Friday, July 19, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into the Night - July 18 - 19


Jeremy's gone and the house dynamic changes even more. Soon they'll have to kill off their own. Eep. Here's what's happened since the live show ended in that Big Brother House of Manic Mumbling:
  • Judd didn't really want to win HoH just yet. He feels it's too early.
  • But he won't be offering to return the crown!
  • GinaMarie cried some more. This time it wasn't missing the faux love of her life -- she thinks, due to the question in the HoH comp, that America thinks she's stupid.
  • Well, um ... at least over the Nick thing, she is!
  • In addition to Julie's warning, there was a note in the storage room telling them to expect the unexpected.
  • Amanda thinks it means they're eliminating the MVP, possibly because Elissa keeps getting it.
  • Hey, she can be crude and crass, but she just might be onto something there!
  • Judd told Amanda he's thinking that GinaMarie needs to go on the block.
  • Amanda wants a Howard eviction.
  • She thinks he's too dangerous to keep because he can probably win comps and no one ever really knows what he's up to.
  • Everybody was pleased with the manner in which Jeremy left the house.
  • In the past, we'd call that a class exit. But, for me, using the word class and Jeremy in the same sentence is a bit of an oxymoron.
  • Amanda keeps pushing her Howard agenda on Judd.
  • Now, if she wanted to run the HoH, perhaps she should have won it herself!
  • Not that I like Kaitlin (I think she's a mean girl), but she's so much better about Jeremy going than GinaMarie was about Nick's exit. And, unlike the Nick/GM faux-pairing, she actually had a relationship with Jeremy.
  • I'm just glad I don't have to watch them all over each other anymore. Yay!
  • Judd and Elissa will work on nominations together, shunning Amanda.
  • Oh, but not to her face, mind you!
  • Elissa's allies think she's acting weird and is worried about the new twist and MVP.
  • She probably suspects it's the first time she won't have the power, but they haven't any idea America will vote.
  • Judd's letter from home in his HoH room was from his parents. They're proud of him and sound as country as he does ... but I don't think they mumbled!
  • Still locked in the house, the smokers (including Judd) are fussing about the lack of smoking. Most are Have Nots, making it even worse.
  • Aaryn and Kaitlin fussed as they were told this would be the season of no floaters due to America voting for MVP.
  • How'd that work out for you, BB? By having that twist in there AND putting Elissa in the house, the Mean Girls are right. You shot yourself in the foot.
  • Or something like that.
  • Amanda told Elissa that McCrae really makes her happy, but she's wondering how it will go with family and such when they get out of the house.
  • Aaryn thinks Howard is throwing comps.
  • Welp, another part of his strategy shot -- he lied badly and now his throwing comps is becoming obvious.
  • Judd is pondering backdooring Howard. It seems like GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Aaryn would be amongst his possible nominations.
  • BB gave them a small amount of booze and the Have Nots were able to eat at midnight.
  • Otherwise, ho-hum.

Red wine, no Jeremy

Not Rachel

King for the week


Joe in NY said...

Honestly, eliminating Howard might be a good move. He's been super shady and I'm not sure anyone can trust him.

Andrea Johnson said...

IMHO, Amanda is a bigger threat than anyone else in the house. She is a one of the mean girls, she is unwilling to listen to anyone else's suggestions or ideas - her way or th highway (does she think she's honorary HOH?) and then there's the showmance thing.

I've said it before and will say it again, she wants to keep Kaitlyn and Aryan in the house because she believes she can control their vote but she doesn't think she could do so with Howie, Spence, El and Candice. Plus, Howie can win endurance comps over McC.

Amanda is the shadiest of the shady.

Andrea Johnson said...

And I'd add, in BB you really shouldn't trust anyone. Everyone wants the money and will do what's in their best interest to reach that goal - and that usually includes lying. If she can get those four out before jury, she think she will have a better chance.

Andrea Johnson said...

And it appears Mumbles is tired of being dictated to by Amanda. Don't be surprised if he creates a voting block to get rid of Amanda. With 13 HGs left, his best choices would be Jessie, El, Candice, Helen, Howie, Spence and with Aryan and GM (my guess) up for eviction along with Amanda, that would leave McC, Andy, Kaitlin who would vote for Amanda.

