Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Monday Evening - July 22

He hopes his parents are proud of him

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Suspicious Minds (or lack thereof):
  • Elissa really wants Aaryn out while most of the house is leaning towards a Kaitlin eviction.
  • While she insists her decision isn't personal, it most definitely is. Kaitlin is a much bigger threat to win comps and mingle with others than is Aaryn.
  • It's harder and harder to get Howard screen caps without Candice in them.
  • Candice has been giving him a lot of good advice to improve his social game.
  • But will he listen?
  • She also told him not to repeat anything she says about Elissa or Helen to Spencer.
  • But will he listen?
  • Even with her sister's history with the show, Elissa doesn't seem to understand the concept behind the live feeds. She thinks, if America indeed has the MVP nomination, how could they truly judge from the TV show edit?
  • Oh my.
  • She also thinks America hates her.
  • Yeah, that's how she got MVP for three weeks.
  • @@
  • Then she cried because she thinks people will be mean to her and her son.
  • Oh geez. She should be Aaryn! Now, THAT is someone who should worry!
  • Judd thinks that Aaryn is less of a threat than is Kaitlin. He's probably right.
  • Candice and Howard said they'd vote whatever Judd wants.
  • Helen, along with others (including me, not that they care), thinks that Amanda and McCrae need to be broken up. She thinks Amanda is too controlling and venomous when you cross her.
  • Yup.
  • GinaMarie has been sleeping most of the time since the PoV ceremony.
  • Yeah, she's a tough gal.
  • Aaryn is sure that Candice wants her out and will convince Howard to vote for her, too.
  • Amanda and McCrae took a bubble bath together in Judd's HoH tub.
  • @@
  • Not much real action; no brouhahas.
  • Laters!

Call the fashion police!

Females in fedoras


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