Thursday, June 27, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Brief - Not PoV Yet, MVP Nom instead

Stuck in the middle with you ...

Okay, the feeds returned to a quasi-brouhaha. Apparently they had the PoV players picked (Elissa is playing) and some kind of issues about the seating arrangement for the meeting. @@

Elissa is mad at McCrae because he told her he told Amanda that she was MVP. Elissa is mad at Amanda because she knows she is MVP.
Elissa denies being MVP to all.
All suspect or know she is.

The mysterious MVP (cough::Elissa::cough) nominated Dave.  So, currently on the block -- Jessie, Candice and Dave.

They're still on indoor lockdown with the PoV being built in the backyard.


monty924 said...

This season is getting off to a GREAT start!!!

Delee said...

Would not be sorry to see Dave go. Too full of himself, like he is the greatest man to ever live! Ugh!

lynn1 said...

At least she had the smarts to get rid of a PITA and most probably a floater at anything other than a physical endurance comp

lynn1 said...

I meant to mention that I watched BBAD for the first time ever last night.
My first impression is that it is a great cure for insomnia.
The fashion show/pageant was boring.
Maybe when the group gets smaller and there is more intrigue and scheming it will be entertaining.

Terry is a Texan! said...

wow, I missed a lot!!

Brent McKee said...

You should try to see BBAD in Canada - try being the operative word. Slice, the Canadian network that airs it, has it on at 2 a.m. my time, which would be about 4 a.m. in the Eastern time zone. One of the tings that is keeping it so late is a rerun of Big Brother Canada which ended - in controversy - in May (one of the Canadian hamsters voted for the wrong person_.

Petals said...

Good!! Dave is gonegonegone, I hope. Candice is my fave so far.

Does anyone else fear that Elissa could win EVERY MVP, due to Rachel rigging the voting?

Seems suspicious that she won this one, when she didn't really do anything special, to win-over the public, I mean...?

Petals said...

Hey Jackie & everyone -

Not sure if anyone already did this, but:
On the CBS Live Feed chatbox, I created a room called "Jackie's Wacky Pack"
Now we can have a private place to chat during the live feeds, for whenever we're bored & just wanna dish the hamsters.
Hope it is OK, Jackie, that I used your name in the title.

Jackie said...

That's fine, Petals.

Anonymous said...

I really disliked Rachel her first year and as time went on and she was on again and again and then on the Amazing Race I grew to like her and maybe even understand her a little. Now, I'm a fan. Like any connection, it transfers somewhat to Elissa, her sister. I think there may be other BB fans like me out there who voted for Eliss to be MVP. -- abigal