He could pull it off and he is feeling out the group on getting rid of Amanda w/o calling her out by name (Jessie knows). He knows how she tried to push Helen and El to do her bidding and he knows she's after spence and Howard (and Candice by association). Those are the ones he should concentrate on go silent to the rest.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, I hope you right. I'm not ready for Howard to go yet.

Witt said...

Andrea's right...Amanda is a big threat. It always bugs me how people try to tell the HOH who to nominate!

So glad Germy's gone...I thought it was funny how Helen told him in the exit tape "If you had acted this nice when you came in the house, you probably wouldn't be sitting here." People so often forget that social game is KEY!!

Witt :)

lynn1 said...

I think it would be interesting to see Kaitlin, Amanda and Howard on the block. I am guessing that the viewer MVP will put Aryan up, which in my opinion is a wasted vote. Aryan is not a nice person but she poses no threat of winning. If I hoped to win I would want to be up against her in the finals.

uncartie said...

LIke 'Joe in NY; said: Howard is the one who should go. Untrustworthy and a huge threat in physical comps even though he's been throwing them all up to now.

Anonymous said...

Unfornately, the public dosen't vote on who wins the money so keeping Aaryn really dosen't help anyone,it's pretty ovious to me that the houseguest don't see Aaryn as we do, otherwise they would have voted her out this past week just for being so mean and racist, and I don't get people thinking Howard is a treat, he couldn't even throw the Have Nots comp right,now if it's for his lying okay, I really didn't see where too many of the houseguest found what Kaitlin, GM and Aaryn were saying about Howard, Helen and Candice too much of a problem for them. Helen put Aaryn, and Kaitlin (because she almost has an alliance with eveyone else in the house) with hopes of back dooring Jeremy only because he was too cocky.

Andrea Johnson said...

Since Mumbles said he would not put Aryan up, I think the whole house will now understand how much Aryan is disliked when the Fan MVP choice is revealed. Expect a lot of waterworks on her part when she finds out she's the most hated person in the house of hamsters (yes, I know I am assuming she will be the choice - even willing to bet in Vegas on this one).

I'm not a huge Howie fan but it cracks me up how people are really roughing him up for lying. That's the game. Judd, who is my surprise favorite, is lying to McC and Amanda and agreeing with all their plots to oust Howard, Elssa, Spence and Candice while all the time trying to determine how to oust Amanda. Also lying to Spencer, making him think they are tight when Judd doesn't really trust him. I could go through each houseguest and come up with a host of lies. But I don't hold it against anyone, that's the game.

Chacha said...

After I saw who the HOH was last night I then went and voted for MVP NOM.
I will admit with my ten votes i voted five for AAryn and Five for Amanda.
I just don't like the way she thinks she runs the house.
On the other hand she is getting the HOH's to do her dirty work...
Judd see's it thank goodness

Petals said...

Very glad about Judd in HOH. I am worried that Aryan will move-in, push aside Jessie and get in Judd's ear. I hope he has enough integrity to not let that happen (I believe he does). Poor Jess is just a doormat.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

i really dont understand all the people that says Howie needs to go b/c he lied. Its big brother, its a game of lies. Mccrae layed in the bed with amanda for days lying to her but she doesnt hold that against him. spencer lied also but they not trying to oust him right now. one thing about howard that somebody can use to their advantage is that he is very loyal, the reason he kept lying. somebody should take advantage of that

Anonymous said...

I just discovered Candice was Miss Lousiana 2005. I wonder if the mean girls also know this and another reason, besides race, that the hatred for Candice runs deep with them. Even McRae said last night that he hates Candice. I do not get the hate for Candice just because she hangs out with Howard.
She may be boring at times on feeds, I guess, but that is no reason for hatred. Plus Candice has been loyal and no hinky votes, she has voted with the house each time. But then Amanda wanted her on the block from day one. She voted out Nick and Jeremy and she has not crossed that side of that house. Sure she is close to Howard but then Katelin was a couple with Jeremy and now everyone in the house cuts her a break and wants to work with her. I am hoping that if Howard does leave, even though I like him, that the house stops hating on Candice. I like Elissa because she is one of the few who likes Candice.

