Saturday, September 08, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Friday Evening into Saturday - Sept. 7-8

Dan knows his noses!

Oh, yeah. There were nominations Friday night. What a shocker! Jenn is on the block. Can you believe that? Yes, I'm being sarcastic. It's also so not a surprise that Ian put Shane up there with her. Had he put Danielle or Dan up, we'd be talking real shocker. But that didn't happen. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Ducky Dupes:
  • Danielle complained to Shane that Jenn snapped at her when she told her she was sorry she's on the block.
  • After all, she (Danielle) never did that when she's been on the block!
  • Um. Well. Jenn knows she's on the block to go home and only has surface friends around her.
  • With surface friends, they talk nice to your face, but have no interest in you at all.
  • Shane, also on the block this time, told Danielle it's because she (Jenn) has been on the block so often lately.
  • Jenn had no dishes to wash, so she cooked. Rather violently. As she did, she muttered something about special powers.
  • Sorry, too late in the game for special powers.
  • Dan told her she could hit him or something to get her frustration out.
  • He also told her the way she was acting might affect whether she will stay or not.
  • Oh, I don't think so. If the noms remain the same, Danielle will vote for Shane to stay. Even if Dan votes to evict Shane, Ian is the tiebreaker -- Quack Pack to the end. All the ducks in a row.
  • They're on indoor lockdown.
  • Dan thinks it might be the morph comp and he's been studying all the face parts on the Memory Wall.
  • Jenn eventually calmed down for girl talk with Danielle.
  • She told Danielle that a big part of the problem is she has no outlet for her frustration. If she were home, she could play music or write in her journal to get the steam out. Instead, with so little privacy, it all boils up until she reacts poorly.
  • I actually understand that.
  • Danielle told Jenn she thinks Shane might just be playing her and might not have any interest in her at all.
  • Y'think?
  • Ian said that with no "madlovecooking," they can actually prepare their own food.
  • I recall he talked early in the summer about not liking someone else decide what he'd eat every night.
  • I totally understand that one.
  • Jenn thinks Dan "got in Ian's ear" and that's why he wasn't nominated.
  • Nope, more like he got in Ian's AIR and spread the mist.
  • Danielle assured her that Dan and Danielle will vote Shane out.
  • @@
  • If Jenn believes that, she's a fool. She needs to win veto to stay in now.
  • Jenn told Dan she doesn't trust Ian.
  • Jenn really shouldn't trust anyone in that house. She's been odd woman out since Day 1 without a true alliance.
  • And now they sleep ... 

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Jenncity from the block ... again


Witt said...

Jackie, you have such a great way of putting things. I love visiting your blog!

I love Ian. I wouldn't want someone deciding what I'm eating every day too!

Jenn is truly without an alliance, but it's been that day since day one. Has she won a competition besides the recent veto when Frank was disqualified? Don't know if she can pull it out, but stranger things have happened.

Witt :)

Jackie said...

Thanks, Witt. Jenn only won that one comp. I'm of mixed minds about this one. I know her target (if she should stay) would be Ian and I like Ian. On the other hand, it would be great to shake up the Dan/Danielle/Shane group.

Lynne said...

Ian thinks hes the mastermind! Dan already said hes going to tell everyone he was the mastermind not IAN! They want Ian out so bad! IF he would have stayed with Frank, they could have gone to the end!

hfiveomom said...

I think Ian could win against anyone in the house. He played the game well and could get the "he earned it" vote. Plus, aside from the Frank/Boogie eviction, he hasn't really burned any bridges.
Dan who in my opinion played the best game, has a negative problem of " you've already won once" stigma as well as burning a few bridges along the way.

I think Danielle and Shane would be perfect together. They can both walk around in a fog

meb said...

hifive... love you D/S comment... they are both in a fog.. so agree.

