Monday, July 22, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Wee Hours - July 21-22

Yikes! Scary hair!

I'll never figure out why people with dark natural hair go in as blonds on the show. It always becomes a real rootsy affair. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dye Jobs Needed:
  • McCrae voiced his concerns to Helen that Amanda might be in trouble due to Elissa.
  • Helen told him she'd be fine -- they just need to keep all their votes together this week.
  • Both McCrae and Helen think Howard might be the MVP as he was in the Diary Room an extended time.
  • We know they're wrong.
  • McCrae and Helen's plan is to get Aaryn, Kaitlin, then Howard out. Candice and Spencer would go on to jury.
  • Several think that Elissa is just trying to stir up drama with accusations of being MVP.
  • McCrae and Amanda had a fake wedding with a ring he made.
  • GinaMarie, still stung by unrequited love for her kid Nick, was all ticked off about said fake wedding.
  • @@
  • Andy, McCrae and Judd have figured out that Spencer is a good liar.
  • If he was a bad liar like Howard, they would have figured it out long ago.
  • Spencer told Andy he'll be a great wife to someone someday.
  • @@
  • Amanda told Judd he has an accent combined with mumbling.
  • She's right. He can speak clearly at times, but it's often hard to understand him!
  • Judd snagged Nick's (McCrae's) hat and a towel, went running through the house as others screamed the twist is that Nick's back.
  • GinaMarie cried.
  • @@
  • Spencer called Helen Kim Jong Il. Not to her face, mind you.
  • Amanda keeps telling people that she thinks Howard is MVP.
  • Howard keeps getting ticked because Amanda keeps telling people he's MVP.
  • And on and on it goes, where it'll stop no one knows. 

Are we boring you, Candice?

Psychological pillow placement

Sitting up for doggie treats?



Joe in NY said...

Not a Howard fan. Then again, not sure I'm a fan of any of them. Can dice seems okay. judd seems okay. Andy maybe. The rest of them...mostly meh. GM is nutty. Helen is fake. Amanda, Aryan, and Kaitlyn are just full of themselves. Elissa is hard to get a handle on but seems so plastic most of the time. Spencer mostly adds nothing. McCrae is just a puppet. No real great players in the entire

Witt said...

Hi Joe!!

I just don't get why Amanda is so hell bent on getting Howard out. She keeps saying "The whole house wants him out!" but I don't see that happening. I see that the house is leery, but not standing on a soapbox like she is. She's really rubbing people the wrong way (Judd: "If she wants to run an HOH, she should win won herself" -- LOL)and that's going to punch her ticket out.

I'd be MUCH more leery of Spencer. He's not a powerhouse in comps, but people are dismissing him because of that.

I want Aryan gone simply because it would remove a huge static factor -- too bad GM and Kaitlin can't all go in a package deal!!

Witt :)

Tami said...

If the whole house really wanted Howard out, more HG than Amanda would be approaching Judd. Let's face it, these HG are not shy about expressing their opinions (although they are not as forceful as Amanda). I agree with Judd...Amanda if you want Howard out win the HOH yourself.
I would like to see Amanda go sooner rather than later...her bossiness is annoying.

RBennie said...

Joe, you would probably be more of a Howard fan if you were a woman, LOL. He better start winning some comps if he wants to stick around though. I find Amanda to be way too pushy. It's going to bite her in the butt. Can you imagine if she gets HOH? She will go on a bigger power trip than Helen did.

~~Silk said...

I don't understand why anyone finds Howard a competition threat. He's not fast, doesn't have quick reflexes or good aim, has no stamina, and isn't particularly smarter than anyone else. In anything other than lifting weight, his body is likely to get in his way more than help. He doesn't have a good social game, either. If I were a hamster, I'd want to take him far, since no one will see him as a good strategic player. I'd at least want him on the jury, since I think he would be fair.

~~Silk said...

Oh, yeah, forgot - Howard is also an innocent, and therefore easily manipulated. Just ask Spencer about that.

Sharon said...

In her own way, Amanda has become Jeremy... without the butt-wiping thing.
She's pushy(almost to the bully point), and says things that are close to (if not the same) as what spews from Aryan, Kaitlyn and GM.

