Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Friday Morning

Ian isn't the hamster I hoped he would be

Nothing of any huge importance has happened since my first report. However, we're still trying to catch up with things missed as the hamsters were in the Habitrail for nearly a week before the live feeds went on. Plus, I must say, this crowd is already heavy into the game ... unlike many seasons before. 

So, here's the latest news gleaned from inside that Big Brother House of Fun:
  • Ian isn't meshing well with the crowd. While the kid gives good Diary, he's a bit of a social outcast amongst his fellow hamsters. 
  • Some discussed how differently (normal) Ian started acting when he knew the feeds went live.
  • Of course, WE don't know that because the feeds weren't live!
  • Britney and Willie talked about how many sensitive people there are in the house this year (those who burst into tears).
  • Included on that list are: Ashley, Danielle, Wil, Kara and Joe.
  • The coaches had some kind of comp which Boogie won.
  • Janelle said she felt bad beating Dan in the comp.
  • Due to the comp (somehow), Ian has safety this week. He couldn't be nominated, nor can he be put up with PoV changes.
  • In other news, Wil freaked out because JoJo drank his drink and then laughed and talked about him when he reacted.
  • Instead of actually confronting her, he went into to some quiet little hissy fit making Britney and Janelle worry about him.
  • JoJo needs to watch her bridges burned. She seems to be into everything.
  • They say Joe is a drama queen, although I haven't seen it. Britney and Willie jokingly discussed how he'd commit suicide to get out of the house -- go in the pool and keep inhaling water until he sinks, poisoning his own food.
  • Yes, Britney does still have that Mean Girl streak. But she's always entertaining.
  • Janelle and Britney are tight. They think Dan made horrible picks.
  • Willie wants to keep Frank over Kara. But the Coaching Duo of Britney and Janelle tell him it's more dangerous.
  • Not sure when PoV will happen. They're all still on indoor lockdown and are sleeping right now. 

Begrudgingly, I admit Boogie has matured a teensy bit

Storage room strategy

Shh ... sleeping hamsters


JOEY said...

Hi Jackie
Great show and we really enjoy the blogs post as well.
JOEY really loved the comp they play and was laughting durning the whole show which is really a great thing for him to do, been a long time since he really laugh out loud. he also cryed after the show because he just realize this is the first bb show he has seen since he was in hospital dues to the snake bite and he knows how lucky he is to be here.
He really want me to write thank you to you for this blogs and all the great friends he met on here and looking forward to everyone great insight in the show.
He want to say a great shout out to joe in new york and looking forward to all the debates and comment
Thank you Jackie for having and allowing us to be here as well,
love you

Jennasmom said...

Thanks, Jackie! I've had so little computer time lately, but I'll check in here whenever I do get to get online! Always one of my favorite parts of summer!

lynn1 said...

I'm wondering if all the hamsters under a mentor are sent packing does the mentor go too? If so it would be easy to target Dan's team.
Dan lost Jodi last night. Kara is nominated for eviction. If she goes, all Dan has left is Danielle and I don't see her going far in the game.
Maybe one of the twists for this season would be if a mentor loses all his/or her people they can pick people from the other mentor's teams.
The hamsters are so in awe of their mentors but they need to be aware that the mentors are playing for big money too and must be strategic in the advice they give to the hamsters if they want to win the $100,000.

Janice said...

Thanks so much for giving us updates! I fell asleep during Big Brother After Dark! Don't have 3 hours to watch it today!

I just checked and in the "pool" I have Joe the chef; not sure how long he will make it. The "token older woman" Jodi is gone and I am afraid the younguns won't keep the "token older guy" around too long either!


Jackie said...

Ashley may be on thin ice. She's in pain (back?) and has been taken out of the house to see a doctor.

Jackie said...

Ashley is back ... still looks horrible

cha cha said...

Lynn i was wondering the same thing also.
I just hope that Boogers team member does not win...
I read that he beat out Janelle in a "coachs challenge ".
It would be better to target Dans team but it one from Boogie goes then the boys are both down.

I really seem to like Willie as of now.
With the way Ashley looks I may be out of the pool quick this year. I wonder how much she is playing it up thought.

Besides BB I am on cloud nine today as my awesome Quarterback Drew Brees finally signed his contract!! Nothing can bring me down!!
WHO DAT and can't wait to get home to peek in on the feeds.

Critical Media said...

Good point, Lynn...I bet there is some sort of twist in that. Maybe the losing coach has to join someone else's team (but then they'd strategies/form alliances to purposefully lose and betray the rest of their teams) or they get to pick another team member or maybe play alone.

Donna in Alabama said...

Maybe the coach will be evicted with the last of their team?!?!

Cherry Pie said...

Jackie I have been reading your blog on BB since you began....thank you so much.....sometimes I enjoy your Blog more then the show......Keep it coming.....