Thursday, July 18, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into the Night - Wed. - 7/17-7/18

Are her days numbered?

'Twas the night before eviction and all through the house, all the hamsters stirred, even the louse. Um. Sorry about that! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Foolish Foes:
  • Aaryn cried because she thinks Kaitlin and GinaMarie are getting closer to the majority in the house and she's all alone.
  • Too bad, I feel so sad. Not.
  • When Howard told Helen about it, Helen said it's Aaryn's own fault due to her treatment of others and racial remarks.
  • Helen is still tormented about the night Jeremy went off on her about the wine.
  • Ah, I have fond memories of that night -- entertaining live feeds!
  • Helen and Howard really like Elissa.
  • Others are thinking Elissa needs to go fairly soon.
  • Not that they don't like her, mind you.
  • Helen thinks they need to be a better cast for the show.
  • Nope, I'm not kidding.
  • Jessie says that career people do come on the show.
  • I say, few and far between. That is unless you call bartenders career people.
  • Nothing against bartenders ... it pays the bills. But it's a job where one can jump around employer to employer.
  • Aaryn is crushed because her allies/friends are throwing her under the bus and working to get rid of her.
  • Amanda says she's "oozing love" for McCrae.
  • I hope the BB medic can get that under control.
  • They did their little talk show to coincide with BBAD.
  • Eh. It's been done before!
  • But, since it's this cast, something different happened -- When they said they needed two black napkins, Amanda said Candice and Howard should get them while Jeremy made a reference to Amanda and called her "Jew girl." 
  • It got uncomfortable and Amanda left the group.
  • Jeremy said, "The Jew got Jew'd."
  • Sigh.
  • Judd mumbled, "This show is getting too dangerous."
  • Judd also mumbled that GinaMarie makes comments just as bad, but gets a free pass because she's funny. Andy and Spencer agreed with him.
  • GinaMarie doesn't want to vote for Jeremy to go due to "loyalty."
  • Judd actually believes that McCrae got the MVP.
  • Oh, come on, Judd. Don't make me lose faith in you!
  • Howard is regretting getting into an alliance so early in the game.
  • A bit late now!
  • Nothing else is really happening.
  • Jeremy is the house vote to be gone.

Those pajama pants need to go

Livin' the dream

Duh. I'm the best ever! Duh.



Andrea Johnson said...

Yeah, Amanda found out it doesn't feel good. She can toss these little nuggets out but when one hits her, she claims "no fair" and runs away. My opinion of her continues to sink.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Judd knows McCrae didn't have MVP as McC told him the day he claimed it. He just wanted to gouge Amanda's response. He's trying to get Jesse into their alliance and push Andy out. He kinda got his answer and will probably find a backup plan.

Judd is smart and a superfan (tried out 4 times). Him and Jesse were cute in the HN room right before she went to bed. He rubbed the ointment on her shoulders/back and he went in for his "chin kiss" (something they do) and she told him he will get the ointment all over him.

They also have a plan: He's working on Aaryn/GM and she is working on Spencer. I don't know which assignment is worse. She said "I can't take it too far or you'll get jealous". Than she laughs.

He still can't believe GM blames only him for Nicks ouster. He calls her crazy. It's funny.

I cannot wait until Germy is gone then we will NOT have both couples on both feeds for long periods of time. Whoever is doing that I wish they would stop.

Petals said...

Hmm...Well, I watched the party, and I didn't see it the same way as did you, Ms Jackie. It seemed Amanda was more miffed at Candi inferring that she (Am) loved McCrae at "first HOH". She addressed herself as the only "Jew" in the house, then Jerm kept saying Jew Girl, then Spence called Jerm "Adolf McGuire" and referenced Mein Kampf.

IMO, Amanda isn't really bothered by those little things.

The talk show did address some interesting things: Candi called-out Aryan on her remarks, prompting Aryan to admit to needing a muzzle; the did Showmance Showdown and allowed GM and Aryan to participate, even tho their "partners" her evicted.

I loved the talk show, for several reasons - it prevented Jerm from last-minute wheeling & dealing; it kept Jerm & Kait from slurping & grinding; it kept GM from crying over Nick; it kept Aryan from whining.

Eh - Helen is really trying to make this a better experience, I believe. She included the whole house in some way. It attempted to be light-hearted while also addressing real issues.

This will be a long day until the Lysol party?? (because it is going to be an elimination of GERMS)

Anonymous said...

Howard, although he seems a bit musclebound (not fluid), needs to work his pecs some, they do not match his deltoids and arms



AlbGlinka said...

