Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Monday Night into Tuesday Morning - Sept. 4

I don't know how to play, but I'm still here!

Y'know, a good brouhaha would liven up these hamsters! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lackluster Lads and Lassies:
  • Frank trashtalked Janelle. Huh. Hasn't that boat sailed?
  • Shane, falling right in with his lying role, told Frank that Joe was really mad that Dan used the veto.
  • He also told him that he hasn't talked to Joe about his (Shane's) vote.
  • Joe told Frank he won't be campaigning until "Wacky Wednesday."
  • Shane said he is in a "nomance" now. Danielle said that's because he doesn't want to kiss on camera.
  • Danielle thinks they got booze due to BBAD.
  • I'm sure they did. It's dead in the house. They needed something, anything to liven it up.
  • Frank studied the Memory Wall. 
  • He thinks he might be around for a morph comp, I guess.
  • Frank cooked hot dogs for all.
  • Dan said both Joe and Frank are cooking to save their lives.
  • Dan is still playing up to Frank that he's on his side.
  • But he's not.
  • When Joe wondered if he should campaign Jenn for the vote, Ian told him to lay low and he's "golden."
  • Joe and Ian said Jenn is getting a bit salty.
  • What the heck is with the "salty" bit this season?
  • Although a part of the Quack Pack and working with Dan, Shane still thinks Danielle and Dan have issues due to Dan's funeral speech.
  • Danielle no longer thinks anything will happen with her and Shane after the house.
  • Frank told Joe that Jenn was loyal and he was sure he had her vote.
  • I don't think he does, unless she throws him a sympathy vote.
  • Of course, if the vote is a tie, Ian gets to boot Frank himself.
  • But, at this time, it doesn't look like a tie.
  • Yet Frank will be booted. 

Spreading the mist

A little late for studying the wall

Plenty to smile about


RJM in SC said...

Nice to hear Dani is starting to get the picture about the Nomance with Shane if she is really starting to let that sink into her foggy brain.

meb said...

Good post Jackie for nothing going on in the house. You managed to pull out something to tell us.


Terry is a Texan! said...

thanks Jackie.....you are what always make the boring hamster fun...love your comments and the witty phrases...keep it up and that is no @@

Patty said...

It looks like Franks days are numbered now. It will be interesting to see how the votes go. It does not matter, Frank is going and Joe will be right behind him.

Dan is really focused now on making sure it is Dani, Jenn and him to the end. If the plan goes as he hopes it will, it looks like Dan will have Dani sitting next to him in the F2. Note, Dan and Dani are the only coach/player duo left in the game. BB started out the season with the intent of A coach and player(s) making it to the end. Dan knows having Jenn in F3 that Dani or him can beat Jenn in the comps and they go to F2. I think there are too many that are against Ian. Ian could stay a little longer only if he wins the comps. I feel bad for Ian. No matter if Ian is included or not in the happenings, the house thinks anything that he says or do holds no value. I wish he could make it to the end and prove himself to these bullies.

It should be interesting to see how things are going in the jury house with Brit and Ashley. I am sure Brit will have a smile ear to ear when she sees Frank enter the jury house and give thanks to her buddy Ian for making it happen.

I did laugh when Dan talked about his observation of Joe using his fingers to stir the food...but yet they all continue to eat the food. I am surprise they all have not called Joe out on it as a group. I know I would!

Thanks Jackie for all the years you have blogged to us. I feel you have provided us with a lot. I know there are many sites available, but one thing is certain, you are fair and accurate with your writings. Keep up the great work.

JimmyB said...

So...If Dan wants Frank to think he's still working with him; why didn't he just take him off the block?

I'm missing why he removed Jenn. It gives Frank a vote (maybe), but taking Frank off means he wouldn't need it. Plus putting up Joe kinda cancels potential deals with him.

Sharon said...

Actually, taking Jenn off the block was FRANK's idea.
Frank's thought was that he could get the votes to save himself and by having Dan take Jenn off, it would hide the fact that Frank/Dan are working together... and Dan could put it off to owing Jenn. @@

Boogie must be watching from home, really @@ and screaming! lol

JimmyB said...

