Sunday, July 21, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the (two) Week(s) It Was - July 21, 2013

It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. This week is actually two weeks worth of photos as I was away last weekend. If you're looking for the Big Brother television show live feeds report, the last one I wrote is here at this link. Another one will be posted later this morning.

Last weekend I went up to Albany, NY, from my NJ home to (a) attend my high school reunion, the first one I've been to out of more than a few decades worth and (b) visit my brother Russ and his wife Debby and have a fantastic reunion with cousins from the Massachusetts, Vermont and New York area -- some of whom I haven't seen since I was a young child. Plus, my niece Carrie, her husband Ryan and my fantastic 1-year old niece Taylor joined us!

Although I've been miserable with the heat we have had here on the East Coast, the memories of this past weekend will long outlast my memories of the heat wave!

My first experience with Megabus was overall good. I'll definitely use them again and will probably visit upstate NY more often. The trip up cost me $5 as it was more popular timing. They work it so at least the first two trips booked on a bus get the $1 price. My ride home cost me a single dollar. Can't beat that with a stick even though that bus ended up being late. It costs twelve times that just to go through the bridge or tunnel!

Because I have so many photos, I'm going to get them started now ...

NYC photo IMG_8821a_zps07987ab6.jpg
NYC at 1:09am Monday morning

The problem is that the train I wanted to catch, the last train of the night on my line, left at 1:00am. The trains on other days run later. Oops.

Nipper photo IMG_8784a_zpsa13f9d5e.jpg

This 25 foot tall, four ton replica of the "His Master's voice" RCA dog Nipper is atop what's now a moving and storage warehouse in Albany, New York. Back when it was erected, the building was an RCA dealership. The "new" owners (it's been several years) not only kept Nipper there, but totally refurbished him and have kept him in pristine condition. I loved to look up and see Nipper when I was a child and must admit it was like seeing an old friend to see him last week.

Flower 4 photo IMG_8768a_zps50250d3a.jpg
Inside the bloom

You'd think a bee would be on this with all that pollen just sitting there for the taking! Hudson Avenue, Albany, NY.


I see dead people photo IMG_8410a_zps08861b64.jpg
I see dead people

For a moment, I actually thought maybe they were dead people as I approached the Plainfield Train Station early one morning for my commute to work. Then one moved. Eek! ZOMBIES! Er, well, probably either homeless dudes or men who don't have air conditioning. Or, just drunk guys sleeping it off. I couldn't do that. I'd keep thinking insects were on me!

Marriage? photo IMG_8421a_zps44c3a9b2.jpg
 He proposed

I previously "shot" this guy at the Bound Brook Train Station. One day he was at the Bridgewater Train Station. Although a bit "out there," he was actually quite pleasant. He did end our little chat with a proposal of marriage, but ...! (I said he was a bit "out there"!)

Love Stories Suck photo IMG_8425a_zpse28bb043.jpg

I noticed this graffiti on a clothing donation bin at the U-Haul lot on East Second Street in Plainfield. Oh my.

Berries photo IMG_8441a_zps2a07b1a2.jpg

Growing at the Bridgewater Train Station

Dismal photo IMG_8460a_zpsf1c4440e.jpg
Dismal morning

It poured overnight heading into the morning of my trip to Albany. I took this shot out the bus window as we approached NYC from my NJ digs. Yes, it is indeed in color. It was a grey morning, I say!

Port Authority photo IMG_8464a_zps39a94def.jpg
Outside Port Authority Bus Terminal

Although still foggy and grey when I stepped out onto the streets of Manhattan, at least it stopped raining.

Citibikes 1 photo IMG_8466a_zpsc00f4f91.jpg
Fun with Citibikes #1

Citibikes is a fairly new program across NYC. Racks are located throughout the city and you can rent a bike daily, weekly, yearly, whatever, from one rack, return it to any rack you wish. This rack was across the street from my Megabus stop on 34th Street between 11th and 12th (aka, middle of nowhere except the Javits Center). I found it fun photo fodder.

Citibikes 2 photo IMG_8468a_zps4ff8ab80.jpg
Citibikes fun #2

Citibikes 3 photo IMG_8473a_zpsbf337e24.jpg
Citibikes fun #3

Megabus NYC stop photo IMG_8471a_zpsb9627847.jpg
My NYC Megabus pick-up location

Yep, middle of nowhere! That's the Hudson River in the background. At least, on a Saturday morning, it's a great place for it -- they have room to line the buses up there as there are no businesses on that side of the street. I really wouldn't want to hang around that area late at night waiting on a late bus, though. I have no fear when it comes to many parts of Manhattan at night, but this is a bit sketchy.

