Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Tuesday Into Wednesday Dawn - Sept. 18-19

Win or lose, BB NEEDS to give Ian the hammock!

With the exception of Dan's jury plea practice in the wee hours of this morning, the live feeds have been on the mundane side. For the most part, Danielle has calmed down and seems to accept her third-place fate. Ian's still hammock rocking planning while Dan is always scheming. Here's what happened into the wee hours inside that Big Brother House of Three Hamsters Standing:
  • The Talk segment they taped yesterday (blocked to the feeds) is now being advertised to air today. It's on at 2pm here, but check your local listings.
  • Dan fussed about Diary Room interference and how they're stirring ^#% up. 
  • But we didn't get the full story on that because ...
  • "Houseguests, you are NOT allowed to talk about production!"
  • Then we get fish.
  • No, it's never FOTH anymore -- that's been gone for years. (Front of the house which sometimes sported a cute lawn boy watering the plants.)
  • I always liked chicken cam (BB1) or spider cam (BB7) best.
  • Lots of meaningless talk -- such as who physically has the bigger head, Danielle or Dan?
  • The answer is Danielle. #bighead to refer to Danielle.
  • They rehashed just about everything and I refuse to. I already hashed it.
  • They drank beer, but no one got drunk.
  • Danielle told Ian she has breast implants.
  • "Shh ... only you and Dan know."
  • As well as the rest of the Internet, Danielle.
  • Ian practiced his jury plea speech while rocking in the hammock.
  • He's thrilled with the Quack Pack.
  • He's happy to be a Renegade, too.
  • Dan will only be happy with the big win.
  • Danielle told them that she never saw Dr. Will's gameplay.
  • Perhaps that's why the Mist worked so well on her?
  • Today's feeds are scheduled to cut off at 3pm ET.
  • If anything of any consequence happens, I'll post. However, I'm a bit under the weather and I have a busy night ahead.
  • So, no promises!
  • I will definitely have blog party posts for both the Survivor: Philippines season premiere and the Big Brother 14 finale tonight.
  • Be there or be square.
  • And bring snacks.  

Danielle has adjusted her attitude a bit

Now, you know the feeds were boring if I played with screencaps to turn them black and white with a bit of color ...

His future's so bright, he had to put on shades

It's (not) in the cards, Danielle

BB warrior mode


Anonymous said...

Dan is cold calulating and a BUM, I dont care how great people thinks he is, Ian's " to be the best, you have to beat the best, which is probably the biggest feat his mind can imagine, Dan's thoughts seem to be "take advantage of the weaskest people you can find", which has to be his biggest feat. If only Ian had the MIND

Patty said...

Jackie, I wanted to take this opportunity to say a big "thank you" for all you do in keeping folks like me updated on the happenings in the house. This site is very respectful when it comes to people not taking things so personal and keeping it in check that it is only a game.

I have followed this site for years, but I have not always commented as in years past.

Kudos to the posters also for making this a fun site.

monty924 said...

Guinea cam (S9)!! My fav.

Anonymous said...

With the speech he practiced, Dan will win this if he gets to F2.

I hope Ian realizes that "To be the best, you have to beat the best" means that he has to cut Dan. Ian has to him by his own hand and not rely on the jury.

Alas and alack....Ian is straight shooter me thinks.

Time for another BIG move, Ian. You took out Boogie -- now take out Dan!

Jackie, I have been reading your blog for years, but post only about once a season. You are incredibly talented and often make even the dullest stretches of hamster ho-hum seem interesting. Great job again -- thank you!!


Anonymous said...

Well said Patty...!! I totally agree...Thank you so much Jackie!!

Sharon said...

Hope you feel better soon Jackie.
Thank you for keeping us all posted on the latest and sometimes greatest happenings!

Dee said...