I just watched the Britney interview with Jeff on CBS... I just LOVE her. She is so good... does some Joe impersonations, but the best is when they rag on Shane and his beads, smells, etc. I wish I knew how to do a link... I'd put it here...

Even Joe's interview wasn't bad... just loud, as someone else mentioned earlier.

BBAD is so boring... the 'boys' are in the HOH room talking about their hmmm-hmmms and shrinkage and size... Now come on... topics of conversation may be limited, but REALLY???


Sharon said...

While watching BBAD last night, Dani and Jenn were talking and, for a few minutes, I thought Jenn was going to spill about her F2 with Dan. But it didn't happen. Maybe because Shane came in about that time and he decided to torment Dani (so easy to do).

When Ian is alone in the HOH, you can see him contemplating the house and situation. Sometimes he frowns and looks like he's almost putting the whole situation together. Then Dan's Magic Mist (or Dan) apparently floats in and any contemplation he might be having is over.

Meb... over the "boys" conversation. I'm not surprised they'd discuss something like that. There's been 'mixed' company discussions of some pretty private issues... sexual or family.

I'm always amazed what the HGs will discuss while the live feeds going 24/7. They obviously don't consider the fact that their families and friends might be watching. sheesh

Anonymous said...

I want something really wild and crazy to happen....This is a game and its totally boring.
Spice it up BB.

Janelle for fan favorite.

Wishes do come true sometimes.

Sharon said...

Anon 3:42
I always liked Janelle too, but she played totally different and wasn't in the game long enough for me to want to give her a "favorite" vote this time.

Depending on how this game works out in the end will decide if I give my vote to Britney, Ian or Dan.

Brit's always so entertaining and the house hasn't been the same since she left.
Dan is entertaining too, but watching him is different than Brit.
Ian has had to work extra hard to stay in the game, partly because he gives the impression of being kind of like a teenager. It's unfortunate, but I also feel the ADHD has hampered him being able to mingle well with the others. Dan has been the only one who's actually taken the time to learn more about Ian and appears to accept his quirks. That might explain why Ian "might" have more loyalty to Dan.

PDX Granny said...

Unless Jenn pulls out a miracle, I see her heading out the door on Thursday. If she is able to win POV, it'll be Shane.

With Jenn off the block, Ian would have to put up either Dan or Dani. I don't really think he'd put up Dan, but even if he did, I doubt he'd go home. In a Shane/Dan scenario, I think both Dani and Jenn have more loyalty to Dan.

If it were a Shane/Dani combo, Jenn would be all about the "girl power", and Dan would be most loyal to Dani. Shane out the door.

It really surprise me if Ian would have to break a tie vote. If that did happen, I'm afraid the mist has gotten to him, and he doesn't see how much better off he'd be if Dan were gone.

In MY perfect world, the mist would rise, Ian and Jenn would see what Dan's been doing, Jenn would lose her hate-on for Ian and they would work together to get rid of Dan, then Dani. If Ian, Jenn & Shane are the final 3, Ian would have a very good chance of making it to the end. I don't think many, if any, would vote for either of the others over him.

But then, there's that mist!

Sharon said...

PDX Granny,
IF this were last week, I'd agree with you about Jenn's loyalty to Dan.
However, her trust for Dan seems to be waivering this week. Her problem is that she 'wants' to trust Dan, maybe because she doesn't have much choice.
Given some of the things she was indicating on BBAD last night, I think she might be inclined to take him out if the opportunity cropped up.

Dani went on a fishing expedition with a couple of Jenn's unfinished remarks, but Jenn clammed up.

Petals said...

I don't care in what order, but I'd love to see Jenn, Dani & Shane just GONE.
The 2 best players this season are, IMO, Dan & Ian. That would be a great F2, with either one getting either place, 1 or 2.

The others just glided & followed. (and bitched, moaned, whined, picked & fussed)
Stay safe up there this p.m., Ms J - the front is moving fast.

Patty said...

