Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Wednesday into the Evening - July 31

A thrill a minute

What's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Hate?
  • Nothing much today, nothing much at all.
  • They've been on indoor lockdown since 5am for the building of the HoH comp in the yard.
  • Helen did a lot of housecleaning, including cleaning the mirrors in the house.
  • BB thanked her.
  • Other than Helen, no one was up before 1pm (their time).
  • Gah.
  • Last night's discarded Save Howard Plan by Aaryn, Jessie and GinaMarie caused more unrest while Candice thought that others were scheming to evict her.
  • And, Andy's trying to throw the blame for all the rumors on Judd.
  • Needless to say, in the house of discomfort, there's even more discomfort.
  • So, they napped some more.
  • Aaryn is positive that Judd is the MVP.
  • Helen told McCrae that Judd wants to evict him once they hit jury, figuring McCrae would vote for him to win.
  • Andy wants Judd out.
  • Things aren't looking too great for Mumbling Man.
  • But, at least he's not up on the block.
  • This week.
  • Aaryn really thinks it would be better for her own game for Candice to go home instead of Howard.
  • Where are Candice and Howard?
  • Exiled together napping, cuddling and talking all day.
  • I'd say that's not helping either of them. But they do seem to have more problems when they try talking to people in the house.
  • They think, as I do, that tomorrow's HoH comp will be an endurance one.
  • Yet they nap most of the day and probably will be awake for most of the night.
  • The big excitement of the day so far has been Jessie Drama.
  • She hid under the covers in one room and refused to talk to anyone.
  • Everyone except Howard and Candice even tried an intervention telling her they love her and it didn't work.
  • Knowing how she's been about seeking friends, I bet she actually smiled under the blankets.
  • "They like me! They really like me!" -- credit to Sally Fields.
  • But, nah.
  • She finally told Andy (alone) that she was scared to talk to anyone because everything always gets so twisted.
  • So, there's the day in the house. 
  • It sucks to be them, huh?

A bible and a banana



Napping Howard-a-Day

Clownie never naps

Big Brother 15: MVP Nomination, PoV Show Blog Party - July 31

Everybody got their beverages and snacks at hand? The party's starting! As tonight's show airs here on the East Coast, I'll post the major events right here. To get the latest news, refresh the page.

But, if you came to party and discuss the show with others ... head to the comments! Please, though, I do ask that things are kept to a PG-level. Thank you in advance!

Amanda is the MVP nomination -- of course, she blames Howard. The additional veto players are Candice and Jessie. Helen is the host.

Veto comp time! Mad scientist Helen is in the time lab. They must travel back in time to solve a puzzle in prehistoric backyard times. Spencer wins PoV!

Aaryn is leaning towards Candice as the replacement nominee. But we all knew that would happen.

Veto meeting time. Spencer saves himself and Aaryn puts Candice on the block. No surprises there.

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Tuesday Evening into Wednesday Dawn - July 30-31

