Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Wednesday Night 8/03

"What is WRONG with you?" - to Rachel

After the house got together for last night's trashbag wedding, you'd think everything would be sunshine and lollipops today, right? Ha. Any of you folks who have been following me for a while know there's nothing I enjoy more than a good brouhaha. And, to me, the best brouhaha is one that's absolutely senseless and causes a hamster I don't enjoy to self-implode. BOOM! Some drama fo' yo' mama!

I know it's a cruel dark side of me, but it's so much better than ME acting out and making a fool of myself on television! Here's today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Ridiculous Rachel Rants:
  • While the day started out quiet enough, it all went to heck in a handbasket before long.
  • First, Rachel went around talking to others about how Brendon needs to stay because Jordan already won the game once.
  • It would be SO unfair if Jordan won a second time.
  • She gave the speech to Shelly, Porsche and Adam at different times.
  • Of course, word got back to Jeff and Jordan.
  • Brendon and Rachel think Jeff and Jordan have a deal with Daniele.
  • Jeff went to talk to Rachel and Brendon about not throwing others under the bus even though they're campaigning.
  • He did so very diplomatically without throwing any of the informants under said reality TV bus.
  • But that's not the brouhaha.
  • It upset Rachel, but not to the point of implosion.
  • That is yet to come.
  • And it's so darn stupid of her that I can only repeat what Daniele said to her as it was hitting the fan ...
  • "What is WRONG with you, Rachel?"
  • It all started out innocently enough.
  • Daniele told Adam and Shelly that she gave their people "shout-outs" on her HoH blog. She mentioned Adam's girlfriend and told Shelly's daughter Josie to have a good first day of school and her husband to put a heart on her hand for her.
  • I've read enough HoH blogs to know that sometimes they mention other players' people or events.
  • They do.
  • They really do.
  • Shelly stepped outside in tears at both the thoughtfulness of Daniele to mention it and missing her daughter.
  • All of a sudden, we see Rachel storming around the kitchen slamming together a sandwich or something, ignoring Porsche, Lawon and Kalia who were having fun nearby.
  • Rachel storms into the Diary Room, comes out a few minutes later, then storms up to the HoH room.
  • Getting very snotty and into a situation in men would have a "pissing contest," both went on about two HoH reigns.
  • Of course, this season the BB FOTH button pushers are very quick on the trigger.
  • If a hamster says "pro..." they hit the censor button because they think the hamster is about to talk about production.
  • Geez, they could be talking about PROstitutes!
  • Well, not in this case.
  • But Rachel did get it out that when she yelled in the DR, they said to her, "Well, why don't you go ask Daniele about it?"
  • Rachel claims that they're not allowed to "give shout-outs" for other players.
  • Daniele says no one ever stopped her from doing it before nor has anyone told her she can't.
  • So Rachel thinks Daniele is either lying to Shelly to manipulate her or just manipulating her if she did indeed write it.
  • So then it all goes outside.
  • Brendon backs his sweet Rachel as she lights into Daniele in front of everybody.
  • They both storm into the house.
  • After that, even if someone hates Daniele, they're going to be in her corner about the whole absurd scene!
  • So, the rest of the day so far has been everyone except Brenchel siding with Daniele over the outburst.
  • I'd say, while Daniele can indeed be manipulative, she probably did do the shout-outs just being nice.
  • Rachel, with her dark view of the world and lack of people skills, doesn't seem to understand that sometimes people just do the right and nice things in life without ulterior motives.
  • I hate to say this, but I do feel a bit sorry for Rachel.
  • Just a wee bit.
  • I'm sure I'll get over it.
  • Y'see, in her HOURS of crying to Brendon and saying how she screws up everything, how everybody is going to hate her even more, how she can't even get a job because people hate her, how she wants to go home ...
  • ... I felt a wee bit bad because it is sad that someone has made such a fool of herself in front of the world that their life is probably way whacked.
  • But, she returned to do it a second time.
  • So, my wee bit of sorry for her is quickly dissipating.
  • Will she DOR?
  • I doubt it.
  • But I'm very leery of this "returning" hamster tomorrow night.
  • Anyone but Brendon.
  • Please.

Jeff in the sun

Rachel tries for the elf vote

Shelly cries after hearing Daniele gave
a shout-out to her Josie on the HoH blog.

Rachel cries because ...
well, because she's Rachel
and is once again proving it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, first one. Thank you so much for blogging, Jackie. I really appreciate it.

I am so tired of Rachel's whining. She drives me nuts. I hope they vote out Brendon.

I just got to watch the show and did Rachel really call Danielle a mean girl? Too funny.

I loved Kalia's comment comparing Brendon cheering on Rachel to them in bed. LOLOLOLOLOL

Again, Jackie, thank you for all you do!!


Joanie said...


Is it mean or evil of me to laugh at Rachel when she tries to make literary references and fails? Or does normal socially accepted behavior go out the door when they enter the house?

wv=glite, as in I'm glite to be here

Jackie said...

Joanie - I like to think it's the latter.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please let Brendon walk out that door tomorrow! I can't wait to watch her implode even more!


JOKATS said...

