Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Wednesday Evening 8/24

Adonis pose?

The hamsters don't think tomorrow is the double eviction -- they're sure it's next week. What a rude awakening they're going to have, eh? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother Habitrail of Harried Hamsters:
  • Usually on Wednesdays, things are fairly quiet. After all, the jig is up, the scheming is done.
  • But not this week!
  • Shelly is still working on Adam to flip the vote, then make Jeff the next target.
  • Adam is still noncommittal.
  • Adam is more afraid that Rachel will win PoV and put him on the block.
  • Even with both Daniele and Shelly trying to convince him, Adam wasn't buying.
  • Not that he's outright saying no, mind you.
  • He's doing the same thing he's done all season -- giving no hint, saying that they've given him something to think about.
  • Daniele keeps telling him that he needs to make big moves.
  • Yeah, like he'd even be in the position to make a "big move."
  • A bit later, Rachel and Adam shook hands on voting Daniele out.
  • I'm sure that's his plan.
  • Yet Daniele kept at Adam. Persistent lil devil, huh?
  • Thankfully Jeff got the HoH digital camera so the pathetic pleading stopped for a bit.
  • While I personally would prefer Daniele in the house over Kalia for my own entertainment enjoyment, this is getting so ridiculous.
  • Daniele knows that she's pretty sunk and is all but in panic mode grasping straws to try for a vote.
  • Daniele does have both Porsche and Shelly. All she needs is Adam. But he's not swaying. And, he's not the type to just say he'll vote to keep her if he won't.
  • If I were him under this level of interrogation, I'd demand a lawyer and end it all!
  • Even though Adam has been reporting Daniele's plottings, Jeff still has more suspicion about Adam than he does of Shelly!
  • And, no ... Adam has not thrown Shelly under the bus.
  • Yet.
  • After an indoor lockdown, they went to the yard to find a practice set-up for either an HoH or PoV comp (of course, they think HoH),
  • Since a picture is worth a thousand words, see the screen caps below.
  • It's almost impossible to roll a ball down that thing!
  • At least it will quiet Daniele's scheming for a while.

HoH practice

This isn't easy!

Daniele can probably skip the practice


Ninboh said...

I just want Kalia and Shelly to lose. Rachel needs to pull it off and get Shelly out.

Anonymous said...

OK Over-The-Top-Delusional sense of Entitlement thy name is Danielle!

BBAD Tues Dani is haranguing Kalia cuz Kalia's feelings are hurt Dani is being so abrupt with her all the time. So Dani's explanation is that it just sucks so bad that Dani is leaving because Dani knows for a fact that she wants to be in this house more than anyone else in this house.

I'm sorry did Dani lose100lbs so she could get on BB after years of trying?

And she is also saying that getting her out means no body there wants to "play the game". So Dani getting out other teams strongest player (Brendon), and daily plotting to get out second strongest player (Jeff) IS playing the game. But the other team getting out the strongest player (Dani) on Dani's team equals not playing the game, got it.

Gotta add that Dani pimping out her estranged fathers emotions is one for the creepy BB history book. To Adam: he'll hate you if you vote me out, he'll play Trivia with you if you keep me, he'll Like you on Facebook if you keep me, he'll think you are the stupidest player ever if you vote me out. Wow that is some weird twisted emotional blackmail.

And Portia keeps trying to pimp out access to Janelle. Jeez, wonder how Janelle feels about being tossed about so to keep Dani and Janelle will leave a message on your home answering machine....

Bye Dani, thanks for playing our game, your consolation prize: your game play this season will give you and your estranged father LOTS to talk about.


Anonymous said...

Dang. Sorry, I really want Dani to stay in to really put a curb in the game. UGH!


Anonymous said...

