Monday, August 08, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Monday/PoV Meeting

Now things are getting way confusing. Here's what's happened since I last updated the scoop from inside that Big Brother House of Hilarious Hijinks:
  • We last left with Shelly working her mojo on Kalia to put up Porsche and Kalia trying to get Daniele aboard the plan.
  • So what happens?
  • We need another screw thrown into the works ...
  • Lawon told Kalia he's VOLUNTEERING to go on the block against Rachel.
  • Say what?
  • Has he EVER watched the show?
  • You NEVER give up your PoV (unless you're Brendon to Rachel).
  • You NEVER volunteer to be a pawn.
  • You NEVER spit into the wind.
  • You NEVER tug on Superman's cape.
  • Okay, you get the point.
  • Lawon is figuring he won't get voted out or, if he does, he will be coming back with the twist.
  • So, sure enough ... the PoV meeting went down. Jeff saved himself and Kalia put Lawon on the block with Rachel.
  • Now, I can understand why she's doing it -- if Rachel gets voted out (and/or comes back), she can claim she tried and really thought Rachel had the votes to stay over Lawon.
  • This way she can save face with all sides of the house. She should get what she wants yet have no one gunning for her.
  • It's Lawon whose thinking I'm just not getting.
  • Has someone slapped him upside the head with a silly stick?
  • Lawon is putting on a big pouting act over the nominations.
  • Rachel is thinking she has a chance to stay.
  • Hmmm ....


lynn1 said...

I guess Lawon has been drinking the koolaid.

Joanie said...

What about messing around with Slim?

ORKMommy said...

And just when I thought I could watch the show without wanting to throw up! Lawon, don't you ever think of anyone besides yourself? Don't you know America is sick of watching her but we actually find you funny?!?

Ninboh said...

I have to say I couldn't be more delighted about this turn of events. Rachel stays another week (most likely) and my pool pick Porscha didn't even get nominated. Kalia and Lawon have to be two of the worst players in the game.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think America is going to vote for? So many options. If you are cheering on Jeff and Jordan, Brendan would probably be the best bet. If Lawon is voted out and he comes back, it helps J& J's numbers.
I like Dominic a lot, but he would team up with Dani and Kalia. Looking forward to everyone's thoughts.

Anonymous said...

let me clarify, if Lawon is voted out and Brendon comes back, it helps J & J
I know that you really don't want him back Jackie, especially since you have to watch Brenchal on the feeds. If it helps Jordan are you okay with it? ;)

Jackie said...

I heard that Cassi has the lead right now on the vote. Of course, that could change. I sincerely hope that people are tired of the whole Brenchel saga.

Anonymous said...

Shelley, Adam, Jeff and Jordan will vote to evict Lawon. If Brendon wins against Lawon the veterans will get a hardcore warrior back in the game. If Dominic wins against Lawon Kalia and Danielle get their fighter back but the. Veterans will have kept one of their players from going home. So the veterans have the potential of a huge gain here and K and D have the potential of getting a pretty good gain. Can't wait for Thursday to see it play out.


Justene said...

Jackie, Room 222 and now you never tug on Superman's cape -- serious flashbacks.

Has Rachel cried in the last day or so? I am wondering if Jeff has knocked enough sense into her that she and Brendon could actually PLAY this game for once.

Shelly ain't no floater. She is the puppetmaster.

Anonymous said...

I loved Room 222! Dating myself also.
Is there anyway to vote on America's choice without linking to your facebook or twitter account? What a huge invasion of privacy!

Dr_Celine said...

You don't pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger either...what is Lawon thinking? At least she didn't put Jordan up!!! So happy about that!! I still worry about a Rachel/Brendon match up for Thursday!! Dani should be worried too...if she only knew.

Witt said...

I remember Room 222! I specifically remember an episode about a total klutz learning how to drive. LOL

Lawon, Lawon, Lawon...OMG!

Witt :)

TerryinCA said...

I voted for Cassi to come back, but I am thinking Brendon would be a better choice....Lawon couldnt win against him for sure......then all hell will reak loose with the Brenchel and JorJeff teams

Anonymous said...

I think Lawon's actions is a very smart idea. He wants Rachel gone and Shelly and Rachel are screwing things up by brainwashing Kalia into essentially keeping Rachel. He's sealing the deal by putting himself (assuming he's a lovable floater) on the block and getting rid of Rachel. If he gets evicted at least he has a chance to come back (is what I think he's thinking--if not it was worth a try)

I just think he thinks Kalia was making a dumb decision deciding to put up porshe and is trying to prevent it from happening. It's the only way.

Anonymous said...

Marcellas reincarnated

Anonymous said...

This bold move by Lawon could be a smart one. It is a risk with a lot of upside.

First, Rachel is a big target, and Lawon is no one's target. It's possible, but unlikely that he'll be voted out. And even if he is, he stands a decent chance of coming back.