Mumble, mumble, toil and trouble

I think this might be the first season ever I've felt this uncomfortable with pretty much the whole group of hamsters in the habitrail. While the game has always been about backstabbing and deceit, it's taken on an outright evil tinge this year. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Cringeworthy Crazies:
  • Aaryn's upset that Candice is once again "buddy buddy" with Helen and Elissa.
  • Aw, that's too bad, isn't it?
  • Amanda thinks Aaryn is being too paranoid. In other words, Amanda's paranoid that Aaryn might leave her little group of minions.
  • Even McCrae is getting tired of how Amanda bullies treats others.
  • As a matter of fact, he looks more miserable than not at almost all times he's with Amanda lately.
  • As a superfan, McCrae should have known better than to get into a major showmance.
  • After McCrae admonished her for treating Aaryn badly, Amanda went and apologized to her.
  • Aaryn, not the sharpest stick in the woods, probably accepted it. It's hard to tell sometimes.
  • Aaryn is still on her anti-Candice shtick.
  • Amanda is still on her anti-Howard shtick.
  • Every time the alleged Howard sexual threat is brought up, we get fish.
  • I think that's something Amanda created to sway others against Howard. It seems very out of character for him and I find it totally unlikely. Plus, there is no evidence -- we saw him whisper something, but it didn't seem like that and we couldn't hear it.
  • If she did indeed make it up, shame on her. That's evil.
  • If she didn't, shame on him.
  • I still personally think it's totally manufactured by her.
  • Both GinaMarie and Aaryn would prefer Candice leave this week. Only GM can vote (unless there's a tie).
  • Jessie is upset that she's tried to make up with Candice and Candice isn't accepting her.
  • Jessie still comes across as some sort of annoying needy little sister.
  • That is, if I had an annoying needy little sister.
  • Jessie told Helen that she thinks GinaMarie and Judd are closer than she (Jessie) and Judd.
  • Jessie cried.
  • Helen consoled her as Helen often does ... everyone. That Mom complex must just kick in or it's in her strategy.
  • There seems like there might be some movement with the plan to vote out Candice instead of Howard. Jessie and GinaMarie are talking about flipping the vote. If they, Spencer and Judd vote for Candice to go, Howard would stay.
  • I'd prefer Amanda go, thankyouverymuch.
  • GinaMarie is SURE the MVP is Elissa.
  • My, my ... so much this season is all based on dislike for perceived and supposedly real reasons.
  • Aaryn told GinaMarie that she just "can't" vote out Candice if there's a tie this week.
  • That would be due to either her word to Helen/Elissa or fear of Amanda. Take your pick.
  • Helen thinks the vote will be split and Aaryn will have to vote.
  • Amanda said she'll make "damn sure" Aaryn votes out Howard.
  • How? Threaten to kill her like she did Candice?
  • Judd told Andy that he's getting a bit scared of how attached to him (Judd) that Jessie is getting. He said if he gets HoH, he'll put her on the block just to show they are NOT working together.
  • Of course, by now, people are realizing that they can use Andy to transmit messages.
  • Aaryn thinks that people will take Jessie to the final two because it would be a sure win against her.
  • Probably.
  • They're worried because Candice seems to know there will be votes for her to leave when supposedly the original plan was for an almost unanimous Howard exit.
  • Amanda started talking about the plan to get Candice out.
  • Her minions are shocked that she's actually thinking of it.
  • When half of them were already thinking of it.
  • @@
  • I still think Howard will go, but it just might be Candice.
  • What would be super cool would be if they all turned on Amanda.
  • But I don't see that happening.

McCrae looks miserable a lot lately

Howard-a-Day, milk does a body good

Clownie sees all, even in the dark

Why do fake blonds go on this show?

Again ... why pretend blonds?

Volleyball respite from hate

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Tuesday into the Evening - July 30

Oh,no! Jeremy!

