Saturday, July 06, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds - MVP Nomination/PoV Winner Update 7/06

Elissa, the MVP, nominated Jeremy. Shh. It's a secret. Well, it's not a secret that Jeremy's on the block. It's a secret who done did the deed.

But then Jeremy won PoV.

Well, that was a waste.

Here's a Howard to make us all feel better ...


Terry is a Texan! said...

Gosh at least you gave us some sugar (Howard) with that bad news. egad, we cant catch a break!

Chacha said...

YAY for Howard.

I had written on the other thread a what if scenerio.

Not that I like Aaryn at all but with her stating now that she is the weak link with J&K she should think about her own game play.
strike up a deal somewhere.
Have Kaitlyn tell Jeremy if she is on the block she will go home, If Jeremy stays on block he will stay.
I am sure Aaryn can get Jess, Andy, Candice, and Judd definetly,Maybe Gina Marie..

I worry though about Howard, Spence, Nick, Mc Crae and his piece Amanda although she doesn't trust Jeremy at all. i do believe there are a few cracks in that alliance.

but does the MC really believe that they can make it to final five. it has never been done before with all members intact.

PDX Granny said...

Jackie, thank you for our daily. :)

Anonymous said...

So Elissa has kept the secret this time tht she is MVP??

Jackie said...

Anon - She told Helen.

Sharon S said...

While Howard makes me feel better, it's not allll better. Aaryn is still in charge and Jeremy is still safe.

Does Aaryn get to replace Jer or since he is Elissa's nom, does she get to replace?

Anonymous said...

I can't handle evil winning not even for a week. I am still not over the whole slur thing and the networks refusal to kick the offenders out. Yes, I know it is not one of the listed reasons to be tossed but the network is still in control ... or maybe not.

JimmyB said...

Not sure these HG's are thinking a couple steps ahead. Once Elissa is out---who's going to win MVP?

Gotta be Howard...Which I would think will be much more unpredictable than Elissa.

JimmyB said...

Two little gems from twitter tonight:

1. Aaryn is telling Candice she trusts Jeremy cuz he's smart. Kaitlin interjects "He's -shockingly- smart! It's unreal!"

2. Kaitlin just said she is the least whorish of all her friends.

Oh...I want to meet Kaitlin's friends.

Andrea Johnson said...

Hot off the press!

Per TMZ another "Big Brother" houseguest is on the outs with their employer ... this time it's Spencer Clawson, whose company is already laying the groundwork to hand him his walking papers.

Read more:
Visit Fishwrapper:

monty924 said...

Elissa will get to name the replacement (MVP nom goes down, MVP replaces them). I wanted her to nom Kaitlyn, but now I think Candice or Jessie if she wants to stay in there. Maybe even GM.

Oh Big Brother!

monty924 said...

Posted this on previous thread and just moving it over here for reference. Can't wait until we can all get back to talking about BB and game and not all the BS about the idiots.

It's all sad and it really takes away from the pure fun of BB.

I haven't talked or said much about the 'firings' other than my most previous avi.

I can only say this... if I had to take this show serious and take it personally, as in it effects my life, then I will stop watching it.

I'm offended by a lot of things. I'm offended by my favorite actors, some of my favorite musicians, and my favorite talk show hosts. If I were to boycott every person and/or enterprise that I've been offended by, well you know.

I'd have no movies to watch, no places to spend my hard earned money and most importantly my music that I love.

I guess I just don't take it personal, and I'm not sure why anyone else would either.
Peace out~ Monty

Shannon Ledford said...

Jackie, I'm a long time follower of yours, first time poster! I'm a HUGE BB fan and you have made watching so much better! Thank you!
But now I ask.... I'm SHOCKED how CBS is not taking action (that I am aware of) regarding all the racist and homophobic slurs being used in the house. I'm trying to recall if past seasons had this many potty mouths but the slurs are horrible! Is anything being said or done to those "house guests"? Should anything be done?
I know they each have a right to their opinion, but it seems silly in our world today the daily slurs seem to go unpunished when a hat against a bare bottom resulted in a possible eviction talk....
I'm a very open minded person, but I'm tired of listening to after dark or live feeds to the thing certain people say.

I'm not very impressed this year, even with the known twists, I may simply take a pass on BB this summer but check back on your page often for your pictures of your neighborhood (LOVE THOSE!).

Your the best!

Jackie said...

Although I cover the feeds, I always contend that I don't have to live with the people in their house. In the long run, they don't really matter to me.

I can see people with jobs in the public eye doing/saying stupid stuff will have it come back and kick them in the butt. If they have the lack of common sense and decency to do that to themselves, so be it.

With the Spencer thing, he's not in the public eye running pageants, being a spokesman for the brand. With him, I'd just not want to be around the freight trains he operates more do his many references about how much he's into pot. I'm not sure why his other views would cost him a very private not in the public eye kind of job. Safety issues are more important.

In the long run, they do it to themselves with their own stupidity. I'm not going to waste my time and efforts to point out said stupidity to their employers. If they're stupid enough, their employers will notice on their own.

Jackie said...

Shannon - Thank you! As far as CBS telling them, even if they did, it would be hard to control it. Once behaviors are there, with cameras on 24/7, some people just can't stop being jerks. It's exactly like those folks who constantly curse and make a habit out of it, just can't stop it. It's sad that people, especially young people, hold these views. In the end, it's going to be on their own shoulders to change (or just be idiots the rest of their lives).

Nickelpeed said...

Well, that stinks that Jeremy won the POV. Dang it! That's all I'm saying. :-(