Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Overnight Into Sunday 6/30

Jeremy's sneer says it all

I so love to snag screencaps which don't quite put the hamsters in the best light. Above, Jeremy seems to sneer as Kaitlin hangs all over him. He has no respect for her. But, then again, she doesn't seem to have much respect for herself, either. If she did, she wouldn't be all over any guy knowing him less than two weeks ... and in front of the world, no less.

In my last report I said that I thought the replacement nominee was Elissa although I didn't have confirmation at the time. I was indeed right. On the block we now have Jessie, David and Elissa. McCrae's original plan was to backdoor Elissa. There is a movement to oust David now and to use Elissa's possibilities of keeping on with the MVP vote to their own devices. It's all going to come down to a game of numbers.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of High School Hijinks:
  • They got their first booze delivery since the feeds went live last night.
  • Oh sheesh. Within ten minutes, many were acting all drunk. Amateurs!
  • I hear there's almost a record heat wave where they are in CA. Yet Nick wears a blue hoodie which matches his blue ball cap. He must think he looks fantastic in that get-up or something.
  • McCrae and Andy dissed the hot tub bunch for being "superficial." That bunch includes most of the Bieber Fever group. 
  • I think many of the hamsters ... most of them ... are on the "superficial" side. Isn't it a prerequisite for being on the show?
  • While talking with Nick, GinaMarie did the count of votes and think they'll have enough to evict Elissa.
  • Andy cried ... again. Sigh.
  • This time he was just listening to music in the HoH room!
  • Aaryn, the pretty girl who's not so pretty inside, wants to target Helen. She thinks Helen is against her, David, Jeremy and Kaitlin because of the showmances and knocks them for being young.
  • I don't know. It's more honorable to say a person is young (and foolish) than it is to make fun of the shape of their eyes or using slurs regarding the sexuality of other hamsters. Aaryn has done both of the latter.
  • So, she's no pretty girl.
  • Aaryn and Kaitlin also want Andy out.
  • Oh. And they think Candice will bounce back and forth between the alliances and be a rat.
  • They might be right about that. The MC alliance also doesn't have much trust in Candice.
  • McCrae gets around. He also has a side alliance with Jeremy (of all people). At least he doesn't have one with Aaryn.
  • McCrae is still trying to get Amanda to back off a bit and distance herself.
  • He's not too successful.
  • I have a feeling that when he's no longer HoH, that might fade.
  • Helen's worried that Amanda spends too much time with Bieber Fever.
  • She needn't worry. They don't trust her.
  • GinaMarie keeps running around counting the votes she hopes will save David.
  • Candice and Aaryn, cat fight, meow! It was all over a hat that Aaryn thought Candice bent.
  • Oh geez.
  • Wanting to put distance between them, McCrae isn't going as far as to not make out with Amanda. After all, when has this scrawny scraggly pizza boy had such beauty all over him?
  • GinaMarie (who's fading with my like) is irked at both Jessie and Candice. She thinks Candice is like Monet and wonders why she's in the house. And, she's apparently jealous of Jessie, threatening to punch her if she gets all over Nick.
  • Well, she didn't threaten her to her face, mind you. She made that threat while talking to her soul sister, Aaryn.
  • @@
  • The Catty Mean Girls are now thinking they might want to evict Jessie instead of Elissa.
  • CMG = Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin.
  • Howard seems to be on an even keel with all, although definitely not a part of Bieber Fever. However, even BF doesn't seem to have him in their sights.
  • Every time they call him Howie, I think of Howie and his Jack Shack.
  • Oy. The memories.
  • Gina is just about as bad as Aaryn. Although Kaitlin first said they'd stick together, Gina had to reiterate that Candice and Howard will stick together because they're black and "blacks do that." She also referred to the two as tokens.
  • That was shortly after Aaryn told Helen to "shut up and go make rice."
  • Aaryn also thinks Andy will win MVP because "America loves queers."
  • ARGH! These are SO not people I'd want to be trapped inside that house with all summer. They annoy me enough on the live feeds where I can turn them off!
  • The waffling continues. Now the CMG don't want Jessie to go.
  • My head is spinning.
  • Jeremy, taken into confidence by McCrae in their side alliance, let on to Kaitlin that Elissa might not be evicted this week.
  • To give him a teensy bit of credit, he realized after he said it that he shouldn't have told her. He warned her not to say anything because others won't confide in him anymore.
  • Kaitlin freaks out anyway.
  • While the girls have clear-cut alliances going on without much side action, not so the boys. Spencer, Nick, McCrae and Jeremy each have deals with others.
  • Oh well. They're all still asleep as I get this posted.

I just don't know


Odd bedfellows?


Michelle C said...

Ok. Don't like Aaryn. How dare her say ANYBODY! I just won't say the final word in my rant! Ugh!

Ninboh said...

That Aaryn is terrible. She's on freaking tv. Instead of slamming ppl for their race or sexuality, she should be trying to get to know ppl. How freaking immature can one be?

Petals said...

I saw all this shit too, it made me sick.

Yes, GM is done for me. I detest her like I do Aryan, K & Jerm. The misspelling of A's name is adbolutely intentional.

