Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Survivor: Cagayan: Blog Pool Match-Ups

Survivor fans ready? The Lovely Lifeguard Laurie has made the random picks for the blog pool. So, the pool entries are currently CLOSED. If you missed signing up, you can choose your own castaway to cheer on throughout the season. After all, it's not like we're in this for the big bucks, right?

Jeremiah Wood - LostChyld
Alexis Maxwell - Donna in FL, Petals
Brice Johnston - Karen in CA, PDX Granny
Jefra Bland - David, Sharon S.
LJ McKanas - Lorraine, ML
Morgan McLeod - Donna in Alabama, ORKMommy

David Samson - Jennasmom
Garrett Adelstein - Brenda, Paula Bell
J'Tia Taylor - Knickelpeed, Merrilee
Kass McQuillen -Delee, MikesGirl
Spencer Bledsoe - Becky and Monty924
Tasha Fox - DKNYNC, Rochelle

Trisha Hegarty - Jackie
Cliff Robinson - Dusty, Margo
Lindsey Ogle - Brian
Sarah Lacina - Buzzmaan, Tammy
Tony Viachos - Lynn1, Zoetawny
Woo Hwang - Laurie, SueGee

Wednesday night, 8pm ET. Bring snacks and tasty beverages!


Lorraine said...

Woo hoo. I have LJ in the pool. He was a favorite right from the first time I saw him. Looking forward to tomorrow's show.

David said...

I always knew I was a beauty, wonder why no one else has ever seen it. LOL

Jefra seems like my kind of gal. Not afraid to work, get dirty, and can take care of herself. Hope she can go far.

How that one guy got on the beauty team I don't know. Jeff said because of how he is inside. He did not impress me and I hope we don't have another Colton in him. We will just have to see.

lynn1 said...

Tony seems like a jackass! That's Ok by me at least he may be entertaining until he gets voted out. Once he is voted out I will pick some other player to cheer for.
Thanks Jackie and Laurie. See you tonight with a big pot of chicken chilli and Mexican cornbread.

Dusty said...

Thank you!

Terry is a Texan! said...

i am so excited for this season
I did not get in the pool but will be watching.
Excigted that Jackies site helped me meet some awesome friends.

monty924 said...

I have a feeling my "brainy" guy isn't going to last long, LOL!

This from his bio:

Pet Peeves: People who are stupid but still voice their opinions, incompetent leaders, those who don’t respect intelligence and those who expect handouts in life. 3 Words to Describe You: Brilliant, competitive and arrogant.

Laurie said...

Hey everyone. I'm here early to make sure the pool is clean and the tables are set up for our refreshos chili and cornbread. Fresh churned butter and local honey is there, too. Enjoy the evening and remember ... no running poolside and be kind to one another!