Monday, July 01, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Monday Daytime - 7/01

Andy and Spencer, not a showmance

After last night's big brouhahas over really nothing (whether McCrae put a pizza tray in the oven, Jeremy taking extra wine, a squashed cowboy hat), today's been rather quiet. Here's what's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Misfit Toys:
  • Spencer admitted to McCrae he just said "Candice sat on it" on the spot when Aaryn went off about her hat being bent. He has no clue how the hat got bent.
  • Jessie is about the only early riser in the house, but most nights the majority of the house is up until almost dawn.
  • Jessie doesn't talk to us while she's up alone.
  • You'd think McCrae, a superfan, would know we like being talked to. That's one fantastic thing about Evel Dick -- he'd get up early almost every morning and talk to the live feeders.
  • The MC bunch think that David is a nice guy, but a very weak player.
  • Well. Duh. He came to be on TV with a showmance. That's not a good strategy!
  • Half the day was spent talking trash about other players.
  • Howard seems to still be getting by without ruffling anyone's feathers.
  • He used the gym equipment today. My gosh, you talk about MUSCLES!
  • GinaMarie cried and had a huge hissy fit because BB took a lot of the clothes she brought.
  • Well, she probably should have taken their rules seriously. They're very strict about clothes with logos. Colleges and states for t-shirts are about the only ones they regularly allow. I recall someone complaining a few seasons back they were told not to bring white.
  • The HoH camera came into play today.
  • Elissa did her yoga.
  • Howard and Jessie had a big bible study session.
  • All in all, whole lotta nuthin' goin' on today. 
HoH Camera time



Sharon S said...

Thanks for the updates!

Where's the screen cap of Howard and his muscles? :(

Michelle C said...

Yea, what she said. He's about the only real hunk (omgosh did I age myself? LOL) in the house and the only hamster with a brain. At least on the male side of the house. Show us the good stuff! ;-)

PDX Granny said...

Yeah! What they said! :)

Petals said...

Michelle - he IS a hunk. NO other word for it. And believe me, he isn't my normal "type" (like, I can't imagine him swinging a tennis racket, LOL)

Sharon said...

For some reason, Howard is really flying under the radar. Maybe because he stays out of sight, out of mind most of the time?

Maybe he'll show himself more once some of the twits are gone.

Petals said...

hey guys, Aryan is getting her 15 minutes a bit earlier than she hoped:

Sharon said...

Yup, saw that earlier this evening and mentioned on the other thread.
Article has video showing several players saying things.
I think CBS must be freaking with all this BAD publicity.
I would think this is NOT the kind of thing they would want!

Sharon said...

Even with BB getting supposedly getting after them for the racial and homophobic remarks, didn't stop Aryan from doing it again today.
If it keeps going, I wonder if BB will pull her from the show.
If you see that list of slurs, GM has been just as bad, if not worse.
And the list doesn't even include the latest!

monty924 said...

Even made the CBS morning rounds in Dallas. I don't have the link handy, but it appears it has gone outside of the BB world and hit the mainstream media. Aaryn will be surprised to find out she hit it big within the first week in there. Just not hit it big like she thought she would.

monty924 said...

I don't see them pulling anyone from the game. They aren't breaking any BB rules by making asshats of themselves. It doesn't look good on BB, but then neither did Amber or Adam's crap in their seasons.

JOKATS said...

I am just hoping JERM will go soon so I can root for some1 I think can win...... THANKS ORK! j/k <3 ya >^,,^<

Operion M'Sia said...

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Petals said...

Jackie - who is this Operian person? LMAO

Sharon, I wonder what Julie will do at the live show? I mean, Helen has been getting it too, from the NGC. And she is a pretty Asian, like Julie.

JimmyB said...

Petals...Can you spell s-p-a-m? :)

Maybe that's not the proper term.