Second, though he was in no immediate danger, he has been too low-profile to expect to get to the end. This way, other players (including Jeff, Jordan, Kalia, and, to an extent, Porsche, Daniele, Adam, and Shelly) will all owe him a debt of gratitude, and, in return for his protection here, should give him some protection going forward.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what manner of protection has Lawon done for Jeff and Jordan? Plus Rachel is in their alliance, in what parallel universe would it help them for Rachel to leave and Lawon to stay?

meb said...

I hate to start this thread again, but... are you 'two' anons or 'one' anon talking to yourself? Bad English, I know.

I agree with whoever said in the last post that Jeff is neither manipulating or mean spirited in his game play. He has been working as a part of an alliance.

Dani is another story because she was a member of the veterans alliance but then tried to get Rachel to get rid of Jeff so he has every right to want to do to her what she tried to do to him... that's called Big Brother the game folks...

my wv is blych ... my true sentiments!

meb said...

Oh... Lili... love your reasoning, and hope it comes true. Well, the first part of it anyway. As much as I don't necessarily want Brenchel back in the house, I see it as a positive for J & J.

The other way .. Dom back in the house... would present a problem for the Vets.

Anonymous said...

Meb: There are at least 2 anons. One may be talking to himself, but I don't know. I'm the other one.

I don't understand what you are talking about. This thread is about Lawon not Jeff.

lynn1 said...

I think this thread is about Big Brother and jeff is still in hte mix.

Anonymous said...

Okay Lynn, since we're getting specific: The discussions we were having before Meb posted were mostly about Lawon not Jeff as her post implied. Happy?

RiseandShine said...

I can't imagine anyone would want Lawon gone because he's not proved himself a threat in physical comps or otherwise like by being part of a strong alliance. If I were there, I'd imagine I'd rather get the strong out first and then deal with the others.
I don't think it was smart of him because he doesn't stand much of a chance winning a comp to get back in.
I still can't imagine what Shelly's game is. She can't possibly think she's going to get further than the vets if she aligns with them, can she?

Anonymous said...

I voted Brendon back in the game as he will help Jeff@Jordon and to see Danis and Kalias face if Brendon walked back in priceless. The drama would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

I too was very surprised to hear Shelly confess to us in the diary room that she is totally with J/J. Seems counter intuitive, why would you want to end up final three with two of the most favored loved people in the game?

But she also talks a lot about this whole thing being a big experiment. Perhaps she is already quite financially well off and has simply chosen to help get to the end the people she likes the most. Not what most people play the game for but it seems genuine on her part.

I find her ability to persuade Kalia to not put up Adam like Dani wanted and instead put up Lawon and keep Rachel in the game a brilliant move. Shelly has convinced Adam to keep Rachel even tho he desperately wants a newbie to win. So she gets Kalia to nominate against her alliance's best interests, and Adam to vote against his....Shelly is like the Big Brother Whisperer, she doesn't even need to win a comp.


Nina said...

I sincerely hope that people are tired of the whole Brenchel saga.

I'm one of those people. I don't care how much he might help Rachel's game. I think the complaints from the other house guests, talking abbout wet sheets etc. is enough to gag me because of this being a Reality Show, and them knowing that if we don't see this as viewers, the camera men/women will. Something doesn't feel right here. On the other hand, I feel that Rachael might do better with out Brendon.

Yup, I don't want him back.

As far as Lawson goes, I don't know what to say. It does make for interesting viewing.

Anonymous said...

there are 3 anons tonight and one MEB

Anonymous said...

Lawon going up prevents Kalia from nominating Jordan.

chris said...

I hope rachel stays and either cassi or brendon comes back in.
cassi was friends with jordan so one can hope she will remain loyal.
brendon would be even better to screw up dani's game.
much as brenchel are nauseating I don't have to be with them 24/7 lol
I would love to see rachel win hoh and put up kalia and dani. and either one go!I read jokers and don't see jeff as a bully sure hope adam is with them on this vote, they should stay close by him and have shelly work her mojo!

Trixie said...

Lawon - Go home for being stupid.
Hope Cassi comes back. If Brendon gets the vote and he competes against Rachel to return, he'll just throw it anyway. BORING.

ORKMommy said...

Meb - I get what you're saying but I also think that Dani is playing a good game BECAUSE she turned against her alliance. Yes, she was one of the veterans but once ED walked out she was alone. At that point, had she stuck with her alliance, she would have been playing for 5th place. By turning on them and aligning with Dominic and then Kalia she was at least trying to play with a partner like J/J and Brenchel are. I agree that the plan backfired but she's been making pretty good moves to try to come back from that. Playing the game of Big Brother doesn't mean making alliances that will get you 5th place, it's making alliances and big moves to get you to 1st place!

RBennie said...

Oh Lawon, what were you thinking! I so wanted Kalia to put Shelly on the block. I think she's feeling a little too complacent lately.

lynn1 said...

