Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Wednesday Morning - July 17

Thankfully this will end soon

Unlike last week's vote, this week should be fairly clear-cut. Jeremy, the self-proclaimed best BB player ever, will be going out the door. I realize you're all heartbroken. You may take a moment to compose yourselves before going on.

Okay, moment over. Here are the happenings from the late night hours inside that Big Brother House of Boisterous Buffoons:
  • BB has a new reminder announcement - "Elissa, please respect your microphone."
  • Well, that's different!
  • Jeremy is trying to wheel and deal to stay in the house. He's willing to throw his alliance under the bus. Heck, he's willing to drive the bus right on over them!
  • Aaryn too is working to keep him in the house. Oh, not to get herself voted out, for sure. But she'd rather Spencer go.
  • Aaryn and Kaitlin made a point of eating food in front of the Have Nots.
  • Stupid cruel Mean Girls!
  • McCrae has been feeling sick. Could it be the slop?
  • Although GinaMarie is still pining for her lost love, the others still discussed the possibility that Nick is gay.
  • In talking with Jeremy, Helen was foolish enough to list her fellow Knockout alliance members as those she wants protected.
  • Now Jeremy, thus Kaitlin and Aaryn, know the alliance.
  • McCrae went on about how broke he is. Perhaps his career choice of pizza delivery guy might need to change?
  • They all played an impromptu volleyball game with a beach ball and no net.
  • They said that Helen had to re-do the line announcing it was time for the nominations ceremony because she seemed too happy when she first did it.
  • Oh yes, it's a solemn occasion indeed.
  • They talked about putting on a little BB News/Talk show.
  • Apparently they don't recall that's been done before.
  • I remember.
  • Helen thinks the house wants Howard out.
  • They do. He's lied and not covered or stuck with the lies much too much. Only Dr. Will can get away with that and only because he told everyone he'll always lie.
  • Judd thinks GinaMarie should go before jury because she'd be a bitter jury member.
  • Y'think?
  • Aaryn thinks the definition of a homophobe is someone who hates men.
  • @@
  • Kaitlin thinks she's asexual. Well, gee, you can tell by how she's all over Jeremy.
  • @@
  • They talked about the book 1984 and Big Brother. Judd hadn't read the book and said he reads about a book a year.
  • Oh my.
  • Judd said he'd be willing to vote GinaMarie out, but couldn't put her up if he was HoH. He said he's already lied to her too much and feels bad about it. But if someone else were to put her up, he'd definitely vote to get rid of her.
  • McCrae and Amanda made out. Argh.
  • All are still asleep as I get this posted.

Talking Knockout

Let's see how long this lasts outside



Sasha said...

Thanks, Jackie! And LOL@moment over. Is 2 eyerolls in one post a record? Maybe not but I think the number of smiles and my own eyerolls at the lack of knowledge in this group may be.
Glad to see Jeremy go. Obnoxious comes to mind.

Witt said...

Jeremy a great player? Bwahahahahaha! He never won HOH, and (will be) evicted the third week. Mike Boogie better be worried, his self-proclaimed title is about to be stolen. How does Jeremy ever expect to be mentioned in the same breath as Dr. Will, Dan, and Ian (little Ian, who knocked out both Mike Boogie and Dan)?

Jeremy is seriously unhinged. I guess being in that house must do it to you!

Witt :)

Lili said...

Personally I am hoping that by the next set of nominations everyone will have gotten over the OMG Howard lied thing and moved on to vilifying someone, like say Aaryn, Kailtlin, Spencer, or GM.

Everybody lies in this game. Howard lied to Helen etc because he was in the MC and she wasn't. McCrae lied to Amanda, again, because he was in the MC and she wasn't and she is not one fraction as upset about being lied to as Helen is.

In fact, I would love to see Howard win HOH this week and put up Aaryn and Kaitlin, and somebody win MVP and put up GM!

Whose with me?

Anonymous said...

Lili I Love The Way You Think

ORKMommy said...

Jeremy is a legend in his own mind!

As much as I want Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn out of the house I fear it will turn very boring without them. Happens every year!

Petals said...

Jerm really considers himself in the same class as Dan, Ian, Dr Will.
What a nimrod. He can't leave soon enough for me.

JOEY said...

Hi All,
Jackie: JOEY said that you mention or talk about Helen's workout, but we are unable to find or see what it is, do you or anyone have any idea what it is or can tell what she does?
JOEY said: Helen better be carefull about talking too much or the knockout will vote her out because of it.
My own thought is that I think the people in the house has forgotten about game playing and is playing by emotions instead, I thought it be better to think about your long term game and who you want to be on the jury as well as who you want to be in final two, which make me think it be better to keep
Aaryn around because right now she is look at as most hated player but it seem she is quieting down and GM , GERM AND Kailtlin would make better target with Spencer.
They need to remember the game is reason why they are there. just my two cents.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Kaitlin, Aaryn, GinaMarie, leaving would be music to my ears,no matter how boring the house would be, the thought of someone being so racist and bigoted, spoils the game for me, I actually leave the room when they talk, so I miss a lot of the show, so as far as I am concern, BRING ON THE BOREDOM.

Chacha said...

Just went to cbs and we can vote on the questions for Thursdays HOH

here is the link

Petals said...

Hey Julie & Joey !
Helen is super-healthy. She runs laps in the backyard every day. Does light weights, too. She is fit with a capital "F".

Just like Jerm is a douchebag with a capital "D".

(the only reason he doesn't want to leave is because he is homeless. His boat does not have power, and his mom won't let him move back in to her basement.)

lynn1 said...

