Monday, September 17, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Monday Evening - Sept. 17

"To be the best, you have to beat the best."

Next season, they really need to rework this final three thing. Or, perhaps just not have Danielle in there. Yeah, that's the ticket. Here's what's been happening in that Big Brother House of Put It Out Of Its Misery, Please:
  • In the late hours of last night, Ian made the mistake of trying to be friendly to Danielle.
  • She lit into him, going on and on about how she can't believe what he's doing to her.
  • She accused him of having a final two deal with Dan.
  • Ian really didn't say much at all, admitted to very little.
  • He basically sat there and let her rant at him, albeit looking very uncomfortable.
  • He pointed out that Dan has betrayed her more than he ever did.
  • "I expected that from him, but not from you!"
  • Say what?
  • After she finished ranting at him, she went inside and plopped herself down on a couch fussing that she needed to go to the Diary Room for a good fifteen minutes.
  • Heh. BB ignored her.
  • Instead, Dan came in and kept smiling at her.
  • He's deliberately trying to push her off the edge, it seems.
  • Well, if there's any edge left to her psyche, that is.
  • When she retold the Ian conversation to Dan, she claimed he cried a tear.
  • He did not! He looked horribly uncomfortable, but didn't cry. Not one tear.
  • Instead of taking her rants seriously, Dan kept giggling.
  • Now, that's where I would decide to stop talking and pull the covers over my head or something.
  • Instead, she just kept going on about Shane, Ian and how Dan had betrayed her.
  • She's a bit better today.
  • Apparently the Diary Room warned her about her physical threats regarding Ian.
  • Dan has again confirmed Ian will take him to the final two if he wins the third part of the HoH.
  • I'm still not even sure Dan will try to win.
  • All I can say is that, thankfully, it will all be over tomorrow night for the live feeds. 
  • My apologies for saying tomorrow night and not specifying. The SHOW is Wednesday night.
  • However, tomorrow night will be the last night of the live feeds. The show day itself is usually cleaning or blocked. 

I left SO much to come here!

I wish Danielle would just shut up

Call the psych! Call the psych!


Sandaroo1 said...

Why is it over tomorrow night??? Thought it was Wednesday....I always forget how they do the final three:)

Terry is a Texan! said...


Sharon said...

Yup, just checked my DVR and it says Wednesday is the Season Finale and it runs 90 minutes. So everyone be sure to check the start-time in your area.

Dan and Ian will play the final comp. The evicted leaves immediately for Jury... and they'll already be seated for the show.

lynn1 said...

isn't tomorrow Tuesday?

Sharon said...

uh, yeah. Maybe Jackie is wishful thinking and put the week on 'speed' ... unless she's trying to tell us something? lol

Tami said...

Danielle had issues all along but as the season has progressed, those issues have exploded. I wish that I believed that she would see how she acted and regret it...but she won't. I wish BB would just get the last eviction out of the way now just to put everyone out of their misery. Oh wait, that would just transfer the misery from the BB house to the jury house.

Jackie said...

Whoops! WEDNESDAY, not tomorrow! I was thinking one more full day of feeds.

Ed in Ohio said...

Wow! For a minute there I thought I lost a day!! LOL!

Really disappointed this year with the Jury House coverage, or should I say lack of it.

Brit is comedy gold and Joe can be pretty entertaining too!

Sharon said...

Can you imagine Dani having 24 hours to go on one of her crying and raving jags in the jury house?

Ed in Ohio said...

Jackie as talented as you are even you are entitled to a little 'Whoops' every once in a blue moon!

Anonymous said...

I believe if Ian wins part 3 of hoh,he will win this game and I for one cannot wait to see it. Maybe the most deserved win and popular win ever if comes true.


Sharon said...

BBAD will be scintillating tonight.
They're playing cards... again.
Not that there's much else to do in the house. Although, BB did give them some other games, but they don't seem interested in those.

Unless something drastic happens, it ooks like I'll be getting some reading done tonight, and to bed early.

Sharon said...

OMG... Dan is either really depressed, or he's playing Dani again. Saying he's played a shitty game and now SHE is building him case for him!!!

OMG... Is he's really going to have her building his case FOR him?

Michele Fortune said...

Omg this ridiculous! Sharon u r right...he is still playing het
Dan is a pimp playing his _______
She is now defending all of his crappy moves on her! WOW. I wouldn't believe it if i havent seen it myself

monty924 said...

Reverse psychology, lol.

Dan's whiney act is as annoying as Danielle's!

Sharon said...

HOW on earth can she not see what he's doing.

Now this depression has to be BS to get her to work for him.

He's bouncing around all happy and nutty, laughing his ass off at her last night.

Wait for it... wait for it... THERE IT IS!!!! The smile into the camera...

monty924 said...

Ian is so good at shutting her down.

Sharon said...

Oh yeah, all those semi-cartwheels she's doing in the yard... yup, fairly scream all her outstanding gymnastics ability.

monty924 said...

LMAO @ gymnast Danielle

Sharon said...

I honestly thought tonight would be boring. lol

It still will be. But first, Dani will go to check on Dan and tell him how great he is... again.

Dan might over-play his hand on this one. If Ian thinks about it for a while, he just might figure out Dan's latest game. If Ian does figure it out and wins P3, he just might choose to take Dani to F2.

Betsy said...

I don't think Dani can talk Shane into voting for Dan, not after the audience applauded when he said Dan played a dirty game. Also he's probably heard from Jenn about the final three deal she had with Dan and Dani so Dani may not have any pull with him

Sharon said...

After Dan having his major sulk session, he now comes out all chatty and acting like everything is hunky-dory.

Dani knows all the ways he's played her and it's absolutely unbelievable that she never catchs on to Dan's gaming.

PDX Granny said...

Just curious. Does anyone know if there's a layout of the house out there anywhere? I've been noticing the past few days more than any before just how far away the storage room seems from the kitchen. It also seems like they need to go thru some bedrooms to get to others, but I'm not sure. I guess if I wanted to take the time, I could probably figure it out fairly closely, but I'm too lazy. :)

When Dan was making his omelet the other day (yesterday??), he kept going all the way to the SR for one item. Then he would no sooner get it to the kitchen than he would go back and get another. He must have worn a path in the floor just for that omelet. I couldn't believe how long it took him to get it made!! LOL

BTW, MEB if you can't read the word verification, you can click on the circular arrow just to the right of the field you type in the word & number. That will automatically reset it.

Sharon said...

I did a little internet search and look what I found!!

Sharon said...

Dan seems to be covering all bases.
Discussing Survivor winners/losers in Survivor and the subject changes to a comparison (of sorts) with the players in BB14.

Dan's mind is always working the angles... he asked Ian if Dani won, would Ian consider the BB14 game 'tainted.' Ian said no, because she has won some challenges, so it wouldn't be like a Joe or Jenn winning.

There's also the longer discussion about how Survivor's Jury has voted in different seasons... who has played the best game but not won because of 'bitter' players.

Lili said...

Dan has literally asked/badgered Ian a thousand are going to take me to F2 right?

Yet Dani asks Dan two or three times the same question and he rags on her.

So over Dan and his giant ego. He was fun and interesting, now he is just a mean boy.