Awwwwww come on Jackie, let Brandon come back & see the heads roll. It could be fun!! Ya never know ;)

Anonymous said...

I read earlier in a post that Jeff and Jordan might be planning on throwing the HOH competition tomorrow, will someone please explain to me why and what are they thinking, there's no gaurantee that they wont get put on the block by someone who wants to break up their alliance. how can they be so stupid. I think if Kalia wins it's for sure she'll put up J/J because she and Jeff had a big shouting match, Jeff and Jordan would be making one of the dumbest moves in BB history. Also did I hear Dani say if she put's Jordan up as a pawn, the house would be would be stupid not to see Jordan as a treat, does that mean she really wants Jordan gone?

Petals said...

Yes Jackie - we all know your fondness for brouhahas. :)

You hit the on the head about Rachel truly having to conception of an act of kindness, without ulterior motive. She & Brendan are two very damaged souls, probably the last-picked at kickball, the friendless wonders in the high-school hallways, the one that everyone hopes wont come to the office holiday party.

Please bring back CASSI tonight, please!

Miss Allan said...

I wonder if they have tried to "deep fry" the slop balls yet!
Jeff has such a great perspective on life. If you think positively then, most likely, positive things will happen to you. Rachel is damaged, as someone pointed out. I wonder what happened to her as a child to have caused this paranoia.

Witt said...

Miss Allan, EVERYTHING tastes better when deep fried! Please bring some deep fried goodies to the pool party tonight, I will bring the ranch dip!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, my first graders have better people skills than some of these people! I'm sure being in this house makes you a wee bit paranoid, but if you're already damaged and a wee bit paranoid, it will be sure to put you over the edge.

On the other hand, obviously a half mil was enough for Brenchel to put their lives on hold for another summer of this madness!

Witt :)

ORKMommy said...

I thought the hamsters had to go through psychological testing before they can get in the house. I think CBS needs to look at whomever is doing these evals and possibly hire a new person! How on the hell did Rachel pass the test last year, not to mention passing again this year!?!? That girl is seriously dimented!!

RBennie said...

I have to echoe Danielle. Rachel, what is wrong with you?

lynn1 said...

I think that CBS & Alison Grodner have their psychologist look for people who may be emotionally needy or have some borderline issues.
People like Rachel, Natalie, Jessie etc. are chosen because of their issues.
People like Jeff, Jordan,Brittany, Janelle,etc. get through the psychological testing with minimum problems but are chosen as eye candy or as the token rational person.
I don't like Rachel and am sick of her tears and melt downs. However in all fairness she is not mistaken or being paranoid in her belief that people don't like her/hate her and are out to get her (at least out the door of the Big Brother house).
The problem for Rachel is she does not connect her behavior to having people hate her. She probably could be clinically diagnosed with a persoanlity disorder.

Nana in the NW said...

I am wondering if any of you know why the Have Nots were able to eat yesterday? I don't have the feeds but read Joker's Update....couldn't find any reason why. I know Branden and Rachel are mad that HN are getting to eat(of course, Rachel wasn't on slop and Branden is leaving).

Becky said...

Jackie, get the air mattresses ready because if the drinking game is done tonight every time that Rachael cries we are all going to be bombed!

I am voting for Cassie to come back into the house. I hope Brendon goes tonight and does not get voted back into the house. I am another one who is sick and tired of the drama from these two. I think Rachael will be on a roll if Brendon leaves and impossible to deal with if he comes back.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

Lynn1 you are exactly right about Rachel not connecting why people dont like her and she probably never will b/c she does seem to have a personality disorder. She sees herself as the victim instead of realizing she is reaping what she is sowing.

I hope Dominic or Cassie are voted back in, please for the love of God anybody but Rachel's fiance'. I didnt like ED gameplay but he wasnt as annoying as Brenchal.

Ninboh said...

BB should never have allowed Rachel to play this game once let alone twice. And not bc she's a bad person but bc she has psychological problems just like Chima. She should be removed from the game and given help by CBS. I seriously feel bad for her. CBS should issue some kind of statement that she is not mentally able to play and that the public should respect her decision to leave the game or something like that. It's when you play a game on national tv and everyone hates you. Danielle, Jeff, Jordan, and Brendan are more stable to begin with and none of them (except for Brendan) have to deal with the negativity.

Witt said...

Where do we vote for someone to come back in?

Witt :)

monty924 said...

@Anon 3:38

What Dani was saying was Jordan isn't a threat as compared to Brendon, so the house would be stupid to vote Jordan out and keep the Neandertal, ;)

Jordan is as much of a threat, if not more than Brendon because she plays a good social game and doesn't rock many boats - hence she won her season. But the hamsters aren't threatened by her. Only Rachel picked up on the reason to vote Jordan out. Problem is... no one likes Brenchal so her campaigning falls on deaf ears.

I'll bring something deep fried and yummy to the party tonight for Witt and everyone. My spring rolls are to die for. :)

TerryinCA said...

That Rachel is so over the top and a real nutcase....she is a classic case of immaturity thinking the world revolves around her and she is always right.....SHEESH!!!
Why oh WHY cant they shut her up!!