Thursday, June 27, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Quickie Report - MVP

Have Not beds

Sigh, silly America voted for Elissa to be MVP! Gah. She told McCrae, but no one else that I caught. The other girls are freaking out, but they were freaking out well before she actually got word about it. Of course, this might throw a wrench into the plan to backdoor the wench, er ... Elissa. My apologies. It just came out!

They want her out mostly because she's Rachel's sister. I haven't really seen enough of her on the feeds to judge her on her own merits yet.

Right now the feeds are blocked with trivia playing -- either for the PoV or the MVP, don't know which.

Although they haven't made it clear:

  • It seems the MVP can be nominated as it's (supposedly) a secret.
  • The PoV probably works the same for the MVP as anyone else -- they can take themselves off if nominated, another off if they wish.
  • The MVP has no real power to stay in the game. They can be voted out like anyone else other than the HoH and PoV winners.
That said, McCrae is in a sticky spot. He knows she has it and, it would come off as really evil to backdoor her if she doesn't win PoV.

Laters, hamster watchers!


Chacha said...

Thanks for telling us the rules. i couldn't find them anywhere.
I agree with you on Elissa, I haven't seen enough of her. i did catch her talking with mcrae earlier.
i think mcrae will be in a sticky situation either way.
Love the summer fun is back!!!

Sharon S said...

The new twist really tangles the webs! Production, I am daring to hope, finally got one right.

Billy said...

I don't really care to see what Elissas merits are. Same with any time a show like this has a family member of a popular player (although I don't understand America's love for her sister). They don't do anything that makes them deserve to be there and just bring them in for a familiar face and to stir things up. I know it keeps things interesting but I don't like it.