It's ironic that I was watching the Game Show Network, and there was a game called the Power of 10, where a contestant could win up to $10 million and low and behold there was Dani playing against Amber (remember Amber was in the BB house with Dani an Evil Dick and she cried ALL the time and she did the on there also, anyway the host was mentioning that the two of them were playing on BB and not aware of whats going on outside the house because he mentioned there was a question about pit bull dogs and made some comment about Michael Vick and Amber said I like Michael Vick and he said you won't once you find out what he did, so I'm under the impression that occasionally they let them out of the BB house because he definitely said that they had to get them back into the house and said he hope that one of them wins. Well we know that Evil Dick won so they were still playing the game at that time. As it turns out Amber beat Dani and got a chance to play for the $10M but she only won $1,000. Did anyone else see that show?

Ninboh said...

Yeah CBS aired it on BB that year.

Anonymous said...

so when do they get to eat real food? I'm always confused about that. Is it the night before eviction or is it the night of eviction?

Joe in NY said...

anon 2:35 BB has occasionally had prize comps to pimp shows or movies where the prize was a trip to a theater or, in the case of Power of 10, a trip to the game show set. They don't "let them out" to let them out, they use them for advertising.

chris said...

I agree, I hope rachel wins it, or jordan and they get kahlia out
however why is adam not telling jeff about shelly?
I cannot figure that out!!!

Joe in NY said...

Ok, Adam is officially second to Porsche as the most useless player of the season.

This is a Big Move that could benefit Adam. I'm not sure how it is possible that both Adam and Shelly are talking all the time and yet they both think they are Final 3. But, ok. But if they are final 3 with J/J the best they can hope for is Final 2 with J. Which J do they think they can beat in the Final 2? I mean 2nd prize money is at least some money but still...

So maybe Adam figures he can take out the Js at 6 or 5. How? By being HOH? Okay, maybe, but does he have the votes with Rachel Shelly voting? He really needs to get some macaroni and plot out the combinations.

By jumping, he's in a alliance of 4 that is pretty weak and, frankly, not very popular with the jury. Adam could win against any of the Dani crew except possibly Dani. That means he only has one hamster to execute rather than both Js on the other side.

So, let's pretend for a minute that Adam has a plan (@@) and he's going to stay loyal to J/J. Well then he needs to tell Shelly he's voting with her so she votes to keep Dani and gets outed at the vote. By telling Shelly he's NOT voting with her, she's not going to vote to keep Dani either and J/J won't even know she tried.

There's a lot of ways he could leverage this to his advantage and he's not doing anything except listening. USELESS!

Joe in NY said...

Dani should work on Rachel. This again is a case of her playing with her bile rather than her brain.

Rachel really has the same J/J problem that everyone else has. She also has to know she's at best 4th in that group. Rachel also is a "playah" either in reality or in her mind so she could be swayed by the Big Move. And she has to feel like she could run the table in comps against Porsche, Shelly and Dani

chris said...

Rachel just made a deal with shelly and dani
wtf is she thinking.
dannielle did not keep her word
and shelly she knows hates her
really rachel
what are you thinking.
oh well
looks like jeff will be out the door behind kahlia.
I can only hope somehow adam wins the hoh and puts up shelly and danielle or rachel
one of them needs to go.
i hate shelly

Joe in NY said...

As I've said, I don't think a Rachel flip is a bad move or a Shelly flip. It's bad enough when you are at the bottom of a big alliance. But when your alliance mates are all likely to be more popular with a jury...

That's why people usually flip late in games like BB or Survivor. You start looking at the end game. Always better to be at the bottom of a 4 person alliance rather than a 5 person alliance.

The Brigade stayed together because once they were down to 3, they all felt they had a chance at Final 2. Any alliance larger than 3 will invariably have members who will consider a flip when the numbers get down. That may be why, either strategically or by gut, that Russell always tried to put together a solid 3 alliance. As soon as you have 4 in the group, someone will consider jumping when you are down to 7 or 6.

With an alliance of 5, the magic number is 8 or 7. That's why I said I expected a defection by someone next week at the latest.

Eller-Media said...

Dani fell under the " obsession " bandwagon of getting rid of Brandon or Rachel!

Last year those who fell under the obsession lost all focus!

Alexander said...