Lili said...

I think the whole Howard is super shady, Howard is a huge liar thing came from Helen. She went off the deep end when she found out he had the nerve to be in a non Helen alliance and to conceal said non Helen approved alliance by lying about it. So between Helen and Amanda, everyone in the house has heard how horribly awfully scarily dangerous Howard is.

You know, the religious guy who protects women from bullies, made a heartfelt genuine attempt to switch all of his loyalty to Helen and company, and by the way has won zero comps.

Yes that man is the most dangerous, conniving, scary, big brother player in all of human history according to Helen and Amanda. And they have everyone besides Spencer believing it.

Meanwhile Amanda seems to think she is permanently in charge both of HOH noms, and MVP noms, even tho last I checked since has won exactly no comps yet.

Some people say Ellisaa has done little and should not have gotten MVP three times. I say Elissa is one of the few women in BB history that went after three strong male players in three weeks. Usually in BB, strong male players, or bullying male players like ED, go far, the women are kicked out early or their votes are co-opted by their alliances. Elissa flipped the script. To my knowledge no BB season has ever lost three super strong physical men, all of whom were in alliances, in the first three weeks of the game.

Go Elissa. And I hope Judd takes out Aaryn or Kaitlyn next, and Amanda needs to shut up for awhile, or at least until she wins HOH.

Sharon said...

Amanda IS the most dangerous in the house, with Kaitlyn rapidly following.
Like Judd, I'm very tired of Amanda trying to run everything. Great for her... if she can pull it off... but I'm glad Judd is seeing through all her pushiness.

I gave Amanda 9 of my MVP votes and hope others have done the same. Doubt she would be evicted yet, but maybe it would give her some pause for thought!

With Kaitlyn on the block too, I wouldn't care which one went, but would prefer Kaitlyn goes because is better at comps... and I don't like her. She is the meanest of the mean girls, and enjoys it way too much!

Petals said...

I don't want How gone b/c he lied (that is the game!). It's something else.

J/J for F2!

Petals said...

Anon - YES re Candi. Do you have the feeds?
When they were the first coupla weeks, getting to know one another, Candice was sharing her pageant experiences with the Rags. They were rolling their eyes and shredding her behind her back. Either they just didn't believe her, or are plain ol jealous. I like Candice, always have. She was one of my top faves from the first day. Still is.
I didn't like Jess at first, but she has grown on me.(I wish she would stop mentioning how "hot" she is, tho)

RBennie said...

Amanda needs to stop pushing for a Howard eviction. I really need for him to remain in the house, LOL. Amanda is actually a bigger threat than Howard is.

RBennie said...

I agree that America will almost certainly put up Aryan as the 3rd nominee, but I would really get a kick out of it being Amanda. Aryan is no threat at this point.

Sharon said...

Judd is smarter than he mumbles!
He realizes Kaitlyn is a comp threat, and Amanda is a leadership threat.

Judd thinks GM is a threat, but only because she continues to threaten him... and Aryan because she stirs the pot so much.

McC is smarter than he appears, but at this point, I thin, he 'might' fold without Amanda.

Chacha said...

I wonder if BB lets the houseguests know that america voted for the MVP, how this will effect Elissa's game. They may get her out next.
In my opinion that would be a waste.
She really hasn't done anything wrong.
I would love to see Amanda on slop again and on the block. that would Ian said.....BB GOLD

Terry is a Texan! said...

When I cast my vote for the third person on the block I was torn between Aaryn and Amanda.
so I split my vote.

RBennie said...

I used all 10 votes on Amanda. She's trying to come between me and my man, Howard!

Chacha said...

I just hope that if Amanda is the third nominee that BB lets them know america voted for it!!!
If that happens it will push the house to actually have entertainment this week.
I want to see some real scheming and stratagizing...

Tami said...

