Friday, July 05, 2013

Big Brother 15: Nominations are in - 7/05

As expected, Elissa and Helen are on the block.

Elissa is being much more compassionate than Rachel ever was about it. Helen is crying, but vows to play hard for the veto and remove herself from the block. Elissa told her that she knows she (Elissa) is the target, Helen should be safe.

No word on the MVP nomination.


monty924 said...

DR leak. Elissa is MVP.

Lili said...

I think lots of us feel for the underdog and Elissa may be voted MVP for awhile if she survives next week. Amazing how similar the anti Elissa mob mentality of the house is reminiscent of the anti Rachel sentiment. Even tho they have little in common in manner, emotional stability, game stategy etc.

It is interesting to me that in quite a few seasons a player has been singled out early on by the house. That player is bullied, repeatedly nominated, imagined to have secret powers or some sort of favored help from BB etc.

Usually the victims of this mob paranoia have been women. But there was that one guy whose name I cannot remember who left the sofa area when BB turned the lights off cuz he went down the hall to brush his teeth and when the lights came back on he was accused of all manner of nefarious doings? I think he was the same guy who kept strictly Kosher and happily ate the baby food as a have not? The group decided he was weird, crazy, dangerous, etc.

Jeremy seems to be taking on the Evil Dick/Boogie role what with his manipulations, instigating conflicts on purpose, and general bullying and intimidations. This tactic has certainly worked for male players in the past but it is one I have zero respect for.

Am wondering why Helen, Andy, Judd, Elissa, and Jessie have not formed an alliance. They all seem like they are waiting for someone to ask them, they need to figure things out and get it together and work to get Jeremy, Spencer, Nick, Aaryn, and Kaitlin out.

Silly Hamsters.

Anonymous said...

GUYS...Elissa is MVP!!

BB "accidentally" showed a clip of Elissa in the DR with the MVP envelope....

It's all over the Interwebs...just visit jokers or Google!