Thanks Sharon!

meb said...

And JimmyB, Dan never really meant to take Frank with him... he knew Frank might win the big money against him.. Dan just sat back and watched this all come down and when Frank was the one who suggested Dan take Jenn down (Frank thinking he had the votes) Dan must have been soiling his underwear wondering how he just keeps getting out of situations looking like the good guy.

Frank will never know until too late that Dan never intended to really go to F2 with him, so Dan will probably get Frank's vote if Dan gets to the end. Gotta give it to Dan... sometimes its his plan, but often he just falls into it and comes out smelling like a rose. Heh

Sharon said...

Of course, Frank had no intention of taking Dan to the F2 either. In fact, I believe he planned on trying to get Dan out next.

The outrage when person #1 sees that person #2 didn't follow through on their agreement, all while person #1, never planned on sticking with person #2 either.

All that conniving and it's ok for 'me' to do it to 'them', but don't you dare turn on ME. lol

JimmyB said...

Thanks too, meb. Understood.

Anonymous said...

Geeeeeeez....I figured if I tuned in to BB at this point the bashing of Janelle would have stopped. Old news!! They must be so jealous to STILL be on that train. I still say JANELLE FOR FAN FAVORITE.
I think BB will be sorry to see Frank leave. I did not like him in the beginning but I have to say.....he seems like he mingles and does not have negativity. He still hangs out with everyone without a bad attitude. Good for him. He is a straight shooter.

monty924 said...

Frank can be likeable at times, but I think it has more to do with Boogie being out of the house and Frank being on the block and needing votes. It looks like it will indeed be a blindside and that is always a crappy way to end. I only like the blindside when it's someone I despise in the game - like a Boogie. :)

We'll have to wait to see how BB plays the America's favorite this season. In S11 (Jeff & Jordan part 1), the vote was for America's Favorite Juror. If they do that this season, Janelle wouldn't be in the running for it. I doubt they will do that since Janey is such a huge fan favorite, but you never know.

I'm still voting for Brit or Ian depending on whether Ian makes it to F3 or not.

lynn1 said...

I wished Dan would not plan on taking Dani with him to the end. She is such a flake I really would not trust her to stay loyal. If she got in a situation where she had to choose between Dan or Shane I wouldn't bet on what she might do. Shane could sweet talk her give her some romantic attention and that would tip the scales in his favor.
I was thinking today it would make sense to send Dani packing in the next week. She has Shane and Dan working with her. If she goes then I feel Ian would have a better chance of teaming up with Dan or Shane.

Petals said...

Anon, yes. The Janellousy lingers. At this point, Frank send to be blaming Janelle for everything, from cancer to crop circles.

Witt said...

Monty, I'm with you. I'll vote for Brit or Ian too.

I do think that Dani will still pick Dan. But, for all I know, she'll go right out the door after Frank!

Witt :)

monty924 said...

I agree with you Lynn, but the bad thing for us is... she has Dan protecting her (QP) and she has Joe and Jen protecting her. I think Dani is golden in this game unless something really FREAK happens. I think she's a definite F2 every way I figure it. Grrrr

monty924 said...

Witt, I hope so but don't think anyone would nom her right now and all she needs to do is get to Final 4. Only hope would be for Joe to figure "it" all out and out her to the house. She's been working with Dan all the way. Fake hate and ALL. :)

MoHome said...

Anonymous that posted Janelle for fan favorite... is that you Janelle? LOL

Sharon said...

lynn1, except Dan really doesn't want the F2 with Ian either.
Ian's Secret Squirrel routine played a large part in almost everything that has happened for a long time. The results worked out the way Ian wanted (most of the time). All will be revealed, which might give Ian the better shot winning.. if he's in F2 with Dan.

No doubt, Dan is considering the Jury's inclination, which would be to give the win to someone who has played well, but not won before. However, Dan could win easier by taking someone like Joe. Other than Dani having been on Dan's team, I can't figure why he'd show that much loyalty to such a ditz.

Ed in Ohio said...