I am hoping that Amanda, Kaitlyn or Aaryn goes home this week. I split my MVP votes 3/3/3 with the 10th vote going to GM. I think that Amanda is too pushy trying to get her own way, Kaitlyn is mean and a comp threat, and Aaryn is mean and a troublemaker. I agree with the majority, Howard is not a problem at this point, lying is an expected behavior so he should stay. I am really hoping that Helen, Elissa, Candice and Judd are the final four.

Chacha said...

Lying is what is expected in this game, Just this week Amanda and Aaryn were arguing and Aaryn said she doesn't lie like Fill in the Blank. Amanda stopped her dead in her tracks and said What game are you playing. This is Big Brother. Of course you lie.
Howard really isn't a threat.
I also really don't remember seeing Howard swear on the bible.
but this is big brother and you do what you have to do.
Last night it is now being told Howard swore on the bible three times. I really don't recall it once so the stories are being exagerated.

Petals said...
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Petals said...

Cha - I agree with you re Elissa, to a point. While she has not done anything wrong, she has mentioned several times that BB came to her, each time sweetening the deal until she agreed to do this show. That kind of turns me off a bit, b/c A)she really doesnt need the money, B) she was pressured in to participating, C) she hasn't won anything except a buncha votes from the Brenchal camp.
Maybe it is coming-up on her time to go. Just sayin'

monty924 said...

First of all folks, when you split your votes, you are effectively not voting at all. I threw all of mine at Aaryn because I can't stand listening to her at all on the feeds. The only vote though, probably should be Elissa so the hamsters don't throw all the blame her way no matter who goes up. I wouldn't like that either, because like her or not, she has gotten three male challenge threats out of the house, and agree with Lili in that it has never happened before in BB history. So in that way, she has been a great MVP.

On the Amanda subject, she is just playing the game and protecting her alliance. What is so wrong with that? Yes, she is pushy when things don't go her way but she is spot on correct about who is a threat to the alliance and who 'should' go at this point. It is painting a huge target on her back, but I think she's loyal to a fault to her alliance and to her and McCrae's own personal game. Isn't the the point of BB? You play to win, you don't play to make us out here happy, LOL!

monty924 said...

p.s. I don't believe BB will clue them in that America is the MVP this week. Why would they? ;-)

Brent McKee said...

It has been bugging me for quite a while who Gina Marie and her obsession with Nick reminded me of, and it finally hit me: Ivette from Season 6.

You may recall that Ivette was super-obsessed with "Cappy" from that season - the secret partner season - in spite of the fact that (a) Cappy wasn't her secret partner, and (b) because Ivette was openly gay. Ivette took it as an open insult that anyone would vote out Cappy, obsessed about something he left in the house when he left, wept and cried his (nick)name, and made it her mission to eliminate anyone who she suspected of voting to eliminate Cappy. Reportedly she even had some of Gina Marie's "mean girl" racist tendencies, given some of the things she said about Kaysar, who was Muslim.

Gina Marie=Ivette; Nick=Cappy.

Andrea Johnson said...

Monty, I think they will tell them its America's vote. CBS knows Aaryn is the mst unlinked and she just doesn't see it. This way, Aaryn can get a reality check. Although she will see it as BB editing her in a bad light.

Regarding Amanda: mean girl - check, racist - check, potstirrer - check. But mostly, she is trying to dictate what each of the HOHs do and that's what's placing the target on her back. Especially when they have a different opinion - she is yelling at people because they are not drinking the Kool-Aid (or Flavor Aid if I want to be historically accurate) she is ladling out.

monty924 said...

Spot on, Brent!

monty924 said...

Andrea, I'm not in disagreement with you about Amanda, but the alliance has had two HoH's and the MVP in all three weeks. She's not smart about the way she's pushing her weight around, but I believe she is completely loyal to the plans 'they' all set in place two weeks ago. She's playing an amazing strategic game. You may not like her game, but then again many didn't like Evel Dick's game. Personally, I loved it! :)))

Susan said...

I'm surprised that a lot of people don't like Amanda. I think she is a strong woman, and a strong player. I like her.

Petals said...

OMGosh, YES! Brent nailed it!