Dan needs to go. His wife must be high maintenance because he seems desperate to win at any cost. Ian will win sitting next to Dan or Danielle.
I also think Danielle will need therapy when she gets out and sees how she was played by Dan. I don't think she will be able to trust anything a man says to her.

ps. Jackies site is the best

hfiveomom said...

re: the conversation about being honest or lying in the house....part of playing the game is trying to figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth..and when. Trying to decide if you should trust anyone....lying is a part of the game. it is game PLAY and not an indication of character. These people give up three months of their life to try to win 500,00 and it is no secret that the name of the game is to get people --no matter which keep you in the house and ultimately vote for you. THat being said.....JANELLE is my all time favorite. And yes, partly because she was loyal to her alliances and honest. But reality is...she never won. :(

I'll be thrilled with a dan win..kinda ok with an Ian win....ticked at a Daniellte win LOL

RBennie said...

Dan's jury speech will have to be brilliant to snatch the win away from Ian. Dan's gameplay this season reminds me alot of Survivor's Russell Hantz, absent the physical intimidation. He played an incredibly ruthless and cold game. Yes, it got him to F2, but that's only part of the battle. The second part of the battle is to get to F2 and still have people on the jury who will vote for you. There are no juror rules that state you must vote for the person who played the best game. They are free to vote on whatever criteria they please. If I was on that jury and was screwed by Dan as many of the jurors were, I don't think he would get my vote. I would not be able to keep my emotions out of the equation and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

i know the show isnt about the people, but it is about BIG BROTHER..., but i hate how they do things in the diary room to get the people to turn. the diary room is tellin the hamsters what to do or say,,,,it's not dan comin up with those's the muppet masters in the back room, that's why they keep sayin "you are not allow to talk about production"...a fun game for them, in their rich little world stringin along the naive actors.

A Chance at Love said...

First year watching bb and have thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks to all posters on this site and especially to Jackie for hosting. Have been following here since 3rd or 4th week and can't wait for next year.

I believe Ian would make a greater impact with the jury by cutting Dan. Just for sheer gameplay, I am almost certain Dan would even vote for Ian over Dani.

Feel better Jackie!

Go Ian!!!!

Petals said...

How about a Dayquil-tini, Ms J? Cough Syrup Colada?

I thought Dan was taking Dani to F2. When did that change? Believe me, I do NOT want her in F2, but I did think that was his plan.

Ian is a great kid. I hope to see him collect AT LEAST $50k tonight.
I don't really understand the negative posts about Dan. IMO, he was masterful this season. He deserves the win.

Big evening ahead. Hope you get some rest, Ms. J. Shall I add chicken soup to the list of party snack? :)

Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!

Anonymous said...

i want dan to win, but i just dont think ian is goin to take him....dan deserves it, he was cleaver and made the show....

Chacha said...

Thank you so much for the updates year after year.
Some years are better than others. I have to say this year was a pretty good one with all of dans scheming.
Again thank you for all your long hard work you put in!!!

Chacha said...

oh and BTW--
Dan for the win....
didn't really like him in his season but LOVE LOVE LOVE him this year..

Sharon said...

ALL of the players want the money.

In this day and age, $500k isn't that much, and the winner will see about $300k after taxes are removed (usually before whoever even receives the check). It's none of our business why someone wants the money, or how they would use it, but...

Ian says he wants it to pay off his college loans and help his parents. He's a quirky but nice kid. I'd like to see him win so he can get a financially clean start on life after his education is completed.

On to Dan.
Everyone looks at BB as a game, but not Dan. He has come right out and said, "this is business." Dan is a very smart man and I'm quite sure he has a good purpose for the money. We have no right to assume his wife "must be high maintenance" just because he plays to win.

Danielle had a lot of obvious problems before Dan came along. He's spent the last 2 days preparing her for the possibility of losing. We don't really know what Dan or Ian will do. If Dan chooses to lose the next comp, Ian "could" decide to back-stab Dan and take Dani. None of us think that's likely though... because everyone assumes anyone sitting next to Dan in the F2 will win. We'll find out tonight.

