Sunday, January 12, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - January 12, 2014

Good morning! It's Sunday morning and that can only mean one thing, right? Yep. It's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way.

Okay ... what's up with the weather this winter? Sure, we normally go from cold winter temps to days that break the 40 degree mark. This year we're having record lows shooting almost up to 60 degrees within the course of a single day! We're having winds, ice storms, snow storms, torrential rains in rapid succession. I am SO over this winter. Make it stop. I feel obliged to mention that the new windows in my apartment certainly do keep the drafts down. But I don't necessarily feel they need be tested like this!

The sciatica has lessened enough that I put in a full week's worth of work this week. Alas, I'm definitely not pain free. It's more like I'm living on ibuprofen and collapsing once I get home. I missed more television shows this week by falling asleep before the primetime block! The most comfortable position for me is lying down -- not walking, standing or sitting. It appears that my mind thinks if I'm lying down, I must fall asleep. Argh. Thankfully, most of my missed shows are online and I've already caught up with a few of them.

I'm officially on a staycation right now. I'm hoping that being able to be off my feet for the most part will get rid of this bout of sciatica. I do appreciate the advice of others, but I do think this will go away if I stop and actually rest it some. I don't think my health insurance covers chiropractors, but I'm not sure. It does cover regular doctors and, if needed, surgeries. I prefer none of that.

Anyway ... at least I actually got some good photos this week. I kept my camera in my pocket with a microwavable pocket warmer from a scarf I bought earlier in the week during the record lows. The scarf has a neck insert and two pocket inserts. Since I don't stick my hands in the scarf pockets, I put the inserts in my coat pockets. By yesterday, though, I was wearing just a hoodie to work. Silly weather.

 photo IMG_1503a_zpsbf8d61fd.jpg
Reflection in a droplet

The rain on the berries gave me great photo fodder. Check out the upside-down berry shoots in the drop. Bridgewater, NJ.

 photo IMG_1511a_zps55b7d210.jpg
Sunset in da 'hood

I saw one pretty sunset this week. Of course, it was frigid out there.

 photo IMG_1512a_zps33b8214e.jpg

Early in the week, it was so cold that the glue (whatever) holding the brickface at the Plainfield Train Station let loose. My train was extremely late (hence the sunrise) and we heard a crashing noise. No one was near this, yet there you go. By the end of the week, part of the stairs to the tunnel was all blocked off with caution tape as the stairs crumbled. Over at the Bridgewater Train Station, the stairs are missing two metal risers and crumbling. If I were driving, I'd be mentioning pot holes big enough to swallow a rottweiler.


The berry bushes in planters near my workplace have seen both rain and snow this past week. Unfortunately, because they are indeed real berries, the weather is getting to some of them and they're starting to pass. Here are some of the berry shots I took this week ...

 photo IMG_1556a_zpsd4df63bf.jpg
In the rain

 photo IMG_1531a_zps91433a9a.jpg
In the snow

 photo IMG_1538a_zps04238c68.jpg
In the snow

 photo IMG_1558a_zps8f677fdf.jpg
NJ Transit Security

Yep, new security at the Plainfield Train Station! I spotted this poor abandoned LARGE tiger last night. I'm not sure if I should have said something or not. You know, they say, "See something, say something." I can see it now ...

"Hello, New Jersey Transit. I'd like to report something suspicious at the Plainfield Train Station. There's a large tiger on the bench snarling at people."

"What? No. I'm not drunk. There IS a tiger!"

Huh? They hung up on me.

Yep, that's how that call would go!

 photo ped_zps16898206.jpg
Oh my!

The Plainfield Police Department set up this sign nearby my apartment with the three messages rotating. When I first saw it, I thought there had been a murder as it's the sign they use at homicide scenes. Yikes! What I hope (and it does seem to have lessened) is that idiots on bicycles will stay off the sidewalks. The traffic laws prohibit bikes on the sidewalks, yet so many GROWN MEN ride their bikes almost striking innocent pedestrians. Alas, many of the men probably can't read English, so something like this is wasted on them. I personally usually hold my ground, figuring they'll fall off their bikes easier than knock me down. East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_1520a_zps3d3cc525.jpg
Bridgewater Train Station

One of the few mornings this week that wasn't dark due to cloud cover. Of course, the sun is yet to rise. But you can see it will!

 photo IMG_1519a_zpscd361d9c.jpg
I'm innocent. It wasn't me.

Someone, NOT ME, wrote "meow" alongside the window of my regular train seat for my commute to work. Wait. It's NOT my regular seat! The train has been arriving with the locomotive pushing it all this week instead of the normal locomotive pulling it. I've been riding in the same seat but a different car. See. Told you I'm innocent.

 photo IMG_1487a_zps2517596a.jpg
Looking out my window

With the snow and rain, the squirrels are really taking to their acrobatic stunts in the trees outside my windows. A squirrel almost knocked me down this week. Yep, it's the truth! Y'see, I was at the Bridgewater Train Station, kind of leaning on the concrete overpass while standing on the untreated icy ground. This squirrel jumped up from a lower section, not realizing a human (me) was leaning there. We both gasped and we both almost fell on ice. I think we both said, "Eek!" So, that's how a squirrel almost knocked me down.

 photo IMG_1510a_zpsf789a5b7.jpg
Sunset in the 'hood, part deux

What can I say? I've seen more clouds and darkness than sunrises or sunsets this past week. I liked this one enough to shoot it twice from different angles. East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_1496a_zps9d9dcb53.jpg
Exit to street

I guess the weather (between the record lows, the ice, the snow and the flooding rains) kept many people off the rails to work this week. Plainfield Train Station.

 photo IMG_1508a_zps0af7a6e0.jpg
Sweet gum tree seed pod ...

... atop dirty snow. Tons of these fell off the sweet gum trees early in the week. I'm not sure if it was the wind or the low temperatures which inspired the de-podding. East Second Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_1550a_zpsea819adc.jpg
Oh? It's cold outside?

It's nice and warm in here. And, Jackie will wait on me hand and paw.

Yes, Vincent ... you do lead the life of cat luxury these days.

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You had a very busy week! Love Vincent...