Sunday, May 05, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - May 5, 2013

It's Sunday morning! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Since it is indeed Sunday, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. 

But, first ... let me touch on television --
Tonight is the big two-hour season finale of The Amazing Race. It's supposed to start at 8pm EDT. But we know how that goes. I'll have the blog party post up on time whether the show starts on time or not. I hope to see you there!

Also, on a television note, I received promotional screeners for the first six or so episodes of Falling Skies, the Steven Spielberg produced saga on TNT. Yay! As I get them watched (probably not today, unfortunately), I'll post about them without spoilers. I'm looking forward to the return of this show, as well as checking out the upcoming Stephen King show based on 'The Dome.' I think with some of these shows and Big Brother, I should remain entertained all summer.

The past week was a glorious spring week here in my part of New Jersey. The days were sunny, often without a cloud in the sky. The nights were cool. It rained overnight into Monday and not since. I know we need the rain (and apparently will get some this coming week), but this was splendid.

On my day off Wednesday, I spent some time in Mindowaskin Park in nearby Westfield. The bulk of today's photos are from that trip. While the park itself is very nice, the water in the pond not so much. It really needs a major clean-up. I think it's the first time I've been there that I saw no signs of fish in the pond, none at all. That's not good. 

During the week I received an email from a company in Cincinnati -- they want to buy one of my photos to use it in their marketing materials. It's the company that built the solar panel frames at the Bridgewater Train Station parking lot. The shot is one of the empty frames with the sunrise in the background and the sky going from pinkish to a deep velvet above the frame. I looked at their website and, while they have many photos of completed projects, they have nothing like this shot -- kind of an artsy shot of their work. When I know more about the deal, I'll let you know.

Yesterday when I made eye contact with a stranger, a woman perhaps my age. I felt I should say something. So, in honor of Star Wars Day (May 4), I said, "May the fourth be with you." Without skipping a beat, she replied, "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" Ah, gotta love the geekdom.

Onto the photos for this week ...  

Duck 6 photo IMG_6695a_zps05ac8d86.jpg
Do these feathers make my butt look big?

Squirrel photo IMG_6612a_zpsc56842fd.jpg

This little guy was balanced high up in a tree at the Plainfield Train Station.

Goslings 8 photo IMG_6800a_zps4267ae73.jpg

Too much cuteness to take in all at once!

Goslings 11 photo IMG_6893a_zps608f7f1b.jpg
The family

Get your ducks, er ... geese, all in a row.


Plainfield police car photo IMG_6967a_zps83419972.jpg
New Plainfield police car

This is one of the new little Plainfield Police cars. While it's cute, it really doesn't look too roomy. It will never instill the heart-thump of the Plymouth Fury coming up in back of you on the highways decades ago. Instead, I can think of errant drivers thinking, "Whazzat? A Prius?" This one was parked on Watchung Avenue in front of the Plainfield Donut Shop. No, no judgment ... just sayin' ...

Poison ivy photo IMG_6958a_zps33c98db1.jpg
Reaching for the sun

The poison ivy in Bridgewater wants to break free of its vines and reach the sky.

Sandy reminder photo IMG_6617a_zps0711752e.jpg
Reminder of Sandy

At least most of this one is cleaned up -- mainly because it was a very tall tree and major parts of it fell off onto cars and a driveway. Six months have passed since Hurricane Superstorm Sandy and many private yards and woodsy areas still bear the scars. This is in the yard next door to my home; the downed tree across the yard on the other side of me is worse. Between the tree damage evident just about everywhere, the mismatched new roof shingles and business signs still needing repair ... Sandy is not about to be forgotten anytime soon.

Azalea 2 photo IMG_6547a_zpsbc0c17fb.jpg
Azalea after overnight rains

The pink azaleas are in their glory at the Bridgewater Train Station.

Azalea 1 photo IMG_6546a_zps0de5224f.jpg
More azaleas

Blossoms in pink photo IMG_6539a_zps243d4e40.jpg
Now almost gone

At the Plainfield Train Station.


I took the following photos on my visit to Mindowaskin Park in Westfield on Wednesday:

Mindowaskin Park photo IMG_6622a_zps71c4dcfb.jpg

Mindowaskin Park 2 photo IMG_6632a_zpsca704c07.jpg

Mindowaskin Park 3 photo IMG_6634a_zpsf5c30ae6.jpg

Mindowaskin Park 4 photo IMG_6635a_zps044313af.jpg

Mindowaskin Park 5 photo IMG_6733a_zpsc0552617.jpg

Mindowaskin Park 6 photo IMG_6735a_zps7b9a6c00.jpg

Mindowaskin Park 7 photo IMG_6818a_zpse8981e47.jpg

Giant poodle photo IMG_6721a_zps15b066d7.jpg

Violet photo IMG_6623a_zps430d4974.jpg

Duck photo IMG_6650a_zps17e13ed6.jpg

Duck 2 photo IMG_6659a_zps32a867cc.jpg

Duck 3 photo IMG_6665a_zpsdd95fad2.jpg

Duck 4 photo IMG_6666a_zpsdc6c3703.jpg

Duck 5 photo IMG_6688a_zps2abfa2fc.jpg

Duck 7 photo IMG_6708a_zps28e5be50.jpg

Goslings 2 photo IMG_6755a_zps2d688f79.jpg

The geese parents were protective of the goslings, but seemed very used to humans making a fuss over their cuteness.

Goslings 3 photo IMG_6759a_zpsf82f29d0.jpg

Goslings 4 photo IMG_6762a_zps055e8204.jpg

Goslings 5 photo IMG_6767aa_zpsa1f0d268.jpg

Goslings 6 photo IMG_6780a_zpse569c4bf.jpg

Goslings 7 photo IMG_6781a_zps1fac9c0e.jpg

Goslings 9 photo IMG_6875a_zpsdf110c64.jpg

Just walking around showing off the babies to anyone in their path.

Goslings 10 photo IMG_6888a_zpsc70822b4.jpg

Flowers in front of Trader Joe's

TJ tulip photo IMG_6917a_zpsa178bb23.jpg

TJ flower 2 photo IMG_6916a_zpseada43b1.jpg

Trader Joe flower photo IMG_6908a_zps2a10ebcd.jpg

Vincent photo IMG_6931a_zps239bf838.jpg
I'm too sexy for my fur

Meanwhile, I have my own bundle of cuteness at home! While he may think he's too sexy for his fur, he's sadly mistaken. He's more kind of sexless. Oops! But I'll let him think he's a sexy cat anyway.


Palmaltas said...

Gorgeous photos! Congrats on the Cincinnati company wanting to buy your photo! Love the stormtrooper comment!

Donna in Alabama said...

Beautiful springtime photos, ours looked like that a couple of weeks ago.
LOL on the storm trooper come back!
Vincent is so sexy!
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Becky said...

Love the pictures and loved the exchange between you and the Star Wars lady.

Laurie said...

You know I love all those springtime flowers and feathered friends. What a glorious spring ... finally!

Delee said...

I wish spring flowering trees were that way all summer.
I think you watch Covert Affairs, that returns July 16th. Also Major Crimes---June 10th.
The park is beautiful and seems to be a restful spot!