I agree that Dani was going to have to turn on her alliance in order to win but her timing sucked.
She could have tried to convince her allaince that Dom would be a strong player to have on their side without trying to break her alliance apart at that time.
Had she tried to save Dom and suggested backdooring someone not in her alliance she might have been successful.
Once she had the power of HOH she did a smart power play by getting Brendon out the door.
I don't think she should have sat back for the entire game and hoped for the best. I do feel she jumped the gun trying to get Rachel to backdoor Jeff at that time.
It may not have any impact on her winning it all down the road but IMO it was not the right time to try to break up the veteran's alliance.

chris said...

Dani's move was too soon, that was the problem.
She could have asked them to put up lawon/kahlia at that time to save dominic but not show her hand.
clearly she could have made up something one of them said to have j/j or b/r get rid of someone other than dominic. That being said when the plan backfired she did do what she needed to do. at the same time she could have realigned with her vets and Kahlia and made kahlia her p. just saying.
and as far as playing for 5th, she could have teamed up with j/j to oust b/r and then fought her way to the end. she is good at comps so 5th pl was never a certainty.
just my opinion. and now she is just being mean.

Girlsmom said...

Thanks for reminding me to vote. I voted Cassi all 10 times. On top of not wanting to witness anymore that is Brenchal, I don't know that they will really be a benefit to J & J in the long run. Although - I suppose for sure they would be against Dani and Kahlia. At least the possibilities are all interesting for once. Does it sound like Rachel has the votes? J & J, Adam and Shelly?

Anonymous said...

The thing about Dani that annoys me most is that she was not alone at all, she had a solid 5 person alliance. She blew that up and then had a 2 person alliance (her & Dom). And then she blamed Rachel and Brendon for her own deceit and failed plan. Yes they should have just trusted that Dani trying to take down their alliance was in their own best interests especially while the other side of the house held the majority? Wow.

Then Dani spends days ragging on R/B for playing everything so personal. Meanwhile she continually coaches Kalia to be mean to Rachel in her nomination speech, gives her stress about giving her some of her HOH candy, and just generally be uncivil to Rachel. Gee Dani sounds kind personal to me. It is her blaming her failures on others and her hypocrisy that makes it hard for me to watch Dani.

Shortly after Rachel and Jeff were nominated right after Brendon left Rachel rose to the occasion, conducted herself quite well, and went up and congratulated Kalia and offered her a calm well thought out potential deal and strategy. Dani stalked out of the HOH room in a huff upset that Rachel wasn't the whining broken lump Dani went around telling everybody she would be post Brendon.

Rachel should stay, Dani should go home and come up
with a better way to get out of her fathers shadow.


Malik said...

Ok, I think I am logged in with a real name so I am not Anon.
I have been lurking since the TV Squad days... Love BB and, I do not agree with anyone on this board about Jeff being a bully. Just this year he made Rachel cry after a competition (I know she is a cry baby). He also talks to woman in a tone that I feel is unacceptable.

The topper to me was how he talked to Kalia. He could have been civil, but he acted like the big baby he is.

I don't want J&J to win, and I do not know why everyone wants them to win AGAIN. If I was Kalia I would have put Jordan up no matter what I said to her and let the chips fall where they may.

Anonymous said...

J/J, B/R, and Bachelor Pad gave me an idea for next season's twist. Make all of the houseguests (not necessarily happily) married couples, but have men and women vote each other out in groups, like Bachelor Pad.

That should bring about some brouhahas!

RiseandShine said...

Wow, I'm thinking the polar opposite.I'd love to see Rachel gone and Dani prevail. I know she's made some serious errors on strategy, but I don't see the negatives you've pointed out. I see gameplay. On the other hand, I never want to see or hear about Rachel or Brendon for the rest of my life. Their arrogance and mean-spirited words and actions slay me. I don't see gameplay, I see hot messes.
I love coming here to Jackie's for BB because of the diverse opinions and discussion. I think we've got a boatload of them this year. Fun stuff.

sandaroo said...

Is it true the housemates were talking to Rachel & she told them that Brendon cheated on her twice??

ORKMommy said...

I guess I'm in the minority with Malik & RiseAndShine. I couldn't stand Dani the first time around but I like her now. Probably because I would treat Rachel the same way she is and I also think she's doing really well with the hand she was dealt. I wonder...did she really agree to the veteran alliance or was that ED's doing before he left and she was kinda stuck with it?

Oh, and I also would have had it out with Jeff by now if he talked to me the way he's talked to the women in the house!

Justene said...

Jackie hasn't posted today and I hope she is bored by the hamsters and not hurting too much from her knee.

Muriel said...

I'm hoping that who ever wins HOH Thursday that they think before they put Kalia on the block with Dani. Porche would be a better match. That's if the Veterans win the challange. Kaila is being led by Dani as Dom was, and Porche is now going down the same path. While Kaila may not be the best player and talks too much, I think she needs another week to try and redeem herself. JMI That's how I feel today anyway. Tomorrow I may think different.

Anonymous said...

Why would Lawon think if he gets voted out he could come back in? He cannot win anything to save his soul...very dumb Lawon! I hope Brendon comes back so it gives the viewers more excitement to watch them bring Kalia & Danielle down.