Friday, August 05, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Through Friday 8/06 - Nominations

Gee thanks, BB. Give Kalia crunchy snacks!

I was ready for a total Rachel meltdown and didn't get it. Sure, there were sniffles and snuffles here and there, but no major freak-out. Good for her! How is Kalia handling being the first newbie Queen Bee?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House Fighting Factions:
  • Porsche seems to be one confused gal. After all, she's been Rachel's buddy, Jeff and Jordan's buddy and Daniele's buddy. I guess this week she'll be Kalia's buddy.
  • That's a bit different from Adam who gets along with everyone and just tends to vote as to not rock the boat.
  • Lawon, of course, has become Kalia's pal despite all of the pushing she did early on to get him on the block.
  • Maybe she just wanted the golden key float.
  • Alas, true to their word, Jeff and Jordan have taken Rachel under their wing.
  • They keep pep-talking her and massaging her self-esteem.
  • Kalia thinks Jeff and Jordan are mad that she won HoH.
  • Well, probably. It may have to do with the Daniele connection rather than Kalia herself. They had the deal with Daniele to remain safe this week, no such deal with Kalia.
  • Of course, Kalia and Jordan still have that deal to never put each other up.
  • But that doesn't include Jeff.
  • They're all thinking whoever gets voted out this week will come back.
  • Except Adam, that is. He thinks it will be more like a Redemption Island twist.
  • He's right.
  • Daniele told Kalia that her targets are Rachel, Jeff and Jordan in that order.
  • Shelly keeps rotating around, siding with whatever side is within earshot and eavesdropping on them all.
  • Jordan and Rachel think that Porsche should go home because she's a "total floater."
  • When are these hamsters going to get it through their heads that floaters often have their own game. Adam comes to mind..
  • But, yeah ... Porsche is a floater.
  • And Adam's game is sorely lacking any skill other than being a good bacon buffoon.
  • Rachel tried to suck up to Kalia telling her she's proud of her win -- first newbie HoH. She told her she doesn't really expect anything, but if she doesn't get nominated this week and wins HoH next, she won't nominate her (Kalia).
  • She actually handled it well. Brendon is probably thinking, "You're not supposed to talk game without ME!"
  • Daniele, unlike Kalia, can't bear to converse civilly with Rachel. She doesn't want to talk to her at all.
  • Kalia still feels the sting from NO ONE cheering her on in the endurance comp.
  • Then the food comp came, sinking Jeff, Jordan and Rachel down a bit deeper.
  • Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Shelly are Have Nots.
  • I got my wish, though -- they have catfish and coconuts.
  • Unfortunately, Jordan hates fish. She barely ate last week, now has another week of it ahead.
  • Jordan is pouting and in tears on and off.
  • But she's better at it than Rachel -- she actually growls on and off.
  • Kalia told Jeff that if she puts him up, he's the pawn.
  • He blew up at her.
  • After a long feeds block again ... it's Rachel and Jeff on the block.
  • Rachel is freaking out at Jordan, of all people.
  • She wants to quit the game.
  • Jordan, of course, is in her own tough spot -- she might lose Jeff!
  • Yet she's trying to deal with Rachel.
  • Rachel claims that she figured she was being nominated, but that Kalia didn't have to tell her she was catty and everything.
  • It's going to be a long week in the house ...

Doing better than I thought she would

Not a happy camper

Almost sorry she got HoH


ORKMommy said...

Rachel & Jeff? Not sure I would have done that. Had she targeted Rachel & Porche she could have made Jordan happy and one of the 'fake boob alliance' members would have gone home. She should have saved Jeff for the pawn had one of her originals gotten the POV. I think Kalia made a bad choice that will probably end up very badly for her!

Laurie said...

Interesting choices. I don't know enough to say if this is a good or bad choice, but I do find it interesting!

Petals said...


hey Ork! Glad to see you still around.

scott said...

Didnt Kalia break big brother rules telling jeff he was going on the block??

sandaroo said...

My night is ruined........I hate it that Jeffs on the block!!

lynn1 said...