So sad. The big flying beetle the hamsters named Jeremy (as a tribute, naturally!) self-evicted at the Big Brother House earlier today. Otherwise, it's been yet another day of confrontations, scheming and unhappiness. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Spools of Lies:
  • Aaryn told those who rule the house that GinaMarie said Spencer and Howard were campaigning to get Amanda out this week.
  • She said that "they" said that once that crew goes, then go all the peripheral players until it's just Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and Helen as the final four.
  • I personally kind of want to say, "So what? It's Big Brother. The nature of the game is to target people you want to beat and be the last hamster standing."
  • But, no! It's like this is some kind of grand machinery working against them that they never suspected!
  • @@
  • Interesting ... before BB cut to fish, Aaryn mentioned that (while in sequester) they didn't allow Elissa to watch Rachel's season. They always let the sequestered people view a few seasons while they're in exile.
  • They think that Judd (a) is MVP, (b) might be related to a past hamster, (3) might be flipping to join Spencer and Howard.
  • Aaryn's worried that if there's a tie this week, Spencer will create a scene during the live show.
  • Aaryn thinks that if Helen is at the end, she will win.
  • Probably.
  • Amanda thinks Helen wants to be in the final two with Elissa.
  • Maybe.
  • Amanda wonders why Judd referred to her and McCrae as a "power couple" and why people think they're running the game.
  • I don't even have a witty retort for that one.
  • Andy told Judd they should tell Spencer last minute that it will be Howard voted out. (I think he knows it already and is just holding onto the dream it might be Amanda or even Candice instead.)
  • When Helen asked Judd why he snapped at her yesterday, Judd told her he was actually mad that Howard was "pulling on heartstrings" to stay.
  • Helen told Judd that Elissa is bad for her game and she will have no problem voting her out when the time comes. She also said Howard does nothing for her game.
  • They all can't believe how slowly they're going through food since Jeremy left. He ate more than several people. Amanda mentioned he never watched the show (before sequester) and his mother sent in his application package as she's a fan.
  • Then we finally got some drama ... Amanda and Spencer smackdown! Well, no fisticuffs, but lots of words between the two!
  • Spencer told her she was a bully.
  • She said he was a liar.
  • Back and forth, up and down ... and nothing got resolved.
  • I was just happy that someone (anyone) called Amanda out for what she is.
  • Spencer definitely wants Candice voted out instead of Howard, but obviously knows that's not what Amanda wants.
  • He'd prefer Amanda get voted out but knows the followers will continue to follow.
  • Now, I'm not a Spencer fan. He's kind of a creepy disgusting guy. But I give him kudos for TRYING to shuffle the house.
  • Spencer said Howard has all but given up and is talking about self-evicting.
  • Amanda said her approach to the game isn't winning comps, but building relationships.
  • BWHAHAHAHA! McCrae is a strategy? Build relationships by being a controlling so-and-so? I scoff her strategy!
  • Well, I should take back my scoff. It's working for her.
  • For now.
  • Then the drama continued with Keepin' It Real with Candice.
  • She lit into Spencer for campaigning against her.
  • She ranted about him leaving if she stays in the house!
  • Wham! Rant! 
  • Done and over.
  • Then Howard defended his actions saying that if he couldn't be who he is in the house, he'd rather go.
  • He claims he isn't self-evicting, but that's how it is. He will not compromise his own goals.
  • All of this is making Aaryn feel very secure with her relationship with Helen and Andy. She said that they (Spencer, Howard) think she's an outsider because she doesn't show her cards.
  • Little does she know, she's way low on their totem pole.
  • Helen told Candice her speech was great today. Gosh, that Helen gets around.
  • McCrae told Andy he thinks Judd already tipped Spencer off that they were voting Howard out and that fueled the confrontation with Amanda.
  • Um, NO. Spencer, creepy as he is, isn't dumb to the game.
  • Aaryn and Amanda think that Candice's rant put a bigger target on both her and Spencer. Her as in Candice herself.
  • GinaMarie told Aaryn she agreed with Howard about the four people running the house -- Amanda, McCrae, Helen and Elissa.
  • I'd actually say it was two -- Amanda and Helen.
  • Amanda insists that Howard threatened her sexually.
  • We have no evidence of this on the feeds. None at all. He whispered something to her and her reaction was laughter. We couldn't hear what was said.
  • She's telling everyone he said it and thinks she should tell the producers.
  • Hmm.
  • GinaMarie said Asian people are called "gooks." Spencer (of ALL people) corrected and told her that's bad.
  • I'm just in shock at the idiots in the house this year! And, IDIOTS isn't a slur. It's just nuthin' but the truth!
  • Aaryn wants Howard out as, in his speech earlier, he referred to her as an Indian and not a chief.
  • So she thinks she's a leader?
  • Oh, but now she hates Candice again! She said Candice lied to everyone about her being a racist and told Amanda to confront her about it.
  • To her credit, Amanda denied that Candice told her to confront Aaryn about the racist talk.
  • So, now it seems she wants Candice out.
  • Mind you, Aaryn only votes in the case of a tie.