The only Germ-thing Amanda is 'missing' is his quasi-talent in comps and his physical oppressiveness.

AlbGlinka said...

Silk has a good point about muscle-bound guys often not being so competitive in challenges-- you see this on Survivor too. Aerobic capacity, flexibility, etc are not strong suits. I'm not sure who to root for anymore. I'm just watching and waiting for Aaryn's exit interview with Julie and the ensuing media fallout...

Witt said...

Wow, just read what I wrote earlier. I meant to say win one herself...must have been pre-coffee!
Witt. :)

Lisa Bishop said...

Amanda needs to play her own game and quit trying to get other people to do her dirty work... I like elissa she cool and not a nut like Rachel....

Anonymous said...

I agree Howard is Amanda's target but not a threat. But her mouth and pushy ways are making Amanda a bigger target.


Chacha said...

POV should be in about an hour, was just announced over house.
I really wish they would tell the house now that America chose.
i am so tired of hearing Elissa has MVP, no Howard has MVP.
It is getting so redundant i have to tune out.

Amanda just doesn't see what Mccrae is saying when he tells her to pipe it down, she will be her own demise.

Judd to me is playing a really good game.

I would like to see Andy as HOH, he would flip out....He wouldn't know what to do and unfortunetly Amanda would push him to do the dirty work.

Joe in NY said...


If eye candy were the only issue, then I should probably be an Aryan fan. While Howard might be good-looking, he has the personality of wet tissue.

Chacha said...

I agree, Howard is nice to look at but he really doesn't have that much game.
If it wasn't for spencer I would never know who Howard is.

I am not saying i like spence by any means.

Lili said...

Howard: gotta say I am over him. I do not like men in BB that prey on a woman's feelings for them. He is not half as forthcoming with Candice as he is with Spencer. And the way he talks to Candice makes me think of a man whose wife caught him cheating and then he turns around and tries to make her think she is crazy and paranoid and that she did not really see what she thinks she saw.

Spencer: he is so soft spoken and attentative when he speaks to women he is trying to manipulate it freaks me out. He does it to Aaryn, Jessie, and GM. He reminds me of a guy trying to talk kids into the back of a van. He is totally different when talking to men. And he has said so many crude, vulgar, sexual, and derogatory things in the house, really hope he goes.

McCrae: hunkier than he thinks he is, Amanda is lucky to have him. Maybe after BB he will go to school and work towards a career, and get out of his parents basement.

Judd: my pool guy, major strategizer, nice guy, and hopefully in F4.

Amanda: it was kind of surreal seeing her on BBAD last night trying so hard to follow McCrae's advice and lay low and just be Fun Amanda for awhile to get the target off her back. it just me, Amanda reminds me so much of Bethanny from Real Housewives.

Andy: saw on Jokers that Andy said he leaves something personal in every room in the house so he can pop into a room where people are talking and not look like he is stalking them, and then he joins the conversation.

Helen: her POV punishment is one of the harshest in BB history. Blindfold, no talking, no contact, for 9 hours every day for a week? That is certainly worse than wearing a penguin suit, chum baths, sitting out a POV next week, or being in Solitary for 24 hours. The only worse one was Chicken George who was Slop for almost the entire season.

GM: OK your blond extensions are either too long, or you are too short. Either way they do not ever look good enough to justify the constant pulling, tugging, scratching, burning, and piling that you go through. And do not even get me started on the dak roots. I mean the whole thing seemed to fall apart week 2. Did no one tell you BB lasts 90 days? Did they just throw you in the back of a limo when they found you standing behind a club drunk and lock you in the house?

Jessie, Aaryn, Kaitlyn, Ellissa, etc : are they still in the house?

Anonymous said...

I want Howard out and would not miss ANYTHING about him.
Too bad Amanda turned out to be so bossy. Thought she would have been a great player and interesting to watch. Nope.

Sasha said...

Amanda is helll-bent on getting Howard out because she knows (has heard) that he wants HER out. It has nothing to do with what the house wants, it's because he's a threat to her.
Too bad her controlling needs have come so strongly to the fore; it is true that she is adding to her own target. Oh well.
I for one am so glad Aaryn showed her true colors early or I might have fallen for her so-called "nice" act. Or maybe not since she really does have huge trouble even being fake nice...just so foreign to her self-centered, entitled "everybody blames me because I'm so pretty and blonde and blue-eyed" attitude. Whew, guess I needed to say that LOL.

