Sunday, June 30, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - June 30, 2013

Good Sunday morning to all those reading this! If you're here for the Big Brother live feeds posts, the last one is located right at this link. The next one will be posted a bit later today. One of the things I do year 'round here is an off television topic post reflecting on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. You've been warned!

Once again this week, at least in the early week, I got caught in storms heading home. Grr. I thought I put in a request with Mother Nature for the storms to occur during the overnight hours!

On one of the stormy, hot and humid days, I got into a bit of a kerfuffle with some rowdy kids on the train home. They weren't familiar to me and I really didn't expect them to get off at my stop ... screaming and yelling at me. Eep. Thankfully, there were two Plainfield police officers working at the station. When one went to move the obnoxious teens along, the other (after asking where I live), gave me a ride home. Yes, in the front seat! That sergeant ROCKS! That was so nice of him! And, no, he's not one of the officers I actually know on the Plainfield PD.

Those who follow the show know, but others who tune in specifically for this weekly post might not realize -- Big Brother and its live feeds started up for the summer. Working a full-time "real" job and covering the house happenings make for a lack of sleep for about three months. Oy. But, on the other hand, I never have to be worried about having nothing to do!

On the home front, I shared the elevator once again with the now not-so-new upstairs neighbor. No tennis clothes this time, but shorts nonetheless. He's very pleasant and polite. And, that South African/quasi-British accent is a nice change of pace for my ears. He's still quite quiet up there. He can stay.

That's about all I have for you right now ... onto the photos!

Bunny 4 photo IMG_8288a_zps9a9c18d2.jpg
Bunny in the grass

Much better than a snake in the grass, don't you think? Corner of East Front and Berckman in Plainfield.

Rose photo IMG_8293a_zps8cffa705.jpg
By any other name

East Front Street, Plainfield


Early morning chicory photo IMG_8233s_zps98112142.jpg
Early morning chicory blossom

On the four mornings I head into work early, the chicory blossoms at the Plainfield Train Station are just starting to open up after a night of rest.

Mimic fly chicory photo IMG_8309a_zps9fc36437.jpg
Mimic fly on chicory blossom

Although that looks like a tiny bee, it's not. It's a mimic fly. It has the bee coloring to thwart prey. Note the chicory blossom is all opened. I took this shot at about 10am on Saturday morning. Plainfield Train Station

Robin photo IMG_8313a_zps6c57a95e.jpg
Robin on a bar

He would eat the mimic fly! Bridgewater Train Station

Yellow jacket photo IMG_8307s_zps8ff176fa.jpg
Yellow Jacket wasp

While I'm not allergic to poison ivy, I am allergic to these. Bridgewater, NJ

Fly photo IMG_8300a_zpsf12d2f8d.jpg
Carrion or blow fly

They like to sit on poison ivy leaves for some reason. Bridgewater Train Station.

Flowers photo IMG_8298a_zpse65bc2e9.jpg
Purty with pink!

Bridgewater, NJ

Yellow blossom photo IMG_8295a_zps03d715ac.jpg
Delicate and intricate

These make me smile. Church Street, Plainfield.

Fence squirrel photo IMG_8292a_zpsac5d3b13.jpg
On the fence is better than middle of the road

Oh my. His tail doesn't look as fluffy as it should. But he seemed healthy otherwise. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Bunnies! photo IMG_8269a_zpse61d1b57.jpg
Whazzat? Bunnies!

I've mentioned before that the rabbit population has increased with the decline of the feral cat population in the neighborhood. These two rabbits were on the unkempt lawn at the corner of East Front and Berckman in Plainfield. I think that urban bunnies might eventually become almost as common as squirrels. I recall years ago staying at the Marriott in Newark (NJ) for a seminar, the grounds were all but infested with rabbits.

Rabbit fence photo IMG_8275a_zps2ed2642a.jpg
Y'know, I can see you

But I'm hiding behind a fence!

Bunny 1 photo IMG_8276a_zps7cb14fbb.jpg
Yes, you

Bunny 2 photo IMG_8281a_zps49b5c676.jpg
Yes, I do see you

I really do. You're a bunny rabbit. And, you're right there.

Bunny 3 photo IMG_8285a_zpsd73f68fc.jpg
Staying still doesn't make you invisible

For some time, rabbits will stay still, possibly thinking their prey will think they're statues or invisible ... or something. But when they finally run away, they zoom!

Drink and drive photo IMG_8262a_zps6ff5c728.jpg
Drinking and driving don't mix

The empty liquor bottle next to car parts from a crash at the corner of East Front and Berckman in Plainfield give out a warning even if they are purely coincidental.

Was supermoon photo IMG_8256a_zps9728aeea.jpg
Waning supermoon

I didn't go out to get a shot of the Supermoon last weekend while it was full. But I did get this shot Tuesday morning while walking to the train station.

Crow photo IMG_8236a_zps4b4b8839.jpg
Crow on the rocks

Hmm. Sounds like a drink!

Vincent photo IMG_8297a_zps99a72652.jpg
Bunnies? Crows? Robins? Squirrels?

Playtoys! Dinner! What? You didn't bring any home for me?

No, Vincent. My living room is NOT Wild Kingdom.


Anonymous said...

Jackie I always look forward to your bog,especially the one on Sundays. I really enjoy your photos.

Palmaltas said...

How lucky for you that there were two policemen to get rid of the rowdy kids and for one to give you a ride home. Lovely photos!

Bernice said...

Super photo of Vincent!
Glad you escaped the rowdies.