All we’ll have left, is two confused women Kalia and Porsche,along with crazy Rachel and a couple of newbie, Jeff ass kissers to watch. It looks like all they want to do is help Jeff win the game,and bow out. Oh well. Have fun watching that! I think I`ll stop watching Big Brother!

Joe in NY said...

@Alexander That seems somewhat true of Adam, Porsche, Kalia and maybe Rachel. But Shelly is definitely playing the game and if Dani stays in, so is she. If Dani goes home tonight, might be worth tuning out. But if she stays, I think it gets VERY interesting...

stormi said...

jWe will not be getting the broadcast until in the am. Does anyone know of a site to watch on the internet?

RBennie said...

If it's true that Rachel made a deal with Shelly and Dani, and if she sticks to the deal, things should get really interesting. They would make a formidable alliance. Not a very likeable one, but formidable none the less. I still pretty much think Dani is toast tonight though.

Joe in NY said...

RBennie...I'm with you. But at least we have the possibility of Dani staying to make tonight somewhat interesting. Along with the DE, that is!

Anonymous said...

What argument did Dani use to flip Rachel? Belle

Patty said...

In the past I enjoyed J&J. This season, I personally think Jeff is a butt wipe. Jordan, well all Jeff has to do is pull her string and she will dance the dance he wants her to. She only has a win this season because it was handed to her. Jordan is on the same playing field as Adam and Porsche (so called floaters) and is worthless in the game. Shelly, she stirs the pot and plants a little tidbit to make each side second guess what is really going on. It might be to her adavantage, maybe not. Time will tell. Should Dani stay it will indeed throw Jeff off a bit, but it will also make the other hgs pick which side they want to align with. They can jump ship whenever, but they will be done for if they do that. I am really hoping that any and all conversations that are being held in the purple room are being recorded by the Fortune Teller and those who are in the jury house get to listen to it before casting their vote. I think it would be great if it came from the Fortune Teller and not from the F2 or any of the jury members. Play it right before each of the jury members cast their vote. I am sure it would change a few minds!

With all that said, I can honestly say I do not have a favorite this season. I do not want to see Jordan win again...I believe it is nice to spread it around, jmho. In the future, I hope all reality tv have new people playing. It would keep my interest a lot more.

WV:riphyd...Rip hide, now that's what I want to see happen! Like em or love em, someone is going to win.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading on Jackie's blog for years and love it. ..... just read on Jokers that Jeff is planning on starting wars among the other HGs so it takes the target off J and J. He has big plans. .... So either way tonight will be interesting.

chacha said...

After speaking with dani Rachel went to Jeff and Jordan. They pulled Adam intothe convo as well. Seems dani spilled to much and rachel is not going to flip.
They r going to have shelly outed tomorrow with vote.
Shelly better run and hide because even Adam wants her outed.
Either way it goes tonight it will be interesting. For dani I think she spilled way to much to reachel last night and it really is only going to hurt s/p/k

chacha said...

Her argument to Rachel was Jeff threw the veto for the cornbag toss because it was him who wanted brendon out. Rachel Pretty much bought it. Also she said everyone wanted brendon out so she had to do it.
Rachel confronted Jeff and Adam backed him up that he didn't throw it.
Then dani told Rachel shelly was completely on board to flip. Of course Rachel ended up spilling to Jeff and thy will out shelly tonight. If she doesn't let dani know she isn't actually voting her to stay then dani will have shock of her life and shelly will be toast as I already said.

RBennie said...

Well Dani wasn't lying about Jeff throwing that POV. He admitted that he didn't want to win it. I didn't think Rachel would really go for teaming up with Dani and Shelly. It would have made for some exciting tv.

chacha said...

Jeff certainly didn't want to win it but having Adam back him up was icing on the cake.
I just can't see Rachel ever teaming with dani. It was a good thought and would have made awesome t.v.
As focused as dani is on staying she said way too much to much to Rachel and now has thrown everyone including her alliance under the bus.

Justene said...

