Sunday, July 21, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Sunday Afternoon - July 20-21

Birthday boy

I know I'm getting this report up a bit late. But, the hamsters slept ... so did I. And, dang, it felt good! Here's what's happened since my last report in that Big Brother House of Wayward Weirdos:
  • Helen's curfew punishment dictates that she neither talks, nor gets talked to, from 8pm until morning.
  • Judd's solitary punishment isn't in the Have Not room as in previous seasons. He's in the little settee (cockpit this year) room where they had the fortune teller last year, this year the photo booth.
  • He's no Dan Gheesling trying to save his game life in there. He kept trying to sleep even though an alarm clock woke him up on a regular basis.
  • Y'know, Chicken George's potato clock would have been a lot more quiet!
  • Candice reminded GinaMarie that, in the slew of activity, they never had the Nick memorial on Friday night. I was hoping they'd all forget.
  • But, in exit interviews, Nick professes to actually having feelings for GinaMarie and is interested.
  • Oh my. I called that one wrong!
  • They're all still in a quandary over who the MVP is this week.
  • Heh.
  • Most suspect it's America, but the fact that it's an Elissa nom and she's been voted MVP every week, they're confused.
  • I'm not. I suspect Aaryn and Kaitlin (the Mean Girls) were our first two choices and they were nominated by Judd first.
  • Spencer told Aaryn everybody wants her out.
  • Well, that was so nice of him, wasn't it?
  • He told her he'd work with her to try to save her.
  • @@
  • Andy, of course, ran to Amanda to tell her that Helen told him that she and McCrae can't be trusted.
  • I predicted that move!
  • Andy is still popping up everywhere at anytime. It's almost frightening how he zeroes in on every bit of game talk in the house.
  • There was some sort of power outage in the backyard, forcing them inside but with limited space as Judd's solitary is in the cockpit room.
  • Amanda dressed in lingerie while Spencer and Howard became robbers to hold down McCrae for his kinky birthday celebration.
  • That all was just a bit out there.
  • Elissa got drunk and melancholy. Get it together, girl. You have the PoV!
  • She thinks production hates her. I think they like past obnoxious hamsters and their relations way too much.
  • Elissa also lit into Amanda about the stripping party for McCrae.
  • Amanda cried because Elissa made fun of her.
  • Junior high, anyone?
  • Andy figured out that America probably voted to nominate Aaryn and Kaitlin and Elissa was a third choice.
  • Well, we'll see the fourth choice before long!
  • GinaMarie made mean comments about Candice's looks.
  • Candice, unlike GinaMarie, was actually Miss (Whatever state, I forgot), one year.
  • Amanda and McCrae did the deed AGAIN in Judd's HoH bed.
  • Ew.
  • Aaryn said she cried the most when told (by Amanda, not the show) that people think she's a racist.
  • Hey, her own words brought that down on her!
  • Apparently, their bathroom is really rank. Why don't they clean and disinfect it instead of whining about it?
  • GinaMarie told Spencer she wants a man to take care of her, more emotionally than financially.
  • That doesn't surprise me seeing her reaction to Nick.
  • Aaryn claims that, outside the house, she always carries a gun.
  • That right there is a call for stricter gun control laws, I say!
  • Judd's alarm in his solitary room kept going off. Half the time he slept through it.
  • Helen told Elissa she (Elissa) needs to win HoH this week to be safe. Part of Elissa's winning of PoV this week is that she can't play for it next week.
  • Candice continued to advise Howard to work more on his social game.
  • She makes some good points. Because Howard shuts down and doesn't talk a lot to others, they automatically think he's up to something or sneaky.
  • Judd, in solitary, asked the camera (us) if he should turn on McCrae and Amanda.
  • I don't know if he should actually turn on them yet, but be very wary.
  • Let the rest of the house turn on them, then join in.
  • Both Helen and Spencer are turned off by real public displays of attention ... couples hanging all over each other.
  • So am I.
  • Candice wants a showdown between the Howard vs. Amanda crews once the Mean Girls are out of the house.
  • Elissa reminded Candice that Amanda, although there are issues, kept them safe before. But then she admitted that the whole house kept her safe, not just Amanda.
  • Aaryn thinks she's wrongfully blamed for anything that goes wrong in the house.
  • Heehee!
  • Amanda said when she's not in control, her anxiety levels go up.
  • Y'think?
  • Elissa and Amanda made up for the stripper club fight last night, albeit they're still a bit leery of each other.
  • Howard gave McCrae a bible passage for his birthday.
  • Judd's still in solitary until the evening.
  • Lots more speculation about who the MVP is this week.
  • Stop by later for the blog party while the episode airs here on the East Coast! 


Oh my, birthday stripper

Birthday robbers holding McCrae down

Judd's solitary room



~~Silk said...

Hmmmm. You captured that Howard-a-day either three seconds too soon or three seconds too late.

Jackie said...

He sleeps in those tight boxer shorts.

Sharon S said...

I agree Silk, but I'm leaning toward too soon!

JimmyB said...

Things that are real?

I'm surprised Amanda's a crier. She seems a lot tougher...wonder if it's for real.

And pretty much sick of Howard and his bible. I don't buy folks who push it on others. If it's real--they keep it to themselves.

Sharon said...

Jimmy B -
Ditto Ditto! Ditto

JimmyB said...

Sharon--We have to quit meeting like this.

Sharon said...

Hey, just think... we didn't even have to meet in the middle!!! LOL

Jackie said...

That would be too late with Howard. He was getting up.

Anonymous said...

I am done with Howard. I don't buy what he is selling at all. I hope he goes soon. He doesn't add anything...including converstion to the group. Very weird.
Candance knows too....she is telling him to be more social. Too little too late bud!!

RBennie said...

Jackie! Me thinks you took that screen shot of Howard a few seconds too early!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I do not read all of the comments by others each day - so this may have already been brought up. But, I am wondering if America simply did not understand that they were voting to put someone up verses voting for MVP. Often times people get complacent and don't really pay attention to the details. I think Elise got put up by mistake. Thanks for all you do - I thoroughly enjoy your blog!