Rampant Roots

At least he stood up to Amanda

Those pants need to stop. Right now.

Uh-oh ... Keepin' it Real with Candice


Save the drama for your mama!

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Monday Night Into Tuesday - July 29-30

Just wad that hair up in a ball

They'll spend forever doing their make-up, yet these girls have black roots in their blond hair or just gob all that hair into a ball atop their heads with pieces sticking out all over. Yeah, that was one sentence. But I had to say it.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Recruited Rodents:
  • Helen is just now realizing that practically anything said to Jessie makes the rounds?
  • Sheesh. Candice just stumbled on that fact, as well.
  • Now, instead of thinking that Howard is MVP, most think Judd is.
  • He denies it.
  • Aaryn, Helen and Amanda decide that they're a "circle of trust." @@
  • Yeah, that trust will last until they turn on each other and cast each other aside.
  • They're suspicious of Judd because, for one thing, he stays up late every night with Spencer.
  • Aaryn thinks, for her own game, she'd rather have Spencer in the jury than Elissa or Candice.
  • That, of course, is due to that mutual hate thing those three have going on.
  • Helen commented on the fact that Judd is not only up late, he's usually up early as she's up and exercising. He doesn't sleep a lot, but lies a lot she thinks.
  • Helen thinks Judd needs to go before Jessie. Amanda claims he "snaps" a lot.
  • Judd can have his moods.
  • But, coming from the women in this game, I'd say "Grab a mirror!"
  • Helen compared Judd's game to that of Dan Gheesling.
  • Um, no. Not alike at all.
  • Amanda is not only stressed about being on the block, but now her tummy hurts, too.
  • Poor baby.
  • Poor McCrae, who fairly silently puts up with it all.
  • Aaryn and GinaMarie talked.
  • Aaryn went out of that Circle of Trust, please take note.
  • She told GinaMarie that whenever she's talking with Amanda and others, it seems like they have to all cater to Amanda.
  • Yep.
  • (As a sidenote: The girls have all complained about Candice's voice. But what the heck is going on with that gurgly underwater voice Aaryn has half the time?)
  • Helen told Andy she actually really likes Aaryn now.
  • How quickly they forget.
  • Spencer dissed both Amanda and Helen to GinaMarie.
  • He told GinaMarie that he caught Helen lying to him.
  • While talking to Spencer, Howard compared GinaMarie to a guy.
  • She'd probably be thrilled. That's the "tough boy" persona she seems to go for.
  • Amanda told Jessie that she needs to listen to Andy, herself and McCrae and do what they tell her.
  • Hmm.
  • Jessie told Amanda that Candice "threatened her" in their talk in the bathroom.
  • My gosh, if she thinks that's a threat ...! How is this girl going to make it through life?
  • Amanda agreed with Jessie that Candice is a bully.
  • I say, "Pot, kettle, black." Amanda is so much more of a bully! Sheesh!
  • Amanda's new final four scenario is: Herself, McCrae, Andy and Aaryn.
  • Aaryn: "Don't get me in any fake alliances!"
  • Oh, no, my little sweetie ... this is REAL!
  • @@
  • Amanda said Spencer is a misogynistic bully.
  • Well, yeah.
  • Aaryn lied to Judd, telling him Amanda and Crew trusts him.
  • Aaryn told Elissa that she'd never say any racist slurs because it would hurt her outside the house when she left.
  • Well, yeah. A bit too late now.
  • Elissa and Aaryn have made up now.
  • We'll see how long this all lasts.
  • It still looks like Howard will be voted out. I'm actually wondering if Candice might be able to take the stress of being there a bit better without him.
  • But I don't know if the others will allow her to even try.
  • Sigh.


Yet another hairball

The ultimate athlete

McCrea silently suffering

He's everywhere! He's everywhere!

