is a BIG bully to women. I also think that Jordan is not as sweet as she seems. BB also loves to make some people's HOH useless.

lynn1 said...

Kalia got herself in deep do-do listening to Dani. I hope Rachel stays and another hamster leaves. I hope that Dani does not win HOH that the winner of HOH has enough brain power and luck to get rid of Dani.
I know Jeff said he was going after Kalia but if you want to kill a snake you cut off its head not its tail.
I can't believe I am actually hoping that Rachel stays this week.
I so dislike Dani that all I can think about is seeing the exit door hit her in the fanny!

Jackie said...

Kalia won't put Jordan up -- she's keeping her word from early on.

As for Jeff being a big bully to women, I've watched him for two seasons. While he can get a bit much, I don't see bully.

RBennie said...

If Kalia puts Porsche on the block it will be a waste of an HOH as far as I'm concerned. I think she should put Shelly up. She's the biggest floater in the house. I don't understand why she would want to go to the end with Jeff and Jordan. Is she thinking that all the newbies will vote for her to win? I really want Rachel to walk out that door on Thursday. The possibility of her and Brendan being in the house together again is just too much for me, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something....did Jeff win the POV?

Witt said...

Shelley may not have made any big moves in the game, but the social game is harder than the physical game...and everyone likes her and talks to her, and she does the same. Some may be big on the strategy front, but few are able to master both, the social and the physical. Dan Gheesling was also a master at the social, and emerged a 7-0 winner.

If Porsche goes, then Rachel stays. Then Brendon has a chance to come back in, and that's good chance since he does win competitions. Then we are right back where we were a week ago.

While Porsche (and admittedly, Lawon) are dead weight, I'd rather see Rachel out first. Then whoever is next HOH can nominate Porsche and Lawon and start winnowing out the houseguests to just get the serious ones remaining.

Witt :)

Witt said...

Also -- Jeff a bully? I don't see it either. He's strong in his opinions, but he would argue his point with just as much passion with a man as with a woman.

Witt :)
WV: selesink: The men and women at the hardware store know how to selesink.

chacha said...

Over the weekend my friend stayed over at my house. She had never watched the feeds before and became hooked.
Whats funny is she said Jeff is not a bully- he speaks his mind.
Jordan- she is really sweet and with the episode was made to look mean. All weekend she was upset about acting the way she did.
Shelly- IMO- is almost as good as Dan. I would totally vote her to win america's favorite if she was cut out at the last minute.
I totally hope Cassie or Brendan come back in the game.
Although if Dom comes back then Kalia will see just what we all see in Dani-

chacha said...

Another thing that is funny is last week Dani repeatedly said that Kalia needed to win HOH- This week kalia keeps saying it to Dani and Dani says- I am so bad at questions though.its totally frustrating(in that irritating voice)..she wants the blood on every other persons hands but hers. Does she not realize in Jury they will all figure it out about her. The vets will also never vote Dani to win. Of course this is all in my opinion....

chris said...

so funny i hated boogie, maggie and
janelle should have won that one, and yvette took that loser maggie to the end.
she was sorry she did that.
dislike them all more than b/r
and that adam sleazbag that won the winter big brother yech,

Joe in NY said...

I don't think Jeff is a bully with women. I think he is self-righteous with everyone. He's mad Dani tried to get Brenchel to backdoor him but then he wanted to backdoor Dani this week.

TerryinCA said...

I love that Jeff said he was so hot because Jordan is so innocent and pure hearted....shes a good game player, and shes never been mean or hateful to anyone...
She cried because she was mad at herself, and becaue shsben on slop and feeling horrible, but not taking it out on others!!

ORKMommy said...

I don't see Jeff as a bully either, just a sore loser. He gets so upset when anyone even thinks of targeting him yet he doesn't have a problem doing it to other people.

I watched the show last night with some friends and we all realized something at about the same time. We all talk about getting rid of the floaters, but why aren't we talking about getting rid of Jeff? What has he done in the game except convince others to do his dirty work and win one veto comp...which is going to save himself! How is what he's doing any worse than what Dani is doing? She wants Kalia to do her dirty work, she admits she wants no blood on her hands. The only difference is that Jeff is nice about it. At least when Brendon was in the house, he won competitions!

lynn1 said...

Last night Dani said she didn't mind letting the blood be on Kalia's hands but she also said she was ready to bathe in blood. I just hope it is her own blood she bathes in.
The way I see it Jeff has been working as a part of an alliance. I don't feel he has been particularly manipulating or mean spirited in his game play.
I do feel that when Dani was a member of the veterans alliance and out of hte blue she tried to get Rachel to get rid of Jeff that he earned the right to play tough with Dani and her peeps.I don't see that as mean spirited but trying to save his own butt.
If Dani had waited til later in the game to knock out Jeff or Jordan I might not feel such dislike and distrust of her as I now do.
I admit that because I like Jeff and Jordan and dislike Dani that I maybe overlooking or excusing Jeff and Jordan.