Chacha said...

Gina Marie is nominated

Chacha said...

and they all still think its Elissa with the MVP. I am soo over this talk from the houseguests

monty924 said...

As it should be. The three mean girls on the block.

Elissa talking to herself, "please don't give it to them again. Ridiculous... the worst moves".

I think it was brilliant.

RBennie said...

I can definitely live with those nominations. I could care less which one goes home, though I guess Kaitlin is the biggest threat competition wise. I would love to see GM go because it kills me how bad she makes New Yorkers look.

Andrea Johnson said...

Wellat least we know one of them is going home. My choice, kaitlyn. I know how much I despise aryan but I think kaitlyn is the most strategic. GM is pure nuts at this point and aryan has no social game whatever.

Paula Bell said...

Has this been addressed or thought about, yet....
Kaitlin and McCrae are related bro and sis???
The two towns they are from are less than 30 miles apart!!!!
Vadnais Heights (Kaitlin) and Oak Grove (McCrae) in Minnesota!!!!

Paula Bell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sharon said...

I want Kaitlyn GONE because she is better at comps and I don't want ANY of the mean girls to even make final 4, much less a chance at final 3 or 2!!!

JimmyB said...

I think Andy wins the professional "nebsh!t" award.

It might be working for him. He might have more info than anyone in the house.

RBennie said...

Who does Andy really consider himself aligned with? Does anyone really know?

Chacha said...

andy I think will be more loyal to Amanda and McCrae but will float back and forth.
I wouldn't say he is a floater but he does get info from everyone.

Anonymous said...

Gina Marie has been making racist slurs about Candice but the other houseguests seem to give her a pass. I think Judd and Andy also mentioned this a few days ago about GM. Just now, Gina Marie called Candice an Oreo Cookie and Milli Vanilli. I find GM to be disgusting, rude, mean, neurotic. Her obsessing over Nick is just plain crazy. But she is also racist and mean.

I love that one of the white supremacists on the block will go home. Granted K is not as bad as some of them but she went along with the racists and she stood with them and she said she also hates Candice. She laughs at Gina's racist jokes and digs at Candice. So any of the three could go and I would be thrilled.


Anonymous said...

It's f4 Andy/McCrae/Judd/Amanda as the goof troup. Then there are the knockouts consisting of the GT plus Elissa and Helen with Jessie as an honarary member via Judd.

Andrea Johnson said...

Cheryl, keep in mind that Amanda is just as bad as the rest of them. Their racist comments has really soured me on this season. We've spent o much time discussing their vile behavior and comments, I just want all four of them gone!

Susan said...

It's so hard to keep track of alliances this season! It gives me a headache listening to them talking to one person after another!

I agree: Elyssa is plastic, Amanda is pushy, Howard lies a lot. This is for sure one of the strangest group of hamsters...ever.

uncartie said...

Gina Marie is the replacement nomination. The most dangerous of the 3 that are up is Kaitlyn. I hate Aaryn as much as anyone but Kaitlyn needs to go first.

Sissy said...

I was thinking..From reading this blog (and thank you Jackie, I've been reading only this blog for many BB seasons but I don't comment too much) I know that America nominated Elissa for eviction, then "America" complained to BB that they didn't understand that "we" were the MVP's and that "we" nominated the wrong person. Then lo and behold Elissa wins the POV so she can take herself off the block. Does anyone think that maybe BB somehow "rigged" the POV comp so Elissa would win or was it just the POV Gods looking after her? BTW, when I say "we", I don't mean I undestood
completely what Julie said.

Chacha said...

Sissy- I have heard the House talk how this is rigged for Elissa.
I don't buy it at all. they can be sued for that.
the other POV players are sore losers.

As far as voting on Thursday night I read what was stated on the cbs website, it stated who do you want to be nominated as the third person.

As far as wanting Kaitlyn out over Aaryn my choice is no... I would like Kaitlyn in the house because she can be fierce as a competitor. I don't want to see a bunch of people who can't play or don't want to play.