Heat's off her for the week

Monday, July 29, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Daytime Monday - July 29

And Amanda cried ... finally

Remember, they wanted to be in the house! I wouldn't be caught dead in there myself! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Disgruntled Doofuses:
  • Andy told Howard he doesn't know if he can trust Helen and they counted the votes for Howard to stay.
  • Say WHAT?
  • Howard told Andy that Helen is controlling the nominations and the votes, as well.
  • In comparing notes, Spencer said that Helen said he'll probably go up on the block each week, but should remain safe until jury.
  • (Dang, don't these folks see it's both Amanda and Helen pulling the strings here? And ... one of them is presently on the block and could be sent packing!)
  • Judd asked Howard if he'd be willing to go along and get back in the game if Candice went instead of him.
  • Howard told him it broke his heart to see her cry. He said that, as a man, he'd rather go and have her stay.
  • McCrae told Amanda he feels she has too many secrets.
  • Amanda is worried Judd wants her out.
  • McCrae told Spencer to lay low. Um. Okay. He has PoV, isn't worried for himself this week anyway.
  • Amanda continues to be nervous.
  • She asked McCrae if he trusts her. He said, "Yeah, but I didn't know."
  • Are cracks developing in that relationship?
  • Good. I'm sick of seeing them all over each other. I don't watch the live feeds for bad porn.
  • Amanda continued to stress out, cry, worry that Judd is working against her, cry some more ... for a good two hours!
  • Better McCrae to deal with her than me.
  • She's now even leery of McCrae.
  • She said she hates it when she loses control of situations.
  • Yes, I do believe her. Yikes!
  • Aaryn told Spencer that Candice will be going up in his place.
  • Duh. Pretty much everybody knew that the second Spencer won PoV.
  • Spencer pushed again for a power move.
  • Aaryn's too scared to upset the house.
  • (Like she never did that before!)
  • Spencer told Howard that he's working on a plan to keep him and send Candice out instead.
  • Spencer told Aaryn the same thing.
  • The PoV ceremony, though blocked to the feeds, held no surprises -- Spencer saved himself, Candice went on the block.
  • Amanda and Helen are all ticked off at Judd because he didn't tell them of the plan to evict Candice and keep Howard.
  • Hey, they should be thankful it's Candice. It could be Amanda.
  • I can only dream.
  • Jessie and Candice had a bit of a bicker fight. Candice said that she has never repeated anything Jessie has said while Jessie thinks that she's using things she said about Amanda two weeks ago to pressure her.
  • Meow.
  • Judd trusts Andy.
  • He shouldn't.
  • Talk about repeating everything!
  • They're all still worried that Howard has some sort of special power like a coup d'etat.
  • They're worried about the vote count this week, but feel Amanda should have no votes. They plan to tell Spencer last minute they don't have to votes to send out Candice instead of Howard.
  • Aaryn asked if it's tied between Candice and Howard, who should she vote out?
  • Howard.
  • Aaryn says she hates Candice.
  • Howard and Candice are starting to bicker.
  • The others think he's throwing her under the bus in an attempt to stay.
  • Candice is starting to feel that way, too.
  • Oh my. What a kerfuffle going on in there.
  • I'm glad I'm here.

Primping time!

Howard-a-Day and Candice's onesies

Jessie backpedals

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Sunday Evening into Monday - July 28-29