This is an ugly ugly season, friends.

Anonymous said...

I like the makes for good entertainment...and leave our Texas girl alone..I am sure they all have their faults but she is more vocal due to her age and yes immaturity...this should be an interesting least we won't be bored.....

Jackie said...

I call 'em as I see 'em, anon. I was once her age. I didn't make myself into a prejudiced idiot in private or public. I'm glad she doesn't "represent" New Jersey -- we have enough problem children!

Petals said...

Anon, sorry but NO WAY. I will not cut her an ounce of slack, not for TX or age or anything else. She is disgusting & shallow.
Unless you, Anon, have watched the feeds and see what we have seen, you really may not have any idea about what a terrible personality lives inside this Aryan person.

Petals said...

Jackie, LOL - Jersey did get thrown a terrible curve with all those shows.

Sasha said...

Jackie, just a big thank you! I always appreciate what you do but I got the feeds this time and I just don't know how you do it. I can hardly keep them all straight yet and most of the time am either bored or appalled (ty to Petals, clever name for Aaryn).
Of course, that doesn't mean I'll stop watching...yet. LOL.
Thanks again to you and to all the commenters, too.

ORKMommy said...

Jackie - I emailed you the pool picks so you can post them before the show. Sorry it took so long but I haven't had a minute to myself since Friday morning! All that time, effort and money for a party the birthday girl won't even remember! Oh well, fun was had by all and she's worth it! :-)

Sharon said...

I was going to try and refrain from posting until making up my mind about the hamsters this year. It hasn't taken that long though. So here's my assessment, so far:

The majority are pretty childish, with the "pretty" girls bordering on being the high school bullies. Aryan (thank you Petals), GinaMarie and Kaitlin are just plain disgusting.

At this point, the only ones I can stand are McRae, Elissa (who'da thunk?), Helen, Howard, Nick and Andy. I didn't think I'd like Andy at first, but can grow on you.

At first, I had hopes for Amanda with her stewardess bit, but it faded... fast. Never had any hope for Aryan (thank you Petals), Kaitlin, or GinaMarie... with Candace swimming alongside.

Jeremy is disgusting too, and don't care much for Judd either.

David keeps showing his "junk" to the cameras and I don't think it's a mistake because he's so full of himself (maybe he wants to do a porno flick?).

It certainly didn't take long to reach the point where I can hardly stand to watch After Dark and mostly skim through.

Let's face it, there's no Brittany-type to make it fun and funny this summer. Maybe it will get better when some of the nasty twits are gone and the house has been narrowed down a bit.

Petals said...

Sharon, Gina was kinda like a potty-mouth Brit at first, but after a few days, underneath the sweet funny New Yawker is a shallow bigot.

Petals said...

Jackie & e'one - Regan Fox from BB12 wrote an open letter to CBS regarding Aryan's & the others bigoted & homophobic comments. "slant eyes, go make rice, America loves the queers", "tokens"...
I REALLY detest Aryan.

jessica UNderwood said...

Can't stand Aaron!!!!!

Sharon said...

Good for Regan!!!
I don't get the feeds, and that's fine. Means I get to miss some of the nastier cracks. BB does want everyone to "be themselves" in the house, but be entertaining as well. Maybe these people think they are being amusing? Unfortunately, they are only managing to offend a good portion of the public.

I thought maybe it would be good if BB has a little DR chat with each of the offending people and put a stop to it. But then again, we wouldn't be getting a true picture of what the offenders are really like.

With After Dark on a different channel, it only took a couple of minutes to realize they are bleeping out the cussing. JMO, but I think that's kind of dumb since AD is on so late at night. Not to mention, you can pretty much tell what they are saying anyway.

monty924 said...

Have to agree with most everyone's assessment of the mean girls. I liked GM up until last night/this morning when she and the MCGs were at it in the back yard. Aryan (Good one, Petals) is just plain ugly to me.

Another one who I think is funny as all get out is Spencer but even he says disgusting things about the women.

I'll be happy if this plan works and the Bieber Fever bunch is sent packing ASAP. Once the house gets thinned out and rid of them, it will be more fun to watch.

Cattiness I can handle. Being mean and bigoted, not so much.

See ya'll tonight for the pool party.

monty924 said...

Too funny not to share. Pardon the pun but.... funny sh*t here:

Sharon said...

Wonder if BB had a little DR chat with Aaryn. All of a sudden, she's worried about the things she said while drunk last night. Says they were things she would normally never say, and mentions the Asian eyes comment. @@

Ok, I believe that... NOT.

JOKATS said...

It kills me to think that people have it in them to even feel such hate for others, but for them to not only say it to others faces, but KNOW that it is being broadcasted for the viewing public... it just turns my stomach. I then wonder if their parents are watching & saying "that's my girl" or are they mortified by what their child has become....... SMH

PDX Granny said...

Jackie, thank you so much for what you put up with for us. I've only been able to handle BBAD and the feeds in very low doses so far.

Orkmommy, thanks for being the pool lifeguard, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to that sweet little girl. Of course, I may be taking my thanks back once I see who you gave me. :)