Saturday, July 13, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Friday Night Late - July 12-13

Well, that's new!

I usually close my browser without signing off of the feeds. When I did this earlier, I returned and saw this screen. I thought I was signed out, went to sign on again and realized I was already signed in. I've seen disclaimers about adult content over the years with Superpass, but never anything about "prejudices and other beliefs." Gee, I wonder why that is? Heh. CBS is trying to cover their butt.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Prejudices and Other Beliefs:
  • Helen had a long heart to heart talk with Spencer in which he sucked up appropriately. He vowed to never vote her out.
  • She once again brought it to America's attention on the cameras.
  • She really needs to stop crying when she has these talks. She's a strong smart woman and the tears hurt her game, methinks.
  • Amanda told Aaryn she needs to be cool, Jeremy is the ultimate target.
  • Helen told Kaitlin she's the pawn.
  • Grr. I'd like to see one of the Mean Girls actually out of there! I was so happy with the Mean Girls Nominations.
  • McCrae told Aaryn that Jeremy wanted both her and Kaitlin out.
  • Ah, good ... mess with her head! Do it some more!
  • Jeremy's scrambling a bit -- he knows he's in trouble even though he's not on the block.
  • Helen is still wanting a Howard backdoor. She doesn't like people lying to her and she saw through his lies.
  • Aaryn said she did some things she shouldn't have done in the heat of the moment. Y'think?
  • But, what she said had to come from within. In my opinion, no matter the situation, you don't just spout off racial etc. slurs without possessing those thoughts in the first place.
  • Now the whole house knows about the Moving Company and Nick being the mastermind behind it.
  • GinaMarie found it hilarious when Judd told her that Nick was a "professional roller skater" who had attended Yale.
  • She didn't believe it at first, but then enough people agreed that was his profession.
  • Well, at least she stopped crying. She's still wearing the hat and cradling the cup, though.
  • Howard apologized to Helen for lying to her. She cried ... said now she looks like such a fool for trusting him and Spencer.
  • Elissa got the MVP for the third week in a row.
  • This time McCrae is going to pretend he's the MVP so the other side will think someone other than Elissa got it.
  • Interesting ... the Diary Room apparently steered them away from putting Howard on the block as the MVP nomination. Helen told Elissa, "The show doesn't want us to put up Howard."
  • I guess it wouldn't look too good for the black guy to be voted out with all the racial brouhaha in the media.
  • That's okay with me. I'll keep going with my Howard-a-Day screencaps!
  • Back to Jeremy being the target. I'd prefer that anyway.
I will be without Internet access for a few days -- I have a post scheduled for 5pm ET so that readers can post live feeds updates in my absence. I will be checking those out on my return and cleaning up any spam, erroneous, etc. comments. I also have a blog party post scheduled for Sunday evening 8pm ET. This will be the only time I do this this summer, but I gotta. Behave yourselves! :-)

Future Santa Claus?

Out of the mouth of "babes"

Telling GinaMarie about MC



Holly said...

Thanks so much for the updates Jackie! I LIVE for them! I am a "mom squad" fan and hope those two make it to the end. Although I really liked that Spencer was the one who voted for Nick! LOVE those surprises! Hoping Jeremy does go. Let em keep the mean one would vote for them to win in the end! ALSO love the "Howard a day" Have a good few days deserve it!

Sharon S said...

Thanks for taking care of us. We will miss you, and will try not to make too much of a mess.

I hate that production interferes, but gotta thank them for making sure I get to keep seeing Howard!

Witt said...

We will definitely miss you, Jackie. Thank you for all you do! See you Sunday...

Witt :)

P.S. Love the nominations. I voted for Candice to be MVP, since she figured out the MC first. I think any of those folks going home will be an improvement.

P.S.S. Will Elissa getting MVP for the third week have major repercussions? I guess it won't really matter, since Helen is HOH and won't be putting up Elissa in any scenario.

Sharon S said...

I like that they are going to say that McCrae got MVP this time. Hope they don't slip up or tell too many people. It will be good to take the target off Elissa.

Becky said...

We will miss you, Jackie. I love to read your updates. Hope they backdoor Jerm. They can go after the mean girls later.

Sharon said...

Enjoy your much needed time off Jackie!

It was a good plan for Howard and Spencer to confess to everyone last night.
But was it enough? All are pretty angry and upset that H&S lied to them.
hmmmm.... guess I have trouble understanding their rationale, "all this time, he LIED to me."
This is a game of "who can lie the best" ... and they all lie too!! @@

Sharon said...

I love love love Judd!!!
He said GM "is like a kaliedascoe. She only sees shapes and colors."

Petals said...

I will make sure that the crowd follows the Rules o'da Pool :)
No kids, no nudity, no street drugs, no bashing other pool guests, no profanity...(guess GM can't come to the pool)

Enjoy your time away from the nuthouse

Sharon said...

3 hours of Trivia. It's either a very long POV comp, or BB hasn't turned the feeds back on.