'tis Ramen!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Broken Dreams:
  • The girls had Nail Party #2.
  • I'm glad I'm not there. I'm so not a nail party type person!
  • Candice was the only female who didn't attend.
  • She told Andy she's never been rude or ugly to anyone in the house.
  • I say, well ... she might not have started rudeness or ugliness, but she's definitely taken a part in it!
  • Amanda told Candice they're like mother bears protecting their cubs -- she protects McCrae, Candice Howard.
  • Although she's not on the block yet (but probably will be after the veto meeting), Candice thinks Aaryn is being malicious to put both her and Howard on the block.
  • Amanda told Candice that the only reason she was after Howard is because he was after her -- game, not personal.
  • Candice claims she feels excluded.
  • Helen says it's because she's always with Howard.
  • The same can be said at time for McCrae and Amanda although they mingle more in the house.
  • Candice told Amanda that if she and McCrae were both on the block, she'd take things personal, too.
  • Amanda pointed out that all the deals Howard is proposing don't include her (Candice).
  • Helen and Amanda both told her that Howard leaving will improve her own personal game. Candice's, that is.
  • Candice told Amanda that Spencer wanted her to campaign for her (Amanda) to go and Howard to stay.
  • Helen told Candice that they -- Candice, Amanda and Helen -- could work together in the game.
  • GinaMarie continues to have delusions of her grandeur and prowess in the game.
  • @@
  • Aaryn and Jessie took a bubble bath with all the duckies.
  • They noticed one fish was dying and the others were nipping at him.
  • They were horrified.
  • GinaMarie set up a front row seat to watch.
  • Aaryn told Spencer that Candice is "playing the victim card" and that she hates her.
  • She will be putting Candice up in Spencer's place.
  • Howard continues to exile himself after his round of pleading for his case.
  • That's not helping him. 

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

Duck, duck

They're EATING him!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - July 28


Sunday's usually a quiet day at the BB house -- they have no comps, they can sleep in, the yard is usually open for swimming and lazing in the sun. In other words, Sundays can be boring for us! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bamboozled Bores:
  • Helen told Judd that just before jury they need to get rid of either McCrae or Amanda.
  • Howard read his bible.
  • Helen has now decided that she likes and trusts Aaryn.
  • @@
  • It's only if they keep Aaryn in fear that she can be trusted, I think.
  • Helen told Judd that she thinks he's really smart and isn't a floater.
  • Hmm ... I wonder if that might make him her next target?
  • Judd said he doesn't think that Aaryn's really a racist. He thinks her words just got misconstrued.
  • How so? Does she mumble? No? Then ...
  • They talked about both Amanda and Elissa needing to go, but Howard first.
  • Helen has never watched either the live feeds or BBAD.
  • Elissa said she watched BBAD when Rachel was on.
  • She should have watched the feeds!
  • In my screen cap below, Andy isn't really kidnapped. The lights in the bedroom must be kept on during the daytime and they're not allowed to sleep anywhere but the bedrooms. He's sleeping in.
  • As did most of them except for Helen, Judd, then Elissa.
  • Elissa thinks Howard is treating her differently than he used to ... almost ignoring her.
  • Elissa is going on another stir up stuff foray.
  • She told Judd that she thinks everybody is lying to her.
  • She also asked him what he thought of Amanda. He said he likes her and then she told him three people told her that he wants (Amanda) out.
  • Andy and Helen are also suspecting of Judd today. They wonder if he lied saying that Kaitlin was after Helen to get her out.
  • Helen thinks Spencer will help them get Amanda and/or McCrae out.
  • Andy doesn't know if he can be trusted.
  • Helen told Andy that she's going to act like she's good friends now with Aaryn to make Jessie jealous. That way Jessie will be willing to vote out Aaryn.
  • Y'know, that could backfire, I think. Jessie might feel betrayed by Helen and want to vote HER out!
  • The photo booth opened and fun was had by all.
  • All except Howard, that is. I believe he's the only one who didn't show up while the booth was working.
  • Jessie was full of advice for Spencer.
  • @@
  • Like she's some kind of expert, eh?
  • Jessie told him the proposed leaving order is Howard, Aaryn, then Spencer.
  • Can't she ever keep a confidence?
  • McCrae announced that Spencer is campaigning for Howard to stay.
  • Well, duh.
  • Judd is still worried that Howard might have a special power.
  • Well, if he could fly, he'd probably fly right on outta there!
  • Amanda is still pushing Anti-Howard, as expected.
  • Candice is sure she's going.
  • Candice cried to Howard.
  • Helen said she was surprised there weren't more attractive men this year.
  • So were we.
  • So were we.
  • Helen apologized to Aaryn for thinking she's a racist.
  • Aaryn thinks she's being cast as the villain. 
  • Howard told Helen he's not coming after her, never was.
  • We know his main target would be Amanda.
  • Of course, Helen and the others had already planned to bamboozle Howard and let him think he has a chance to stay.
  • Amanda thinks that Aaryn will do whatever she says.
  • Oh my. 

