Thursday, July 04, 2013

Big Brother 15: Rob Has a Podcast (featuring Ian Terry)

Although quite long, I really enjoyed Rob Cesternino's podcast from after last night's show. I love getting Ian's take on the house happenings! My one real fuss is the live-feeder. Albeit very knowledgeable, could he be any more monotone? Yikes!

Check it out!


Sharon said...

Thanks Jackie, it was fun seeing Ian give his take on everything.

Chacha said...

Sharon I agree with you hearing Ian's take on it.

It was interesting but i just don't know if i could listen to that all the time.

I guess I am more intot he reading of what happened!

Sharon said...

Chacha - I agree. It would be tough to listen to on a daily basis. Rob voice was clear, but droned.
Ian understands the house in's and out's, but the sound wasn't very good and occasionally hard to tell what he said.
The other guy wasn't asked much at all.

Sharon said...

Almost choked on my lunch just now...
Aryan thinks it's fitting that she's HOH on the 4th because... she's "the all-American" girl. @@

PDX Granny said...

Thanks, Jackie. You're right! That was long!! I watched it in stages, so it was all good. :)

It was good to see Ian again and hear his thoughts.

I watched a bit of BBAD today too. It drove me nutz trying to figure out what people were saying. It's bad enough with all the bleeps and mumbles, but if the mics were tuned into the people they showing talking, it would help. When Amanda and McCray were playing chess all I could hear were people downstairs.

It makes me appreciate you all the more!!