On to Dani.
She had a lot of 'problems' before entering the house, and Dan recognizes it. Yesterday, he was calling her on all the "jobs" she's had in her short life. Unreal.

The last couple of days, Dani has also been begging, whining and wheedling to get Dan's phone number. He's said she can contact him through Twitter! Dan is smart enough to know Dani could end up causing trouble in his REAL life. (Trey has apparently said he never dated her and she's made his life a phone-stalking hell.)

A Chance at Love said...

Yup. Dani has issues which will be amplified once she leaves the house. We've had lots of laughs on her behalf but I have to say that I am really worried about her pysche once the REAL reality sets in when she lands back in Tuscaloosa.

Sharon said...

A Chance,
Reality might hit Dani faster than that.. depending on who in her friends/family has arrived for the Finale. She's some some pretty bad things about her family, friends and coworkers. It would be a terrible shock if everyone is so angry that nobody comes but I doubt that will happen.

meb said...

First Jackie... hope you're feeling better.

Before the excitement starts this evening, I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed this season of BB hanging out with you. Your posts, pictures and captions have been so much fun. Wanted you to know how much you're appreciated.

Also want to tell all the commenters that I have had so much fun spending these evenings with you as well. Although we may not always agree, we know it's a game and that's what we're here for... to cheer on our favorite.

I, so, do not want Danielle to win anything. I have mixed feelings who I want to win the big bucks. Leaning toward Ian, but if voting for the best player, whether we agreed with his tactics or not, Dan should come out on top. Regardless, I raise my glass early in a toast to whoever makes it to the final ONE!

Yes... I have started toasting early. The excitement that will be generated tonight calls for an early start!


Brent McKee said...

Whatching part of BBAD last night and I have to say that Danielle is a lousy Rummy player. One wonders what would have happened if the game in the house was Poker.

RBennie said...

I have been very wishy-washy about Dan this season. I did not care for him in his previous season, so I started out not caring about him one way or the other. When he resurrected himself from certain eviction, I was really impressed and decided to root for him since my Janey was gone already. Sadly, my admiration for Dan only lasted a couple of weeks. I tried hard to hold on to it, but he just kept getting more cutthroat and, imo, cocky. I think he just toys with Danielle now for his own amusement. There is nothing to gain by it at this point. I'm sure he's probably as sick to death of her as we are, but I would think he would feel at least a little compassion for her seeing as how he has used her the entire game. Yes, I know, she let him do it to her and doesn't deserve any sympathy, but the mother in me can't help it.

Sharon said...

RBennie, I really don't think Dan continues to toy with Dani for no real reason. He knows Dani's vote is needed and he started sucking her back in to The Dan Club.

Knowing how she is, the depression bit he did with her Monday night was almost as brilliant at his Funeral. It was weird to watch. He knew she could be sucked right back in if he played it right and by the time he was done with his "poor-poor me, I'm such a bad player" bit, Dani was telling him what a great player he is, he did absolutely everything, he dragged her along in the game, and that she will work to get everyone on the jury to vote for him!

Last night, he started preparing her for the possible loss and for being outside the BB house. I say possible because Ian can win the final comp and suddenly decide to take Dani instead of Dan!!

Dani can be so dense when she doesn't want to understand. @@ He has even worked to try and get her to see what might happen between Shane or Trey (non-existent relationship). It was so obvious that she didn't grasp any of it.

On one hand, I kind of feel bad for her, then I remember she's so delusional that she'll work her own reality out in her own mind.

Through all her whining, betting and wheedling, I'm glad Dan is refusing to give her his phone number. I truly believe she would end up being REAL trouble on the outside!

Petals said...