I still wonder if he threw it. He was wondering what he would do if he won. Then he got a score that wasn't great. I think Adam only beat him by 1. I think he was being macho in the DR. Yeah, I meant to lose. I could have gotten 7s and 8s all day long.

Anonymous said...

Jackie says:
Anon @ 2:08 -- Then go away. It's garnered me a paying writing gig, so it can't be that bad, eh?
Leave now, pesky fool.

• Wow!

• Really, Jackie?

• A reader points out your annoying overuse of bullets.

• So you resort to bullying?

• And name-calling?

• How unprofessional.

• It even seems paranoid.

• Gotta roll 'em again.

• @@

chris said...

well truthfully as much as you want to see dani stay, ( I don't) but you have to wonder why rachel would trust her or shelly.
rachel and shelly have been at odds
danielle and shelly also.
rachel is not stupid in the game, she has to know danielle would get her out after jeff. so that is not an alliance.
jeff telling rachel to team with adam is a good idea.
then they each have a partner.

jordan is not great at comps except when she needed to be her season.
rachel is competitive and could win endurance etc.
I am thrilled shelly got outed and can only hope that after the vote she does not win hoh (go adam) and shelly follws danielle right out the door.
that is drama so for all you who want some, there you go.
watching shelly do her crap this week was nauseating.
I want her gone more than danielle.
i wonder when the hoh with the zingbot said what will happen

Anonymous said...

Tonight will be interesting. If Dani is evicted, and Jeff exposes Shelly (and everyone else), then it might be better to get Porsche out next because she's getting way too dangerous in comps (probably more than Rachel).

After Jeff exposes Shelly, she will be useless to anyone (other than cleaning the house inside and out). There's no worry about her winning comps because she's horrible at all of them (unless that's been a ruse).

Anonymous said...

I want Kalia to win it all

chris said...

I dont have the feeds and i dont see anywhere on jokers that rachel came to jeff and adam backed up the not throwing veto thing.
I also don't see jeff and rachel talking after rachel went into the storage room with dani and shelly
does anyone have the feeds that can say??

sandaroo said...

i just read on jokers that jeff & jordan are mad and cant believe Shelly has been playing them this does sound like they know

Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be great if Kalia went home and then Daniele got HOH and Jeff went home as well..LOL that would be HILARIOUS.

Come on Adam!

chacha said...

It begins where Rachel went upstairs to Jeff around 3:25am bb time.

SueGee said...

If you need internet TV, has had BB in the past.

Can't wait for tonight!!


chris said...

I thought rachel went into the storage room after that tho??
did she report back to jeff after the storage room meeting/
i hope rachel is playing danielle
that danielle is the one who poops her pants

chacha said...

What I see on my feeds at 4:04 am Quad cam....Rachel Adam Jeff and Jordan talking about Dani and Shelly putting it all together....

Rachel then went downstairs and just agreed with everything they were saying in storage room. She had told the HOH crew she was gonna go to bed so she didn't have to talk to them. She said she would speak as little and has only ummhmmm and ya to rachel all today

lynn1 said...

If you scroll down the page at Joker's you will see a section called Flashbacks. That may have the info you are looking for regarding Rachel outting Dani and Shelly to J/J and Adam.

Anonymous said...

It is impossible to know if Rachel is flipping or not because she has no one in the house to speak freely to like J/J do. Personally I hope she sticks with J/J/A because they don't play as hard and dirty as Dani who will gut Rachel like a dead fish at her first opportunity and then laugh over her dead body.

Rachel has plenty of reason to not trust anyone in the house? J/J threw the POV knowing Brendon would get backdoored. Yes they then tried to get Adam's vote to save Brendon but if Jeff hadn't thrown the POV Brendon would not have gone up.

Meanwhile Dani, Shelly, Porsche, and Kalia have some sort of weird obsessive hatred of Rachel. Wed BBAD they all skulked about looking under pillows and even in the trash obsessed with either finding an object they think Rachel stole ( yeah not much irony going on there) or finding evidence of a pregnancy test. Seriously those women need to get some sort of hobby. Or meds. Or both.

