Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Amazing Race 19 - Meet the Cast!

Our Emmy-winning favorite whirlwind trip around the world returns this coming Sunday for its 19th season. As we always do, we'll have blog parties here all season as the show airs East Coast time.

That great gal Margo is running the blog pool for the show. If you want in, please respond to this post. If you're an anon, you'll have to give some sort of name to participate. It's all in fun with no real wagering -- teams are picked randomly for each pool participant so we can cheer them on all season. The folks with the winning team earn bragging rights!

Racers ready?

The cast (left to right): Top row -- Ron and Bill, Kaylani and Lisa, Amani and Marcus, Jeremy and Sandy, Bill and Cathi, Andy and Tommy. Bottom row -- Liz and Marie, Justin and Jennifer, Ethan and Jenna, Laurence and Zac, Ernie and Cindy. [Clicking on the image will open it larger in a new window, then hit the back button on your browser to return to the blog entry.]

Here are my quick takes on the cast accompanied by a bit of information and the links to their CBS bios:

Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca -- Oh, I HAVE to do them first! Everybody knows I'm not a huge advocate of folks returning or crossing over on reality shows. That's because most of the time, it's folks who are "notorious." So, each of them are previous million dollar winners of Survivor. Why am I happy they're on TAR? Because I admire both of them so much! Ethan fought off cancer and is such a great guy, too. Jenna is intelligent and so not devious. They're dating and, even though they've both had their big reality payday, I wouldn't mind at all if they won this season. I like 'em that much! He's 37, she's 30 and they both live in NYC.

Amani and Marcus Pollard -- They're a married couple. He's 39, she's 36. He's on Phil's competitor list in the video above because he's a retired NFL player/coach. Their hometown is Pine Mountain, GA. They have four children. Hmm ... I'm not getting any real vibes off of them. I'm not a football fan, so I have no clue who he is. One thing in their favor is that they seem to have a solid marriage and will probably work well together as a team.

Andy Finch and Tommy Czeschin -- Yet another one of the "competitor" teams, Andy is 30, Tommy is 32. They're both from smaller towns in California. And, they're both professional ex-Olympics snowboarders. Now, I don't expect snowboarding to take place on the show this season even though they often visit colder climes. But I think these two bear watching. I know from my skiing days that snowboarders are a special breed -- they're definite risk takers. Something like that is going to work in their favor on the show. I hope they're really likable because I'm going to bet they have a strong chance at the win.

Bill and Cathi Alden
-- These two are my sentimental favorite for the win right off the bat ... but they probably won't. He's 63, she's 62. While they seem to be in great shape, we all know those years work against them. They're married and live in Albany, Oregon. He's a retired teacher, presently a rancher. She's a retired high school principal and presently an online professor. They have three children. (Most likely grown children, I'd hazard to guess.) I like them. But the race is grueling on teams decades younger. We'll see.

Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chiang -- This engaged couple -- he's 29, she's 30 -- hail from Chicago. He's a project manager while she's a brand manager. Um. Okay. That's better than mixologists, I guess! (The bios do explain the positions a bit more.) I see a possible foods stumbling block as she's gluten-free, not a bad thing in the normal course of life, but it might have inherent problems running the race. I'm not getting either winning or losing vibes from their bios.

Jeremy Cline and Sandy Draghi -- A dating couple, he's 35 and she's 33. He hails from Alamo, CA while she's from Dublin, CA. He's a commercial real estate broker while she's a nurse practitioner. They have no experience working together under stress. Uh-oh, they better watch out! She says he reminds her of George Clooney. I'm just not seeing that. They want to build a stronger relationship together on the race. Well, I hope they don't bicker or call each other "babe" a lot.

Justin and Jennifer Young -- This brother/sister team hails from Stone Mountain, GA. He's 31, she's 26. He's a doctor and she's a special education teacher. Man, their parents did something right with them, huh? They both seem like nice people, but their bios make it evident that they might have some sibling rivalry issues. I usually enjoy sibling teams, but if he does indeed always treat her like a kid sister, that might not be too cool on the race. They'll have to work as a team or they won't make that finish line.

Kaylani Paliotta and Lisa Tilley
-- My gosh, haven't we had enough VIP cocktail waitresses out of Las Vegas on reality TV shows? Kaylani is 33, Lisa is 32. They're friends. I'm just not overly enthusiastic about them. Not only is there the Vegas girls thing, but I know I'm not going to be able to tell which one is whom. Maybe they'll surprise me and do well. Hopefully they won't have annoying laughs.

