Thursday, July 04, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into the Evening, 4th of July

He's a grand old flag ...

First, I hope everyone reading this has had a fine 4th of July holiday! However, I'm sure you've been waiting with bated breath wondering what mischief  those rascally hamsters have been up to today. Right? Right?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Broken Dreams and Half-hashed Schemes:
  • I announced it on my Facebook page for the show, but I'll tell you here, too. Due to popular response, for the rest of the time Howard is in the house, I'll be posting a Howard-a-Day screencap of him at least daily, perhaps in more than one live feed report of the day.
  • I do have two shots of Howard in tonight's report. One was because I found it interesting, one is classified as a Howard-a-Day.
  • Speaking of Howard, he also told Aaryn he voted to evict Elissa.
  • Dang, if all the people who told Aaryn they voted to evict Elissa did, David would have been super-safe!
  • Aaryn didn't dispute it with Howard, but told Jeremy she doesn't believe Howard voted to evict Elissa.
  • Aaryn thinks her alliance is a powerhouse.
  • Yeah. Really. She thinks that! Heehee!
  • She and Jeremy think Nick voted to evict David. Of course, he has said he hasn't. But he did!
  • Aaryn is blaming all the problems on Elissa.
  • GinaMarie told Elissa that Nick and her are just friends -- he's here to play the game, not hook up.
  • She apologized for being mean to Elissa. Like that apology means anything!
  • Elissa told her that she'd like for Aaryn to stop personally attacking her.
  • But, if Aaryn is personally attacking Elissa, she has less time to come up with hate speech!
  • McCrae told Amanda she has to work her way in better with Aaryn and the bunch as, if she (Amanda) goes on the block, she'll probably go home.
  • Aaryn thinks it's fitting that she's the HoH on the 4th of July because she's "the All American Girl."
  • Oh, gag me now. Please.
  • Andy reported to McCrae that Aaryn and Kaitlin are getting skeptical about Nick and think he's playing them.
  • Aaryn is also skeptical of her buddy, GinaMarie.
  • GinaMarie tired to worm her way in with Helen and Elissa.
  • They're a bit skeptical of her, too.
  • I'm skeptical about practically everyone in the habitrail. Don't I count?
  • Amanda told Aaryn she's worried about going up on the block.
  • Aaryn and Kaitlin told her both her and McCrae are safe -- their names hadn't even really come up as any kind of target.
  • Aaryn and Jeremy are both still big on an Elissa ouster.
  • Oh gee, Aaryn had to run to the bathroom because she's ill.
  • I feel so bad for her.
  • See. I can lie, too!
  • McCrae tried to work his way in with Aaryn, claiming that everyone threw him under the bus by voting David out.
  • Since he didn't have a vote, his hands are indeed clean on this one.
  • As far as she knows, anyway.
  • Using makeup, Amanda painted a flag on McCrae's face.
  • Since it's the 4th of July (and there's a big thing going on at the CBS lot), the hamsters are on indoor lockdown for the evening. 
  • The good news is that BB is giving them a holiday feast.
  • The even better news is that the Have Nots will be able to eat at the feast!
  • Jeremy told Aaryn that Candice told him that Amanda was the mastermind of the plan to get out David.
  • Y'know, he reminds me a bit of Russell Hantz wanting to stir the pot.
  • He wants Aaryn to nominate Elissa and Amanda, with Elissa being the main target.
  • Kaitlin got sick and supposedly had blood in her urine. Now, that's a bit concerning. Aaryn was just throwing up sick, possibly nerves or stress.
  • Kaitlin went off to the Diary Room.
  • Elissa told Judd she will nominate Jeremy if she gets MVP.
  • Aaryn is worried that she'll get death threats for messing with Elissa.
  • She should be more worried about having enough quarters to collect unemployment.
  • Helen had a long talk with Aaryn, trying for a "do-over."
  • Aaryn wants Helen to make Elissa stop picking on her.
  • Oh geez.
  • Aaryn and Kaitlin think Jessie told Amanda that she was being considered for nomination.
  • Oh, yeah. Kaitlin seems to have lived.
  • Candice cried, telling Helen she thinks Spencer set her up with the Elissa vote snafu.
  • Judd told McCrae that Nick has physically threatened him over nominations.
  • Hmm.
  • Spencer and Howard think GinaMarie should go on the block.
  • One thing I've noticed in all of this ring around the rosy nominations possibilities ... no one is throwing Howard's name in there.
  • Howard-a-Day goes on!

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Sharon S said...

Thanks Jackie, not only for the Howard pics, but also for sorting through all the he said -she said - she said - she said - he said stuff. It is funny how delusional some of the people are. I think that CBS must run psych tests and pull out as many narcissists they possibly can. Although, to put yourself through this, you must have some degree of narcissism.

Anonymous said...

Jackie..Hope you had a wonderful 4th..thanks as always for sharing your thoughts here with us and keeping us up to date on the goings on in the house!


Sasha said...

Happy 4th, Jackie et. al.

"Aaryn is blaming all the problems on Elissa." LOL...that's the understatement of all times. There's nothing that has, is, or will go on that Aaryn doesn't blame on Elissa. She and Jeremy both can't utter Elissa's name without at least 2 or three strong expletives attached.

Seriously, Jackie, how can you listen to these HG's for any amount of time without getting a headache, at minimum? But then again, I'm so glad you're able to do so. Thank you!

I just can't keep track of all the back and forth. I thought I knew the plan last week but with everyone swearing they did or didn't do what they really did do, well, I'm just lost. Guess I just need to watch it play out.

Sharon....what you said plus stir in lots of delusional thinking! SMH but I still watch.

PDX Granny said...

She told him that she heard that person whispering to another person, that she said something, and now she thinks someone overheard her and is going to tell them, and one of those ones went to that other guy and told him something different, but that guy already heard the whisper and had told those other ones, and now the cat's out of the bag.
These are really a bunch of middle school kids in disguise, using language that should get their mouths washed out with soap.

Anonymous said...

"These are really a bunch of middle school kids in disguise, using language that should get their mouths washed out with soap."
Lol! And that's the truth!

Hoosier jl

Sharon said...

Something just registered in my brain... and don't know why it took so long.

Spencer continues to spout hate speech... like calling girls cu*ts and Andy a fag*ot and even referred to him as a girl tonight.

So why isn't he receiving the kind of flap from the public that Aryan and GM are getting?

Don't get me wrong... those girls have been hateful and I really can't stand them, but Spence is just as hateful.

So, the question is... is the treatment that male/female double standard?

Sasha said...

@ Sharon I can't stand Spencer for those very reasons but you have a point there, he's not been singled out publicly that I know of. Hmmm

Sharon said...

The other male offender not getting the "media" or "employer" treatment is Jeremy. How many times has he called women c*nts, and referring to MC as getting Jew'd? Not to mention he's just plan nasty in so many other ways.

I just find the whole thing rather curious. The women get slammed in the media and fired from their jobs. The men are only getting slammed by BB feed and blog watchers.

Sasha said...

@ Sharon I can't stand Spencer for those very reasons but you have a point there, he's not been singled out publicly that I know of.

Not sure how much his job will care about the misogyny...he told a couple of other hamster boys they should look into the RR where he's employed because you only work with dudes and don't have to deal with bs (paraphrased).

And AMEN to Jeremy being just plain nasty! I couldn't stand to listen to his nastiness on the feeds.

I'm afraid you may have a point. The media may not care enough about slurs against females :(

Sharon said...

I posed these questions on the new thread because I feel this is an issue that hasn't been addressed outside of BB feed watchers. The public and employers of Spence and Jeremy(if he's employed) remain silent.