Thanks Jackie for being able to write something about nothing. These hamsters sure kept things on downside yesterday. I think all those comps took every last ounce of energy out of them. I am guessing the jury house was alive and well. Too bad we don't have cameras there!

I do hope for all the hard work Ian has put into his game, he is in the final 2. Dan did manage to survive eviction, however I am not so sure if he did it with much respect. Danielle, Shane and Jenn seem to be getting through by not instigating any trouble, just hiding behind others. So I guess that is why I feel Ian deserves it all in the end.

America's Favorite is hard to decide for me. Frank fought hard and long to stay in the game. I think he aligned way too much with Boogie and burned some bridges he had to cross back over. Brit, she grew on me this season with her humorist ways. People may find Ian a bit quirky, but one thing I will say is he has played this game being who he is. I guess if any of them won AF, it would be okay with me.

I watched the interview of Frank with Jeff. I think if there is another All-Star, these two would align together. I got the feeling that Jeff really loved Frank. I think Julie Chen showed her respect to Frank's game when he was evicted.

This is my first year having the feeds. Can anyone tell me, are the feeds blocked for a period of time, since the eviction on Wednesday is taped? Thanks for you help.

bbfan2400 said...

I'd pretty much expect Ian to backdoor Dan.

That's how you win the game, and if Ian's there to win-that's what he has to do.

Witt said...

Petals, I think you are right on the money.

Patty, my hubby and I have been talking about Frank and Boogie and how they were so nasty to everyone else. Sure is hard to rebuild bridges after you've burned them, huh??

I'd be surprised if Ian backdoored Dan...I think he feels Dan has played a game deserving of being in the final two. But, what do I know?

Witt :)

lynn1 said...

In order for Ian to backdoor Dan, he would have to have the others' votes to get Dan evicted. I can't see that happening this week.
I want so much for Ian to be in F2 but I think he will find his loyalty to the Quack Pack results in his being evicted by the next HOH.
I would love to see Ian and Dan F2 but I am not believing that will happen.
The best I can hope for is anybody but Danielle

Anonymous said...

BBFan 2400

Right on!!! Its a game and if Ian is a gamer he should backdoor Dan. I mean really??
Seems like Dan's mist has made everyone just accept what is going to happen. Boring. I liked it when BB was GAME ON right until the end.

lynn1 said...

I think Ian messed up by not putting Dan & Dani on the block this week.
If the noms would have stayed the same at least one of them would have left.
Ian would have had a chance to try to create his own version of mist.
I don't know why he isn't trying to work on Shane and Jenn to get them to see Dan and Dani are attached at the hip. I guess maybe he is blinded by Dan's mist.

lynn1 said...

I just realized Ian is paying like Brittany did in her season with the brigade.
Poor Ian doesn't get that Dan has never intended to take him to the final 2 or even the final 3
Dan always planned on taking Dani to final 2.
Dan did make deals with everyone else just as a backup. Dani is so flighty and she definitely is no Hayden.

Anonymous said...

I think everone in that house wants to take Dan to final two because he's already won.

monty924 said...

Dan's dream final 3 is Dan, Dani and Jen so he could very well mist Dani into voting Shane out. I still want Jen to win the veto and take herself off, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.


monty924 said...

Going back to an earlier comment, it doesn't matter what the next HoH does or doesn't do. The veto is the only real power when you get to final four, and that comp is always a put the events in order comp. Ian should win that hands down. There's always a chance that Dan or one of other three would, but my money is on Ian and his memory/brain.

Unless he just completely blows the final four POV, Ian is a shoe in for the final 3.

Oh, and Meb or anyone else... I wonder why CBS hasn't posted Jeff's chat with Frank? Did anyone happen to catch it live?


meb said...

Try this Monty... youtube has it if this link doesn't work. I never know what I'm doing when I tried to bring in a link.

monty924 said...

Feeds are back.... don't know yet who won.

monty924 said...