I just feel like if Rachel really does flip it will be her doom because once she has served her purpose ( a vote for Dani) they will tear her apart.

I am thinking Rachel's actual plan is to lead Dani on, expose Shelly's vote, and then use that to get J/J to take out Shelly next instead of them carrying her to F3 like Jordan has wanted to do for weeks. That would bump up Rachel one level in her alliance. On Dani's team she will always be at the bottom.

Bottom line Rachel has a long memory she knows Dani spent two HOHs getting Brendon out. That weighs heavier than Jeff throwing a POV so he could get cash and not be put on the spot to take someone off the block.

All these happenings tonight's vote will be the most exciting of the season, see ya then.


RBennie said...

I agree with you Lili that Rachel will not be able to get past the fact that Dani sent her man home and work with her.

Anonymous said...

Sent him Twice!
Bad girl Dani, bad! LOL

chacha said...


Rachel will never trust dani and will not vote to keep her.

She promised "bookie" she would get her out.

chris said...

I so totally agree.
bad move to go with dani
I really hope rachel is leading them on and shelly is outed tonight!!
the vote will be 3/2 and dani won't know til her name is read
(or kahlia if it is her)
hahahah I hope the joke and egg is on shelly!

chacha said...

i was thinking that Porsche may vote fot Kalia to stay as she wont want to piss kalia off if she stays but if Dani is totally believing that she is staying she will say not to worry.
I just don't want adam to open his mouth to Shelly about anything that went on early this morning. I don't think he will..

RBennie said...

I would think that at this point, even if Shelly gets wind that they know and votes Dani out, the damage has already been done.

chacha said...

Shelly is such a wackadoo we really never know what will happen.

sandaroo said...

I would love to see Dani go & then Shelly in the double Eviction :)

Petals said...

Jackie - The amusing thing about the trolls is that they all just wish they could do what you do! hehe
my wv is "apitte", as in:

it is apitte that the trolls arent as witty as jackie!

chacha said...

Dani then Shelly is the perfect scenario. The only other two it could possibly be is Rachel or Jeff but I really don't think it will be.
If Porsche is HOH then she will probably vett to get Rachel out for screwing her and Shelly.
Although Jeff did send her alliance head out.

Sally said...

It would be fun to see all of Dani's plotting, pleading, threatening on the show tonight, but with the Fast Forward, we won't get to see much. I'd especially like to see Dani trying to use Evel Dick's friendship as a bargaining chip with Adam. Wonder what ED's reaction to that was.

It's ironic that Dani's future in the house is in Rachel's hands. I bet Rachel will love getting revenge for Dani putting her Brendon on the block twice.

chris said...

oh the target will be jeff for sure
just my opinion
i am rooting for adam to win hoh
and put up kahlia and shelly

he can make a deal with porshe.

go adam
go jordan
even rachel
get shelly out next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we will know if it is fixed tonight if shelly wins hoh.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chacha, I don't have feeds and knowing the flip/unflip of R will make tonight more fun to watch. Belle

chacha said...


The worst thing about all of this is that Rachel was talking with Shelly in the bathroom and giving Shel reasons not to keep Dani.
The good thing is- Rachel sees more cons than pros with keeping her.
Rachel was telling her that she will be on the bottom of totem poll or just turn her back because Dani and Porsche will run the house.

~~Silk said...

Jackie, are you ok where the hurricane is concerned? You're inland, but I'm not sure about your flooding, wind damage, or service disruption possibilities.

lynn1 said...

Hope you are feeling better this week. I know after a bad bout with the stomach virus you can feel washed out and weak for another week or so.

Anonymous said...

The Obession of getting out Rachel will once again fog Kalia's judgement!

I can't stand Shelly!

Anonymous said...

This has to be the worst BB in USA history..

Two years in a row it's been an obsession over two houseguests, why aren't these people thinking?

Kalia won't win against Jeff-Jordon-

Why wouldn't a houseguest want Rachel next to them in the end?