Saturday, July 14, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Update into Friday Evening 7/13

Fashion Police! Bust him. NOW

Of course, I broke the biggest news of the day earlier -- Shane won the PoV. Since he's on the Girl Coach Duo alliance, he's sure not to use it. But what else has been happening in that Big Brother House of Coached Kitty Feed? Read on ...
  • The Janelle/Britney bond is going to be a tough one for the boys to break.
  • Boogie wants to drive a wedge between them via one of their team members, but has no real plan.
  • BritJan like Dan, but know he's somehow automatically in with Boogie.
  • Dan has bigger problems of his own -- his decisions and his team suck.
  • They really do.
  • Of the two he has left since Jodi's early exit, Kara is his best player.
  • And she's on the block.
  • Danielle seems to occupy her time following Shane around in daze.
  • The PoV game had to do with coins, water and soap they all seemed to get in their eyes.
  • They're all really banged up, so it had to be rough.
  • Willie said he and Shane were really close to winning, but Shane did just a bit better.
  • They said Dan did odd things like directing Kara to stack coins(?) and having Danielle sabotage other players.
  • Boogie doesn't think Danielle's a school teacher like she said. He thinks she's in the medical field.
  • That was a stupid lie anyway.
  • Frank says that the coaches need them, but they don't need the coaches.
  • He's got a point there. They should never forget that they're playing individual games, not a team game.
  • While Ashley was in horrible shape last night and whisked away to a doctor today, she's not looking like Miss Death anymore.
  • Ian wants to dress up like a cat for the live show. @@
  • Apparently he wore a duck on his head during nominations.
  • Shane suggested that he use the veto to save Kara, then they could put Joe on the block.
  • Why Joe?
  • Because they're not sure of his vote to save Kara. D'oh!
  • It still looks like the veto will not be used. And, it's a toss-up between who goes home. BritJan really want Frank to go. Willie wants to keep Frank, but will probably go with BritJan. I just don't know. 

Ian is giving me great photo fodder

He'd look less like Russell sans cap

On the block blues

My Picks Suck blues

Dan works it out with Janelle and Britney

No comment, Danielle


Sharon S said...

I'd really hate to see Dan done so early. I hope they get rid of one of Boogie's people. Then both boys have limitations on their teams.

Is Frank the chef, or is that Joe?

Jackie said...

Frank is the "unemployed." Joe is the chef. Britney and Janelle would both be willing to work with Dan, but his team is SO bad.

Michi said...

I am still trying to figure out how Brittney and Dan belong in the same league as Janelle and Boogie (okay maybe Dan because at least he won)!! But you are right Jackie, his team is terrible!


chrob61 said...

FYI- I haven't read it anywhere in the blog- for those of you that follow wrestling. Remember a wrestler named Sid Vicious/Sid Justice?? Well, he is Frank's father. Just thought I'd put that out there for y'all since it seems Frank's time may be running out.

monty924 said...

Re: Britney - rumor had it that Danielle Reyes (sp) S3 was the other female floated and Brit was a late replacement. Don't know if it's true or not. Britney was actually a pretty goodd player her season with comps and strategy. If it hadn't been for the brigade, who knows?

lynn1 said...

Considering some of the folks that have been brought back time and time again, I am happy to see both Britany and Dan. They aren't legendary like Janelle and Boogie but they aren't PITAs like Jesse and Rachel.

meb said...

lynn1.. I agree... Britney and Dan were awesome in their seasons. I love Britney's wit, although often biting.. but she makes me laugh.

I wish Dan had gotten some better picks for his team. Don't know what his game plan was, but it appears it backfired. I guess we will see.

I'm still trying to put faces to names.

Jackie.. thanks for the updates!