Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Sunday Afternoon - July 22

Explaining his normal day at college

When the hamsters don't have much to do, things tend to get a bit on the boring side. Right now, other than the usual HoH dreams down the road, the only thing on the agenda is the PoV meeting. Here's what's been going down in that Big Brother House of Bodacious Beauties (er, well ...):
  • Obviously, Shane will be removing himself from the block. He's no Marcellas!
  • Almost as obviously, Danielle will be going on the block with JoJo.
  • So, the only dilemma will be who to send home.
  • While Danielle thinks she's surely out the door, she's probably wrong.
  • Y'see, Frank and Boogie have been scheming with Shane.
  • JoJo will be the likely target, although Shane has already told them he needs (due to loyalty) to vote to save her.
  • I actually won't miss JoJo if she go-goes.
  • But, Danielle wouldn't really be missed by me, either.
  • As long as my pretty pool boy Shane stays in the game!
  • Some of the hamsters had margaritas yesterday.
  • I'm thinking they might get beer or wine tonight as there are no comps set.
  • Wil brought up the point that Willie had spoken of his felony arrest for beating up a new boyfriend of an ex of his.
  • Huh. Was it that important to get a Hantz in the house that they needed one with a felony record of violence?
  • Janelle admitted a shoplifting (make-up) charge is on her record dating back to when she was a teenager.
  • Janelle also said she'd like to be on Survivor. Now, that could be interesting!
  • They really haven't done much this morning.
  • For some reason, they have Ian detailing his regular day and Resident Assistant duties at the dorm.
  • I don't like how JoJo seems to be mocking him with her facial expressions while the rest just keep asking him questions.
  • I believe, although Boogie doesn't keep him in the loop as close as he does Frank, Ian is in much better straits with the house on the whole.
  • How can you not like the kid?
  • On the other hand, Joe is kind of dangerous. He loves to run around instigating problems with bits and pieces he's heard.
  • Boogie is actually putting a more normal face on in the house despite the Diary Room sessions you see on the show.
  • He has matured some.
  • The ego bit seems more reserved for television this season, not the way he's actually been in the house.
  • Oh my.
  • There ya go -- a whole lotta nuthin' with the exception that the target seems to be shifting to JoJo.
  • Stop on back later for the show blog party!

Fearful Danielle

I totally understand, Britney.

Eek, Tom Cruise with Bieber hair!


JOEY said...

So, is Shane,Miss JACKIE EYE CANDY , this season?
Thank JACKIE for all your hard work here we enjoy your insights'

Anonymous said...

"Janelle also said she'd like to be on Survivor. Now, that could be interesting!"
I don't see her lasting more than a week, unless she's on KrazyKathy's "Survivor: Hilton Edition"!
(KrazyKathy was the one who threatened to cut off her finger with a machete, she used to post on Sucks. "Only if it is Survivor: Hilton Edition" was her response to the question of whether she'd ever do it again.)

meb said...

Frank, Boogie and Shane talked at the end of BBAD last night and did decide to work together and as you said Jackie, for Shane to vote to keep JoJo since there were enough other votes to get her out.

They told Shane not to tell Britney of their plans, even tho it's in her best interest in the end. Shane went downstairs and talked with Britney but never said a thing about F,B and his conversation.

Their plan was so involved I couldn't repeat it, but it all did appear to be a good thing for Britney. At least it gives her a chance to stay in the game, since they are willing to keep Shane for a while.

They even want Shane to win HOH so they can get rid of one of Janelle's team, but no blood on their hands... Making the teams more even. They actually talked about getting rid of Wil, and that surprised me since he seems to be the safest one in the house right now. Everybody likes him.

I only tell you this because if I think Britney has a chance to stay, it makes me happy, so I get talkative. : )

Tonight should be fun to watch. Hope they show the head-butt!

Susan in MA said...

It sucks that the finale of the Batchelorette is on opposite BB. Though Emily has to be the most boring Batchelorette ever.