Megabus photo IMG_8483a_zpsabe5aed1.jpg
The Megabus queues

NYPD horse photo IMG_8484a_zpsded12e0e.jpg
NYPD horse

I was a bit surprised to see this pass us as I waited on my Megabus. I've usually seen more than one at a time and more around the touristy areas. Beautiful horse!

Seatmates photo IMG_8486a_zpsc9aaa246.jpg
My new Megabus friends

Anya, Marlene and I were amongst the first four waiting for the bus and took the prime upper deck front window seats. No one sat in the seat next to me, so I could spread my legs a bit across. The Megabus is the first bus I've seen with seatbelts. I definitely used mine with our seats right there at the front!

There are cupholders built into the "dashboard," as well as electric outlets and WIFI service. Not a bad trip at all for $5. My trip home only cost $1. It depends on who orders tickets first whether you get the $1 price or not. The trip from NYC to Albany left on time and arrived four minutes early. 

Megaline photo IMG_8488a_zps93f90f51.jpg
Megabus Philly queue

They recommend you arrive at least fifteen minutes early for the Megabus. It's highly recommended to arrive even earlier to get a seat of choice.

My view photo IMG_8498a_zps6023da1e.jpg
My top deck NYC view

Note the fog is obscuring the buildings in the distance. When the driver turned on his windshield wipers, ours upstairs went on as well.

Lincoln Tunnel photo IMG_8513a_zpsfd656fe6.jpg
Inside the Lincoln Tunnel

After we'd been in the tunnel for a few minutes, Anya asked what we were going under as it was so long. When I told her it was the Hudson River, she gulped. I think I scared her!

Heehee photo IMG_8528a_zps7b64a3b9.jpg
We ate your stick family

A sticker in the window of a Mini Cooper on the NYS Thruway. Mocking the silly little stick figure emblems, I love it!

Zipline photo IMG_8556a_zpsd61fbb23.jpg
What? Hunter has a zipline now?!

Sheesh, Hunter Mountain didn't have a zipline back in the days I often frequented it!

Albany photo IMG_8571a_zpsc213c83e.jpg
Approaching Albany

It was nice to see the Empire State Plaza and the Egg as we got near town. A part of my heart will always be there -- my college days, my first apartment, the start of my adult life.

My megabus photo IMG_8580a_zps3f50bf8a.jpg
My Megabus

The arrow points to where my seat was, right over the driver. That gentleman at the door was my driver for my trip to Albany.


Flower photo IMG_8452a_zps3c44ed09.jpg

Bee 1 photo IMG_8641b_zps38bdd20f.jpg

Flower 2 photo IMG_8652a_zps91a529c8.jpg

Flower 3 photo IMG_8743a_zpsec3f54a4.jpg

Bee 2 photo IMG_8755a_zpscc8ba524.jpg

Bee 3 photo IMG_8759a_zpsbc3990c3.jpg

Bee 4 photo IMG_8760a_zps1e4123d1.jpg


Plaza photo IMG_8708a_zps46ad5809.jpg
Back of the Capitol Building

Ducks 1 photo IMG_8710a_zps2c5b1078.jpg

This mother and her ducklings (I didn't see the male duck) have it made. The city/state/local workers/whomever have even built them little ramps so they can go in and out of the large fountain pools on the Plaza. Our ducklings here are already ducks, but Albany is about three weeks to a month behind us when summer approaches.

Ducks 2 photo IMG_8724a_zps229548e7.jpg

Ducks 3 photo IMG_8726a_zps24fe457b.jpg

The Egg photo IMG_8734a_zps1e55f126.jpg
The Egg

This is an auditorium, home of mid-sized concerts, etc. It was still under construction, as was the whole Empire State Plaza, when I last lived in Albany. My brother's condo looks out at the Plaza. He and his wife have front row comfy seats for all the firework shows and such.

Old and new photo IMG_8740a_zps0224a2a4.jpg
Old and new

As I walked back across the street to my brother's place, I took this shot of the Alfred E. Smith Educational Building in the background with the Plaza looming on the right.

Capitol Building photo IMG_8776a_zpsb2391642.jpg
New York State Capitol Building

Ah, the memories of anti-war protests in the late sixties/early seventies. It prime to get a spot atop the horse statue holding a candle and giving a peace sign in hopes you'd make the evening news or a photo in the Times Union. I took this shot out the window of my sister-in-law's car.

Ted's photo IMG_8786a_zps5c9a6603.jpg
Mmm ... Ted's!

Why aren't there any good fish fry places outside the Capital District area? Why? I chowed down.