Oh, no! Kidnapped?

Setting a trend

4, 3, 2, 1

And Candice cried ... again

Big Brother 15: Nominations/Food Comp Show Blog Party - July 28

Ready for the party? As the show airs here on the East Coast (thunderstorms willing), I'll update this post with the major happenings. Refresh the page to get the latest. However ... just a note -- we have severe thunderstorms in the area. If I vanish, I've lost power. Eek!

The real party will carry on in the comments area, no matter what! Come join in on the fun!

Aaryn says she'll keep the deal made with Helen and Elissa -- they name the noms, Howard and Spencer. They all hid from her prior to the HoH room reveal. Helen thinks Elissa leaked the deal to Candice when it was actually Jessie.

Food comp time -- BB Police. Gather evidence and balance on desk for the first part. They have to then grab confidential envelopes and remember exactly where they found all the evidence items. The random team losing was GinaMarie, Judd, Candice and Amanda.

We vote on (for next week) - mung beans and mackeral, parsnips and pumpernickel or figs and felafel. Yikes, they had it good with raisins and ramen this week!

Nominations ceremony time. Key order is: GinaMarie, Jessie, Andy, Elissa, Candice, Helen, McCrae, Amanda, Judd. Despite pleas from the others, she kept her deal to put Howard and Spencer on the block. She apologized and said she did what's best form her game.

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - July 28, 2013

Good morning, folks! Welcome to my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. If you're looking for Big Brother live feeds reports, the most recent one is right here at this link. This particular post will have no show or live feeds content in it, but I will be posting later today and there will be a blog party tonight as the show airs here on the East Coast.

It's been a rather odd week for me here this past week. At least the heat wave finally ended. Folks were complaining it was too cold one day as I was dancing around saying how much I loved it! As I get older, I'm SO not a summer person. I don't like sweating while I'm just walking or even standing!

I also had to deal with an infected spider(?) bite this week, probably two bites next to each other. I'm not sure if it happened outside or at home. I haven't seen any spiders in my apartment lately although I've had a few here and there in the past. Vincent tends to not let any bug he can get to live, brave hunter that he is. I went to a doctor after a huge bright red swatch around the bites appeared a day afterward and my foot/ankle swelled up. The bite(s) were on the back of my left ankle. So I'm now on antibiotics and I missed a few days of work. But it did feel good to have it elevated on ice. I have paid sick time, too. So, things could be worse.

Without further ado, onto the photos I took ... 

Sunflower photo IMG_8987a_zps16ffd6c1.jpg
First sunflower sighting

The sunflowers have blossomed on East Front Street in Plainfield.

Woodpecker 1 photo IMG_8918a_zps955790e7.jpg
Hey, whazzat?

I heard it first. Then I saw it -- a female downy woodpecker pecking away on a common mullein weed. (Or is it a great mullein? Some are about 12' tall!) As this is indeed a female woodpecker, there is no bright red patch on the back of her head. Bridgewater Train Station.


Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Saturday Night Into Sunday - July 27-28

Oh, no! They're going to put me on the block!