My vote for fan fave right now would go to Britney.

Dan is handicapped for the win if he makes it to the F2because he is a previous winner and he would need to overcome that somehow.

I've always admired how Dan plays the game. He's cooler than menthol. The thing that impresses me this season is how much control he's had in the house without ever being HOH.

Dan the Man always seems to have a plan.

lynn1 said...

I know my vision is clouded because I so want to see Ian in the final 2. I fear his days are numbered though. He doesn't really have a strong alliance with anyone. I think Dan, Dani and Shane know that if they took Ian to the final he would have a real chance to win.

monty924 said...

It's not impossible for Ian. Just highly unlikely. If he makes it to F4, then I think he can go all the way. The F4 veto is the only thing that matters in that week and Ian can smoke all of them, even Dan in that one. His memory of events that have happened in the house is his best friend. Even better than an alliance mate.

Where Ian would have a problem is the F2 HoH, which is always pretty much a crap shoot. I still Janey losing that one to Ivette (S6) and it makes me cringe.

Petals said...

I'd love to see Joe or Dan win the next HOH. I'd like Dan to blindside Delusionelle, leaving her thinking Shane &/or Ian was responsible!

Sharon said...

I'd like Dan to win HOH or POV... just cause I can't help like the guy. And it's fun to watch Dan work his magic!

It's highly unlikely that Joe will win any comps, but if he pulled off a miracle and won HOH, he'd put up Dan. Since he's not aware of all that's gone on, he really dislikes Dan. Not that he'd like Dan any better if he did.

If Dan goes up, it will probably mean 'out' too, and we'd lose the last interesting hamster to watch. BARF... can you imagine 2 weeks of nothing but Danielle? Only Ian to offset her self-absorbed little self.

Is it possible that Shane isn't quite as dumb as we've all thought?

While talking to Joe (last night?), he was rattling off HOH and POV sequences with no hesitation or problem. So he's apparently been studying when nobody (including us) has been aware. hmmm

monty924 said...

No Joe, lol. He will take Danielle as far as he can. Which probably isn't that far, but.... just sayin'


monty924 said...

Sharon, he is as dumb as we all thought and think. He was parroting what Dan told him. Makes him sound smart, but in reality... NOT

Sharon said...

Ah...missed Dan giving him the info.

Last night, Shane said, "I'm smart."
Joe said, "no, you're not."

So Joe was right! LMBO

Sharon said...

Speaking of Shane...
If not used this/next week, does his Veto ticket expire?
Seems like it should only be good for a period of time.

Donna in Alabama said...

Refresh my memory, what veto ticket does Shane have?

Sharon said...

Shane won a Veto Ticket as a prize in one of the comps. Can't remember how long ago, but seems like it was at least 1, but maybe 2 weeks ago.

RBennie said...

Sharon I believe Shane used that veto ticket in the veto comp that happened right after he won it.

Sharon said...

Thanks, I didn't remember it being used.

Donna in Alabama said...

Thanks Sharon, it still doesn't ring a bell.. LOL

monty924 said...

Correct. The veto ticket Shane won was only good for the next comp. That's why seven played instead of only six.

monty924 said...

Shane won it in the comp that put Frank in the Spiritard and sent Ian to the Dog House for a day. Shane played in the Zingbot POV with six other players. It was like the firs/secondt week of August??

Sharon said...

Thanks Monty.
Wow, that was longer ago than I thought!

In the meantime, back at the ranch...
Ian REALLY wants to have a tie vote so he can be the tie-breaker to send Frank to Jury. Man, why does he want to play with fire? It could end up backfiring on him!!

monty924 said...

He mistakenly thinks that would be a feather in his cap. They should vote him out 4-0 in my opinion, but as usual a bunch of dolts. :)

PDX Granny said...

I just tuned into the feeds for the first time today. Last time I watched last night, a card game was going on, and Ian was rocking in the hammock. Tonight, Ian is rocking in the hammock, and a card game is going on.

I gotta give it to you, Jackie! This is almost as exciting as watching ice melt. You are to be commended!