I don't watch the feeds but talk of Jew Girl/ "jew'd" etc makes me just as angry as racist and homophobic remarks. The anti-semetic nature of these phrases is just as deplorable to me. I also REALLY do not appreciate the Hitler references! I cannot believe the ignorance of some of these people! I think BB needs to sit them down to watch a film about the Holocaust.

Dan said...

Gosh I was really hoping ARYAN would be the one to go tonight...I so want to see her kicked out without being on the jury, receiving no more stipend, and having no job when she gets out of there. They can get Jeremy out next week or so, but dang I wanted ARYAN gone tonight! Also want to see her interview with Julie and I'm sure some of the "good-bye" messages will be great!

Andrea Johnson said...

@AlbGinka that's because it is racist. Germy can't be out soon enough for me. He, aryan, Kaitlin and GM. And lets not forget Amanda. She has been throwing them out just like the rest but has been able to skate because Germy and aryan have been more despicable. They have made this a nasty experience.

Chacha said...

Amanda is right up there with the racists..
Somehow she is just skating by in all of this.
I am a jewish girl, as i stated before and i admit i have said some things in my life and then followed it up with "i can say that because I am jewish". I also felt bad about it the minute i said that.
I hope that Howard and Spencer get back on the track of getting out Amanda. She is the most dangerous in this house and I don't understand why most don't see it.

Aaryns talk with Helen is only because she is alone and knows it.

I really liked what Elissa had to say to Aaryn, that she didn't like her, dieslike her, she just doesn't think about her at all.

I think from the show last night that Elissa may be targeting Amanda or McCrae if given the MVP again and so she should. She isn't stupid by any means, she just doesn't play this game like her sister.

Petals said...

I think these kids are so uninformed about the Holocaust that it seems lost on them, the significance, I mean. Maybe they need a movie night: Schindler's List & Amistad.
But it wouldn't make a difference.
Today's world is so harsh, where chicks call one another "bitch" & worse - for fun, and where AA call one another the "N" word. No wonder they are desensitized.
I hate Germ less for his bigoted remarks than for his hugely over-inflated ego. But Aryan truly has no concept of anything beyond her world. I think she believes the world is like "The Help". Ironic, b/c she & GM really need it (help)

Chacha said...

Aaryn only tried to aplogize to Elissa because Aaryn is the minority.
I just hope Helen doesn't fall for it.
Aaryn is always blaming someone else and then says you will see look at the tapes when we get out of here. By then it will be a day late and 50,000.00-500,000.00 short

Chacha said...

love it Petals- The Help....
believe it or not I love that movie just to see the scene with the chocolate pie. I think its great.
I can totally picture Aaryn in Hilly's role. i would love to see aaryn eat S#it

Petals said...

I love The Help, too. But it is for sure cringe-worthy in some parts. That Southern gentility disguised some ruthless, narrow-minded attitudes. Yikes!

Chacha said...

apparently Aaryns mom has hired a PR firm to help when kkk barbie gets out of the house.

I am going to say this. if she apologized immediatly after saying something to the person she said it about its one thing.
The fact that she was almost in tears to Helen last night but is still saying remarks is horrible.

Petals said...

Two words (re Aryan's too-little, too-late remorse): CROCODILE TEARS

I'm sure Klan Barbie will be able to find work. It may not be the kind she was hoping, tho. Instead of Maxim's "Hometown Hotties", she can be in the "Controversial Cuties" or "Narrow-minded Nastygirls" issue.

Chacha said...

i am not sure if we talked about this before or not.
with the weeks left and number of hamsters left will anyone come back into the game this season?
I don't think so.
I was thinking with the way Julie asks Jerm questions tonight should tell us if he is sequestered or not.
Am I right?

Petals said...

I hope he isn't in sequester. Seems too soon for that. This is just the 3rd eviction. I HOPE he isn't in sequester.

Chacha said...

i think it is to early but I am not sure they will even sequester anyone to come back this season.
especially if the MVP nom is dropped in a week or so.

Sharon said...

I'm hoping CBS has 'had it' with the KKKrew and will avoid bringing back any of the more controversial people.

Nickelpeed said...

I have to use my i-phone to see who is voted out tonight. I this hot, humid weather outside, tonight! I'm dvring the show, but will so miss talking to you all tonight! :-(

Thank so much for this, Jackie!!!

Have fun tonight everyone!!!


Petals said...

Be careful working in the heat, Penny! :(

Nickelpeed said...

