Thursday, July 11, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Wednesday July 10 Into the Evening

My, Amanda has large feet!

Of course, that's in relation to McCrae's feet. My own feet are probably the same size as hers. Sigh. Here are the happenings from today inside that Big Brother House of _______ ________ (fill in the blanks; I'm pulling a blank):
  • Argh! I can't really get a handle on this group. Usually it's clear-cut who will be evicted. This time not so much.
  • I'm thinking it will indeed be Elissa.
  • One moment people are saying they're going to vote for Nick, the next they're saying they will vote for Elissa.
  • The real key is, for example, with Howard. He's been having all these really sweet heart-to-heart talks with Helen, Elissa, Candice ... they're lies!
  • He goes right back and reports to Spencer!
  • He certainly doesn't tell the girls of his talks with Spencer.
  • So, that's the key right there.
  • Jessie is wishy-washy and could go either way.
  • I think Judd does have a soft spot for Elissa and just might vote to keep her.
  • McCrae will probably vote with the MC, Amanda (not privy to the MC) might not. At one point, Amanda told McCrae he needs to vote Helen!
  • Amanda tried to talk Jeremy into a Helen vote, as well.
  • But then she tried to talk Howard into voting out Nick.
  • Of course, Spencer and Howard have been on a Get Rid of Amanda kick the last few days. Her days in the house may be numbered right along with all the other women in the house.
  • Hey, at least we don't have that pesky problem of unanimous votes so far this season!
  • McCrae told Spencer that Andy and Judd are onto the MC.
  • Not IN it, mind you. Onto it.
  • Amanda told Nick she's voting for him to stay.
  • He played her like a fiddle.
  • Gah. There's so much possible waffling and lying going on that it's making my head hurt.
  • Right now.
  • I want them to each take a turn privately talking to the live feeds so my head can stop hurting.
  • Snap to it, hamsters!


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Dig them shades!

Bandana covers the dark roots?


monty924 said...

I wish Judd pulled more weight, as in influence, in there. He wants Elissa to stay and he's working on Jessie. Will it be enough? Probably not, but I <3 J-U-double D!

Sharon said...

Judd has become my favorite lately. Seems like a really nice guy.

Hope either Candace or Judd will get MVP. They seems to be the only ones smart enough to figure out the guy alliance. Helen is smart and very nice... too nice. She believes people (like Howard) too easily.

Peggy said...

How about The Big Brother House of Devilish Dervishes? I know my head is spinning! Please, McCrae, talk to the camera and tell us what you're really going to do.