Laurence and Zac Sunderland -- This father (48) and son (19) team is from Thousand Oaks, CA. They're on Phils competitor list because the son was the youngest person to sail around the world alone back when he was 16. The father is a yacht manager. So now we know where the kid got his boat! Oh my gosh, there are eight kids in the family! Zac could have gone off sailing and not be missed! These two could possibly be a strong team. I'm getting little clue about their personalities, so I'll chalk them up as a "we'll see" team.

Liz and Marie Canavan -- Oh, great. I already have one female team I fear I won't be able to tell apart and what does the show do? They give me twin sisters! Both girls are 24 and from Deerfield, IL. Liz is a marketing assistant while Marie is "soul searching" as she goes through her quarter-life crisis. @@ They seem to fight a lot. Yeah, we all love that so much with teams on the show, right? I'm not too enthused about these two.

Ron Zeitz and Bill Smith -- Domestic partners living in Laguna Niguel, CA, they're both flight attendants. Ron is 44, Bill is 49. Neither have a fear of traveling (a good thing considering their careers) and they might have an edge in airport travel. But how will they do at the rest of the racing? Hmmm ...

What are your thoughts on the teams? And, don't forget ... speak up in comments here if you want to be in the blog pool!


monty924 said...

I'm going to be rooting for Jenna and Ethan.

Caela said...

Id like to be in the pool! Excited TAR is back! One of my fav shows!

Margo said...


Auntie Leigh
Donna in AL
Donna in FL
Ed (in OH)
Nana in NW
Terry in PA

Who else wants to play!!

DKNYNC said...

Hi Margo.
Please add me to the pool. Thanks!

Justene said...

The man in the older couple is rancher. That could help.

JOEY said...

Thank you, Margo,
T.A.R. is Joey favorite, as it is not as nuts as the others ones are.

Brent McKee said...

Dump me in the pool please. Actually I should just ask to be permanently included in any poll related to TAR!

lynn1 said...

Margo please add me to the pool. I will say in advance regardless of what team I get in the pool I am still cheering for Ethan and Jenna.

I have bad vibes about Kaylani and Lisa. There is something about those VIP waitress types that grates on my last nerve. They all seem to think they are something special,Superstars just waiting to be discovered, yet all of them are "enhanced" and as plastic as a barbie doll. It is so sad that in 2011 women still feel the need to do all that to be considered attractive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Margo.
Please add me to the pool. Thanks!

Pam said...

Margo, I'd like to be in the pool. Thank you for setting it up!

SueGee said...

Count me in Margo Please & Thank-you!!

I pretty much agree with Jackie's picks...always did love Ethan and Jenna. Can't wait for the show to start!!


Buzzmaam said...

Please add me. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Margo

Please let me dive into the pool.

Can't wait for it to start


Becky said...

Thanks, Margo. Looking forward to Sunday.

Margo said...

**Pool Picks update**

Mom & I will pick names on Saturday while lounging on the beach. Look for match-ups on Saturday night some time.

Margo aka the Lifeguard

Dora M said...

Please include me in the pool. Thanks.

Tammy said...

I want in - if room available

ChicMc said...

Please include me in the pool.

ML said...

Hey Margo I'd love to be in the pool! Thanks.


Lisanne said...

Hope its not too late to jump into the pool. Brrr...bit cold for swimming here.

Margo said...


Amani and Marcus - Nana in NW, Tammy, Jackie
Andy and Tommy - Caela, DKNYNC, meb
Bill and Cathi - Pam, Auntie Leigh, Monty924
Ernie and Cindy - Brent McKee, Becky, Delee
Ethan and Jenna - Buzzmaam, Lisanne, Sydney
Jeremy and Sandy - Donna in AL, Zoetawny, DoraM
Justin and Jennifer - Rbennie, Lynn1, Margo
Kaylani and Lisa - Donna in FL, Laurie, ML
Laurence and Zac - Ed, estelle, JOEY
Liz and Marie - SueGee, Jennasmom, ChicMc
Ron and Bill - PDXGranny, Glenn, Terry in PA

Margo aka the Lifeguard

Sharon S said...

I think the Sunderlands are related to that girl who was trying to sail around the world herself last year and went missing for a couple of days. They sounded like an interesting family raising independent kids with a lot of courage.

Anonymous said...

Hi Would you please add my name to the TAR pool. thank You

Karen in Ca.

Karen said...

Please add me to the pool! Love TAR. Also you're not showing up in my newsfeed.

Amay said...

id like to be in the pool too margo

Amay Reddy

jenna said...

i want to be in the pool