Petals I agree with you. The youth seem to know very little about history.

Jeremy should know better, he apparently really doesn't know enough about American Indian's plight, or he would not make any remarks at all.

Nickelpeed said...

Thanks Petals. It is SO hot out there, but it's part of my job. I drink lots of water. Thank God I do have an air conditioned room I can go in to once in awhile.

Chacha said...

I think he has cherokee indian in his blood, but I think he is using it as an intimidation tactic as well.
he took it overboard, is a complete jerk any which way you cut it and is gone!!!!!

Also be careful in the heat, not sure what part of the country you are in but it doesn't seem to be cool anywhere.

Peggy said...

For anyone who might be interested, the TV Guide network is airing a marathon of all the BB15 episodes to date starting tomorrow at 11a central time.

I think it will be interesting to re-watch the first few episodes knowing what we now know about all the hamsters.

lynn1 said...

Aryan's Mom needs to send her little princess to sensitivity training. I am not believing any PR firm can do much to restore Aryan reputation among civilized people.

Susan said...

I think their little 'show' was awkward and contrived. Boring.

I think Amanda is pushy but I like her.

Petals said...

Peggy - thanks! Now that we know who things have shaken-out so far, yeah. I think I missed the Jessie/Jerm 24-hour hook-up. (I'm sure Jessie wishes that she'd missed it, too LOL)

Petals said...


Kaitlin did NOT get Jerm out. He keeps saying that she is a champion, and a beast, because she took him out. Nope. She took herself off, and Helen took him out. It was a collective effort, in which Kaitlin played no part.

God, it will be so great to not have to see or hear him after this evening.
What is the drinking word???

Andrea Johnson said...

A PR firm can do a lot, if they know what they are doing. Take Paula Deen for example. Her PR firm sucked eggs. When she finally sat down to be interviewed by Today, she stated, "I is what I is and I'm not changing". That of course is after that amazing stop motion You Tube apology, where it appeared she was taking cues from her PR team - a choppy cut and a plain piss poor job.

If Aryan's mom hires a PR firm worth their salt, they will sit with her and rules her through drills until she really looks like she means what she says and they will control who gets to interview her, making sure only friendlies have access. It can be done.

Lili said...

I so hope Howard wins HOH tonight and people have to start talking to him like he is HOH and hear what his plans are for a change.

I like Helen but thought she took her HOH too far, demanding every one confess everything they did, said, or thought from Day 1. And she made a HUGE deal out of Howard lying. At the same time she confessed to not only fake crying to manipulate house guests, she also fake cries to manipulate her children. Kinda makes all women everywhere look we all cry to manipulate. Yuk.

It kinda feels like the show has been on for weeks and weeks doesn't it? But this is only week 3. I know it is way too soon but am already hoping for an Elissa, Helen, Andy, and Judd Final 4.

Meanwhile Amanda needs to dial it back a notch. I predict if she's gets HOH she will terrorize people. Especially Howard whom she seems to think is out to get her. When really it was Spencer spearheading the oust Amanda charge. Let it go Amanda, things change week to week, now Howard and Spencer are on your side. kaitlyn, GM, and Aaryn are not.

The sour milk have not game was soooo funny. Both McCrae and Howard were trying to throw it. So they both literally aimed every time for the faces, instead of the buckets of GM and Aaryn. Have never seen two contestants trying to throw a game so hard, and in the process get to mess with people like GM and Aaryn that few of us on the outside care for. If I knew how to make one I would make a Gif of Howard throwing sour milk at Aaryn's face over and over. Too funny.

Looking forward to tonight.

Andrea Johnson said...

I hope I can make it these last few hours. Germy is still at it. Told McC that he wants Howie and Spence out because they "jew'd" him and Kaitlyn. So tired of this idiot being in the house.

ceemurph said...

LOL "Klan Barbie"
Nice one!

Anonymous said...

If Jeremy were the player he thinks he is, he might play on Aaryn's hopelessness. Reinforce her belief that her misery and isolation are just going to get worse and worse. Get her either to leave voluntarily, or, perhaps better, to campaign for eviction. I'm sure she could accomplish that with a couple of well-placed insults.

Jeremy, of course, could never pull that off, but it would be a piece of cake for a player like Dr. Will.

Mirror said...

It's a great season because it shows the temperature in the US, people are racist...people have bias, and people lie and abuse one another. BB15 is giving us a small sample of what's really brewing beneath the politically correct blanket.

That being said...all those racist a-holes need to go.