Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Tuesday Into Early Evening - July 16

What? Me worry?

Now, today was a day I could have been away and not missed a heck of a lot. Here's what's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers ... er ... Hamsters:
  • Helen is almost scary with her daily exercise routine. I would definitely be dead if I were to do that.
  • Jessie said her shoulders are both hurting a lot; she has trouble rotating her arms.
  • "It hurts when I do that."
  • "Don't do that!"
  • Okay, you can tell I bored with these hamsters today!
  • Judd is working on Aaryn. He told her he doesn't think she'll go this week and that he'll tell people that he doesn't think she's a big threat for a while.
  • I don't think she's a big threat now, either.
  • Once her little group is broken up, she actually stands a chance to get towards the end of the game as she's one you know won't win the popularity contest at the end.
  • She's not great at comps unless she's with Jeremy for the win.
  • Judd and Jessie decided that Kaitlin is a much bigger threat in comps.
  • Jessie and Judd made a final two pact. They think they'll call themselves 2013 Bonnie and Clyde.
  • Um.
  • Well.
  • To win, they really need a better name!
  • Howard will the minister for Nick's "funeral." It won't be held until Friday as GinaMarie is still so upset about his exit.
  • Did you know GinaMarie really liked that kid? A shame he died, isn't it?
  • Jeremy is very full of himself and how great he's playing the game.
  • Cough.
  • But you knew that anyway.
  • Elissa plans on trying to say her goodbye message to Jeremy in German.
  • The Andy, Judd, Elissa, McCrae, Amanda and Helen alliance now has a name -- The Knockouts.
  • Jessie is not a part of the alliance, but Amanda mentioned that they would protect her until jury.
  • Well, she didn't mention that to Jessie, but ...!
  • GinaMarie, Aaryn and Kaitlin think they have a chance if they stick together.
  • Bwahahahaha!
  • Aaryn tried to plea with McCrae to keep both her and Jeremy.
  • Bwahahahaha! Like that's gonna happen!
  • That's about it.
  • Yawn.

Her shoulder needs kneading

I vote Judd for best player!



JOKATS said...

So glad u had a GREAT reunion weekend, but I MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!! <3 TO YOU & VINCENT! BTW did you board him or was he ok w/o you?

Terry is a Texan! said...

ah now I can go to bed, thanks for the post.
The Knockouts....one, two three, POW! Good group.

Sharon S said...

What a beautiful Howard-a-day picture -- the brain and the brawn at work. :)

I like the Knockouts, and really like Judd. At this point, I'm hoping he wins. I do hope Howard can stick around til the end, thought that's doubtful if this new alliance maintains their power.

I hope someone new wins MVP this week -- Judd, Howard, or maybe Amanda - would love to see what she does with it!

Sasha said...

Seriously? Jeremy thinks he's playing a great game. Yes! He keeps telling everybody that @@. It's so great and he's endeared himself to everyone so much that he's GOING HOME!! YAY!
Ugh, you're being so kind to just say he's full of himself...and that's why your updates are the best :)
So wonderful to have you back, Jackie!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be in the room when GM finds out the red shorts are Helens and the hat is McCrae's.

I have a feeling that Judd will talk them into letting Jesse in there. Judd is my favorite. He is very social and not on anybodies radar except GM.


PDX Granny said...

Welcome back, Jackie! Glad you had a good time at your reunion/s. My high school class has an annual picnic, always on the first Saturday of August, and always at the same park. It's fun to get together once a year with my classmates and see how hold they are getting. :)

Shannon did a great job of narrating on Sunday. Gotta give her a shout out Thank You!! She didn't give us our Daily Howard tho, so obviously we're all happy you're back. LOL

Sharon said...

Judd is my favorite. He's just plain cute... mumble mumble or not!
Keeps it clean, and keeps himself under the radar.

I liked Helen and thought she would be a really smart player, but a week of being HOH has turned her into a flippin' idiot. She has big-mouth-itis... and to the wrong people (Germ).

Nickelpeed said...

I LOVE you Howard-a-day!

Glad you had a wonderful reunion weekend. We did miss you a lot. We had fun and behaved, but still missed you.

I won't be able to be here until Sunday, because I'm Wednesday and Thursday. I'll try to put my phone on the site to keep up!


Nickelpeed said...

I can't even write correctly.

I work Wednesday and Thursday, so I won't be able to be back here until Sunday. I think I said it right this time....LOL

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something, why isnt's Candance a part of the knockouts alliance?

Petals said...

Anon/Jeri -

They DID tell GM that the blue hat belongs to McRae, but she still clings to it because Nick wore it last.



Petals said...

By the way, I wanted to give big love to Amanda & McRae - I love them as a couple! They are a power couple - they are friends, a team, they laugh, they plot and they grope. They seem to genuinely respect one another, and I love it.
PS - they have orchestrated every move in the game, IMO.

Petals said...

We'll miss ya, Penny!

Sharon said...

When the KKKrew side was in power, they wanted Amanda out next... saw she is the "brains" and McC does what she wants. McC knows she's leading him, but doesn't seem to mind since her plans actually work.

Crazy how the hamsters are all being led by Amanda now, and wonder how long before they decide she needs to go. Maybe not until too late?

Can't blame Amanda for getting upset last night... when she heard Helen named everyone in their alliance to Germ (of all people). We know Helen is an educated and smart person, but she let HOH go to her head and turned into a totally dumb player. I think they will want her out soon because she can't keep her flippin' mouth SHUT.