Petals, If Jerm keeps talking about how he has stolen stuff I am sure the county or the state would give him a place to live rent free with meals included. He could become some bad man's girlfriend.

Petals said...

LMAO, Lynn! I'd love it. He is truly depraved.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy is willing to drive the bus right over his alliance, while Aaryn is also working to keep him in the house.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

JOEY said...

Thank Petals for the informations, wish we could see that time she work out with Howard and show him up.
Lynn, that is so funny!!! we loved it and laugh, sad, but true.
Thank you, enjoy tonight show.

Anonymous said...

Someone please tell production they have the chess board set up wrong (a common error in tv/movies).
The left hand corner should always be the light square. :)

And, watching some of them play chess..jeez...none of them can. On your previous howard a day shot, I see a pawn on the 1st rank..which is impossible.. yes, some of us do love chess. No worries. :)

Anonymous said...

dark square, sorry...they have it on the light square, which is the error. Not making a deal of it, just saying (hard to follow a game when the board is set up wrong)

JOEY said...

Anonymous 5:39 pm
JOEY saw the same thing as you did, but I guess it something about how they made it. You are also right about how some of them play, but JOEY said, That ok, they are so boring , first time chess is even more fun then the person.
JOEY think howard can really play but let the others win or make a move to let them.
They got to start making a new way of playing some other type of game or something.
can we tell them that ??

monty924 said...

Post of the day goes to lynn1 :))
Love it, lol.

Helen's new talk show could never rival Britney, Matt, Ragan and gang's "Just the Tip". Loved their routine that season.

Can't wait to see this POV comp tonight. See everyone later at the pool... the water will be fine and much needed with this heat/humidity wave.

JOEY said...

Sorry, JOEY said I wrote what he said wrong, he said that it ok, that they are so boring, it is the first time even bad chess is more fun then the person playing it.
JUILE,who's mess up and gonna get it from a JOEY. LOL

JOEY said...

JOEY want to know, seem like you also love chess as well as he does, is that true??
JOEY love it , but he a Better teacher then a player,lol
He thought his nephew, all of 5 years old how to play then with in a hour after learning , the boy won every game after that.
JOEY kept saying"DARN SMART A.. KID"",
JOEY has low vision problem so they ask him "are you sure you can see the whole board"" you are so bad. He just look at them and laugh.
They try to teach him how to play chess on the computer, but I made him stop because he yell and swear the computer cheat.
Now when there no one around and I don't like to play, I only let him play with himself, and he even bad at that too.
Maybe some day he will find someone to help him play better.

~~Silk said...

Anon 5:39 - The chess board would be correct if they were sitting on the other sides. (Perhaps there's no seats on the other two sides?) But that's convention, has no real effect on the game.

Also, that's not a black pawn in the first (actually black's 8th) rank. That's a knight, turned so that the horse head is not obvious. But even if it were a pawn, that's not only possible, it's a huge advantage, since it can be (must be) promoted to any other piece except another pawn or king.


JOEY said...

JOEY set up the board on the table so he can play with himself every so often when he walk by it. he would make a play and then walk on and do what ever.
but every so often, not a lot, but some times, I will mess with it and watch him come back and look at it and scratch and shake his head and say, "wow"I must be losing it, I swear i made another move. then ask me, " Hon... am I losing it??
I really had to try hard not to laugh and walk away. I love messing and playing with him.
and he never figure it out either. I am still waiting for that day.
you really have to see it to believed it, really funny to watch him. WE tease each others so much and have such fun at it too.
I hope he never find out.

PDX Granny said...

Julie, I just have to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. It sounds like you and Joey have a very special relationship. I got a kick out of reading how you mess with his chess game. I can almost see the sparkle in your eye as he's trying to figure out if he's "losing it"!

Oh, yes! He is so right when he says "that they are so boring, it is the first time even bad chess is more fun then the person playing it."

My word verify would be good for him. It's gamewit. LOL

Anonymous said...


I appreciate the effort, but no. The dark corner is on the left no matter what side (the queen goes on the color of her square). The a1-h8 diagnol does not change on where one is sitting.. :)

The board is wrong.

Anonymous said...

And no chess player calls a knight a 'horse'..sorry.. (noticed they did that as well)

I'm actually not an anal person, could out fun any of you. :)

Anonymous said...


they would of promoted it from the position (and even then, jeez..don't get me started on how ugly that is)
The board is wrong, all I wanted to say. Well, they are horrible players who I could give rook odds too
It's all good. Double Rook odds. (I've beaten such with double rooks, and queen odds..)

Anonymous said...

diagonal ...

I don't need a link for chess, maybe for spelling.. :)
Played since I was 5, have beaten masters in tournaments, I might know a 'lil' about Chess..wish we could play right now (!)

sorry Jackie, I know you hate the chess and the pool (I love pool too) heh..I am not hostile..just, well cute someone linked me and thought, well never mind

I guess my handle will be Caissa from here out..

Anonymous said...

And, Joey..


ookay. This is why I'm lazy and just do the anon :)

That was, sort of, interesting at least..

~Caissa :)

Anonymous said...

Joey, Chess is fun when you know how to play!

I won't judge what you and Julie do. Not all Chess players are stereotypes! I'm here, aren't I? oh..well nevermind that



Anonymous said...

Joey, Howard looked good against Spencer, who pushed all his pawns out, a4, h4, etc..blocking his pieces..
Howard played g6, going for a fianchetto bishop..but then developed it on the other sure if he can play much either, Better than Spencer, yes. I could beat him with Q odds though. :) (not good)