Thanks, Meb. Found it :))

Anonymous said...

lynn1 said:

Dan did make deals with everyone else just as a backup. Dani is so flighty and she definitely is no Hayden.

Huh? Hayden won his season Do you mean Memphis?

monty924 said...

Dani's crying still in the Arcade room. No one is saying who won. Jen is in bed with her eyes covered.

monty924 said...

Shane's too happy. I'd say he won it, but that's not fact. Just my guess.

Sharon said...

I think it's pretty safe to say Jenn didn't win POV.
Ian and Dan happy.
Jenn staying by herself.
Dani was crying, but that doesn't mean anything.

Sharon said...

Dan digging out his Memphis hat.
I'm betting he won POV.
Jenn in bed with her head covered.
Dani's crying didn't last long.
Ian's ok with whoever won.
Shane's too dumb not to be happy. lol

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dan takes Jen off the block if she promises to vote off Shane

monty924 said...

I think Dani was crying because Shane, unless he's a complete doofus... oh, wait! Shane should take himself off and Dani will likely go up in his place.

Sharon said...

IF(and that's a big IF) Dan won, I doubt he would take Jenn off now.. unless he and Ian planned it that way, and Ian REALLY wants "his" QP to be the F4.

monty924 said...

Shane won

Sharon said...

NOT confirmed yet, but it kinda sounds like Shane did win POV.

Anonymous said...

So Dani goes up but jenn goes home.

meb said...

OMG... no wonder Dani is crying. She's the only one left to put up except Dan, and while Ian should do just that, just for his own gameplay, he won't. Dani isn't going home... they'll take Jenn out first.

Dan could vote to keep Jenn... Shane votes to keep Dani, and Ian has to break the tie. It would keep Jenn in debt to Dan a little.

Sharon said...

Yup, IF Shane really did win POV, I can't imagine he'd leave himself on the block. And that would explain Dani crying a while ago.

Unless there's a real change of plan, Jenn will still go to Jury.

monty924 said...

Sharon, he confirmed it himself in the kitchen. If Shane pulls a Marcellas he deserves to go to jury! Period :)))

Sharon said...

Monty, LMAO... too funny!!
Would put anything past Shane though.

Joe in NY said...

Jenn doesn't have to win the POV to stay. Jenn needs someone besides Ian to win the POV and want HER to stay. This is when POV becomes more important than HOH (next week more so).

If Dan wins POV and decides a final 2 with Jenn is really better than with anyone else, he can pull her down which forces Danielle up. Then Dan/Jenn can choose who goes home.

Same if DanI wins POV. She could pull Shane win his undying love of course...and force Dan up. Then the unlovers can decide who goes home.

Joe in NY said...

By the way, if I can't read the verification words does that prove I AM a robot?

meb said...

If you're a robot, I'm one too Joe... I've had as many as three tries to get my comment to publish.

And Shane won the POV, in case you hadn't seen that yet.

monty924 said...

The WV is like a personal challenge. My worst night was 7 attempts before I got it right, LOL!

Sharon said...

The worst WVs have the really teensy number(s) that are blurred. The one I have right now is in a box and so little I don't thing a magnifying glass would help, but I'll take a stab at it. :(

lynn1 said...

@Anon 8:40 said
Huh? Hayden won his season Do you mean Memphis?
No I meant Hayden. My point was that Dani is so flighty that Dan could not depend on her to get them to the final two like Lane depended on Hayden and vice versa.
I was comparing the brigade to the Quack pack. I was saying that brittany = Ian
Shane = Enzo
Dan = Lane
Dani = Hayden

I hope I am wrong but I can see where Dan could take Dani to the final 2 and Dani wins it all even though Dan has played a better game than she has.
Dani is so self absorbed that I don't think she has real allegiance to anyone other than herself. I wouldn't bet the bank on her to pick Dan over Shane if she had to chose. It would depend on her mood at that moment.