In my last post, I let you know that Spencer (of all people) won the Power of Veto. Woe is the world at this point ... the day Spencer wins a comp. Here's what's been happening since the big win inside that Big Brother House of Messy Misfits:
  • Candice asked Helen to ask Aaryn to put GinaMarie up in Spencer's place instead of her (Candice).
  • Like THAT is gonna happen!
  • Amanda wants it to be an all Howard vote.
  • Putting Candice up there might muddle that a bit since some are so vehemently against her.
  • Aaryn is worried that if she puts Candice up, with the two black people in the house on the block, they'll claim it's racially motivated.
  • Spencer thinks they have the votes to get rid of Amanda.
  • Like THAT is gonna happen!
  • It's fun to watch Amanda worry and squirm, though. She's so controlling and bullying that watching her panic a bit is fun!
  • I know, I have my own mean streak.
  • Aaryn claimed she's never done or said anything racist.
  • Okay, let's review the tapes, little girl!
  • Aaryn thinks that she will say that Candice is going on the block because she ruined her (Aaryn's) reputation with false allegations.
  • Andy said Howard sucked at the competition. It was some sort of puzzle.
  • Howard said he over-thought it.
  • Which is probably just another way to say he sucked at it, I say.
  • Jessie told Candice she's going to go along with what the house wants.
  • Helen says it needs to be Howard gone this week, Amanda another time.
  • Judd thinks Howard is a nice guy, but possibly has the worst social game of anyone ever in BB.
  • I wouldn't say the WORST. I mean ... there was Justin in Season 2, there was that guy tossed for throwing chairs, etc. Howard's biggest social game flaws are: too many bad lies, not manning up to obvious lies when confronted, secluding himself from the others, too much hyped religion in front of others and talking in circles.
  • But, he's not the worst by any means.
  • Judd is now saying he wants Helen out before Elissa because Helen is driving him crazy.
  • That will last until Elissa goes bonkers again.
  • Judd also thinks that Helen plays people very well.
  • He's indeed right.
  • Judd reminded Amanda that she needs to play buddy-buddy with Elissa to make sure Elissa won't vote for her to go.
  • Amanda asked Judd who would win in a final two of her and McCrae.
  • He told her McCrae.
  • She claimed that's because it's just a popularity contest at that point.
  • They still don't know America is the MVP. A few are pondering that "someone" really wants Amanda out to put her on the block.
  • Yeah, I do. I'd like to see McCrae actually play the game for once. I know how Amanda plays it.
  • There was a weird feeds outage with NO SIGNAL for a while. It was during the BBAD hours, so I turned that on.
  • Amanda is worried a bit again -- when she's on the block with Spencer and Howard, she thinks she's relatively safe. Now it will be another dynamic thrown in.
  • Andy told Candice that Howard is the likely target.
  • Well, duh.
  • Howard managed to take himself out of exile to enjoy a dinner Helen and Co. made.
  • Helen tried telling Candice that there's no way Howard has the votes to stay.
  • Candice thinks they can flip them to vote out Amanda.
  • Um. Probably not, I say.
  • Not against Howard, at least.
  • The stress must be getting to Helen. She bummed a cigarette off of Jessie. Helen is an ex-smoker.
  • Although she's not on the block YET, the others are wondering why Candice is working so hard to save Howard instead of herself in the house.
  • Candice cried.
  • Howard said, "It is what it is. If I go, I go."
  • Candice cried some more.
  • Meanwhile, Spencer is working behind the scenes to save Howard. He went to GinaMarie and told her that he was in an alliance with him. He's pushing a Candice Go Home agenda.
  • Probably because he knows that there's no chance of Amanda going right now.
  • Rats.
  • Of course, GinaMarie is the perfect one to approach on that as she dislikes Candice more than she ever disliked Howard.
  • Spencer also hit up McCrae with the same agenda.
  • Since Amanda is so anti-Howard and McCrae is her little puppy dog following her about, I can't see him voting any way other than what Amanda tells him.
  • Judd also really wants Howard out. 
  • We'll see. I don't think Howard is going to survive the week, myself. And, most of it will be his own darn fault.

Run, little hamster, run!

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

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They COULD be cleaning the room!