Friday, June 28, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Report Thursday Into the Night 6/28 -PoV

She does look too much like her sister!

If she didn't look SO much like Rachel, Elissa might have a chance in the house. She doesn't come across as abrasive and, obviously, there isn't the tension of a Brendon in the house for her. She did light into Jeremy for calling her out about the MVP thing, then accused him of being a woman abuser. I don't know. They BOTH came off as jerks in that one.

Anyway ... here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Happy Shiny Hamsters:
  • McCrae, David, Candice, Jessie, Elissa and Howard were the veto players. GinaMarie was the host.
  • The comp, blocked to the live feeds, seemed to be some sort of spelling bee with honey. McCrae, true to his life's work, spelled out "delivery."
  • Elissa came up with "pot roast" but quickly found out that it's two words, not one.
  • D'oh!
  • McCrae came up the winner of this one.
  • So, we still have David (MVP nominee) and Candice/Jessie on the block ... for now.
  • Kaitlin was all over Jeremy.
  • Jeremy is definitely a player. Amanda warned Jessie (another of Jeremy's playtoys) about it.
  • Jessie says she knows.
  • I feel like I'm back in high school with this bunch.
  • Maybe junior high!
  • Some of the girls took a bubble bath in the HoH tub to coincide with the BBAD show.
  • Although they mention the feeds, it doesn't seem to have sunk in that it's not all about BBAD!
  • Elissa told Helen that McCrae plans to use the veto and she (Elissa) will be put up in the place of a nominee. He didn't say who would come down.
  • McCrae has Elissa believing she's not the target.
  • He's of the mind that it's what the house wants -- if they all vote out Elissa as they wanted, fine. If they want out someone else (David?), also fine. 
  • He thinks whatever the outcome, he comes out clean.
  • We'll see.
With the new season on, I'm not sure when the PoV meeting will be held. But it does seem McCrae will stick to the initial plan of at least setting up for the backdoor exit of Elissa.

I personally wouldn't mind David going home, either. The Aaryn/David coupling is way too much too soon. She actually irks me more than he does. I think she's a pretty girl, but she's a know-it-all who really doesn't know as much as she thinks. One thing she's right about, though -- her coupling with David has put a target on both of them!

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Already others don't really trust him

Cowgirl at heart

The pretty people

Even dressed alike!


Petals said...

Jackie - who slept in McRae's bed last night? She was riding his ass until 7am CST to please keep her, that she is his only friend, etc. Now they are sleeping, but I could not (in night vision) determine which chick it was. :)
And Jeremy is spooning with Kaitlyn, I think.
He is repulsive. Jeremy is one of my least favorites. He reminds me of Shane - his little beady eyes, too close together, with funny ears.

Yes, Ms Jackie - this group is very Gossip Girl @@

On a mature note, I did want to add this for the adults: Helen seems to be a sweetheart. She spent a long time with Elissa, trying to be a friend, soothing her nerves. They discussed kids, cars, etc. Very refreshing, LOL

Chacha said...

Petals- the girl was Amanda.
I really don't have any clear faves so far.
I really don't think Elissa is that bad, getting a bad rap due to her sister(who was a beast in comps) but had no social game.
Helen is nice and that will be her downfall.
Can't stand Aaryn...

JimmyB said...

I don't think the houseguests appreciate that the viewers need Elissa for entertainment value. (If she's anything like sis)

monty924 said...

I so want Elissa to stay this week. Aaryn can't stand her, and if her cuddle buddy (David) would go home and Elissa stay, it will be fireworks up in there next week. That's what I want to see.