Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Tuesday Evening - July 24

Beers are here

It's still two days away from the live eviction show. What's a hamster to do? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Repetitive Rodents:
  • They awoke to being on an indoor lockdown. Caged hamsters!
  • Joe would like a cooking show on TV. Hopefully he'll learn not to lick his fingers and stick them in the food.
  • Not much game talk going on at all during the lockdown -- movies talk, murder trials talk, etc.
  • They are unaware of the killings in Aurora, CO.
  • JoJo made up Shane's eyes and curled his hair.
  • He fussed and said it made his eyes look even deeper into his head.
  • I don't think Shane will continue the practice of make-up.
  • It still seems like JoJo is still targeted to exit this week.
  • She doesn't know that, though.
  • Once they were let into the backyard, they found no luxury comp.
  • It was one of those unknown kind of lockdowns.
  • They all ate dinner.
  • BB gave them two bottles of wine and some beer.
  • Woohoo. 
Reflective Jenn

JoJo gives Shane a makeover


Anonymous said...

I saw the flirty, make up scene with Jojo and Shane on the feeds. He lost some of his cuteness for me (not because he was in make up) but he complained ow, ow, ow when Jojo put the eye shadow on. What is so painful about applying makeup? What a douche.

JOEY said...

Hi Jackie
Anonymous- Totaly agree with you about Shane and the eye shadow...now really, how could that hurt??
MEN--- such little boys, if they ever had to go through all the things we women do to just to make them stop whinning, they would have better respect for all women.
really Shane... I had such high hope for you.
can he see jojo is using him for vote too?
I think I am going to make my JOEY wear a make up for a day and a dress and walk in heels and see how he like it..... men!!!!
Sorry JACKIE, but this part of Shane really got me mad at him, he good eye candy, and such a yummy, make me wish I was younger