Madison Square Garden photo IMG_8818a_zpscf339a0d.jpg
Madison Square Garden

This isn't good. Note the little red time on the marquee is 1:09. I'm at Madison Square Garden at 1:09am on a Sunday night/Monday morning. Well, I want to be at Madison Square Garden as Penn Station is attached to it. That's good. Alas, my Megabus home was late. It was supposed to arrive in NYC, about three blocks from Penn Station, at 12:30am. The last train home was at 1:00am. The last bus from Port Authority was even earlier as it was Sunday night. Oops.

Oh, well. It's only four hours and change until they start running trains again heading home. It was hot, but really breezy. I checked out all the outdoor spots I know to sit only to find them full of street people, lost people, zombies, you name it. Inside Penn Station (which is always open unlike Grand Central Terminal which shuts down a few hours at night the last I knew), ticketed Amtrak and NJ Transit customers have a private waiting area. They have the AC cranked so high there that it was totally uncomfortable and I can't sleep in public anyway.

no photo IMG_8823a_zpsde376f05.jpg
Made for Mankind

Take no prisoners photo IMG_8826a_zps7cba3322.jpg
Take no prisoners!

Parked outside Penn Station with the Farley Post Office in the background, I kept waiting to see prisoners. I saw none.

Empire State photo IMG_8827a_zps5ef1502c.jpg
Empire State Building

In my roaming around the Penn Station area, I found a tall milk crate secured to a pole. Aha! A seat! I sat there for a while watching the people passing by and the street vendors pulling and pushing their carts up the street to set up for the day. When it was really quiet (as quiet as Midtown Manhattan can get), I saw a few rats come out of a bush area in front of the 24-hour Duane Reade store. That's to the left just off camera view. They were going for something in the gutter. Just when I was waiting to film them as I couldn't get a decent photo capture, a street vendor decided to set up right where I was sitting. Grr.

Farley Post Office photo IMG_8832a_zps047b212e.jpg
Farley Post Office

Citibikes rack in front, people sleeping on the steps.

Dawn photo IMG_8837a_zps9a8c5be1.jpg
Dawn arrives

Vincent photo IMG_8444a_zps8d09b396.jpg
This box isn't big enough!

Yes, I do have big feet. But not big enough for Vincent! He wants me to have clown shoe size feet so he can have a comfortable box!


Debra Currier said...

Loved this~! You are a brave woman to wander about that area at that hour. Enjoyed the pictures though. I guess someone has to do it! LOL carry on.

Jackie said...

Thanks! It's much safer in the middle of the night in that area of Manhattan than it is where I live in NJ. I won't go out downtown here that late at night. I was planning a taxi from the train station had I not missed the train. I've done the miss the last bus/train thing before in the city, but without toting luggage. I miss the days when they actually had lockers! Stupid terrorists.

Anonymous said...

that was quite a post!! enjoyed it very much. I think i liked it more bc I have been to NYC a few times so it took me back. thanks for the catch up!

Anonymous said...

oh and my husband sent me a funny txt this wk I thought I'd share. he was adamant he wasn't getting involved in BB this year, he says it's the same thing every year, etc, and he's rather spend that hour watching trublood or Dexter but he slowly got into it. he heard me laughing at the have not competition this week with Howard throwing it, slamming junk in aaryns face instead of her bucket so on his own he watched that BB episode and sent me a text after " those girls are over the top vicious, I think they actually meet Dexter's code..." anyhoo, have a great day everyone!

lynn1 said...

Jackie, great Photos this week. I especially enjoyed the ones of Albany. I visited Albany about 10 years ago. The state capitol building is beautiful, inside and out.
I know the feeling of just missing your train in the middle of the night. It happened to Al and me twice in one trip when we lived in Germany.
Hope to join you and the BB gang tonight.

Andrea Johnson said...

Jackie, so enjoy your Sunday missives, with PICTURES! Glad you enjoyed you MegaBus experience. I've only rode it once, about a year ago. My daughter and I got there super early but there was still a line. Luckily, it was right next to Union Station and not sketchy-looking. I spent $21 to get us to Michigan and another $5 to get me back (dropping her off at her dads for the summer). Did the round trip in 24 hours and was much better than a 12 hour roundtrip drive. Much cheaper too!

Palmaltas said...

Great photos! For some reason I thought the Albany skyline quite extraordinary.

monty924 said...

Love all the photos this week. Especially Vincent in the shoe box and the Zombie window sticker. :)))

meb said...

Jackie, I felt like I was on the trip with you. This is awesome. The bees on the flowers also fascinated me. Thanks for sharing these.

RSchnoop said...

Feel free to visit more often, accommodations are cheap and uncomfortable, but "You're always welcome at our house..." as Shel Silverstein would say...
Great pictures, though the ducks are my favorites.