I don't like Kalia's nominations, actually they are Dani's choices. Dani just got Kalia to do her dirty work and keep the blood off her hands.
What I would like to see would be either Rachel or Jeff win POV and Kalia nominate Dani "just a pawn" of course. I don't think she has the smarts or the guts to do that.
I really hope that Dani is not chosen to play in the POV competition but I am willing to bet she will be and she will probably win it, and leave the noms the same since they are her top 2 people she wants to see leave.
I dislike Dani so much and always have. I swear before this season is over I am going to have to call out my flying monkeys to get after her.

Anonymous said...

I only wish someone had the backbone/balls/brains to tell Kalia that she has, in effect, done Dani's dirty work. However, it would be best if the someone was not Jeff/Jordan/Rachel. Fat chance though.

Jackie said...

Supposedly Jeff is nominated because Kalia (Daniele?) wanted the strongest competitor able to win the veto playing. She was worried that if Jeff didn't play for veto, Rachel would win it.

Of course, Rachel just might win the veto. :-(

monty924 said...

LMAO... Rachel thinks there are 56 weeks in a year? Just a funny capture on the feeds. :)

Anonymous said...

Jeff and Jordan may think twice before throwing HOH again.

Witt said...

I figured Kalia would do what Dani wanted. If Rachel wins veto...I don't even want to think about that! Go Jeff!

Witt :)


meb said...

If Rachel gets voted out, and the majority voted Brendon back in, with the fact that they would compete with each other... there would be no contest... He would just throw the comp so she could stay. Voting Brendon back in would be a wasted vote.

I don't want Rachel in there but at least there would be some competition against Danielle. I love Jeff, but he just doesn't win comps.

chris said...

i knew that was coming but i was hoping jordan could work her charm and convince kalia not to put up jeff.
i saw on jokers that kalia was pissed they did not come to hoh to speak with her.
jordan could have gone up and said something, anything and probably convinced kalia. like tell kalia jeff has been caring for jordan on slop and how he was worried about her not eating etc.
now who america votes to duel,is important. jeff is not good at winning comps so rachel may just win and take herself off the block and in some weird twist brendon could get back in.

Witt said...

Chris, I always find it funny that once people win HOH, they immediately often get this high and mighty attitude about why they weren't invited somewhere (Brenchel), why someone didn't come talk to them/kiss their a$$, whatever. Please! I could never play this game. Of course I can comment on how OTHERS do it, but I couldn't do it. LOL

Witt :)

lynn1 said...

In my perfect world Jeff or Rachel win POV, preferably Jeff. Dani goes up on the block. Dani gets voted off. Dani loses to whomever gets voted back in.
I think the chances of that happening are zero.
I day dream about winning the lottery too.LOL
My worst nightmare is Dani winning POV and then winning the next HOH. If that happens I predict Dani will win BB13.

cha cha said...

From what I understand Dani wasn't picked to play POV. Which is good.
I am hoping Jeff wins and then Kalia will have to put one of Danielle's minions up.
Kalia needs to take the rose colored glasses off that she has on and see Danielle will pick her off as well.
At best Dani is playing for 50,000.00 so maybe its a good thing Kalia hooked up with her.
I voted for Cassi to come back in but think if Dom comes in it will spark things up. Dani will just go to him and ignore all the little people.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jeff and Jordan threw the HOH comp., but if they did why did they feel that would benefit them, I dont care what you're doing in life you never give up the power to make sure you have control of you destiny. So if they did throw the HOH comp, then Jeff deserves to go home.

ceemurph said...

Looks like we're all in agreement here about DANIELLE's noms (wonder who she'll backdoor). hope the houseguests see it that way next week and get her out.

WV: restorya, as in don't worry if you've been evicted this year we just might RESTORYA back into the game!

ceemurph said...

My hope for the twist is that the winner of the battle gets HOH automatically. That would be awesome since the HGs have no idea what's been happening in the house. GO CASSIE!

Dr_Celine said...

She should have backdoored Rachel and put Jeff and Jordan on the block. Rachel has a GOOD chance of winning POV and taking herself off the block. Kalia is not as smart as she thinks.

chris said...

you will be happy

chris said...

will be jordan put on block against rachel now
poor jordan on slop for two weeks
and the "pawn again"
kalia should put up porshe let her taste that seat.

RJM said...

remember, Kalia and Jordon had a deal. so she may not put her up. nop