I can see where Dan may have disappointed some of you guys with his recent (bad) treatment of Demonielle. But the girl is such a PSYCHO CLINGER! Dan knows that he must begin cutting those co-dependent emotional ties that she has developed for him. IMO, he is trying to prepare her for being without him, period.
Dan's wife Chelsea founded a group, Goodgirl Comeback. It is a network of ladies helping young ladies (and one another) to follow enriched lives of Christianity, fellowship, confidence, leadership, self-respect, etc.
Dani NEEDS THAT GROUP! Maybe Chelsea will see how psychologically unstable Dani is, and will offer her some help.

But that is probably as much contact as Dan will have with Dani outside that house. IMO

Sharon said...

Just watch The Talk. They spent a LOT of time on Survivor, had the past contestants on and even played a Survivor game with them.

Very little time spent with the F3 BB people. Short interviews with each, but didn't ask questions that would give anyone's game-play to the others.

Sharon said...

Very well put Petals.
Concise and to the point.

Margo said...

I personally would love it if Ian won the final HOH and took Danielle. Thereby cutting Dan out of the money. He has already won once. Ian has won when he needed too or talked Dan into saving him when he did not. He is such a huge fan of the show it would be great if he could win this. I don't think Danielle will win if she make it to the final 2.


Chauncey, not Billups said...

Dan kinda reminds me of Danielle from one of the early seasons. she played and manipulated the HG's and made it the final 2 but they were so pissed at her for making them look like fools that they voted against her. this was when HG's could watch the show after they were evicted and could see how she played and talked about them as soon as they left. This could happen to Dan if they finally put 2 and 2 together and talk to one another. Hoping Ian pulls it off.

Anonymous said...

I tried to like Dan too but it wasn't possible.
I hope he walks out with no money.
Ian for the win and maybe Danielle will treat Britney to the REAL shopping trip she promised her.

Janelle for fan favorite

monty924 said...

Dani of S3 is another one of the best to have never won. She didn't play as well in All-Stars but is still a favorite of mine.

Petals said...

What time tonight is BB? And is the finale 2hrs or just 1? (you'd think I would know this...but nope - I took my stupid pill this morning, LOL)

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I really want to take the opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you do with BB each and every year. This site makes the summer for me.

I am rooting for an Ian win. I thought I would be "Team Dan" all the way but his game has become cruel and twisted. It makes me sad.

I do have sympathy for Danielle but maybe that's partly because she is a dead ringer for my middle daughter. My kid is thinner, older and has better self esteem (and has a better voice). But the screen caps you have of her just make me do double takes.

Thanks again!!

monty924 said...

90 minutes, Petals. Survivor is on 8:00 to 9:30 and BB follows at 9:30 to 11:00.

I'm stoked for tonight and sad that it is all over :(

monty924 said...

Yes!!! There will be a season 15!

Anonymous said...

who PLAYED a good GAME??? not who played a nice and good game....! DAN HANDS DOWN REGARDLESS PLAYED ALL OF THEM, HE AND IAN TOGETHER...i dont see anyone bad mouthin ian....dan should when cause he is a gamer..

Susan in MA said...


Thank you for making BB so much fun in your blog. BB wouldn't be any fun without you. Year after year, you provide us with the stuff we miss and your hysterical interpretations. You are SO appreciated!

Petals said...

thanks Monty!

Anonymous said...

As a school administrator, as well as a parent and grandparent of children who have attended Catholic schools, I have a hard time accepting Dan's game play this season. I also find it interesting that I cannot find him mentioned anywhere on the St Mary's website. I don't think this is an oversight on the part of the school. There's a reason he's not mentioned on the website. I wonder sometimes if he uses his association with the school, past and/or present, as a smokescreen for his questionable "game play" behavior. In other words, I hope Ian wins!! LOL

Anonymous said...'s me again..the school administrator...I forgot to say THANK YOU to Jackie and everyone who posts here because I've been a secret creeper for YEARS and have thorouhgly enjoyed all the work and thoughts that go into "The (TV) Show Must Go On...."

Sandaroo1 said...

Jackie....just wanted to thank you for all you do. I am a faithful reader of your blog...YOU ROCK!!!